Meet Your Certified UFH Practitioner



 Katharina Withalm

Meeting YOU in our present moment together – this is where all my coaching sessions start.
My task is to assist you to remember who YOU truly are and to strengthen your connection to your true inner self in the field of joy.

I open and hold a space for YOU using my resources of intuitive information, and my 15 years of training as consciousness coach. You might also find insights with the help of my intuitive paintings and my whale & dolphin and angel card deck.

It would be my pleasure to accompany you for a while on your journey through this lifetime and to act as a catalyst on your way to your own magnificence. I look forward to meet YOU and assisting you with the wonderful tool of UnityField Healing!

UFH sessions are offered in person and also remote (online).

Meine Coachings, Sitzungen und Seminare entstehen unmittelbar aus der Begegnung im jeweiligen Moment.  Ich sehe meine Aufgabe und den Grund meines Hierseins darin andere daran zu erinnern, wer sie in Wahrheit sind und Ihr ursprüngliches Sein in der Freude zu stärken.

Dafür öffne ich den Raum mit Hilfe meiner Ressourcen in intuitiver Wahrnehmung, als
Bewusstseinscoach und Seminarleiterin (seit 15 Jahren) sowie mit meiner Malerei und meinem Wal & Delfin und Engel Kartenset.
Ich freu mich darauf, DICH kennenzulernen und Dich mit dem wundervollen tool Unity Field Healing zu begleiten!

UFH Sitzungen sind persönlich und als Fernsitzungen möglich.


Language: English, Deutsch 

Salzburg, Austria, Europe 

Website:  www.strahlenschenken.at

Phone: +43-650-888 94 97 


Norbert Withalm

Norbert is an actor, business economist, coach, trainer and intuitive energetic healer. For more than 20 years he has supported people and companies to be self-motivated, to optimize their communication and to be well prepared to live their truth. He has undergone a lot of trainings which he combines with his intuitive skills such as clairvoyance and intuitive knowing. His large experience in helping people in more than 2000 seminars and coaching wich he conducted is also a nice bonus. As a practitioner of the Unified Field Healing method he is very happy to offer this brand new and helpful technique.

Norbert Withalm, studierter Betriebswirt, Schauspieler und Sprecher, Trainer, Coach, Buch- und Filmautor trainiert und coacht Menschen aus allen Branchen, die eigene Kommunikation, Motivation zu optimieren und ihr wahres Wesen zu entfalten. Dabei hilft ihm seine 20-jährige Erfahrung mit über 2000 gehaltenen Seminaren und Coachings. Am liebsten arbeitet er mit einer Kombination aus seinen unterschiedlichen Ausbildungen und mit seinen eigenen intuitiven Methoden. Die Unified Healing Practitioner Ausbildung ist eine sehr wertvolle Ergänzung seiner Arbeit, um die eigenen Energien zu erhöhen und sich auf den Bewusstseinswandel optimal einzustellen. 

Language: Deutsch 

Salzburg, Austria, Europe 

Phone: +43-650-214 84 70 



Rebecca Lucas-Bird

Unity Field Healing Practitioner
Certified Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group Leader
Certified Life Coach
Intuitive Astrologer

Take your wellbeing to a whole new level with Unity Field Healing!
Rebecca is excited to offer this extraordinary new energy healing modality in addition to her established
holistic work. It was through her own transformative healing experience of UFH and her strong connection
to this profound energy work, that Rebecca knew she had to follow her heart calling to become a Unity Field Healing Practitioner in support of others seeking personal transformation and healing.

Rebecca’s work over the past twenty-five years has been dedicated to supporting a wide range of
individuals and groups in a variety of settings, from mental health, education to holistic healthcare. In 2020, Rebecca’s intuition called her to train in Unity Field Healing, which facilitates a clearing of energy patterns that have arisen and may lead to imbalance or dis-ease states within the human energy fields. The effectiveness of this new energy healing modality- which can be shared over any distance- is reflected in the positive feedback she is receiving from recipients.

