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Brenda  Sierra

My Spiritual path started when I was very young. I come from an awakened family background, one that I am very grateful for, as it has provided me not only with knowledge that came fromdifferent sources, but also, with different kinds of experiences in the spiritual field.

Life has given me the opportunity to experience Lucid dreaming and Astral traveling; both have accompanied me throughout my life and have pushed me to seek for understanding and enlightenment. My relationship with Angels has strengthened my connection and guidance with the Divine through active prayer.

I am a Certified Numerologist, Intuitive energy worker, committed meditator, that cares about our Mother Earth and all living things within. The understanding that taking care of the body keeps the temple for our soul, heart, and mind aligned with the higher purpose and to help others find their balance.

I am a passionate active researcher, lightworker and Spiritual Mentor to many people. I hold a group in my hometown Guatemala to provide the members with tools to become aware of their true potential, through workshops and gatherings, as well as conducting guided meditations on our bimonthly meetings.

As a Unity Field Healing Practitioner, I have increased my claircognizance and deepened in experiencing the energy work that Higher realms provide us.

Certified practitioner of UFH 2021.

Services offered in Spanish or English.
Available for in-person or remote sessions.
Mobile: (502) 4597-7657


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