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The Sirian Blue White Collective Transmissions are a series of meditations that are channelled to support humanity in the Ascension Transition now occurring on the planet.  They are channelled by Dr. John Ryan – from the Sirian Blue White Collective (SBWC).  The SBWC are a group of ascended light beings who identify as “Sirian” and have been working with humanity for thousands of years – supporting the spiritual evolution of humanity on Earth.  They are consciously working with humanity at this time due the Ascension process that is occurring on the planet.

e SBWC supports the work of Unity Field Healing (UFH) & also oversees the SBWC Ascension Transmissions.  UFH was founded by Dr. John, following a series of meditative visions he experienced – guiding the development of UFH as an energy healing modality.  UFH supports humanity individually in energy sessions led by a practitioner.  The SBWC transmissions extend the support offered by the SBWC.  They are intended to deepen the teaching and support offered by the SBWC to guide us through the Ascension journey.

The transmissions first began on the Lion’s Gate Portal (August 8) of 2019 when the first cycle of transmissions was announced.  This began a cycle of 12 transmissions that are now referred to as Ascension Transmissions 1:  Core Ascension – Living the Experience.  This cycle represents the foundation elements of understanding and experiencing the Ascension Process as a human being living on the Earth. Each unique transmission is given a “theme” and is more than a meditation.  It is a “consciousness and energy based experience” that focuses on specific elements that represent the “key elements” of the Ascension journey.  
On the Lion’s Gate Portal of 2020 the second cycle of 12 transmissions was announced – Ascension Transmissions II:  The Unity Teachings – Embodying Higher LIght.  This series takes the participant on a profound journey of energetic integration with higher dimensional light fields that represent the crystalline foundation of the New Earth and New Human experience. They are intended to help the participant integrate this higher dimensional light into the human body of form.  

On August 8 2021 the third cycle of 12 transmissions was announced – Ascension Transmissions III: Weaving the Diamond Light.  This series is intended to deeply integrate the energy of the ascension journey into the 3D world – to bring healing and transformation from the “dream state” of quantum possibility into the 3D world of matter and our individual lives.

The transmissions are delivered as the final 1 hour during a 3 hour teaching seminar by Dr Ryan. The monthly seminars are intended to help humanity both understand what is taking place during the Ascension journey, and provide a tool to support humanity in the process of integrating the Ascension.  The transmissions take the participant on an energetic journey – guided by the energy visions that occur live during the transmission.  They provide the opportunity to join the “quantum field” of energy created during the transmission to experience personal support in a way that is tailored personally to you.  The energy of each transmission is quantumly seeded as it takes place – so remains available independent of time for you to enjoy at any time in the future.  They each contain a short channelled message from the Sirian Blue White Collective.  Although the full 3 hour seminar is a paid event – Dr. Ryan was guided to make the meditation and transmission element of the monthly seminars freely available to anyone drawn to the energetic support they contain so the spiritual transmission is available to everyone freely.  All one hour transmissions to date can be found on this page below.  The transmissions may be done in order – or you may be guided to do a certain transmission out of sequence and that is perfectly acceptable.  They do not need to be done in order if you are so guided.
If you are drawn to participate in the full seminars you will find tickets to all future events:  CLICK HERE.  Also the 3 hour teaching sessions have been recorded since March 2020 and the recordings can be purchased.  To purchase Cycle 1 Transmissions  CLICK HERE.  To purchase Cycle 2 Transmissions CLICK HERE.
“The SBWC transmissions are the most powerful tool for support I have ever discovered!  I am astounded how powerful the experiences are and how much they have helped me in my healing and my spiritual development since I first started to do them!  Thank you Dr. John and the SBWC – a God sent gift!”
“The energy in these transmissions is PROFOUND!  I have never experienced this kind of energy before – so loving and deep.  THANK YOU!”
“The intense peace and love I feel through this transmission was incredible.  I feel like I have come home!”
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Sirian Blue White Collective Transmissions:

These transmissions are live recordings from SBWC Transmission Events and made available to everyone to receive the transmission directly through the recorded meditations.  They contain a catalyzing meditation as well as a channel of information.

Sirian Blue White Collective Transmission I

Oct 2019 – Sep 2020

Core Ascension: Living the Experience

SBWC Inaugural Transmission

10 Oct 2019

 The Sirian Blue White Collective are a group of light beings who support the process of human ascension and quantum DNA healing/transformation through Unity Field Healing. In October 2019 they began to provide Ascension Transmissions through Dr. Ryan, the founder of UFH and channel for the Sirian Blue White Collection. This is a recording of the inaugural transmission given on Oct 10 2019.  

SBWC Diamond Light Code Transmission – Pt 1

14 Nov 2019

This video is the second transmission from the Sirian Blue White Collective.  The transmission held the intention to activate Diamond Light Codes within the quantum DNA field.  These codes can be understood to represent access points to new elements of consciousness and energy that will support each one of us move forward in an “enhanced way” as we progress into the time of planetary and human ascension. 

 SBWC Diamond Light Code Transmission – Pt 2

12 DEC 2019

This video is the third (3) transmission from the Sirian Blue White Collective.  The transmission held the intention to further activate the Diamond Light Codes within the quantum DNA field – Part 2.  These codes can be understood to represent access points to new elements of consciousness and energy that will support each one of us move forward in an “enhanced way” as we progress into the time of planetary and human ascension. 