It is Rebecca’s passion and source of great joy to support, empower, and uplift others. Her innate
compassion and down-to-earth approach help her clients to relax, enjoy and gain the most benefit from the therapeutic session.

Rebecca looks forward to meeting you, to support and empower you in your personal transformation and

Distance sessions available for both individuals and groups
In person sessions available pending Covid-19 guidelines
Certified UFH Practitioner – Dec 6 2020
Somerset, England, UK
Telephone: +44 7599 821 734
WEBSITE: https://www.umbrellahealthandwellbeing.co.uk/



Sandra Diderich – Donkers

We have all have great potential. And all the answers to our questions can be found in ourselves. I help people to see, feel and experience that. By getting more in contact with their own sources of knowing, feeling and longing. I just love it when the inner wisdom reveals itself. And people start being more open to life and dare to play and experiment again. This is what I do as a life- and career coach. 

And, off course, I give myself the space to experiment as well. And dare myself to be more open to life. This brought more magic and synchronicity in my life. And made me feel more supported on a spiritual level. 

For many years I read a lot of books, listened to many talks and followed a variety of workshops to get more understanding of the essence of my being. A year ago I read two novels. They spoke about healers and healing. I great felt admiration. 

My curiosity grew and I followed my intuition. This led to the course of becoming a Unify Field Healing Practitioner. During this course I got beautiful insights and answers in a very elegant way. Our potential is even bigger than I thought! We can heal ourselves as well. I’m really curious and a kind of excited to explore this even futher. The connection with our essence, and intuition, can be made and improve. Isn’t that wonderful!! 

If you are curious as well and you want to know more about what Unity Field Healing can do for you, let me know. I look forward to meet you!

Country: The Netherlands

Provence: Zuid-Holland

City: Rotterdam 




Bernadett has been committed to assist others on their journey with sessions of EMF Balancing Technique®, Phoenix Activations, and most recently Unity Field Healing – all profound and experiential modalities of the new energy. Apart from working with these energy modalities, she is the translator of The Stargate Experience and Peggy Phoenix Dubro into Hungarian. She has always loved words, and ever since she remembers, words as well as the transcendent profoundly attracted her and has been woven into her life and work.

Bernadett sees healing and transformation as an ongoing process that requires self-responsibility, self-love, and self-discipline 🙂

The modalities she offers honour us where we are on our journey and help deepen the awareness of our own part in our progress.

Bernadett offers a free introductory 30-minute Zoom call to chat about what she offers and to answer questions that may arise.

Sessions in person or on Zoom.


Bernadett elköteleződötten támogat másokat saját útjukon, EMF Balancing Technique® hangolásokkal, Phoenix Aktiválásokkal, s immár UFH kezelésekkel is. Eszköztára az új energia mélyreható és tapasztalati jellegét képviseli. Az említett energiamódszerek mellett a The Stargate Experience és Peggy Phoenix Dubro anyagainak magyar tolmácsa. Mindig szerette a szavakat, s amióta csak emlékszik, mindig is a szavak és a transzcendens vonzásában élt, s ez beleszövődött életébe és munkájába.

Bernadett a transzformálódást és gyógyulást véget nem érő folyamatnak látja, melyhez elengedhetetlen az önfelelősség, önszeretet és önfegyelem. Az általa kínált módszerek megtisztelnek ott, ahol éppen tartunk utunkon, és segítenek elmélyíteni a folyamatban kivett részünk fontosságának tudatát.

Lehetőséged van egy ingyenes, félórás bevezető Zoom beszélgetésre a módszerekről, valamint felmerülő kérdéseidről.

Kezelések személyesen vagy Zoomon.


Languages: Hungarian, English

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Website: https://bernadettbarczi.wixsite.com/lifealchemy/hu




Paul Devenney

“As time shifts in the direction of unity consciousness, the opportunity for true change is presented in every moment of life expression. Holding the vibration of the eternal sun in your heart will transform your being and allow the truth of home to emerge. You already know who you are and why you are here, it is only a matter of perspective and awareness. Let’s stand together and integrate this great light, this great change and seek to walk forward with love in your heart, excitement in your soul and belief in yourself to transcend all who you are not into who you are already becoming.”

