The Story of Unity Field Healing

This story is a narrative from Dr. John – outlining the visionary experiences and history that led to the development of Unity Field Healing ….

Although I have spent a long segment of my life involved in energy based healing practices, work with Unity Field Healing did not really “begin” until a series of meditative visions that began in November of 2011. 

This first of these visions occurred while participating in a spiritual gathering, entitled the “11-11-11” event. It was hosted in Little Rock, Arkansas by a wonderful gentleman and friend James Tyberonn and his wife Anne. 

During the conference, two events perceptibly changed my life forever.  

The first is that I was introduced to a crystal skull named Max!  

The second is the gift of Unity Field Healing (UFH). 

The work now known as UFH was catalyzed by an interdimensional vision that introduced me to the light pattern now known as the Unity Field Healing Template.  And, as is so often said – the rest is history …

Enter Unity Field Healing!

Going back in time to that day – I remember being unusually excited about a session I had scheduled with a crystal skull – named Max!   I was new to the world of crystal skulls and frankly not sure what to make of the whole idea – despite a lifetime of being exposed to esoteric information and experiences.  When I sat in meditation with Max, I was deeply moved by the energy I felt radiating from this crystal.  As I closed my eyes I was not sure what to expect.  I entered into a state of openness and peace – a state of deep wellbeing.  I felt as if my whole energy system was accelerated or lifted in vibration. The experience was at once nurturing, empowering and expansive.  It was a foundation for what was to come.

In retrospect, it became clear to me that I was being prepared in this encounter to begin to receive a series of visions that would occur during the upcoming days (and years!).  These visions would change my life profoundly.  

It is said that there are certain crystal skulls that are carriers of knowledge and history.  And although I do not know the precise role that my encounter with Max played in catalyzing the experiences that followed – I am surely open to the idea that Max played an ordained role in catalyzing the whole story.  It is all part of the great mystery of life and spiritual evolution!

Shortly after the session with Max, in a large group mediation at the event, I began to have an inter-dimensional vision.  Now, I am aware that not everyone has had the experience of having visions this way so I will take a few moments to talk about it.  Perhaps if you have done shamanic work you will relate to the idea of having visionary experiences.  But the concept is really quite easy to conceptualize – because it is really like have a dream while you are conscious in your body.  When you dream – you experience “seeing inside you head”.  Dreaming, like having a spiritual vision, is not a type of seeing that occurs through your normal eyes.  It occur through an alternate visual mechanism known esoterically as the third eye or Ajna chakra.

At several points in my life I have encountered both conscious dreams of guidance and inter-dimensional visions. They have always occured at pivotal times of personal growth or understanding – and the vision that follows is no exception.  

Now, finally, before explaining the vision – I would add that the experiences of visioning that I have experienced could fall into two larger categories:

First, the vision may contain elements or material that is familiar to anyone in the 3D world.  This may include scenery, animals, people or forms that are persent in the vision – and it may be hyper real in different ways – but still “familiar” to life in everyday consciousness.  And, the contents of the dream will be deeply symbolic and carry messages.

The content of other visions is not as familiar from a 3D perspective. These visions may involve light patterns or geometries that have no direct correlation to our 3D world in a reconcognizable way.  These may involve complex geometrical patterns, etheric light patterns, and movement that is not simple 3 dimensional in character. If you have seen an animation of fractal geometry this can give you an idea of what is taking place.  Personally, I believe that these visionary perspectives are contained in “alternate dimensional layers” of reality in our multidimensional nature. The images in these visions, may contain a sequence of images or pictograms that appear and dissolve – as they go through a series of energetic transformations.  

In such a vision, at first it is hard to conceptualize the meaning of what you are seeing – but you are aware that it is symbolically meaningful and is often decoded through later contemplation or further experiences.  This type of vision is what took place in this meditation that followed. In fact – the vision presented with a sense of being “delivered” through a veil of consciousness or dimension. I believe that the reason the vision appears in this way, is that the energy is symbolically emerging from “another level or dimension” of consciousness, into this plane of conscious awareness.  And so we begin …

The vision began with a scintillating dot of diamond white light on a dark blue backdrop – like the cosmic sky.  From this dot there descended several lines of fire white light – to form the shape of a translucent four-sided light pyramid.   It seemed as if the shell was creating an aperture or opening so light and information could pass through it.

As it formed fully, a short ray of light descended through the center and a second pyramid formed.  Then a third formed – all in a similar fashion.

Next, down through the lower of the three stacked light pyramids came another small point of light,  It positioned itself below the pyramids, and then it expanded to become a ring of light.  Within the ring appeared a series of four smaller rings formed, aligned from top to bottom, like pearls on a string.