SBWC Transmission – Journey to the Temple of Ascension

16 JAN 2020

This video is the fourth (4) transmission from the Sirian Blue White Collective.  It holds the intention to bring each participant on a meditative journey to the Sirian Temple of Ascension to receive and energy attunement.  This is to support you in holding the fuller elements of a “New Human” on the “New Grid” – a grid which has been established now at this time in the Ascension process – and upon which we are now firmly footed!  It is a remarkably powerful experience, and the message is so supportive in explaining how to navigate the waters through the next phase of ascension.  Feedback from participants was so rich and powerful —

SBWC Transmission – Star Mother Transmission of Grace

13 FEB 2020

This video is the fifth (5) transmission from the Sirian Blue White Collective – joined by the linage of Star Mothers who have played a role in the history of the earth and humanity.  It holds the intention to bring each participant into a conscious meditative contact with the Star Mothers – to receive a blessing of grace and empowerment.  This was a very unique and powerful attunement.  Unfortunately, the primary recording did not function for this transmission – so the audio is from a back up recorder which includes background noise from the room of 100 participants who attended the live event.  However, the power of the attunement remains and is available to you here.


This transmission has been re-recorded to improve the sound quality of the transmission.  

Click on the Blue Box below and it will take you an mp3 audio to play.

SBWC - Star Mother's Transmission of Grace

by John Ryan -- ReRecorded to Improve Sound Quality

SBWC Transmission – Unification

19 MAR 2020

This video is the sixth (6) transmission from the Sirian Blue White Collective.  The mediation took us on a journey into our DNA – tracing our DNA connection back to “The Sun” or the original light or Divine Life on the planet at the time of the beginning of humanity.  I weaves together “soul fragments” – aspects of alternate lifetimes whose recalibration is now essential to allow a greater light and connection to occur, one that allow integration and manifesting of one’s soul light in the body.

SBWC Transmission – Star Calibration

23 APR 2020

This video is the seventh (7) transmission received on April 23, 2020. This transmission is again unique in that the energy process that unfolds is a group initiation that is at once personal, and an act of planetary and galactic “light service”. The group experiences the anchoring of very high level of spiritual energy into the body, supported by the earth herself for each person. This is followed by the development of a crystalline grid of golden light forming over the surface of the planet to which each individual is uniquely connected. Through the structure of the crystalline grid – multiple filametous strands of light extend outward into many location through our earthly solar system and great cosmos and bridge consciousness through a collective grid to many star systems and star civilization. This experience – and the information and wisdom that can be accessed from it – will become very important in the days ahead on the planet as we move through the Ascension Journey – to bring the seeds of light and information to the planet that will serve the forward momentum of human destiny. It was explained that these light codes of quantum information will be available to access and connect to at this time – to drive inspired thinking and development of new potential of consciousness and human development. The mediation ends with a beautiful message from the Sirians reminding each of us of our divine origin and potential – a consciousness that is emerging through the shadows and the fog of an ending era. 

SBWC Transmission – An Evening with the Hathors

14 MAY 2020

This video is the eigth (8) transmission from the Sirian Blue White Collective. For the first time, in the transmission series, we were joined by a group of Hathor Beings together with the Sirian Blue White Collective. We were told that the Hathors are working with the group to form a coherent quantum field through anchoring conscious patterned energy. The presentation, (given to registered attendees), explains the quantum mechanics behind the support being provided to us by the Hathors. In the transmission and meditation included in this video – the pattern took the form of 3D Star of David Pattern held in the “3D” eye of a Hathor Being who comes to support individuals in the meditation in a personal way. The Hathors are teaching us to work with consciousness and thought to hold coherent quantum light in our field – which creates a field of resonance to support an energetic upshift during the ascension. The transmission is a very powerful experience – and a golden sphere of light is created to “hold” the energy being delivered in form while it is integrated by each person. I am writing this days later, and I still feel this energy sphere with me! ENJOY!

SBWC Transmission – Attuning to the Master’s Grid 

25 June 2020

This video is the ninth (9th) transmission from the Sirian Blue White Collective. The purpose of this 9th event is to enhance the group connection to the Energy Grid of the Ascended Masters – an awakening crystalline grid through the Ascension Journey. The Ascended Masters are a collective Energy, many who have lived on the Earth and brought the teaching of Unity and Christ Consciousness Being through many forms. In the days of Ascension, humanity is moving into coherence with this crystalline grid of consciousness that supports each one of us in moving into the state of being that is afforded to us by this wisdom. It will be an opportunity to “weave” into the grid supported by the energy of the collective group and move forward with wisdom, balance, serenity, joy and heart-based love. 

SBWC Transmission – The Merkabah Revealed

23 July 2020

This video is the tenth (10th) transmission from the Sirian Blue White Collective. The purpose of this 10th event is to move into a much deeper consciousness of the Merkabah field of energy that is the foundation of the expanding Human Energy System.  The Merkabah is a field of conscious light, founded on the geometry of the Star of David double tetrahedron.  As a living light field, it forms an expansive interface with the quantum level of reality where our spiritual essence, our soul, resides.  It creates a bridge and a conduit – to deliver higher essence energies to us in the physical body and expand our human energy system.  It is also an access for us to grow in greater communion with the energy and worlds beyond the 3-D veil of energy limiting human perception.  This transmission takes you on a journey into the Merkabic field of Energy and Consciousness.  It is a magical soul and mind-expanding experience – as we travel into the integrating energy of an Ascending Civilization! 

SBWC Transmission – Soul Star Revealed

27 Aug 2020

The purpose of this 11th event is to receive support from the Sirian Blue White Collective to more deeply integrate the light and consciousness of your soul star.  This light and consciousness is an overlighting aspect of our human incarnation – but it is time to more deeply integrate this light into our “mind field” as a source of presence from which we live, move and have our being. It is time to manifest the light and energy of the soul in a more conscious and direct way. 

SBWC Transmission – Earth Mother Star Mother Union

24 Sep 2020

The purpose of this 12th event is to attune deeply to the understanding of the Birth of the Divine Child.  Our human incarnation is one in a series of incarnations that emerge from our common soul consciousness, contained within our quantum DNA. Our Souls DNA structure is conceived into the energy matrix of the earth from the time of her primary inception as a planet destined to carry an awakened civilization – overseen by the Pleiadian Star Mothers and the Galactic Family of Light. The Earth is a Sacred Land on which the Divine Human is poised to thrive as a caretaker and awakened (or divinely conscious), soul. This transmission is meant to empower the right relation we are meant to carry within us, to work in union with the Earth, as her children from the Stars.  

