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Emily Cardell

I am honored to be a conduit for Unity Field Healing. You will be in safe hands as you discover the template for Oneness that exists within your own Soul. Trust what has drawn you here.
It is my privilege to work with the Great Soul You Are… I honor the Multidimensional You.
With love and warmth, Emily

I am a former Registered Nurse with a lifelong love of Wholistic Health Modalities and Energy Healing. I have a background as a Creative Arts Therapist running Women’s Circle, Medicine Doll and other Creative Arts Workshops. I volunteer weekly with Healing Horses and am currently studying Animal Healing and Communication. I attune to Wisdom Keepers and Elders around the Globe, particularly messages from the Grandmothers.
I feel a close connection to Pleiadian, Lemurian and Sirian Energies, and Dolphin and Whale
Consciousness . I deeply love Mama Gaia and am blessed to know my belonging to her.
It is a wondrous blessing to walk beside you as you discover Unity Field Healing.

Certified UFH Practitioner November 2020

Available for Distance Sessions
In Person, Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula Region, Victoria, Australia



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Dianne Brough

From my first experience with Unity Field Healing, I was in – boots and all! There was no doubt. The call resonated so strongly.

My meanderings of past decades through the more metaphysical experiences in working with energy healing frequencies, balanced with conventional learning and teaching in psychology, now culminate in a return “home” as I delight in sharing the profound Unity Field Healing experience with you.

Website: https://www.drdiannebrough.com/

Queensland (QLD), Australia



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Nyree Windsor

When I first came across Dr John’s UFH I was instantly drawn to this healing modality.

I have many different modalities starting with Reiki over 25 years ago. As well as being qualified in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. I still felt that there was something missing in healing and there had to be a way to embody more of our soul while releasing what does not serve us anymore. My clients often report after a healing session with me they find clarity to situations they could not see before.

I am extremely excited to add UFH into my healing practice and to also have been in the first Australian training group to help anchor the energy. This I am eternally grateful for, being an honor and a privilege.

Website:   www.thehealinggarage.com.au

Phone:  61 421 481 328

Certified UFH Practitioner May 2021

Victoria, Australia



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Jo Hadley

Jo is a holistic quantum integrative body therapist who is also a physiotherapist. She sees
the world through a bio-psycho-social-spiritual lens. Her passion is using quantum science to
understand and explain the spiritual aspects of life & applying that knowing & knowledge to
her work with clients.

With her physiotherapy work she uses manual therapy techniques including Fascial
Manipulation to remove ‘blocks’ in the body so the clients’ body can then heal itself. (She
tells her clients she is a plumber & drainer of the body.) She also educates & assists her
clients to understand how they can assist themselves in their own healing journey. She gives
her clients the space &; presence to allow them to lift their own vibration/frequency, so they
too can shine their own light & know their own path.

With her Unity Field Healing work, Jo invites & supports her clients to open to their own
wisdom & provides a safe space to witness the quantum field DNA transformation in them.

Book online to work with Jo at the Holistic Wellness Centre, 35 Murray Crescent in Manuka.
Book online: https://www.livewellnaturally.com.au/bookings

Contact details:  See Jo’s website for more details :  www.johadley.com

Certified UFH Practitioner May 2021

Australian Capital Territory & Queanbeyan area NSW 



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Phillippa Bourke
Firstly, thank-you for caring about yourself and others by accessing this site. As we enhance our own
wellbeing, we also enhance our relationships and the energetic environments in which we all live.
So, what brings me to this work and to you?
I have a varied background that includes the arts and business, social work and teaching, farming
and family. I am a HeartMath® mentor/trainer, and also teach creative dance that encompasses
physiological alignment techniques. Interspersed with these diverse roles has been healing practice.
As a young adult, I recognized an energy healing ability and for many years I have practised on
myself and others.
As a UFH practitioner, I now feel privileged to be able to offer you Unity Field
Healing. It is a profound, spiritual, energy healing…gentle, heartwarming and uplifting. I help
facilitate and activate your own healing and alignment, whether we meet in person or distantly
online. Essentially, I empower others to create their own well-being.
Manaakitia tātou me ō mātou taiao.

To find out more, call me on +64 212989702 or use the email contact below,


Certified UFH Practitioner May 2021

New Zealand



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