SBWC Transmission – Sacral Chakra – March 2024

SBWC Transmission – Sacral Chakra – March 2024

Sirian Blue White Collective (SBWC) – The Quantum Merge: Higher Self Entanglement

Topic: Sacral Chakra – Crystalline Evolution

Date: March 21, 2024

Join us for the second chakra-focused transmission in Cycle V of the Sirian Blue White Collective’s Quantum Merge: Higher Self Entanglement series, as we delve into the “Sacral Chakra” on March 21, 2024. This session is dedicated to the evolutionary development of the Sacral Chakra, moving beyond traditional clearing or charging, towards a crystalline enhancement for future growth.

Evening Flow:

  • Opening: Tracey Roberts will lead a Guided Pranic Meditative Journey, setting the tone for an immersive exploration of the Sacral Chakra.
  • Lecture Presentation: Dr. John Ryan will offer transformative insights into the Sacral Chakra, emphasizing its crucial role in the Ascension Process and the integration of the diamond light crystalline body.
  • Light Language Transmission: Experience a unique channeling session with Dr. John, aimed at deepening your connection and understanding of your energy system.
  • Interactive Q&A: Participate in a live, engaging discussion with Dr. John, exploring the nuances of the Sacral Chakra’s role in your evolving energy system.
  • Heart Coherence Exercise – Star Seeding: A focused practice to enhance heart coherence and spiritual alignment.
  • Closing with SBWC Meditative Ascension Transmission: The event concludes with a powerful ascension transmission, supporting your spiritual development and journey.

This event is a critical step in the layered process of crystalline integration, focusing on the energy of creative development and expression housed within the Sacral Chakra. As each chakra is adjusted, a holographic transformation occurs, impacting your entire energy system.

Join us for this in-depth exploration of the Sacral Chakra and its vital role in the evolution of the New Human. Embark on a journey of deep understanding and profound energy experience.

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