This is the final transmission in the first series of 12 transmissions – The Ascension Transmssions and is culmination fo support towards human ascension in the New Energy and the New Times.

Sirian Blue White Collective Transmission II

Oct 2020 – Sep 2021

The Unity Teachings:  Embodying Higher Light

SBWC Transmission II -1: Unity with Source

15 Oct 2020

The purpose of this 1st transmission in the new ascension series is to attune with the Spiritual origins of creation, the Higher Self and the Soul. We will explore the great wisdom of the evolution of Divine Light through universal life systems and galactic civilizations – a process which has culminated in Humanity on the earth as we know it. This will provide an expanded understanding of the Overview needed to appreciate the Ascension Process that humanity has called forth at the time in the great Galactic Clock! The transmission will provide a major attunement to this higher light and the restorative spiritual power that arrives with such a catalytic attunement. 

SBWC Transmission II -2: Unity with Soul

12 Nov 2020

The purpose of this II-2nd transmission in the new ascension series is to attune with the Akashic Collective of the Soul We will explore the profundity of the Akashic Records and understand the communication of information present in your Quantum DNA and your life today – and how this is related to the Ascension Process!

SBWC Transmission II -3: Unity with Self

10 Dec 2020

The purpose of this II-3rd transmission in the new ascension series is to experience a deeper integration of the Ascension Process and its transformative power into your current life and your personality today. We will explore several elements of Ascension Integration – to better grasp the process of multidimensional integration in form. This is a process that has its own challenges that are better mastered when understood to allow a nonjudgemental approach to the deep healing and personal transformation that is contained within the Ascension Journey. We can cross the chasm of change with grace! The Collective emphasizes that they are here to support us based on our free will evolution, into a seeded potential that has been dormant in our DNA for thousands of years – a fact that illuminates just how special are these times.

SBWC Transmission II -4: Unity with Gaia and the Sacred Elements

21 Jan 2021

The purpose of this II-4th transmission in the new ascension series is to experience a deeper attunement with Gaia and the Sacred Elemental Forces of Life.  The Earth is a living, sentient being and she provides the material matrix into which we are each born to live a soul journey. She is “Our Mother” as we express in the world of form. We are fashioned from the clay of her body to form our physical bodies – as temples for the soul. Just as humanity rises through the earthly expression to encounter the divine within – the earth’s make up is empowered by a host of cosmic forces and elementals constructs of nature that allow certain possibilities to exist. Embodying the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms – her kingdom is all of nature. Nature arises through the flow of elemental forces that we know as the 4 Sacred Elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air – in the organizing field of ether. Indigenous cultures have known, honoured and lived in this wisdom – a teaching that was given at the beginning by our Lemurian Star Mothers.

The elements of nature are “awakening” as is humanity. We are beginning to understanding a fuller wisdom of living, one that includes unity with our planet and all of the constituent elements that are part of her make-up. This relationship is fundamental to healing and growth into an ascended expression of human life. The purpose of this transmission to attune ourselves to the awakening Gaia grid and the elemental forces of life that build, remodel, heal and transform material world

SBWC Transmission II – 5: Unity with the Crystalline Grid and the Cetaceans

18 Feb 2021

The purpose of this II-4th transmission in the new ascension series is to develop a more conscious appreciation of the crystalline system, and discover the role of the dolphins and whales to find unity in our forward evolution – as a New Human building a New Humanity. 

It has been revealed by the Sirian Blue White Collective that the year 2021 would witness a deep integration of the crystalline network. What is the crystalline networK? Kryon has been teaching us now for years about the ‘crystalline grid’ that is part of the earth’s matrix that holds memory – like a living field of memory. It is connected to the Cetaceans – the dolphin and the whales – as well as the akashic memory of all souls that are part of the earth’s history and future. In these days of Ascension, the field is being reconfigured by a group of nodes and nulls that are part of the crystalline network and have “come online” between 2012 and 2019 to create a “clearing of energy in the days ahead- to prepare the earth to embody a new potential of expression. The crystalline grid is connected, as a quantum level structure, to a vast network of channels of information that extend far beyond the earth into the galactic field of energy. In this time – these channels of energy and information are opening and weaving into the crystalline matrix of the earth. This crystalline field can in many ways be thought of metaphorically as an upgrade of an “operating system” and a reprogramming familiar to us through our exposure to computer systems. There are certain possibilities that only become possible when the foundation is laid and the knowledge and wisdom are present to build the potential. As this crystalline integration moves forward – we will find ourselves within reach of potentials that were so evasive or unreachable even if present in human consciousness. This will be a platform on which a world of peace will be constructed and many new potentials are dreamt into being.

