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MeiHua Xu
Help people tap into another reality and energy that creates the world. Enhance manifestation possibilities.
Help people understand and heal traumas of different lineages.
            Empower people with self healing capabilities.
            Enhance self love and feeling of oneness.
Help people expand consciousness and spiritual knowledge. 
           Can do UFH sessions in person and remote sessions.
Location: Beijing, China
Cell Phone: (+86)13798512018
Certified Practitioner UFH – 13 Sep 2020 

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Hema Badlanii


Hema Badlanii is a wild, joyous woman, an ICF certified coach, a Process oriented psychotherapist, EMF Balancing Technique Practitioner and the only Indian Teacher , shamanic healer at heart .  She also teaches sacred geometry and channels  mandalas, is a Reiki Master, Sound Healer  and the first Indian trained as a Unity Field Healing Practitioner and now perusing Somatic Experiencing International.
Hema is constantly seeking ways to Integrate the knowledge of bio-spiritual and bio-physiological to bring in transformation of the human consciousness, individually and collectively. She has journeyed decades to arrive at the intersection of emotions, intentions, symbols, and energy awareness.  Today, she says that her energy sensations have a firm footing in how human psychological constructs work. 
She wishes to play her part in the expansion of human consciousness in a holistic manner and to reach out to more souls to live a life of joy and awareness. As her part, she integrates the several modalities to bring in the utmost benefit for the client. 
During her sessions and workshops, Hema has been told that she has an internal and external presence. One can  feel that she is channelling and at the same time  she is present with you in the here and Now. 
To experience a session with Hema, check the details below
Mob: 09820087601
Location: Pune , Maharashtra ,India 
Certified Practitioner UFH – 2021 

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Kirtimalini Kuber (किर्तीमालिनीकुबेर)

Kirtimalini is a certified psychotherapist in Process Oriented Psychology, and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (Somatic Experiencing International). She has a passion for helping people – psychologically, spiritually, or energetically to chart their unique path to live a fuller life. It has been her belief that she can only guide/help others after she has ‘tasted the medicine herself’. She chanced upon a lecture by Dr John Ryan on Unity Field Healing and has felt an instant connection. In accordance to her belief, she experienced the powerful, life-altering sessions of UFH herself and then completed the training as a Unity Field Healing Practitioner.

Kirtimalini says, “For years, I traversed into spiritual landscapes in search of an inner, healing medicine. I walked a 2-month long pilgrimage around the banks of the Narmada River in India, experienced teachings of Buddhism in Dharamsala (the town where the XIV Dalai Lama lives), went looking for the voice of silence in Thiruvannamalai (at the foothills of Arunachala – the Gurū of Ramanna Maharshi), and finally submitted to the Gurū -śiṣya paramparā at the feet of my Gurū – Krishnanda Teertha Swami on the banks of the Tunga River in Karnataka. I integrated my inner and outer being with the study of psychology and dreams by studying Process Oriented Psychology and Somatic Experiencing. After all these experiences and learnings, I feel that I have now come home to myself.”

She is honored to accompany such journeys of coming home to all those who are seeking.

She conducts online and in-person sessions based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. In her therapy sessions, she has been praised for her calm, soothing, and joyful presence.  Kirti feels that UFH energy healing sessions have been beneficial to break certain psychological patterns that recycle for therapy clients.

LOCATION:  Pune, Maharashtra, India. 

Mob: (+91) 9820888115

Certified Practitioner UFH – MAR 2022 

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高橋佑実恵(たかはし ゆみえ)

Yumie Takahashi Fouquet, RHC™


ユニティ・フィールド・ヒーリング (UFH)は、カナダで生まれたエネルギー療法の一つです。
・Certified Holistic Wellness Coach
・Certified Emotional Empowerment Coach
・Certified Inner Child Therapist
・Certified Intuitive Coach
・Home Herbalist (In-training)
・Home Homeopath (In-training)
認定UFHプラクティショナー取得日:13 Sep 2020


Yumie Takahashi Fouquet (高橋フーケ佑実恵)
Yumie has been in a self-discovery journey almost throughout the life since her early age that includes experience of the deep culture of Japan where her origin is.  Through Unity Field Healing practice, Yumie was able to reconnect with her essence that becomes more aligned to her spirituality and love itself.
As a UFH practitioner and certified holistic wellness and emotional empowerment coach,  Yumie supports people to live fully and joyfully with self-trust and self-love so that they can step forward for their own worth and flourish their desired future to come!  
Her calm and sincere presence not only gives healing, but also her accurate and intuitive suggestions from her diverse life experiences and knowledge that include her emotionally sensitive character move people into action.  She kindly offers 45-minute free discovery consultation for the first time.
Which would be your choice now?
(A) You are willing to make a new change, or 
(B) You are standing still in a current situation without hope
If your choice would be (A), make a baby step to contact us, and let’s enjoy a beautiful life change together!!
Language: English, Japanese (日本語), some French 
Certified Practitioner UFH – 13 Sep 2020 
Location: North Vancouver / Metro Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Tokyo / Yokohama (Japan)
Phone/Txt: 778-986-2459 (Canada)


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