Meet Your Certified UFH Practitioner




Viviane Chauvet

Viviane Chauvet is a biological Arcturian hybrid, energy matrix healer, trans voice channel, and certified in ThetaHealing®, QHHT®, Crystalline Soul Healing®, Unity Field Healing, and as a HeartMath® coach. She is the owner of Infinite Healing from the Stars and co-owner of Energies of Service.

Our successful quantum holographic healing practice and intuitive consultation assist people worldwide healing at a deeper level and achieving higher transformative results. We also offer unique, handmade copper ascension tools such as crystal infused pendants, Metratron anklets, Tensor rings, etc.

Gilbert, Arizona

CONTACT:  Visit our website: www.infinitehealingfromthestars.com

Here, you may book a service & browse our Copper Art store.  We do have a contact form to answer any questions or inquires.


Dr. Jill Blackwell 

Dr. Jill Blackwell, PhD, LPC is an award-winning professor of psychology and licensed professional counselor with a unique talent in taking another’s perspective and promoting feelings of personal adequacy and empowerment.  She provides counsel in a kind, compassionate, and growth promoting manner.  Dr. Jill’s spiritual path began to unfold in 2014.  Along the way she has received certifications in Theta Healing and Lemurian Healing.  In 2022 she received her certification to practice Unity Field Healing, which tied everything together!  Dr. Jill believes that Love and Light are the glue of the universe, we are all One, and vibration is very important!  She Enjoys life and loves spending time with her family! 

Please see her website: www.consciousself-love.com for free meditations and activities and to book your Unity Field Healing session, or email Jill below. 

Be well!  



Annie Radzus

 Annie Radzus is a Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Evolutionary Astrologer. She has over 20 years of experience. She has studied manty disciplines, Shamanic Practitioner, Psychic Medium, Tuning Forks,

Advanced Certified Akashic Records, Certificate Medical Intuitive, and Evolutionary Astrologer.

She has been traveling to fairs and expos all over the states. That is because she loves to teach and and to be in service because she firmly believes she is here to help other souls find their way.
And to help people shift, learn and heal.


Distant Sessions Only 


Brenda Zyburt

Brenda is a Sound and Frequency Practitioner, Unity Field Healing Practitioner, Quantum DNA Healer, Reiki Master, a Spirit Artist, Spiritual Life Coach with Guided Meditations.

She specializes in the Quantum field using Frequencies & Alchemy’s. She teaches you to “Find the Healer from Within” a magical process of transformation!

She has a master’s degree in Global Business Management & served in U.S Army National Guard

Sound is the universal language. The human voice is the most personal of all instruments because its resonance creates a direct communication with the heart.

Sound allows us to choose to shift any mental program cemented in thought! She teaches you to find the Healer from With In using frequencies.

Sessions Available: Unity Field Healing – Quantum Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls,

Crystal Therapy, Sound Baths, Spiritual Life Coaching, and Guided Meditations.  Brenda also sells Crystal Tone Singing Bowls, offers Classes, Retreats and Sound baths!




Candice Davis

Candice Davis is a “soul-emergent” walk-in. The natal soul, Candice, had her Andromedean aspect of her higher dimensional self walk-in, in August 2021.  Candice also embodies her Pleiadian soul aspect, her five archangels, and her twin dragons—all of whom have been with her since birth.  


Working as a Soul Architect here on earth, Candice radiates healing energy and love, catalysing positive change through a holistic approach to transformational coaching, facilitating the discovery of one’s own connection, clarity, and courage. 


Throughout her life here on Earth, Candice has been a scientist, a medical herbalist, a teacher, a school principal, a personal coach, and an energy healer. She has dedicated the last 25 years of her life to uplifting humanity through compassion, healing arts, and education.  Candice is married and has raised 6 children. 

 Website:  https://RisingFromWithin.as.me/




Susan Marx

What are the greatest possibilities for you and your life? What would it take to move forward with ease?
Where would you like to go? Who would you like to be? 
Susan’s energetic sessions are transformative experiences that allow her clients to open to new possibilities,
and reclaim their peace, well-being and happiness. 

A healer’s healer and a teacher’s teacher, Susan calls upon her considerable knowledge of healing modalities. She began her foray into energy work over 20 year ago beginning as a  hypnotherapist, then expanded into various types of energetics, healing methods, breath work, Kundalini yoga, meditation and a vast exploration of various states of consciousness.  She brings her intuitive gifts, and keen awareness into every healing session and every class. 