SBWC Transmission II – 6: Unity with the Ascension Grid & Metatronic Light 

18 Mar 2021

In August 2019 the Sirian Blue White Collective (SBWC) asked to begin a series of Ascension Transmissions through Dr. John Ryan. The theme and title of the transmissions were given in blocks of 3 through Oct 2019 to Sep 2020 – taking us on a journey through the ascension cycle that being activated through awakening human beings. Each transmission involves a 90-minute teaching session follow by a guided transmission mediation and channeled message from the SBWC. In August 2020 the SBWC brought to light Phase II of the Ascension Transmissions. We will begin a new cycle entitled: The Unity Teachings & Ascension Transmission – Embodying Higher Light. This is the sixth in the second series presented here: Unity with the Ascension Grid & Metatronic Light. Overlaying the crystalline grid (Transmission #5) there is a grid of transformative organized light that contains quantum patterning to propel the earth forward into a quantum field of organized light that will express itself as an Ascending Civilization. We term it the Ascension Grid. You can think of this a field of higher-dimensional patterning that will interface with the crystalline grid – and through resonant contact, help remodel the patterning in the crystalline grid to support the quantum patterns for the restructuring of form life on the planet including the human blueprint. You are each awakening to the reality of your “Divine Origin” and understanding your earthly sojourn as one of many by your soul as you move the planet through the evolution of consciousness through the field of duality to the expression of unity consciousness in form. This process is overseen by many elements of spiritual expression – and can be understood as a Metatronic light field. You can think of this field as a crystalline field of light that holds perfected patterning – and sings to the crystalline energy of the earth to calibrate the vibration of the earth to a higher field of light potential. This is modelled well in the cymatic play of form energy as it responds to the field of sonic power, creating beautiful patterns of organized form through the influence of sound energy. A “new song” is being sung to your planet and it singing each of you forward into new fields of light and potential. The purpose of this transmission is to more deeply attune to the Ascension Grid and receive a transmission to support its influence upon your Merkaba field of quantum light!

SBWC Transmission II – 7: Unity with the Mother & The Diamond Mother Template

15 Apr 2021

The purpose of this transmission is to more deeply attune to the Diamond Mother Crystalline Grid – and Crystalline Matrix entered through Mount Ida, Arkansas – a planetary node.

The Earth is on the precipice of a new “quantum reality” – one in which the principle of ascended living weaves into the psyche of humanity in a profound new way. The birth of new material creation takes place through the matrix of the divine mother – the force of life that births, nurtures and sustains the development of new creation. As above, so below. In this transmission, we journey into the heart of Divine Mother and develop an expanded unity with the new life being born through each one of us, and the whole of Earthly life, in a myriad of ways in these days of Ascension.


SBWC Transmission II – 8: Unity with the Heart of the Christos

12 May 2021

The purpose of this transmission is to more deeply attune to the Heart of Christ Consciousness

As we explore the concept of an ascended civilization, we become aware that the higher teachings of the Christos are not simply a religious teaching or profound wisdom – they represent a profound personal integration of light, love, wisdom, mercy and compassion. In this transmission, we will journey into the heart of the Christos and explore what awaits us as we learn to embody the healed wholeness of our divine potential and the Grand Plan of Ascension.

SBWC Transmission II – 9: Unity with Divine Service through Presence 

10 June 2021

The purpose of this 9th transmission (SBWC II Series) is to integrate more deeply the Diamond Light Body. This is an integration that empowers “Energy Presence” that allows us to anchor new light and consciousness through our form bodies.

The journey through ascension in many ways is at first a journey of healing – one of healing into wholeness. As we travel this path we realize there are many others who travel before us, others beside us, and still others behind us. All is in divine order – but as we progress on the path there awakens an awareness of our brotherhood and sisterhood with all of humanity – and our role as our “brothers and sisters keeper”. This arises with an awareness that our role of service to awakening humanity is unique for each one of us – aligned with the attributes of our unique soul. In this transmission, we will unite with the light of illumination to support our personal vision and self-understanding in our role of service, and the forces of angelic light consciousness – to support each one of us in a journey of courage and grace.

SBWC Transmission II – 10: Unity with Soul Seed Incarnation 

15 July 2021

The purpose of this 10th transmission, in the cycle of Unity Teachings, is to reinforce the connection between the consciousness of your current incarnation with your Seed Incarnation on the Planet Earth.

Each of you has lived many lifetimes on this planet which are woven into the matrix of your quantum DNA memory. Before you journeyed through the energyof an evolving Gaia, you were coded with the core knowledge of the unity of all creation. Through the soul’s journey through time, you have manifest elements of this core teaching in physical reality, without the greater awareness of the truth of this structure that is held in your soul. Yet, the memory lay dormant in your Quantum DNA, for you were seeded with this understanding before the earthly sojourn began.

As you move through the Ascension – this pulses in your quantum structure to rekindle an awakening – or more precisely a memory – of the “seed information” printed in your DNA – making conscious memory of your origin in the One Divine Reality.

SBWC Transmission II – 11: Unity with The Light of Transfiguration

12 August 2021

The purpose of this 11th transmission, in the Unity Teaching Series, is to immerse yourself in the transformation light of transfiguration.

As the light of your Higher Self and Creator flow through the axis of your Quantum DNA or 24th chromosome – it floods light on the quantum contents with your DNA matrix and strengthens the connection between the body and the Higher Self Continuum. This light pours the fragrance and higher-level vibration that manifests healing through the realms of energy into the physical body in flesh.

SBWC Transmission II – 12: Unity in Ascension

16 Sep 2021

The purpose of this 12th transmission in the Unity Series is to consolidate the energetic changes experienced through the journey of the Unity Teaching and Transmission Series II.

The Sirian Beings works with each person uniquely in this event to observe, support and enhance the transformations catalyzed in the ascension journey sequence. This will provide the perfect quantum energy field to nurture each one of you in your becoming aligned with the light of truth and loves that dwells within your quantum being – a being that is becoming increasingly manifest in the world of form. This provides the foundation light in which you truly manifest the purpose for which you are here at this time in Great Shift and the Ascension.

Sirian Blue White Collective Transmission III

Oct 2021 – Sep 2022

Weaving The Diamond Light 

SBWC Transmission III – 1: Ancestral Healing – Unwinding the Veil of the Mother Line

21 Oct 2021

The purpose of this transmission is to release ancestral patterns of energy carried through our personal maternal lineage.

As children, our soul incarnates precisely in a family with a chosen mother – for the strengths and challenges of the experience that will unfold in the quantum potentials of this choice. Every mother is the child of a long lineage of mothers and fathers – who carry the energy of sequential family lines before them. This carries both noble attributes of living and the challenging energy of the earthly experience. As we step into the ascension energies – it is time to release the influence of not only our own Akashic story – but the lines of energy held in this trajectory that can restrict or influence our fuller awakening and potential. This transmission will explore the meaning of this teaching and provide a meditative transmission to release ancestral patterns carried through our maternal lineage.

