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APRIL 2019

Sirian Blue White Collective – Channelled Message to UFH Healing Practitioner’s:

It is with great joy we connect to provide this message to the magnificent group of souls who have taken upon the honor to serving humanity through UFH attunements and practice.  We introduce ourselves today to you as the  Sirian Blue White Collective

We are members of what you would term an ascended civilization of beings.  We have worked very closely with humanity over the years in many ways – particularly through participation in the DNA quantum matrix.  We are what you might terms masters of light, geometry and sound – and work with quantum DNA construction, development and recalibration.  We work particularly close with our brethren civilizations during times of upshift – or Ascension – when DNA is be remodeled to more aptly serve in the new multidimensional reality which will be your new foundation.  We stand in support, honor, gratitude and love.  We understand profoundly the challenge of your path at this time in your evolution.  You are each so dearly loved and supported – and you will feel us very near to you as you walk you path and support others in this time of monumental change.

Human’s work with Quantum DNA is just beginning. 
You are truly at the forefront of an awakening process that is galactic in scope.  You have decided to participate CONSCIOUSLY in this development which is a magnificent fact in its own right.  However, you will more fully appreciate in scope and understanding at a future point in your time the majesty of this service.  Humanity’s work with Quantum DNA will evolve in many way in the years ahead – and you will one day look back in time and realize how profound your actions to date have really been. You have followed a calling of your heart, and learned to listen to your intuition and inner guidance system to anchor this potential in the world of form. 
For that we are deeply grateful. 

We will work closely with each and every one of you in your healing work as a UFH Practitioner.  We will also work with you in your personal journey, and your progress as a healer.  Each time we work with you in a session, you are attuning to what you may consider as a “higher vibrational reality”.  We will support you in reaching and maintaining this as we work with you.  You see, you are truly stepping “out of time” and into a “quantum level of reality” each time to do your healing work.  In your work as a healer you will provide healing grace to so many people, but you too will be positively affected by your time at this augmented vibration.  Your own healing and ascension development will be enhanced each time you enter into this healing space.  

Over the months and years ahead, we will also bring you new information and levels of understanding as you are able to integrate each step in what you are learning and putting into practice.  The information around UFH and the Quantum nature of DNA and reality will evolve; hence, your knowledge of DNA re-calibration, as well as the power of your work and sessions will also expand with time.  Experientially, you will feel these subtle changes as you put yourself forward to help others through your presence and healing work – in all forms it may take.  Our beloved “ambassador” – Dr. John – will work to keep you up to date as he receives new information and levels of understanding of the UFH process and potential.

For those of you who are performing sessions, now that we are acquainted, you will feel us present more “consciously” in your work with UFH; and, you will feel the energy and healing power of the sessions amplify in the weeks, months and years ahead.  You may also begin to “see” or “know” we are with you in a supportive way.   
It is also understood that many souls who are drawn to the attunements of a UFH practitioner will not working directly in “healing sessions”.  This too is very much by design – and, although you are not “practicing in sessions” –  you have chosen well by the guidance of your soul. The energy you are integrating will be anchored on the planet, and provide ” a healing presence” in often unspoken ways. 
Many souls have chosen to attune to these new levels of energy and consciousness to wear as a mantle of energy that supports other in healing and transformation by “resonance”.  It if for this reason that many practitioners will not do “sessions” but will “carry” the energy and attunements that will support them and those around them in less overt ways. 
Take time however, in your meditation to attune to us – and you will also feels us with you in energy and loving support of all that you are doing and becoming! 

Our introduction and partnership at this time can be understood as possible due a shifting in the grids of energy of the planet.  As the energy grids are “set” and “amplified” we are are able to strengthen the energy that is incorporated in the healing work of humanity.  There is an evolution of energy that follows a natural development in times of ascension.. You see, you have recently crossed a powerful threshold where we are able to work with you much more “consciously” and therefore “powerfully” in what you do.  Keep planting the seeds of light and transformation that will continue to nurture and blossom into a new time.

It is by YOUR soul’s akashic design and connection to us that you have come to learn and engage in this work. 
When we speak of unity and working collectively – these words are chosen precisely.  We a session is performed it draws on the system – one that includes not only the light beings from our side of the veil but also the quantum connection of all practitioners in human form.   As the practice is more and more strongly imprinted on the crystalline grids, its healing power and potential will therefore expand in every session that is performed by all UFH practitioners.  Equally, the healing potential of any session is equally as powerful – irrespective of the experience of the practitioner.  It is true when we tell you – you are dearly loved and so supported.

