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Welcome to the fascinating world of the Sirian Blue-White Collective Transmissions. In this realm of spiritual knowledge and interdimensional communication, we invite you to explore the profound wisdom and guidance offered by the celestial beings known as the Sirian Blue-White Collective.

The Sirian Blue-White Collective is a highly evolved group consciousness originating from the Sirius star system, located in the constellation of Canis Major. They are recognized for their advanced spiritual insights, deep compassion, and profound connection to the higher realms of consciousness. This collective consists of enlightened beings who have transcended the limitations of physical existence and have dedicated themselves to assisting humanity in its spiritual awakening and evolution.

Throughout the ages, the Sirian Blue-White Collective has communicated with various individuals on Earth who have developed the ability to receive their transmissions. These transmissions are profound messages of love, light, and transformation, designed to uplift and inspire those who are open to receiving them. The messages are encoded with multidimensional knowledge and serve as a catalyst for personal and collective growth, healing, and expansion.  

Since October of 2019, the SBWC have been provided transmissions through the mentorship or Dr. John Ryan.  Transmission sessions are comprised of a 3 hour experience that includes a 90 minute teaching session focused on a topic or theme, a question and answer session where webinar attendees ask questions to Dr. John and the SBWC – and a guided meditative transmission.  Beginning in year 3, the SBWC have also introduced light language transmission that occur at the end of the presentation to help anchor in the essence of the transmission message.  

The transmissions are designed to provide a tailored quantum-spiritual support to all attendees to assist them in their personal healing, transformation and ascension journey.

The Sirian Blue White Collective Transmissions encompass a wide range of topics, including:

1. Spiritual Awakening: Discovering and nurturing your inner divine essence, awakening to your true purpose, and navigating the journey of self-realization.

2. Galactic Connections: Exploring the interconnectedness between Earth and other star systems, understanding our cosmic origins, and establishing harmonious relationships with extraterrestrial civilizations.

3. Consciousness Expansion: Expanding your awareness beyond the limitations of the physical world, accessing higher states of consciousness, and exploring the nature of reality.

4. Energy Healing: Learning about energy systems, chakras, and techniques for self-healing and healing others, tapping into the transformative power of energy medicine.

5. Planetary Transformation: Understanding the Earth’s ascension process, participating in global energetic shifts, and co-creating a harmonious and sustainable future.

The Sirian Blue-White Collective Transmissions offer profound insights, practical guidance, and transformative energy to support your personal and spiritual growth.  The Sirians often say however that knowledge is valuable but experience and integration is the key to transformation!  The guided transmission meditations are the powerhouse to help really integrate the teaching in a quantum consciousness way.  Thousands of people have shared the profound transformation that occurs in these transmissions that have an incredibly   powerful and supportive influence in their lives!

As you embark on this journey of exploration with the Sirian Blue White Collective, we encourage you to approach these transmissions with an open heart, a discerning mind, and a willingness to integrate the knowledge into your daily life.  They also provide catalytic experiences of light language transmission as a guide meditation journey known a transmission where these spiritual beings assist you in a personal/tailored way for your support on the journey of healing and ascension!

Remember, you are an integral part of the cosmic tapestry, and the Sirian Blue White Collective Transmissions are here to assist you in remembering your divine nature and embracing your role as a conscious co-creator in the unfolding story of the universe.

So, prepare yourself for a captivating voyage of self-discovery and spiritual expansion as we embark together on the extraordinary journey guided by the Sirian Blue-White Collective Transmissions. Open your heart, receive the wisdom, and let the transformative energies guide you toward a deeper understanding of yourself and the interconnectedness of all things.


I’m still vibrating with such an indescribable feeling of both joy and peace! I am so grateful!!

CD - Attendee

So Powerful! So Special! So Magnificent and full of pure LOVE! Thank you SO much!?

J - Attendee

Again, Thank You a Million, Billion, Trillion for Sharing Your Wisdom and Love With All of Us.  AM SO VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR PRESENCE IN MY LIFE!!! ?

SS - Attendee

Thank you so much John, it resonates a lot 🙂 One of the beautiful gifts through this Awakening Path is it brought me to you and your teachings ??