SBWC Transmission III – 2: Ancestral Healing – Unwinding the Veil of the Father Line

18 Nov 2021

The purpose of this transmission is to release ancestral patterns of energy carried throughour personal paternal lineage.

As children, our soul incarnates precisely in a family with a chosen father – for the strengthsand challenges of the experience that will unfold in the quantum potentials of this choice.Every father is the child of a long lineage of mothers and fathers – who carry the energy ofsequential family lines before them. This carries both noble attributes of living and thechallenging energy of the earthly experience. As we step into the ascension energies – it istime to release the influence of not only our own Akashic story – but the lines of energy heldin this trajectory that can restrict or influence our fuller awakening and potential. Thistransmission will explore the meaning of this teaching and provide a meditative transmissionto release ancestral patterns carried through our paternal lineage.

SBWC Transmission III – 3: Ancestral Healing – Unwinding the Veil of the Soul’s Akashic Experience

16 Dec 2021

The purpose of this transmission is to release ancestral patterns of energy carried through our personal akashic lineage.

Our soul has a long “history” of incarnation through which we have lived many experiences that can influence the energy of this moment in “time”. The energy of these experiences is carried purposefully in our quantum memory – for it guides and influences us in ways that allow a progressive acquisition of memory that serves us in future incarnations. Along the journey, there is a free will component that allows us to make choices and learn about the nature of these choices – to keep our pathway aligned to a higher light and wisdom. This has been referred to as karma. At this moment in the collective evolution of humanity – the value of these energies diminishes and needs to be “cleared” to provide a necessary reset. This in essence removes the emotional overlay and energy of influence – and provides a great observership and wisdom/understanding that is direct in its influence. You can think of this as a Gift of Grace – one that allows a greater and more direct alignment with the higher overlighting light of your soul’s Higher Self and I Am Presence. As we step into the ascension energies – it is time to release the influence of not only our own Akashic story – but the lines of energy held in this trajectory that can restrict or influence our fuller awakening and potential. This transmission will explore the meaning of this teaching and provide a meditative transmission to release ancestral patterns carried through our soul’s extended lineage.

SBWC Transmission III – 4: Retrieval Series:  Illuminating Deep Self Awareness for Personal Guidance

20 Jan 2022

This SBWC transmission is a guided Shamanic Journey with the purpose to journey deeply through consciousness – to find fuller union with light of the Higher Self.

Through this process we learn to see “rightly” in our self perception. This opens us to an honest and love based self examination and an open minded self awareness. This allows us to review the relationship we hold within ourselves and the way we relate to the world around us. It also deepens our ability to hear and trust the internal guidance we may receive – to align us individually with our soul destiny.

SBWC Transmission III – 5: Retrieval Series:  Illuminating True Self Worth

17 Feb 2022

This SBWC transmission is a guided Shamanic Journey with the purpose to journey deeply through consciousness – to find fuller union with light of the Higher Self. The purpose of this transmission is to correct distortions in humanity’s perception of self worth.

Through the journeys of the ages, the Soul has learned to obscure it’s luminance in the world of form – through betrayal, judgement, false teachings, oppression, manipulation, hatred and fear . It is time for each one of us each to embody the luminous potential we each carry and remove the obscurations. it is time for the cloak of unworthiness to be lifted so we may know true peace, true power and the potential to manifest an all encompassing faith and love.

SBWC Transmission III – 6: Retrieval Series:  Illuminating YOUR Spiritual Path

17 Mar 2022

The purpose of this transmission is to illuminate YOUR unique path as we move more powerfully into the days of Ascension.

As you move forward in your Ascension Journey, you have a path that is unique and personal to you. This path will be a reflection of your Soul’s Essence and aligned with the purpose of your Higher Self Configuration. The path is not set in stone – it is a living journey of revelation and embodiment. You will be guided, inspired and led toward a larger “goal” that is over-lighted by your Higher Self Being. This transmission is to empower this communication so you may more clearly follow this inner compass and the magic synchronicity that unfolds from listening to our inner wisdom.

SBWC Transmission III – 7: Crystalline Embodiment Series:  Pineal Empowerment

14 Apr 2022

The purpose of the transmission is to empower the function of the pineal apparatus on a multidimensional level – to enhance communication, revelation and higher intuitive function.

“When thy eye is single, thy whole body will be filled with light.” 

 The Pineal gland is modelled on the form of a pine cone which is an array of energy that aligns with Golden Mean Geometry. As the pineal gland “opens, expands or activates” – the energy seeded in the pine form opens – bridging crystalline communication across many dimensions of energy. 

At this time in the Ascension journey – it is time to support this natural evolution so that thes oul and the human mind operate in greater unity and purpose. In this transmission, knowledge related to this process will be explored and the transmission will support this natural unfoldment in all attendees. 

SBWC Transmission III – 8: Crystalline Embodiment Series:  Deep Etheric Clearing

5 May 2022

The purpose of this transmission is to provide Energetic support to clear the etheric body of densely impacting energies that restrict vibrational acceleration.

The etheric body is composed of invisible or “etheric” energy – and like a living blueprint, holds the living form upon which the human body is constructed. This body also channels energy through a vast network of nadis and meridians to provide energy that is essential to vital components of human anatomy and physiologic function. It is also essential to circulate energies that require integration into – or – elimination from the system. As the human body learns to operate in higher vibrational energies – the quality of energy in the etheric body must be “upgraded”. We will work together in this transmission to provide a pulse of energy specifically natured to transmute etheric energies that are congealed or crystallized in a way that impedes healing, balance and optimal function. This will help prepare the body to receive energies that are integrating at this time in the Ascension Experience.

