SBWC Transmission – Third Eye Chakra – July 2024

SBWC Transmission – Third Eye Chakra – July 2024

Sirian Blue White Collective (SBWC) – The Quantum Merge: Higher Self Entanglement

Topic: Third Eye Chakra – Crystalline Evolution

Date: July 20, 2024

Join us for the sixth chakra-focused transmission in Cycle V of the Sirian Blue White Collective’s Quantum Merge: Higher Self Entanglement series, as we focus on the “Third Eye Chakra” on July 20, 2024. This session is specially tailored to support the evolutionary development of the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing its capabilities beyond traditional methods through a crystalline enhancement process.

Evening Flow:

  • Opening: The evening will begin with Tracey Roberts guiding participants through a Guided Pranic Meditative Journey, immersing them into a profound exploration of their energy systems.
  • Lecture Presentation: Dr. John Ryan will share transformative insights on the Third Eye Chakra, highlighting its integral role in the Ascension Process and its connection with the diamond light crystalline body.
  • Light Language Transmission: A unique channeling session with Dr. John, designed to deepen participants’ understanding and connection to their Third Eye Chakra.
  • Interactive Q&A: A live, engaging discussion with Dr. John, focusing on the significance and evolution of the Third Eye Chakra in our energy system.
  • Heart Coherence Exercise – Star Seeding: Participants will engage in a practice to enhance heart coherence and spiritual alignment.
  • Closing with SBWC Meditative Ascension Transmission: The evening will conclude with a powerful transmission, aiding participants in their spiritual development and ascension journey.

This session marks a pivotal moment in the “staged integrations” of development into the new expression of the New Human. The focus is on inner vision and expanding access to the deep knowledge, wisdom, and clarity that come with spiritual evolution. Participants will explore the magnification of their vision, dreams, insight, intuition, and illumination as they connect more profoundly with their soul and the cosmos.

Join us in this profound exploration of the Third Eye Chakra and its crucial role in your spiritual evolution, as we delve into the deeper meanings and experiences of this transformative journey. 🌟🌐✨

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