They say time is a healer but in fact you are the healer of time. You can change the past, present and direct your own future. Belief in yourself and how powerful you really are is a blessing that you deserve.

Since his awakening in 2005, Paul started a journey of self-discovery and self-healing, as a result, he has had the privilege of practicing and experiencing a range of healing modalities and energies over the years, which has gifted him the intuitive healing he offers today. Teaching Reiki, Seichim and Egyptian Sekhem has been his passion since 2010 and observing the potential of real change in people’s lives.

Paul is a student of Bioregulatory Medicine and has trained with a range of Doctors and clinics that support the principles of our body’s ability to self-regulate and heal. He has also attained a Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and a Master of Science in Web Technologies which he now also utilises to help healers take the next step on their journey.

Unity Field Healing is a unique, loving and transformative energy of this time and I welcome you to explore the depths of your own soul with our Sirian brothers and sisters.

Certified UFH Practitioner – October 2020

Ireland, Northern Ireland

Unity Filed healing session offered in-person and online

WEBSITE:   https://razure-energyhealing.com/

 PHONE:  +44 7428060338





Nicole  Simon

Nicole is a professional Alternative Practitioner and certified Homoeopath since 2010. She also works in the emerging fields of Energetic Medicine. Nicole has helped many clients to unleash their full potential by uncovering their true self, freedom and spirit. Her vision is to contribute to world peace by bringing inner harmony and healing to individuals one by one.

Through Unity Field Healing she has experienced her own deep healing and transformation for which she is deeply grateful. She is looking forward to accompanying you on your unique journey.

Nicole ist Heilpraktikerin und zertifizierte Homöopathin seit 2010. Sie arbeitet zusätzlich in der immer bedeutsamer werdenden energetischen Medizin. Nicole hat bereits vielen Menschen geholfen, ihr volles Potenzial zu entfalten, indem sie ihr wahres Selbst, ihre persönliche Freiheit und Ihre Spiritualität entdeckten. Ihre Vision ist es, zum Frieden auf der Welt beizutragen, indem sie Menschen in ihre innere Harmonie und Heilung begleitet.

Durch Unity Field Healing hat sie eigene tiefe Heilung und Transformation erlebt, für die sie zutiefst dankbar ist. Sie freut sich Sie auf Ihrer einzigartigen Reise zu begleiten.

Language: German, English

Heidelberg, Germany, Europe

WEBSITE: www.heil-impulse.net

PHONE: +49-163-7728871  



Bettina Schück

Since my youth I have been exploring alternative healing methods and finding the “truth” behind it obvious.

The possible development of the earth towards a peaceful and loving planet has always been part of my vision:  Since a few years ago now, we know: it will work!  It is my joy to show people the beauty and the wonderful possibilities that are given to us – to discover their own greatness, to feel connected to the earth and to go with enthusiasm their own (healing) path – and so the path of all beings.

This is how the “New World” is created – and UFH is a wonderful gift to familiarize and tune in ourselves in this reality.  It is the longing in us to come home that is fulfilled and leads directly into the security of one’s own love. I cordially invite you!


Seit meiner Jugendzeit bin ich auf dem Weg mit alternativen Heilmethoden und dem Finden der „Wahrheit“ hinter dem Offensichtlichen. Die mögliche Entwicklung der Erde hin zu einem friedvollen und
liebevollen Planten war immer Teil meiner Vision: seit ein paar Jahren wissen wir: es wird gelingen!

Meine Freude ist es, den Menschen die Schönheit und die wunderbaren Möglichkeiten, die uns gegeben sind zu eröffnen – ihre eigene Großartigkeit zu entdecken, sich mit der Erde verbunden
zu fühlen und mit Begeisterung den eigen (Heil-) Weg – und damit den Weg aller Wesen – zu gehen.