Susan would be honored to work with you in-person or remotely

Laguna Beach, California



 Jackie Cooper

Jackie is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and is the owner of  small Healing/Wellness Center called Good Juju Group llc, located in Fort Collins, CO.  She has been actively practicing Healing Touch for the past 9 years with a blending of Access Consciousness Bars/Body Processes, Rebirthing Breath, Awakening the Illuminated Heart (Drunvalo Melchizedek), Tarot Reading  and now, Unity Field Healing.

Website: www.InnerizedGizedHealing.com



Along with her private practice, she also contributes her time to the Veteran Community in Northern Colorado.  She is the Healing Touch Director for Healing Warriors Program, a clinic which offers non-narcotic modalities to any Veteran and their partner, spouse or significant other.  The modalities offered in the clinic are Craniosacral, Acupuncture and Healing Touch. For more information please check out our Website:  www.HealingWarriorsProgram.org

Location: Fort Collins, CO, USA




 Eliz Britton 

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Intuitive Healer  

Owner of Botanical EZ. LLC

Eliz was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Growing up Eliz was exposed to a variety of alternative healers, shamans, meditations, and workshops through her grandmother in the early 90’s. Being present and taking part in those events helped shape Eliz’s spiritual experiences and broaden her scope of thinking.  In 2004 she followed her heart and moved to British Columbia, Canada to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Herbology. 5 years later she graduated with a Doctor’s Diploma in TCM and Chinese Herbology.   During her career as an acupuncturist, Eliz began creating topical relief salves and distributing them  to clinics across the USA through her business Botanical EZ, LLC. 

 During the years spent in her medical practice and directly working with Gaia to create plant based healing products, many of her intuitive skills and gifts became stronger.  Over time it became clear to Eliz that there should no longer be a separation between her “clinical job” and her spiritual gifts because they were deeply intertwined.  Sacred Universe Healing is a space she created to blend her knowledge of medicine with the newer modalities of energy healing that she currently practices.  I look forward to helping support you on your journey! 


Location: Parker, CO, USA



 Alison Held Anderson

Energy Healer & Well-Being Catalyst

I help spiritually driven individuals like you demystify the unseen world in order to release what is keeping you stuck.  As a skilled intuitive, I guide you through your obstacles, empowering you to discover your soul’s deepest wisdom.  My creative methods reunite with energies that can trace back as far as ancestral lineage or even past lives.  I bring over 17 years as an Energy Healer & Well-Being Catalyst and have successfully coached tens of thousands of individuals through their healing journeys and I want to help you too!  I offer a complimentary 15-minute consult and offer Unity Field Healing sessions remotely or in person.

Sessions may be done in person or at a distance.

Phone: 203-515-9671


Website: https://www.alisonheldanderson.com/unity-field-sessions




 Emily Ghosh

Emily Ghosh Harris is an intuitive guide, sound alchemist, multidimensional business mentor and galactic astrologer. She is Founder of Soul Media, a company that serves as a portal of expansion and elevation for heart centered entrepreneurs, lightworkers, starseeds and conscious companies.

In her practice, she assists clients in taking quantum leaps in their lives and businesses by bringing forward their fullest, Highest expression. Through the integration of astrology, human design, gene keys and energy healing techniques, Emily helps clients to deepen their understanding of their divine blueprint, remove discordant frequencies, and create from a higher octave of consciousness, allowing their unique music to flow forth.

Emily has a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from the University of Arizona, a Masters of Business Administration from University of Tampa, and a Sound Healing Practitioner Certification from Soul Medicine Vibrations. In 2022, she became a certified Unity Field Healing Practitioner.

Sessions may be done in person or at a distance.

Website: https://emilyghoshharris.com/  

Phone: (813) 283-8035




 Richard Sag MD

Dr. Richard Sag has practiced medicine for more than 40 years as a pediatrician. He became interested in alternative medicine and complementary ways of promoting health and wellness about 25 years ago and is now a certified hypnosis consultant. Recently retired from his pediatric practice, Dr. Sag along with his wife, Dr Joanne Sag, a nurse practitioner, have opened a wellness center, offering alternative health modalities both online and in person. Their office is located in Longwood, Florida.

Dr Richard Sag is honoured to now include the services of Unity Field Healing.    

Sessions may be done in person or at a distance.