As the pattern took this form, it stabilized, and then appeared to be “activated”.  As this occurred light emerged from within the structure of the form.  I appeared like light was flow through the structure and the rings began to scintillate.  As this occurred, the symbol was activated from a flat 2D flat template, into a 3D series of interlocking scintillating light spheres.

As the energy moved through the expanded pattern – it created an unusual appearance. As the energy within the central spheres was circulating and spinning – the pattern became alive with energy and light. The spheres scintillating brightly and as the light moved forward it became so fast that it appeared to flow forward and backward at the same time!  It began to take on the appearance of a scintillating yin yang symbol. 

The yin yang symbol is the famous symbol found in the I Ching Spiritual teachings. The appearance of the light patter was like an “optical illusion” created by the speed of the moving energy, as the energy spun through it.  The structure visually became like a holographic 3D ball of interlocking spheres of scintillating light.  

The pattern remained for while in my vision and then slowly the whole vision faded away. However, the final element of the vision recurred many times over the course of the weekend – nearly each time I closed my eyes or went into a meditation.  At the time, I had absolutely no “logical idea” what this pattern represented or what it meant. I knew, however, it was important – because of the way it all happened and its repeated recurrence in my third eye sight.  I wrote down some details of the experience knowing it would make more sense later.  For several months that followed, that was all there was to the story … 

The tale continues after returning from a trip to Egypt in February of 2012.  I was meditating laying down one day after a yoga session – and the pattern returned to my inner vision. I could feel a very very strong energy “above” my head.  It was so strong, and the pressure was so great on my head, that I was not sure what to do to relieve it.  I tried to relax, but the energy was intense and I began to see light inside my head.  Then I could see the energy pattern I first saw months ago, and it begin “to work”.  

As it “activated” I could feel the pattern interact with my energy field.  It did not seem to enter into my body or energy system.  It stayed above me – or more aptly – in what felt like an adjacent dimension.  The energetic influence of its action, however, became very evident in my energy field and physical body.   As the energy pattern began to “work” I could feel the energy “working” in my energy field.  It felt as if the energy movement was pulsing energy but also pulling on filaments in my body.  I could feel the oscillations of the energy this passing down through my body, and into and through my meridian system in my etheric body.  Little jerks and twitches occurred as the energy continued to work on me.

The next thing I could see was a field of iridescent light.  It contained all kinds of translucent colors – oranges, purples, yellows, blues, yellow, opal, silver, gold, fuscia, and blue.  The colors were not opaque.  They were translucent or crystalline in nature like the light that would emit from a jewel or laser.  

Through the experience, it appeared that the energy pattern was activated, and it was able to work energetically on my energy bodies.  It felt as if, it was creating a push-pull energy to help release restrictive energy patterning in my system. It was working outside of my mental and emotional bodies at a “higher” level of  my being to manifest some kind of adjustment or change.  I could perceptible feel a gentle pulling as if it were aspirating energy, almost like a vacuum pulling released energy, and subsequently flushing my energy system with pure unqualified high vibration light or energy.  It was a pretty remarkable experience.

It was through this second experience that I was able to appreciate that light pattern represented a healing “light template” of some kind.  It became clearer that the pattern represents a “re-organizational living light form”.  I believed it to be a higher dimensional pattern, which can interface like a resonant catalyst, to work with the energy of this dimension to promote healing and transformation in energy.  

I slowly began to realize that it is a unique gift – like so many gifts that are arriving on our planet for healing and for transformation at this incredible time.   It is a spirited gift, one of consciousness and supportive energy that can be used to promote healing or transformation.  It also became intuitively aware during this experience, that this could be shared.  

I began to work more consciously with the pattern over the months that followed.  I was aware there was a requisite period to further “integrate it” into my own being.  As this took place I experienced a graceful shift in energy that promoted both further deep release and deep healing in my own personal energy fields. 

Several months later, in a third meditation I asked for more information on the pattern and it’s potential and purpose.  I was given the following information about it:

11 Aug 2012:

This is pattern of universal alignment.  It represents the unity of energy inherent in both universal and human design.  When all elements of energy are returned to the point of balance that exists at its point of origin, it can recreate itself anew.  Herein lies a clue to the power of its potential.

This pattern is a symbol and living field of consciousness.  A symbol both represents, and conceals a vaster consciousness that is inherent in it design.   Within this symbol is a living way, as well as a transformative power of healing, balance and transformation.

You cannot “control” spirit, but you can invite it through intention and in gratefulness to invoke the potential for healing and reunion.  Through an open heart this light can emerge, but an open heart is a healed heart or a heart with intent to heal.