SBWC Transmission III – 9: Crystalline Embodiment Series:  Recalibration of the Mental & Emotional Body for New Human Expression

16 June 2022

The purpose of this transmission is to provide Energetic support that may assist in the clearing of dense emotional energies held with the emotional body of every human being. It is also to provide a surge of energy to support the decrystallization of mental body energies that hold the old patterns of mental structure in place, patterns which may be limiting to the forward movement of the Soul’s intention.

It is a challenging experience for many reasons to move through the ascension paradigm where one is transported from a “concrete but transient” frame of reality into a whole new paradigm of thought and potential. Each person has a unique history and experience – however, a common thread is the limitations held in the framework of this history by mental and emotional energy patterns. To move forward with greater ease and grace, there is “a release” required, to help liberate the potency of the emotional and mental energies held in one’s system, which tend to hold the past in form. In this transmission, you will be supported in weaving energy through the energy bodies you carry – to facilitate a transition into the freedom and wisdom of New Human Consciousness. 

SBWC Transmission III – 10: Crystalline Embodiment Series:  Catalyzing the 24th Chromosome

14 July 2022

The purpose of this transmission is to enhance the quantum activation of the 24th chromosome. 

The 24th chromosome is a non-physical aspect of your DNA systems that are connected to your soul and Higher Self continuum – forming the blueprint for your soul to incarnate in the Earth cycle at different points of time – as “incarnations”. The light and information in the 24th chromosome are enhanced now as the Earth and Solar system move more deeply into the photon stream. This is beginning to powerfully activate the multidimensional nature of reality which is increasingly perceived and experienced by awakening human beings. In this transmission, we will work together to “catalyze” the 24th Chromosome beyond healing – toward New Human Evolution. 

SBWC Transmission III – 11: Crystalline Embodiment Series:  Restranding the DNA

14 Aug 2022

The purpose of this transmission is to deepen one’s conscious understanding and calibration with the Quantum DNA Matrix holding each and every human on the planet and the galactic metamorphosis that is fueling this moment of evolutionary change.

As a follow-up to the July transmission, the transmission will further catalyze the DNA. We will work to restrand communication links in the Quantum DNA field to bridge conscious connection with aspects of the multidimensional self to facilitate the “becoming” alive in the New Energy Paradigm.

SBWC Transmission III – 12: New Human Genesis  

8 Sep 2022

The purpose of this transmission will be to harmonize fully with the process of New Human Genesis.  

These are simple but powerful words.  An integral process is taking place that is changing the energetic and consciousness essence of being human.  Occurring first internally, it will eventually manifest externally – and we term this process New Human Genesis.  In essence, it defines a process of human transformation from Homo Sapien to Homo Universalis, that is occurring through the process of Human Ascension.  You are an integral part of the story in your experience as a transforming Star Seed.  


Sirian Blue White Collective Transmission IV

Oct 2022 – Sep 2023

New Human Journeys

SBWC Transmission IV – 1: The Original Template   

6 Oct 2022

The purpose of this transmission is to calibrate one’s energy system with the Original Divine Blueprint.


There are a group of souls who first came to Earth through the Lemurian Civilization. Some souls were descendent children of the Original Pleiadian Mother’s.  Others were born as offspring of these children.  In this original seeding there was a Universal Pattern that was integrated in the DNA of Humanity.  We can refer to this pattern as The Original Template.  The energies configured in the template for each soul were in many ways unique – yet the geometrical pattern is consistent.  With subsequent lifetimes of experience the instructions in this template have “weakened” by design.  It is time to catalyze the Template and “ring it alive” to resonate with the Ascending Human Energy System.   Together we will make a New Human Journey into the original template!


SBWC Transmission IV – 2: The Galactic I AM 

10 Nov 2022

The purpose of this transmission is to attune to the frequency of the Galactic I AM emanation. 

In the beginning was the word – the Universal OM – which vibrates and sustains the energetic matrix for life to exist in manifest form.  This vibratory foundation, a song of the creator, is necessary to hold the universe in manifestation.  Within the foundation of the OM, a new “song” is arriving on the planet. In a magical way, it carries the frequencies of stimulation driving the Ascension Process on all levels of planetary creation.   This vibratory radiation emanates from the level of the Galactic I AM – producing and Energetic impulse for the catalytic shifts and crystalline transformation on the planet Earth.    In this transmission we will journey into the quantum energy of this emanation and attune to Divine impulse it is sending forward at this time!



SBWC Transmission IV – 3: STAR SEEDS – Unique Quantum Programs in the 24th Chromosome 

15 Dec 2022 

The purpose of this transmission is to attune to the Soul Frequency governed by your Star Seed history.

Every soul has spent lifetimes on many planets and participated in many aspect of creation.  Each soul has a unique history, purpose and potential.  Much of this potential is coded by attributes developed in the star fields of primary experience.  This often produces an awareness of the soul in its alignment with other Star Civilization.  In this transmission journey – we will attune to the crystalline geometrical coding embedded in this process. 



SBWC Transmission IV – 4: GIFTS OF GRACE – Tailored Activations of the 24th Chromosome 

19 Jan 2023 

The purpose of this transmission is to facilitate the integration of attuned energies in the Star Seed Activation in the last transmission.

In this transmission we will work together to bring the attunements and gifts we touched in the star seed journey and weave them deeply into the 24thchromosome for integration.  This will facilitate a more facile and profound manifestation as this energy over lights and guides our manifest realities.




SBWC Transmission IV – 5: Christ Consciousness Merging 

16 Feb 2023 

The purpose of this transmission is to attune to the Christ Consciousness Master Grid in a new and powerful way.

The story of Jesus is profound and only truly understood at the mystical level of reality, where the higher nature of Christ Consciousness provides an overlay for spiritual development toward a heart-centred life full of wisdom and compassion.   As the Earth moves forward in its crystalline ascension – the energy, frequency and vibration of the Christ Consciousness field move closer to reality.   The Earth is at a point in its Ascension – where this attunement is more powerful and possible than previously available for most of humanity.   This transmission will provide a very special attunement journey into the Christ Consciousness “Grid.”