So wird die Neue Welt kreiert – und UFH ist eine wunderbares Geschenk uns mit dieser Realität vertraut zu machen. Es ist das Sehnen in uns, das sich erfüllt und direkt in die Geborgenheit der eigenen Liebe führt.

Ich lade Sie herzlichst ein!

Sprache Deutsch / Englisch
Straubenhardt/ Deutschland/Europa

Telefon: 0049 7082 9479987
Website: www.sei-und-werde.de



Michaela Lorch-Unger 

Die tiefe Verbundenheit mit Tieren, der Natur, einfach allem, was ist, war immer schon vollkommen  natürlich für mich. Menschen vertrauensvoll Raum zu geben, zuzuhören, in ihrer jeweiligen  Einzigartigkeit anzunehmen und sie auf ihrem Weg zu begleiten, um wieder zu sich selbst und der  ureigenen Kraft zu finden, ist meine Stärke und meine Passion. 

Energiearbeit, energetische Methoden und Energiemedizin faszinieren mich, haben mich begleitet  und sind mittlerweile Teil meines Lebens geworden.  

Unity Field Healing ist mir dabei vollkommen unerwartet und scheinbar zufällig begegnet 😉 perfect  timing 🙂 Dafür bin ich von ganzem Herzen dankbar!  

Ich bin in Süddeutschland ansässig; während Unity Field Healing Sessions ohnehin persönlich oder  als Fernsitzung stattfinden können, sind auch meine anderen Angebote überwiegend per video chat online möglich. 

Mehr über mich und meine Angebote findet ihr auf meiner Website. 

Ich freue mich auf Dich! 


The deep connection with animals, nature, simply everything that is, has always been completely  natural for me. Holding space for people, truely listening, accepting them in their respective  uniqueness and accompanying them on their way to find themselves and their very own innate  power is my strength and my passion. 

Energy work, energetic methods, techniques and energy medicine fascinate me, have accompanied  me and have become part of my life.  

Unity Field Healing came to me completely unexpectedly and seemingly by chance 😉 perfect timing  🙂 This I am grateful for from the bottom of my heart!  

I am based in Southern Germany; while Unity Field Healing sessions can be facilitated in person or  as a remote session, also my other offers are mostly possible via video-chat online. 

More about me and my offerings can be found on my website. 

I am looking forward to meeting you! 

Website: www.ganzheitliche-begleitung.space 

Languages: German, English 

Location: Mannheim/Heidelberg, Germany, Europe 

Phone: +49 6201 679099



Regine Schott 

Are you looking for clarity on your path? Is there an issue you want to solve and heal? My mission is to support you on your journey of awakening into your full mastery. I offer Spirit Guidance and Healing Sessions, starting with oracle cards and messages and culminating in a channeled healing meditation with sound healing and light language.
Through Healing Touch, Trance Healing, clairvoyance training, channeling, my galactic connection led me via synchronicities to Unity Field Healing. I love to give UFH sessions because I can clearly feel their healing effect on me, too.
In addition, I also offer health coaching, because in my job as a pharmacist I have long been familiar with homeopathy, Bach flowers and other natural healing modalities. My love of nature has also led me to plant medicine and wild herbs, including gemmotherapy.

All sessions in person in Germering near Munich or online via Zoom

Languages ​​German and English, if required also Spanish and French


Suchst du Klarheit auf deinem Weg? Gibt es ein Thema, das du lösen und heilen möchtest? Meine Mission ist es, dich auf deiner Reise des Erwachens in deine volle Meisterschaft zu unterstützen. Ich biete Sitzungen der Hilfe aus der geistigen Welt an, beginnend mit Orakelkarten und Botschaften und in eine gechannelte Heilungsmeditation mit Heiltönen und Lichtsprache mündend.
Über Healing Touch, Trance Healing, Ausbildungen zum Hellsehen, Channeln führte mich meine galaktische Verbindung über Synchronizitäten zu Unity Field Healing. Die UFH-Sessions gebe ich mit großer Begeisterung, weil ich ihre Heilwirkung auch auf mich deutlich spüre.
Daneben biete ich auch Gesundheitscoaching an, da ich in meinem Beruf als Apothekerin schon lange mit Homöopathie, Bachblüten und – als Mineralstoffberaterin der gba (Gesellschaft für biochemische Antlitzanalyse) – mit Schüßler Salzen vertraut bin. Meine Liebe zur Natur hat mich auch besonders zu Heilpflanzen und Wildkräutern, inkl. Gemmotherapie geführt.