Phone: 689-209-2864





  Dorinda Russin Galbraith-McEachern

Hello, I’m a physical therapist who has been practicing holistic manual therapy for 45 years 
( Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Vascular Manipulation, Articulation Joint Release, Brain work, The Perrin Technique and others).
I am also a Reiki Master, and have studied Chi Gong with Tom Tam and Master O. I’m also a hypnotherapist. I’ve treated all ages and numerous conditions. 
I have recently added quantum energy healing to my tools using Sound Therapy with Interval Entrainment Healing, taught by Dr. Shawn Marie Higgins, DO, and Unity Field Healing, taught by Dr. John Ryan.
I’ve found REMARKABLE changes in my clients who have received the 3 sessions of Unity Field Healing! I believe these changes are from the person’s higher self-being more in the physical body, thus causing healing in many forms and the person attracting now from that aspect of themselves.
If you’d like to experience this great quantum healing or my other skills, please give me a call!
I practice in Greenville, Maine and Lexington, Massachusetts.
Tel: 781-635-5844
Locations :
Grenville, Maine &
Marblehead, MA, USA





 Robin Decker

Robin is a soul alchemy coach and transformation facilitator here to support you on your journey to wholeness and embodiment.  Healing has always been a part of her journey and it has naturally become what she most loves to share with others on their path.  She is an Acasma Quantum Reiki Healing Practitioner, certified massage therapist and reflexologist, a Kripalu yoga teacher, and she received a BS in Rehabilitation Science.
Robin’s philosophy of healing is that every challenge is an opportunity for each of us to dive deeper into who we truly are on all levels and to step into our true soul’s path.  When we honor all experiences as a gift, we are able to shift and transform into an expanded way of being and moving on the planet.
Location: Baltimore, MD, USA




   Scott Winder

Unity Field Healing is a healing modality I was drawn to after watching an interview between Lee Carrol (Kryon) and Dr. John Ryan. Dr. John was explaining this new healing energy and it completely resonated with me.

I have experience and training with other healing energies such as Reiki (Reiki Master in Usui, Lightarian and Kundalini Reiki) plus other training (Munay-Ki The Nine Sacred Rites of the Medicine Way, Shaman Practitioner, The Lightarian Rays, Angle Links (with Arch Angel’s Rose Aura, Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel), Angel Card Reader, Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Awakening the Illuminated Heart) and more.
Being passionate about helping others improve their wellbeing, I have been given the ability to successfully share these healing energies with anyone willing to receive them. With Unity Field Healing energy there is a deep intuitive understanding to what is affecting your body in a non-positive way, either physically, emotionally, or mentally, and then the energy flows to where it needed most. The Source of this healing energy is truly benevolent, loving, and compassionate with the intention to help you in becoming more of who you are and who you are truly meant to be. One of the best attributes of these healing modalities is they can be shared over any distance because they work on a quantum level with your body using the process of quantum entanglement.
In short, it is like I am providing a personal healing session while in the same room with you.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all or would like to 
experience a Unity Field Healing session.
Location: Marblehead, MA, USA




   Colleen Winchester

Colleen has always been drawn to the field of healing. She obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Simmons College and worked for over 20 years in the field. However, the universe forced her off her path after a series of life-altering and traumatic events.

In 2018 Colleen experienced a spontaneous shift in realities that challenged her deeply. She experienced a spiritual awakening at an extremely rapid pace. She experiences intense holographic visions which defy her logical mind. As the visions increased in intensity, a blissful energetic frequency simultaneously began to flood her physical body. Over time, she came to understand that part of her soul plan was to be the witness to other galactic realms of existence, witnessing the Akashic record of past lives and seeing events in the past, present and future, along with other mystical experiences.

These experiences led her to the Kryon Healing Circle of Twelve with Lee Carroll. She saw and felt exactly what Kryon was channelling. Over time she was able to understand that she is one with God.

Colleen is a Reconnection Healing Practitioner, an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET©️) Master
Instructor, a Reverend, a Master Activator in EMF balancing, and a Unity Field Healer.
Colleen’s mission is to help others align with their soul’s purpose and walk people through their
healing journey with compassion.

Sessions:  Distant and In-person sessions.