Resonance with this pattern can catalyze the restoration of energy to one’s Higher Self alignment through one’s spiritual DNA.  This is supported by the rebalancing of energy to find and maintain alignment with a universal consciousness of unity that is inherent in every awakened being.

Those who are drawn to it, are those who will benefit from it – because of their nature, their history and their level of consciousness growth.  Some will seem like highly conscious human beings, and others will appear novice in terms of energy understanding, which will not be so.  Do not imagine that great knowledge is needed to manifest great healing – for humility of spirit on nobleness of intention are keys to the kingdom of universal design.

The catalytic benefit will occur through a unique or tailored process for each individual – for it works not to create, but to restore.  In this restoration lies conscious memory of a healed alignment with ones own spiritual being.  You might say that it opens the channels to promote healing energy from ones own higher self into ones life and incarnational experience.

The pattern represents also the perfection 12 in 1.  The unity of 12 attributes into one total unit is found over and over in universal design.  12 apostles surrounded Christ.  12 signs in the zodiac.  12 layers or strands implicit in your evolving DNA.  This harmonic is inherent in the perfected 12 layer DNA.

It is also a symbol whose time has come.  Share it with those who are inspired to heal. 

During the year that followed, I had the opportunity to begin working with the light pattern both in guided meditative work and hands on healing sessions, with people who were open and interested in the experience.

Yet, in the course of events, I was absolutely stunned one evening to discover the pattern that had presented itself to me also existed in the form of a crop circle.  I have included the image with a source link to the photographer and publisher.  I was intrigued to say the least to have a “mysterious validation” of the pattern – a cosmic wink!  I began to really grasp the magnitude of what I was shown and this inspired me to continue!

People reported a variety of experiences while working with the energy of this pattern. Some noticed a strong healing presence, and a feeling of energy working through the chakras and energy bodies.  Some people felt energy move though the spine and unravel restrictions in the energy around the spine.  Others felt chakras pop open and felt energy being released through the process.  Some people reported it as “unsettling” at first, because they could feel the energy strongly – but at the same time felt totally reassured and supported.  Others heard sounds, and others saw light and energy for the first time in their lives!  And … people reported changes that continued in the weeks and months that follow the session supporting the idea that is was evoking healing or positive change.  I began to trust the information and was learning to translate it into a system or process that can be shared.

Approximately one year following the inaugural vision, in December of 2012, I had another meditative vision, which really consolidated  my understanding of what was taking place.

This vision opened with a view of the familiar galactic spiral.  The spiral “dissolved” and I was looking into an energy form of the structural pattern of the DNA molecule.   I had seen a similar image previously, in scientific information on DNA, but this was not a solid image – it was an “energy form” of the molecule.  The molecule was scintillating with pastel and iridescent light.   The image transformed from a cross sectional vision in to an elongated form – where I could clearly see the double helix form of the molecule. It was still an energy form and emitted the same glow of light.

Within the helix, I could see the Unity Field energy pattern, as if it were floating around inside this huge energy molecule.  As it moved around there were light phenomena happening – like bursts of light or sparks as the pattern interfaced with the DNA strand.

I knew intuitively that the vision was showing the Quantum or Spiritual DNA molecule –  not simply DNA as a physical molecule.  It is  the “energy system behind the DNA”.  And the message inherent in this vision was that the pattern of the Unity Field Template is working within the spiritual DNA molecule to clean, refresh or restore it.

The vision continued and the next element was the appearance of a crystalline staircase floating in an energy field.   The staircase went straight up but ended in the “sky”.  The view was from the perspective of looking up the stairs, as an invitation or awareness that the stairs are to be ascended.  In symbolic language, this was an invitation or a demonstration of the ability to further ascend in consciousness or spirit.

In a flash, the vision “refreshed” and a symbolic pattern of DNA appeared on the stairs in this vision.  It was very clear to me that “DNA” – not “footsteps” in the traditional sense – is the mechanism by which these stairs are to be taken.

In the vision, it was clear to me that changes in the DNA configuration are the mechanism by which this process must occur.  It was, symbolically, a spiritual invitation to ascend these stairs through modification provided though our spiritual DNA. Or correspondingly, it was an invitation to bring further consciousness and manifestation of spirit into form – through the spiritual DNA.

With time and practical experience following this series of visions, I was guided to bring the experience into a tangible form to be able to share the information and energetic potential of the information with others.  This evolved into the form of UFH that is familiar today.  Now the work is formatted into three sessions which you can read all about HERE.  The sessions can be provided by audio guidance or through the personal touch of a certified practitioner – personally trained by Dr. John.  

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