Alle Sessions vor Ort in Germering bei München oder online über Zoom

Sprachen Deutsch und Englisch, bei Bedarf auch Spanisch und Französisch


Languages: German, English,  Spanish, French 

Location: Germerin/Munich, Germany, Europe 

Phone:  +49 89 849 33 849




 Sandra Marques

Medica desde 1995 e especialista em medicina interna desde 2003. Sempre interessada no Ser Humano como uma todo, iniciei um caminho de procura de respostas em várias areas ligadas à cura, que passou por uma pós graduação em acupunctura ocidental entre 2012-2013, pela especialidade em medicina do sono pela ESRS em 2016, pela programação neuro-linguistica em 2020, e agora pela Unity Field Healing em 2021.

Acredito que a Medicina no decorrer deste milénio evolua no sentido do Corpo – Mente – Espírito e que o papel do profissional de saúde seja o de auscultar e amparar a Alma de cada Ser Humano, no seu caminho para o Uno. Unity Field Healing é uma opção na resposta às necessidades indivividuais de cada pessoa.

Unity Field Healing, uma opção para a cura.

Certified Practitioner UFH  jun 2021

MD since 1995 and specialist in Outpatient internal medicine since 2003.  I started my path searching for answers in several healing related areas. Always interested in the Human Being as a whole, I did a postgraduate degree in Western Acupuncture between 2012-2013, the expert in Sleep Medicine by the European Sleep Research Society in 2016, neuro-linguistic programming in 2020, and now the Unity Field Healing in 2021.

I believe that medicine, during this millennium, will evolve in the sense of the Body – Mind – Spirit and that the role of the health professional is to listen and sustain the Human Soul Journey on its way to the One.

The Unity Field Healing is an option for some individual’s needs.

Unity Field Healing as a natural option. 

Certified Practitioner UFH  jun 2021

Lisbon, Portugal 



Saga Berlin

Saga grew up in a remote area near the Artic Circle. Connection to nature, the wilderness and communication with the unseen world was ordinary magic also confirmed in story telling by he elderly in the village.

She experienced a NDE at 5 yrs old and a spiritual awakening when she was 31 yrs old set the course in her soul’s calling to be in service, to uplift and heal in this time of transformation.

A Master Degree in Teaching and additional studies in the field of healing arts, emigration to the US and later returning to Sweden is the short summary of a fulfilling journey, as above so below.
Certified International Yoga Teacher, she opened a yoga center.,Gong Sound Trauma Healing, Inner Child Work and Emotion Code Healing are among her abilities and certifications.

Unity Field Healing resonates with her soul on a deep level.Awakening
into our true beingness, remembering who we are, how can we resist?

It ́s a yes for everyone who is ready. Our souls are calling us, she says. It ́s such a great opportunity in this time in our lives, in this time of evolution for humanity, in this time of connecting to our Heart and our
eternal Light, our Divinity and this is our birthright.

Welcome to experience for yourself, she says.


Website: https://crystaldna-com40.webnode.page/




 Jasmine Bertschy

Jasmine’s interest in alternative medicine and energy healing began 30 years ago. In 2008 she started her own practice as a Certified Craniosacral-, Prenatal- and birth therapist, and Innerwise Coach

Her main focus is initiating the client’s self-healing process and facilitating them in their journey to their true nature. Meditations are an integral part of her daily routine.  The Unity Field Healing (UFH) method recently became another powerful addition to her other modalities.   

