Unity Field Healing Bracelet

Unity Field Healing Bracelets are here!  This wonderful new UFH accessory is a hand made treasure – using semi-precious minerals of a specific composition – to help carry the energy and frequency of Unity Field Healing.

These beautiful pieces were commissioned by Dr. John, and hand crafted by Tracey Roberts (@DestinyGemsCan). Tracey is one the first practitioners of UFH trained by Dr. John!

The stones are selected for their individual healing properties.  You can learn more about the specific stones below.  The bracelets are configured to mirror the energy process reflected in UFH, and infused with the energy of UFH Sessions. Although the bracelets are gorgeous as a personal adornment, they are designed to be worn by practitioners or clients of UFH, or anyone who would like to carry the charge of the frequencies of Unity Field Healing in this special way. They are a perfect way to immerse yourself in the New Energy and the energy of UFH!

They also make a great Gift Idea!

The Design:

The stone content and composition of the UFH Bracelet was carefully chosen to be able to reflect the transformative energy embodied in Unity Field Healing work. 

The Medicine Wheel:

The foundation of the bracelet is a Medicine Wheel comprised of stones.  This creates 4 quadrants.  It is comprised of:

Red Chalcedony, Yellow Chalcedony, White Agate  and Black Obsidian. 

These are selected for the properties of conscious communication, holding connection to the Ancestors and Sacred Elements and anchoring the New Energies.

Red Chalcedony

Yellow Chalcedony

Medicine Wheel Stones

White Agate

Black Obsidian

The Four Quadrants:

In the four quadrants between these cardinal stones, there is a selection of semi precious stones, chosen for their unique quality and vibration.  This includes:

CLEAR QUARTZ:  Universal communication
AQUAMARINE:  Processing of Deep Emotions, Forgiveness and Letting Go
OCEAN JASPER:  Grounding, Nurturing, Centering and Re balancing
LARIMAR:   Dolphin stone. High heart connection.  Porting the energy of the New Times. Coherence of mind and heart. Male Female balance. Yin Yang integration.
LARKIVITE: Transmutation and transformation. Energetic shield.

Quartz crystal


Ocean Jasper






The Quadrant Stones


The Production & Charging:

Each piece is hand crafted with a unique assembly of stones adding a personal touch to each peice!

Each piece is then closed with an I AM charm – reminding you of your truest nature through your higher self, and connection to the creative source of life.




Once each bracelet is uniquely created, it is infused with the energy of UFH Sessions. This is done while the bracelets are positioned on an Energy Charging Plate with a 24 carat inlay in the Flower of Life Pattern.  This seals the energy of the piece!


Bracelets are available in three sizes

Bracelets are on an extendable filament – easy to put on and remove! 

This adds size flexibility,

Small (~5.5″) 

Suitable for a child or very small adult wrist

Standard ~(6.5″) 

Suitable for a small and medium adult wrist  

*most commonly chosen

Large (~7.5″) 

Suitable for a larger adult wrist

PLEASE NOTE – Each piece is slightly unique – due to variations in stones.

Order your new UFH Bracelet – and wear a little love everyday!

Sirian Blue White Collective (SBWC) Bracelet –

Common Questions and Care Guidance for your SBWC Bracelet

  1. How many hours a day should I wear my bracelet to get the energy benefit? 

    This is entirely up to you! I recommend for you to communicate with your Higher Self and Innate every morning to check in to see what is needed today to strengthen and anchor you. Ask how long you should wear the bracelet. You will be surprised how quickly the answer comes in. I do recommend wearing it daily for the first 40 days during your waking hours and utilize it during your prayers and meditations to expand your awareness and consciousness. Please also note that it is safe to wear the bracelet while sleeping – but the bracelet could be stretched or broken if it gets caught on fabric.

  2.  2. What about water contacting my bracelet?

Please refrain from wearing these pieces while bathing, swimming and heavy exercise as water, sweat and oil will compromise the elastic over time. If it gets wet here and there from rain or while washing your hands it will not be a big deal. Just take it off and pat it dry with a towel or paper towel.

3. Does lotion affect the bracelet? I put lotion on after a shower. I assume the lotion will rub onto the bracelet. Will that hurt it?

You can wear lotion but just make sure that your skin is dry when putting your piece on. I wear sunscreen every day and I have also worn my piece every day for almost 2 years now with no issues. Same as above, moisture will compromise the integrity of the elastic over time.

4. How should I physically clean my bracelet?
You can use a soft cloth or polishing cloth for eyeglasses to clean and/or polish your piece. Do not use facial tissues as they can leave an unpleasant residue behind.

5. How should I clean my bracelet energetically?
To cleanse your piece energetically, place your bracelet on a Himalayan salt lamp or a selenite lamp.

  1. If the rubber band holding my bracelet together breaks, what can I do with the loose stones? 

If the bracelet breaks, collect all the stones and you can have them restrung by a jewelry store or wholesaler, or you could ship it back to Destiny Gems Canada for a fee.   CONTACT US – if you need to request a repair.  NOTE:   The person who restrings the stones needs to string the them in the specific order in the bracelet as shown in the website pictures.  See Bracelet .  When you get the bracelet back from a jeweler after restringing it – you can charge it for 12 hours as above to clear and charge the bracelet.

  1. Are there other care issues I did not think about here?

This piece works very closely with your 24th chromosome. I recommend communing with it to open new doors in your Akash. Journal with it. Sing with it. Move with it. And most important, breathe with it as you amplify your Light! 


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