SBWC Transmission IV – 6: Transcending thru Forgiveness

16 Mar 2023

The purpose of this transmission is to understand the fundamental process of authentic forgiveness to find full release from lower vibrational strata that keep us bound to the old matrix of energy. 

Forgiveness is not simply a noble act of understanding another’s limitation or hurtful behavior.  Nor is it simply something that can be held apart from one’s own experience or behavior.  Forgiveness rises when we allow ourselves to understand our 3D reality from the perspective of an awakened soul who chooses freedom over ego attributes that keep us bound in perception to lower vibrational choices.   We will explore forgiveness in its deepest meaning.  The transmission will take us collectively on a journey toward the deepest release of core energy that limits our Ascension journey.

SBWC Transmission IV – 7: The Peace that Passes Understanding 

20 Apr 2023

The purpose of this transmission is to encounter and learn to embody the Peace of Transcendence. 

Peace is a fleeting ideal to the majority of humanity but a way of life to the awakened soul.  The aim of this transmission is discover the pathway to peace that allows one to life in its effulgent tranquility and joy, and create a luminous field of peace that brings healing to world.


18 MAY 2023

The purpose of this transmission is encountering Compassion not simply as a concept but a living energy and consciousness that provides the highest healing balm to the wounds of humanity.

In this transmission we will explore compassion.  We will unfold its deeper power and significance, allowing one to align their mind and thoughts toward the practice of deep compassion.  In the meditation journey we will encounter first hand the quantum field of compassion that is deeply embedded in the crystalline fabric of the planet and pulsing a living field to support humanity through these challenging days of Ascension Transformation. 


15 JUNE 2023

The purpose of this transmission is to grow in wisdom around a key tool of New Energy – Intention.

Human beings have learned to rely on willpower to create and invoke change and transformation. As you step into the Energy of the New Times – a human being becomes more integrated into the quantum and crystalline levels of energy that stand behind life and creation. This provides an added power to intentionality – but to work with this expansion requires a little understanding. The most powerful intentions one can hold are those that are governed by the overlight of the Soul and Higher Self.

When one learns first to listen to the authentic voice of the inner self through intuition and insight and energizes intention – it is as if the whole universe conspires to support the forward evolution of the moment at hand. The teaching session will focus on developing this knowledge and applied wisdom. In the mediation, through the quantum support given, we will catalyze this internal alignment energetically.


20 JULY 2023

The purpose of this transmission is to expand the energy of the heart chakra with an integrative expansion of the crystalline field of the Heart Chakra

The cornerstone of living on the New Earth will be the ability of each person to live more deeply and more fully in the energy of the heart center.  To accommodate this transition there is a transition in common knowledge of “learning to open the heart chakra” or “to live in the heart center”.  There is even more to the story than this.

As humanity evolves to live collectively in the New Energy – the Heart is the compass, the guiding force and the generator of creation.  Everything must filter through the heart and be empowered by its energy to be generated and sustained in creation.  There are accompanying changes in the human energy system that will make this possible – and we have termed this “Expanding the Crystalline Heart”. 

The teaching session will focus on this understanding.  In the meditation we will journey together to catalyze as deeply and powerfully as possible your Crystalline Heart Center!


The purpose of this transmission is to receive further upgrades to the pineal function – to allow the free flow of inspire insight from higher vibrational octaves of consciousness and energy to your energy system.

Intermittently in the transmissions, the SBWC provide upgrade transmissions to enhance the Pineal Function.  The importance of this transmission, following the Crystalline Heart expansion, is not only to activate the pineal gland – but weave the activation between the head and the heart as they learn to operate in higher function.   This promises to be a deep and power recalibration supporting each of on the Ascension Journey.


The purpose of this transmission is to take a quantum journey to catalyze the alignment between the Human  Energy Bodies or “Vehicle” and the Higher Self Light and Consciousness.

This is wonderful concluding transmission to round out the 4th Cycle – New Human Journeys:  Meditative Journeys in the Quantum DNA Field.  The New Human is a deeply integrated human being that lives in the heart and is guided fully and functionally by the over lighting wisdom and consciousness of the Higher Self Construct.  This allows us to live our “unique mission” while remaining aligned with the highest spiritual values of the collective Christ Consciousness path. This mediation will be profound as we collective immerse ourselves in the inner light of this integration.

Sirian Blue White Collective Transmission V

Oct 2023 – Sep 2024

The Quantum Merge

SBWC Transmission V – 1: THE GOLDEN EGG

The purpose of this transmission is to help create the quantum field of energy around your human energy system to nurture the integration and development that will take place through this full cycle of transmissions.

The main purpose and intention of this first transmission and the whole yearly cycle of transitions iS to integrate higher vibrational aspects of the soul’s diamond-light body and the potential it creates.  You may think of this a major “renovation” process – and hence it requires ongoing adjustment in your energy system.  In simple terms – your energy system is being upgraded and restructured to carry a greater element of your innate spiritual system.

In such endeavours, it is helpful to create an environment to nurture the process and to nurture you while you undergo this quantum adjustment.  In this transmission, we will work with each of you to create “a golden egg” of quantum light that will scaffold and nurture the development to take place through the annual cycle of transmissions.


The purpose of this transmission is develop the energy within your etheric system. 

As you integrate higher aspects of the diamond light structure – the foundation that holds this energy in your physical body and the work of form is impacted.  You can think of this as enhancing a foundation of etheric energy.  This is to allow it to function in an optimized way as you “carry” higher and higher vibrational elements of energy and expression.  The etheric body is both structural – forming an energy framework,; and functional, anchoring energetic composition and the flow of elemental and quantum forces.  It is dynamic biofield that is to become a solid anchor for increase flow of diamond light in the new crystalline system. 


