The Unity Field Healing Template

The UFH Template is an interdimensional or quantum light pattern that presented through a series of pictograms in a meditative vision to Dr. John. In the presentation it was shown that the pattern works within the field of Quantum Energy of an individual’s DNA and forms the foundation of the UFH Healing Work.  

The pattern is a light catalyst – one that stimulates a recalibration within the human energy system to one’s higher spiritual energy system or Higher Self nature – and leads to an increase in the vibration or power of one’s quantum multidimensional self.  

Shortly after receiving the template through a vision, Dr. John was provided channelled information on the purpose and potential of the template – an experience which was foundational in the developemtn of UFH.  You can read it below and develop a deeper understanding.  In UFH you will receive an intentional attunement to the template in Session 2. The template also become active in Session 3 as you work more personally with “intentional healing work” specific to your  personal life and journey.


11 Aug 2012:  

This is a pattern of universal alignment.  It represents the unity of energy inherent in both universal and human design.  When all elements of energy are returned to the point of balance that exists at its point of origin, it can recreate itself anew.  Herein lies a clue to the power of its potential.   

This pattern is a symbol and a living field of consciousness.  A symbol both represents, and conceals a vaster consciousness – a consciousness that is inherent in its design.   Within this symbol is a living way. Within this symbol is a transformative power of healing, balance and transformation.     

You cannot “control” spirit, but you can invite the higher spiritual life of which each one is an integral part – through intention and gratefulness – to promote the potential for healing and reunion.  Through an open heart this light can emerge, but an open heart is a healed heart or a heart with intent to heal.     

Resonance with this pattern can catalyze the restoration of energy to one’s Higher Self alignment through one’s Spiritual DNA.  This is supported by the recalibration of energy to find and maintain alignment with a universal consciousness of unity that is inherent in every awakening being.     

Those who are drawn to this work are those who will benefit from it – because of their nature, their spiritual history and their level of consciousness growth.  Some will appear to be highly conscious energy beings, and others will appear novice in terms of energy understanding, which will not be so.  Do not imagine that great knowledge is needed to manifest great healing – for humility of spirit and nobleness of intention are keys to the kingdom of universal design.   

The catalytic benefit will occur by a unique or tailored process for each person – for it works not to create, but to restore.  In this restoration lies conscious memory of a healed alignment with ones own spiritual being.  You might say that it opens the channels to promote healing energy from ones own higher self into ones life and incarnational experience.   

The pattern represents also the perfection 12 in 1.  The unity of 12 attributes into one total unit is found over and over in universal design.  12 apostles surrounded Christ.  12 signs in the zodiac.  12 layers or strands implicit in your evolving DNA.  This harmonic is inherent in the perfected 12 layer DNA.      Bring it forward to share with those who are inspired to heal …

The UFH Template is ready to facilitate helping you achieve your highest potential

… birthing the New Human!

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