Location: Natick, MA, USA




  Dorinda Russin Galbraith-McEachern

Hello, I’m a physical therapist who has been practicing holistic manual therapy for 45 years 
( Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Vascular Manipulation, Articulation Joint Release, Brain work, The Perrin Technique and others).
I am also a Reiki Master, and have studied Chi Gong with Tom Tam and Master O. I’m also a hypnotherapist. I’ve treated all ages and numerous conditions. 
I have recently added quantum energy healing to my tools using Sound Therapy with Interval Entrainment Healing, taught by Dr. Shawn Marie Higgins, DO, and Unity Field Healing, taught by Dr. John Ryan.
I’ve found REMARKABLE changes in my clients who have received the 3 sessions of Unity Field Healing! I believe these changes are from the person’s higher self-being more in the physical body, thus causing healing in many forms and the person attracting now from that aspect of themselves.
If you’d like to experience this great quantum healing or my other skills, please give me a call!
I practice in Greenville, Maine and Lexington, Massachusetts.
Tel: 781-635-5844
Locations :
Grenville, Maine &
Marblehead, MA, USA





Faye Lao

Empower your journey with Faye! As an intuitive Unity Field Healing Practitioner, Energy Healer, Grief Educator, and Life Coach, I'm dedicated to helping you achieve energetic balance and navigate life & growth challenges. Since 2008, I have been harnessing healing energies to assist individuals in restoring their spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

My healing sessions channel spiritual energy to elevate consciousness and connect you to your Divinity and personal power, supporting your growth. I offer both practical and spiritual insights to help you dissolve limiting beliefs and embark on profound self-discovery. In this sacred space, I provide non-judgmental compassion, humor, and loving kindness. As a Certified Grief Educator, I create a compassionate space for those grappling with the pain of loss. I offer support and guidance to help you find acceptance, peace, and meaning and love again on your journey through grief.

Whether you’re navigating grief, in need of an energetic tune-up, or seeking coaching to
achieve your life goals, I’m here to guide you toward positive change and transformation. I
invite you to start your personal journey today and become your own limitless, joyous self!​

Be inspired!

Website: www.fayeinspiredhealing.com

Sunrise Beach, Missouri 

Phone: (909) 680-2770

Location: Sunrise, Missouri + ONLINE



Damla Aktekin

Damla Aktekin is a Healer, Coach, Writer, and Crystal Healing Teacher and Enthusiast, who helps other self-healers and healers move beyond their energetic wounds and shine brighter than they thought possible so that they can fully show up in their lives to heal themselves, their families, and their soul-tribe. She is the creator of the Chakra Bliss Healing method that simplifies healing with crystals, author of 40 Days Of Shanti Mantra Journal, and the host of the Conversations With Healers Podcast. She loves holding healing space for those with energetic wounds and teaching bliss-filled healing, movement, and meditation journeys. You can find out more about her offerings and take a quiz to determine your energetic wounds and how they show up in your life on her website: https://adropofom.com

I am located in Durham, NH. All my offerings are available via video-chat online.

Instagram https://instagram.com/adropofom

Facebook https://facebook.com/adropofom

Location: Durham, NH, USA


 Chin-Sim Kang

Chin-Sim Kang is an intermediary for your journey to self-healing and self-transformation. Having being on her spiritual path, discovering and learning for some years now, she opened her own practice, Drops To Wellness. Chin-Sim has created a safe space where she supports her client’s healing or transformation using different natural modalities.  She is a Unity Field Healing practitioner, Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist and Aromatherapist.

Chin-Sim is available for in-person and remote Unity Field Healing sessions and would be very honored to facilitate your alignment to your quantum DNA and healing or transformation journey.

Location: Bedford, NH, USA
Website: www.dropstowellness.com



 Eva Nebbia

Eva is an energy healer, frequency harmonizer, multidimensional experiencer and spiritual guide deeply rooted in the unity field, blue ray lineage, cosmic elohei, and teachings of the christos consciousness guardians.
Throughout her years working in cosmic energy and studying in many traditional modalities, she has developed her own method of quantum recalibration and energetic synthesis in order to help others remember who they are in One Light and reunite with their highest expression in divinity and eternity. She is also certified in Unity Field Healing. 
Eva has a special focus in developing neutrality for witnessing, transmutation, and expansion in safety and unconditional love, in sophianic solar feminine consciousness reclamation and sacral abuse healing, exploring multidimensional layers & timelines for the reclamation of angelic human histories, and recalibrating quantum DNA. She brings forth light language and written light script art transmissions for remembrance, restructuring, release and reunion. 
Check out her website for booking, personalized art transmissions, recorded healing meditations, the consciousness expansion blog and more!
Peace to your mind, your heart & your spirit!