The purpose of this transmission is to further activate and enhance the soul star chakra

This chakra, sometimes termed Chakra #8 is positioned above you crown chakra.  It can be understood to represent the gateway or portal through which an incarnate human being has “access” to higher dimensional consciousness, or reality. From one perspective – it is a gate that veils this access as a soul is focused on the earthly experience of an incarnation.  Yet, as you are aware – this is changing in the post Ascension timeline and crystalline integration.  As the energy of this center expands – it is like you are experiencing the opening of a portal through which you gain greater access to both energy of higher vibrational realms and an expanded consciousness of your soul and Higher Self expression. 


The purpose of this transmission is to work on the crystalline enhancement of the Earth Star Chakra.

This chakra is positioned below your feet and services as the crystalline anchor point of your energy system into the crystalline grid of Gaia as you hold incarnation in form.  As you move forward in this deeper crystalline integration, you connect to the earth and the sacred elemental forces is also expanding.  You are experiencing an integration connection and communication with this crystalline nature of the powerful elemental energies – as they support you in integrating the energy that is the Ascension Shift.  You can think of these energies as nurturing and nourishing.  The relationship you hold with Sacred Elements is profound.  Your understanding of this will grow in our teaching time together – and you energetic integration will take a light year leap forward as we work together in the transmission.   


This is the first transmission in Cycle V of a journey through the traditional 7 chakra domains – the root chakra.  The purpose of this transmission is to prepare and support the chakra development in an evolutionary movement forward.  It is not simply a series of  chakra clearing or charging – it is a crystalline enhancement of the chakra – to support it is future development. 

The essence of the human energy is transforming through the transition that is the Ascension Process.  As you integrate the diamond light crystalline body and begin to flow the greater crystalline expression of energy of the New Earth – your human energy system is changing.  There are “integrations” that are staged with wisdom and embryonic development as you grow in the new expression that is the New Human.

In our transmissions we will present this is way that is linear – on a journey through the chakra system over the next series of months.  Yet understand, as the energy is “adjusted” at each vibrational level or chakra, the is a holographic adjustment taking place through you whole chakra system.   At each level we will present some of the more interesting changes occurring that are unique to each aspect of the energy system.   Allow yourselves to sink deeply not only into the concept of this understanding – but the deepest recesses of energy experience that will transform the meaning of these words into experience. 


Core Ascension Teachings:

$22 per session – $99 whole year



Unity Teachings:

$22 per session – $222 whole year 


Weaving the Diamond Light:

$29 per session – $222 whole year



Human Journeys:

$29 per session – $348 Annual


Full List:



$29 per session –

Sirian Blue White Collective Meditations:

These meditations are live recorded at live events for Unity Field Healing Events and made available to everyone to receive the transmission directly through the recorded meditations.

SBWC Quantum DNA Expansion Meditation 

21 Oct  2019

This meditation was recorded at a UFH Discovery Seminar in Vancouver BC.  It is an open meditation to received a powerful expansion of your Quantum DNA Axis!  

SBWC Meditation for Healers

26 OCT 2019

 This meditation was an empowerment meditation given to a group of UFH Practitioners.  It is open to all healers who work for the betterment of humanity through healing work!

SBWC Quantum Meditation for Immune Balance

26 may 2020

This unique and special meditation was created at the end of May 2020 as the world is beginning to emerge gently from a period of intense social isolation. I was guided to create it by the Sirian Collective (SBWC) – called a Quantum Meditation for Immune Balance.   I was surprised at first – for it is the first time the SBWC initiated a transmission in the form of a meditation to promote a specific element of health – the human immune system! It is no surprise though – as we reflect on the state of things on the planet and the pandemic – as we slowly prepare to re-engage with the world in physical ways.

The video is a 35-minute engagement. It includes a short 12-minute introduction that discusses the current state of the pandemic and also some esoteric reflections on what it is creating as an opportunity for humanity. This time will prove to be a powerful catalyst for change – through a period of self-reflection and catalytic change.

This is followed by a 25-minute meditation that is intended to work through our quantum axis to enhance our health and immune balance. For reasons discussed in the introduction, this is important to all of us, so our body can have not only maximum vitality but also the balance required for the optimal function of our immunity! Through support of the SBWC, the meditation delivers an energy process that is personally tailored to enhance and calibrate your personal energy system and your immune balance. If you have enjoyed the early Sirian Transmissions – you will immediately recognize the profound love and light vibration they bring, each and every time they meet us to support us in the ascension journey. Like in the transmissions – this meditation is guided through a process where elements of energy are shown to me, guiding the process that is described in the journey of the meditation. In the process, your etheric body and your multidimensional bodies of energy are first vitalized – and then a beautiful field of golden light is instilled into our heart center and through the axis of our bony skeleton and bone marrow – where the cells of our immune system are produced!

SBWC Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

21 Dec 2020

The Sirian Blue White Collective (SBWC) suggested we hold a special event on Dec 21 to honor the transition into unencumbered Aquarian Energies.  Marked by the Winter/Summer Solstice, the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, the Indigenous prophecies and ceremonies in Uluru Australia, and the deep “Crystalline Integration” forcast by the SBWC for 2021 – this event was a celebration!  

Click on the button line to enjoy the free recorded online replay including a 90 presentation followed by a very power meditation transmission, complete with a channeling from the SBWC. It is time to celebrate this very special Cosmic Moment of Convergence.  

Recorded as a livestream event on YouTube – you can still enjoy this very special event in the live recording – and participate in the “quanum space” of meditation beyond time and space.  The presentation begins at Minute 6:00. (The event went live a few minutes before we started.) The meditation begins at 1 hour 50 minutes.  The channelled message begins at 2 hour 20 minutes.



ALL EVENTS: Here you will find the links to registration: CLICK HERE


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