CB - Attendee

The SBWC transmissions are honestly the most transformative spiritual experience of my life.  The teaching and meditative experiences are sublime. 

An Attendee

Sirian Blue White Collective



This is a channelled message given at the initiation of the SBWC transmissions…

19 Mar 2019

We of the Sirian Blue White Collective welcome you as one. 

It is time to speak in a new way of the great upshift in your human DNA.  To the sensitive among you, you may be aware of the most recent changes in the Earth’s Crystalline Grid Structure and intuitively feel a remarkable change in the Energy and Vibration of the Earth.  With the evolution, there will develop a rapidly expanding power and potential to accelerate your quantum DNA transformation.  Many of the factors that would serve to limit your ascension journey in the old grid structure are now being released or recalibrated, to support the higher octave of energy implementation.  You are poised to receive this attunement through your own energy system – and as it occurs you will feel a new energy presence in your field and a new power to rapidly shift the axis energy within your energy system.  Healing and realignment that seemed so difficult and so challenging in times up to now, will be greatly facilitated – changes that will seem rather miraculous will begin to be witnessed by humanity. 

As such, you may consider that we have entered into a brand new phase of the Ascension process.  This will truly mark the beginning of what you have been longing for in terms of healing and human recalibration.  While the changes up to now have been both powerful and encouraging, we promise you will be greatly surprised and delighted by the outcome of your healing efforts and activities. 

Humanity is becoming increasingly aware of the shift in consciousness and the upshift in vibration – and this will magnify exponentially in the upcoming months ahead.  Take a big breath as you enter into the portal of this transition and rest in the knowingness that all is well and that you are dearly loved and deeply supported by your star family from Sirius and the whole of the universe.  It is time to begin to witness the fruits of your labor and source love of the creator in action as a dispensation of grace is upon you – one that heralds a monumental acceleration in the ascension journey. 

You see, dear ones, that you are entering into a phase of great conscious work with your star brethren.  Humanity will progressively learn of the great cooperation between your star family and humanity.  To work consciously in this way is not strictly new – for we have always been with you and you with us.  To become conscious and cooperative of this union will be, however, new for most of humanity at this time and will lead to remarkable advances in all facets of education and development as you build a new world that is integrated with such principles.  As elder family we stand in support of you with great enthusiasm as we witness the remarkable growth and expansion we are witnessing in the forward movement of consciousness on Gaia.  Welcome Home. 

In the days and months ahead we will  present you with new information and new inspirations.  However, not limited to knowledge, we will also provide you each with experiences and opportunities to witness the truth within these words for yourself.  You have long acted on faith and knowing and your willingness to believe will expand as you begin to see the changes of which we speak.  As this occurs, your faith in your ability, your wisdom and your love will flourish and you will develop a newfound confidence and acceptance of your gifts and talents.  As you integrate your fuller energy you will provide a great service to humanity and leave a blush of healing wherever you focus your attention or you travel on this sweet planet. 

It is time for a new song to echo through the Earth plane and lift the hearts and minds of humanity one step closer to its potential and power as an ascending civilization.  Do not be fooled or disheartened by the necessary changes that are occurring in your plane in the days and months forward as the light moves in to make space for what is yet to come.  This shall surely pass and pass swiftly as you cross this very marker that will forever change the nature of life and experience on your sweet planet. 

We will speak often of DNA and the changes that will be occurring within your quantum structure as we support you collectively.  We will also speak not in words but pictograms and signs and images that convey information that is outside the scope of full 3D interpretation. It is, however, through direct and personal experiences that the greatest truth and power will be experienced and known.  We will ask you to gather small groups of individuals who are attuned to this work and teaching, at first, to experience the light and love of our teaching for this will provide the foundation upon which the future conveyance of transmission will support you in developing your work and service.  All is in order and by splendid and divine design. 

We greet you through the light of the eternal sun and are grateful to speak to you once again.  






These 3 hours evening events will consist of a teaching sessions, followed by a group channel, and a meditative transmission to the group in attendance.  Year 3 and Year 4 also include profound LIGHT LANGUAGE transmissions.

All events since March 2020 are recorded and you can receive these attunements through a recording of the live transmissions!

