SBWC Transmission – Unity Axis – September 2024

SBWC Transmission – Unity Axis – September 2024

Sirian Blue White Collective (SBWC) – The Quantum Merge: Higher Self Entanglement

Topic: Unity Axis – Final Transmission of Cycle V

Date: September 19, 2024

Join us for the culminating event in Cycle V of the Sirian Blue White Collective’s Quantum Merge: Higher Self Entanglement series, focusing on the “Unity Axis” on September 19, 2024. This final transmission is a celebration and anchoring of the profound energetic growth and integration achieved throughout the cycle.

Evening Flow:

  • Opening: Tracey Roberts will set the tone for this significant occasion with a Guided Pranic Meditative Journey, inviting participants to reflect on their journey and connect deeply with their energy systems.
  • Lecture Presentation: Dr. John Ryan will present a comprehensive overview of the journey undertaken in Cycle V, highlighting the milestones and transformative insights gained along the way.
  • Light Language Transmission: A special channelling session led by Dr. John, designed to deepen the integration of the Quantum Merge and the crystalline wisdom.
  • Interactive Q&A: Engage in a celebratory and reflective discussion with Dr. John, focusing on the implications and future pathways opened by this cycle’s work.
  • Heart Coherence Exercise—Star Seeding: A unique practice to enhance heart coherence, embodying the crystalline wisdom and unity achieved.
  • Closing with SBWC Meditative Ascension Transmission: The evening will conclude with a powerful transmission, symbolically sealing the energetic growth and preparing participants for their roles as ambassadors of the new crystalline wisdom.

This event marks a significant milestone in the “Quantum Merge”—the merging of your essence with the energy of your Higher Self. It’s a crystalline achievement of the first order, recognising each participant as an ambassador to the crystalline wisdom that forms the new order for the New World.

Join us for this transformative and celebratory journey, as we honour the completion of Cycle V and embrace our united path forward in the light of the eternal sun. 🌟🌐✨

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