Location: International

Website: https://www.evanebbialighthealing.com



Tracie Moore

Coming from the heart and working with Ayni ~ the right vision, right power, right action and right heart~ on her journey, Tracie had her formal training working with the chakras via The Healing The Light Body School @ Kripalu Yoga Institute. 
She is a certified Reiki master/teacher, and certified in Karuna, level ll. She has studied homeopathic medicine and believes in the healing power that exists in many forms of vibrational medicine and energy healing. She is honored to now be a UFH practioner as well. 

Tracie is also an artist/stone carver and owner of, and practitioner with the Chakrabus ~~~ offering Chakra testing, cleansing and balancing, as well as Reiki  and UFH sessions. Visit our website for upcoming events or contact us to schedule one of your own!  We are mobile…aligning energies along the way!

Certified Practitioner UFH – 3 Jun 2018


Syracuse, New York  

Telephone: (315) 504-5683  

WEBSITE:  www.chakrabus.com


Sheila Tillich

Are you ready to begin your healing journey? As a Recovery Metaphysician and a Galactic Grandmother, Sheila can help you awaken and align with your true self so you can live the purposeful life you were made for.

Sheila’s healing practice creates a powerful electromagnetic change in the body. As a Metaphysical Minister & Healer, it is Sheila’s mission to create a space of God-Consciousness Energy that supports your healing. In this space, she works to merge your human energy field with the Consciousness (energy) of God.

Tune in for free as Sheila shares transmissions from the Galactic Star Mothers and hosts a regular podcast called Serendipity with Sheila! Sheila is also the host of the Lightworkers Connection Circle. You are invited to join her Inner Circle for access to all of her meditations, teachings, and Monthly Group Healing Sessions!  

Sheila is the Rochester Host for UFH Practititioner Trainings – and the second UFH practitioner trained in the USA!


Certified Practitioner UFH – November 2019.  

Sessions are available in person and remotely.

Fairport, NY, USA

Telephone: 585-313-3996

WEBSITE: https://www.sheilatillich.com


Paula Broughton

In addition to being a Unity Field Healing practitioner, Paula is a certified Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor and has advanced Reiki certification. When called to, she uses astrology, crystals, tarot and oracle cards to enhance healing sessions. Paula offers both in-person and distance healing.

Paula has a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and extensive experience leading workshops. She often facilitates workshops on topics such as astrology, energy work, intention setting, authenticity, etc.

Paula also collaborates with yoga, breathwork and sound healing practitioners to enhance their offerings with energy healing.

In-person and Distance Sessions Available

Livingston County and Geneseo, New York




Mary McCulloch

Mary has over 30 years experience in the Western Medical Field and decided to take her knowledge and experience as well as her Holistic Training and open her own practice to help her clients balance the energies through recalibrating an alignment with an expanded energy that is core to our spiritual origin or Quantum DNA in body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Specialties: Unity Field Health (UFH) Practitioner, PSYCH-K® FACILITATOR, Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressions, Medical Reiki Master Teacher , Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Solfeggio Frequencies – Sound Therapy, Certified Crystal Reader
Privilege License Art of Healing with State of North Carolina

Huntersville, North Carolina

WEBSITE : energeticwellnessnc.com   


Linda Greenup

After 20 years processing different healing modalities, Linda now offers Unity Field Healing, a unique energetic healing process to allow solutions to your physical and emotional issues.
For a distant or in-person session of this very gentle, non-invasive modality, please email Linda below:

Asheville, North Carolina  



Renae Shade

Reiki Practitioner since 1996; Reiki Master 2007; Licensed Massage Therapist in Ohio since 2003
I have taken classes in CranioSacral Therapy,Healing Touch, Sound Therapy.
Unity Field Healing Certified Practitioner – July 18, 2021
Unity Field Healing has brought my clients into a balance of “Heaven and Earth”.  I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing modality.  
If you would like the experience, I am available for in-person and distance healing sessions.
Phone – 216-215-0249 (Call or Text)




Deb Acorn

With 29 years experience teaching psychology at the university-level, Deb Acorn, Ph.D., now provides services through her healing practice, Violet Light. Deb assists people in Being their True Selves through workshops and energy work sessions. She offers Unity Field Healing sessions and Quantum Shifting Transformation guided meditative sessions as healing tools to assist clients make deep inner transformations.