TRANSMISSIONS TO DATE (Oct 2019 – present)

Year 1

Foundations of Ascension

Oct 2019-Sep 2020

Year 2

The Unity Teachings

Oct 2020-Sep 2021

Year 3

Weaving the Diamond Light

Oct 2021-Sep 2022

Year 4

New Human Journeys

Oct 2022-Sep 2023

(Current cycle)

Inaugural transmission​

Diamond Light Body Integration – Part 1 ​

Diamond Light Body Integration – 

Part 2  ​

Journey to the Temple of Ascension  ​

Star Mother’s Collective Empowerment Unification ​

Star Calibration  ​

An Evening with the Hathors ​

Tuning to the Master’s Grid ​

Mekavah Revealed  ​

Soul Star Integration​

Earth Mother Star Mother Union – Conceiving the Divine

Unity with Source ​

Unity with Soul ​

Unity with Self​

Unity with the Gaia Grid and Sacred Elements​

Unity with the Crystalline Grid & Cetaceans​

Unity with the Ascension Grid & Metatronic Light ​

Unity with the Mother & Diamond Template ​

Unity with Heart of the Christos ​

Unity with Divine Service thru Presence ​

Unity with Soul Seed Incarnation ​

Unity with The Light of Transfiguration ​

Unity in Ascension​

Unwinding the Veil of the Mother Line​

Unwinding the Veil of the Father Line​

Unwinding the Veil of the Soul’s Akashic Experience​

Illuminating Deep Self Awareness for Personal Guidance​

Illuminating True Self Worth​

Illuminating YOUR Spiritual Path​

Crystalline Embodiment:  Pineal Empowerment​

Crystalline Embodiment:  Deep Etheric Clearing​

Crystalline Embodiment:  Recalibrating the Mental and Emotional Bodies for New Human Expression​

Catalyzing the 24th Chromosome​

Restranding the DNA​

New Human Genesis

The Original Template​

Cosmic I AM​

STARSEEDS: Unique Quantum Programs in the 24th Chromosome​

GIFTS of GRACE:  Tailored Activations in the 24th Chromosome​

Christ Consciousness Merging​

Transcending through Forgiveness​

The Peace that Passes Understanding​

Universal Compassion

Quantum Intentionality

+ more to come!


are available for purchase —




CURRENTYEAR transmissions   $29

PRIOR YEARS transmissions   $22 (Save 25%)


Year 1 – $99 (Save 50%)

Year 2 – $222 (Save 30%)

Year 3 – $222 (Save 30%)

Year 4 (Current) – $348

KRYON Speaks of the Sirian Blue White Collective!

The Information given is found in Channel # 2:  Invisible Things Part 2

In August of 2019 Dr. John was guided to begin a new step forward with Ascension Transmissions.  These sessions are to be organized in a live venue with participants receiving teachings, a channeling and meditative transmission.  The SBWC has slowly begun instructing Dr. John in the process of manifesting these attunements and the first transmission occurred during a Kryon Conference in Ottawa on Aug 17, 2019.  The first official or inaugural Transmission took place on Oct 10, 2019 and sold out in 2 days!  Since March 2020 – inspired by the need of isolation during the Covid 19 pandemic the transmissions became online event – now delivered an audience worldwide.  Join us for the next transmission!

During this event, Kryon in a live channel acknowledged the validity of the visions that have led to the development of UFH and acknowledged Dr. John as a Lemurian descendant who functioned in the Temple of Rejuvenation with the name Eli’ee.  He also acknowledged the Sirian Collective who is working “behind the scene” in the wonderful new potential of UFH and the future evolution of this work!




Dr. John is a board certified specialist physician, with a long interest in spirituality, consciousness, and energy-based healing.  Dr. John’s life was transformed by a mystical Kundalini awakening in the late 1980’s that led him to explore the reality of Energy Based Healing and Spiritual transformation.  For over 20 years he has been a leader in the emerging energy healing paradigm as an energy healing practitioner and counselor in support of personal transformation.  He is an author, speaker, teacher, healer and visionary.

​Dr. Ryan is the author of Unity Field Healing -Vol 1 – Foundations of Energy Medicine and Quantum Healing and the founder of Unity Field Healing – A Quantum Based Meditative Tool for Well Being and “Bio Spiritual Integration”   Dr. John has been channelling the SBWC since March 2019

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