If you want to experience a UFH session, I’m more than ready to accompany you in your personal journey.  At the moment I only offer distance healing.


Jasmines Interesse an alternativer Medizin und Energieheilung begann vor 30 Jahren. 2008 begann sie ihre eigene Praxis als zertifizierte Craniosacral-, Pränatal- und Geburtstherapeutin und Innerwise Coach.

Ihr Hauptaugenmerk liegt darauf, den Selbstheilungs prozess des Klienten zu initiieren und ihn auf seinem Weg zu seiner wahren Natur zu erleichtern. Meditationen sind ein wesentlicher Bestandteil ihrer täglichen Routine. Die Unity Field Healing (UFH) -Methode wurde kürzlich zu einer weiteren leistungsstarken Ergänzung ihrer anderen Modalitäten. 

Wenn Sie eine UFH-Sitzung erleben möchten, bin ich mehr als bereit, Sie auf Ihrer persönlichen Reise zu begleiten. Im Moment biete ich nur Fernheilung an.


WEBSITE:  www.jasminebertschy.ch



 Jania  Aebi

An energy healing practitioner, Transformational Coach and author of two books, Your Infinite Power and Forgiveness, A Path to Miracles, Jania assists in resolving physical and emotional imbalances, relieving pain and distressing symptoms.   She facilitates a connection to Spirit, empowering you to shift limiting beliefs in lack and limitation, to discern your highest vision, and see from your soul’s perspective, helping
you to reach your full potential and manifest your deepest desires.

Jania is a certified practitioner in Quantum Touch, The Emotion Code and Body Code, Quantum Energetic Disciplines, and is continually adding other modalities to her
toolbox.  As a certified Unity Field Healing practitioner, Jania facilitates the conscious development and strengthening of the link with your spiritual DNA and connection wit Source energy, to support healing in its widest sense and a bio-spiritual transformation.

She is available for remote sessions, that are just as powerful as in-person ones, and offers a free 45-minute free Healing Assessment session, which can be found on her
WEBSITE: www.janiaaebi.com.

You can also contact her via email below or by
Phone:  Landline: +41.21.729.6653
Mobile: +41.79.684.2860




Saga Berlin

Saga grew up in a remote area near the Artic Circle. Connection to nature, the wilderness and communication with the unseen world was ordinary magic also confirmed in story telling by he elderly in the village.

She experienced a NDE at 5 yrs old and a spiritual awakening when she was 31 yrs old set the course in her soul’s calling to be in service, to uplift and heal in this time of transformation.

A Master Degree in Teaching and additional studies in the field of healing arts, emigration to the US and later returning to Sweden is the short summary of a fulfilling journey, as above so below.
Certified International Yoga Teacher, she opened a yoga center.,Gong Sound Trauma Healing, Inner Child Work and Emotion Code Healing are among her abilities and certifications.

Unity Field Healing resonates with her soul on a deep level.Awakening
into our true beingness, remembering who we are, how can we resist?

It ́s a yes for everyone who is ready. Our souls are calling us, she says. It ́s such a great opportunity in this time in our lives, in this time of evolution for humanity, in this time of connecting to our Heart and our
eternal Light, our Divinity and this is our birthright.

Welcome to experience for yourself, she says.


Website: https://crystaldna-com40.webnode.page/




 Marion McGee

“Marion offers a range of holistic services and therapies including Kinetic Chain Release, Meditation, Usui and Angelic Reiki and The Violet Flame among others.  Using a blend of modalities, Marion can help you support the mind-body connection to release emotional or physical barriers to your full potential. 

As a UHT practitioner, and working with the highest of intentions, Marion would be happy to facilitate your healing journey through this powerful, benevolent energy.   As you welcome release, transformation, connection and wellbeing, the greatest version of yourself awaits you.

Sessions in person, video conferencing or remote.

Certified UFH Practitioner – Dec 6 2020 

Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK

FB: https://www.facebook.com/mytruetherapies 

Tel :+44 7961269840 


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