Deb offers intuitive guidance, channeled messages, shamanic journeys, and tarot readings. Tools are chosen to increase self-insight, release past wounds, clear genetic/ancestral or past life energies, encourage one’s expansion, and empower new potentials.

Sessions may be conducted in person or distance.

Contact info: (864) 993-5623


 South Carolina



Renu Agrawal

Renu has more than 20 years of experience  in the healing profession.  She is working as a certified Unity Field Healing Practitioner, Emotion Code and The Body Code Practitioner. She works with people seeking natural health solutions for physical and emotional issues, including pain.  

Renu is available for Distance Healing Sessions (phone or video calls).  

Fluently bilingual in Hindi and English.

Houston, Texas

WEBSITE: https://renuyourlifellc.com


Fred Pfeiffer P.ED, CBP

Fredrick Pfeiffer, is a Professional Educator, Unity Field Healing, Heliosol ,Horticulturist, and Master Wood worker .  A graduate of Texas A&M in 1978 with a B.S. in Industrial Education.  He holds certifications in Secondary, Vocational Education, Trades and Industry, Horticulture, Agriculture,and Special Education/Alternative Learning environment.  With  special needs children he  saw a great need for communication in a non verbal basis. He tried many modalities  He then found the UFH System and realized he had found the most comprehensive system studied in its scope, its depth and its understanding and abilities to address any situation at any level of the mind. 

Unity Field Healing is unique because it has the ability to address so many levels of the Body/Mind complex through subconscious communication.  After retirement from teaching he  trained and certified in BodyTalk.,Unity Field Healing and others  He now practices in all areas including special needs children, young adults, adults, animals and Plants.  One motto of his business is “Healing is a matter of time but also a matter of opportunity”. His business name is Balance Essential.  Through balancing our energies we are able to heal ourselves.  Fred and his wife Patte live in San Antonio.  Together they have a combined family of eight children and ten grandchildren.  He has a full time practice located in N.E. San Antonio , Texas.

San Antonio, TEXAS

Clinic-Balance Essential LLC

Phone: 210-391-8168


LeMar Oleson

LeMar has almost 20 years of leadership experience in Healthcare Information Technology, yet his true passion is using technology in correlation with holistic wellness practices and modalities to help people navigate their own personal healing journey.  As an artist, Bio-Well user, HeartMath Certified Coach, Reiki Level One, and Unity Field Healing Practitioner, he incorporates experience and tools from his own healing journey when helping his clients.   

The incorporation of Unity Field Healing into LeMar’s practice has shown measurable increases in Inner Balance coherence scores, as well as increased energetic balance and alignment through Bio-Well scans.    

LeMar has a BA from the University of Washington with a focus in Communication and Humanities, and an MBA from the University of Texas Dallas with a focus in Healthcare Administration.  He is also a husband, father, and grandfather currently residing and working in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas, TEXAS


Morley Frech

Like that of many others, Morley’s life has been guided to search for answers to critical questions: what is my purpose for being? How am I connected to others, to the earth, the universe, to Source? and especially, how can I share with and help others on their journey? 

Throughout his life, he has been drawn to using his healing gifts when working with others. Now Unity Field Healing permits him to be the conduit for the body’s energy healing which enables the client to reach new levels of transformational healing over a brief series of sessions. 

As a certified Unity Field Healer, Morley invites you to allow him to assist in bringing this effective technique into your life. 

Morley has a BA from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and a Masters Degree from the Philadelphia Divinity School. He is also a husband, father, and grandfather, currently residing in

Dallas, TEXAS



Michelle Finnegan

Michelle is living her passion and life purpose by assisting others in reaching their higher spiritual potentials. She is a practicing Medium and Healer and has been engaged in the esoteric arts since 2006. Michelle has been working with spirtiual healing as well as DNA activations and has recently been called to Unity Field Healing as a natural compliment to this work. 
Certified Practitioner  Dec.7 2020
Cell – 1-435-513-1082

Park City, UTAH



Sylvia Reed

Sylvia has been studying a broad spectrum of healing techniques and
teachings related to spirituality for almost 50 years. Unity Field Healing and
her guides have finally convinced her it is time to assist others to manifest
healing and joy in their lives. She offers Unity Field Healing through Cosmic
Light Healing, LLC. in Fond du Lac, WI. Contact her by email or phone/text
to set up an appointment.
Certified Practitioner  April 2023
Cell – 1-920-517-8341
Fond du Lac, WISCONSIN


EMAIL Sylvia

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