We are honored and delighted to begin to work in this way, through the wonderful world of Unity Field Healing. 

Through the light of the eternal sun, we are …
The Sirian Blue White Collective

26 SEP 2019

SIrian Blue White Collective
Inaugural Transmission – Channeled Message



Dear ones we welcome you to this inaugural transmission as the Sirian Blue White Collective.  We remind you that you too are a being light. And, although you are manifest in human form, you too are from the stars. 
There is a consciousness you carry in the vessel of your body which is capable of manifesting great change.  As you reconnect with the power of this consciousness and energy, you will remember more and more fully who you are and where you come from.  You see, we are all children of the one creator, through a lineage of light that manifests in expanding worlds and expanding forms.  

You may think of us as an ascended civilization.  You may think of us in the linage of your family of light.  Yet, in truth, we are as close as your next breath. Our love for you is so grand and so vast, it would reach to the end of universe.  It embraces you and holds you, dearly, at this and every moment in time.  

We come forward to teach, and to heal, and to help you remember your power.  As the Sirian Blue White Collective, we use this name as a “stamp of consciousness” – so you can identify the vibration from which we come.  Your connection to us is personal, and you can speak to us through consciousness.  We do not come forward as an “act of disempowerment”.  We come more as loving elders, and we look upon you with the grace and affection that mother would gaze upon her own child.  We love you in your becoming, for we see your magnificence in a way that is novel to you, and you do not yet fully understand.  However, that is rapidly changing.  It is changing, for you are awakening.  You may ask – awakening to what? Well we tell you, you are awakening to the memory of your own divine origins. 

You see, you carry within the quantum field of your DNA a solar magnificence.  And, we use the word solar precisely – for it is the energy, light and consciousness of your soul and higher self nature.  Although you incarnate time and time again – and you take on the genetic shell of many different beings – the DNA of your soul and the quantum element of your spiritual nature is with you each and every time you incarnate in human form.  You carry this information as a cloak of information that encases the DNA in your body today.

You may ask the question, “What is changing?”  We tell you simply it is indeed your DNA.  It is however not the physical DNA that is changing.  It is this field of information that enrobes the DNA molecule.  It is awakening.  It is activating.  It is being catalyzed and being renewed.  You see there are calibrations that are being made so that you may remember your multidimensionality and spiritual ability.

To awaken in a multidimensional way is not simply to remember an array of lifetimes.  As one awakens once does become of aware of many incarnational experiences.  However, this awakening is far vaster in scope.  It connects you to the wisdom, the knowledge and the power you carry through your human experiences, as well as your cosmic or galactic experiences, and your soul’s endowment as a spiritual being. You see dear ones, you have come to the earth at this time, to enlighten.  Enlightenment enhances your quantum DNA.

These words have now been spoken in many ways.  Yet, this too we will shall tell you, tonight.  The strength or power of this enlightenment is being catalyzed as we speak.  The energy that is available to you now is a 1000 x more powerful than at any time in your conscious or remembered past.

A new energy is arriving, and a new energetic foundation is being built on your planet.  You term it the ascension.  Yet, be aware, you are not going through this process alone.  You are ascending with your planet and it influences the galaxy.  Yes, the energy of the planet is changing too.  And because the energy is changing, it is supporting you in your transformation.  And as you transform, you further facilitate the changes in the earth.  It is symbiotic relationship.   As wisdom has taught, the earth, in essence, is your mother – and your consciousness is a derivative of the stars.

You carry in your being the capacity for unbelievable manifestation and change.  The planet is evolving into a space where the creativity of the new paradigm will begin to infuse or seep into your conscious awareness.  As this occurs, solutions to things that seemed at once so mystical or impossible, or perhaps reserved for a selective few of you, or perhaps previously impossible to change – will become common place.  For dear ones you see, it is your warranted inheritance.  Cloaked information in the crystalline grids is being released. So much on your planet is about to evolve forward in profound ways – and one element of this transformation is allowing you DNA to change.

Yes we say “allow”.  The human spirit is so industrious, so creative and innovative, one imagines that one is charge of doing things in isolation.  But, you see, you are part of much greater system of consciousness and you do not do this alone.  You do it, with support, as a family – a human family and a galactic family.  You are part of a family of light.  In that family, we are here to support you.

Because of the plane of consciousness from which we speak and see you, we are capable of understanding things that are, at this time, a little bit beyond your conceptual understanding.  Yet, because of this, we are capable of assisting you in ways in ways you can not yet fully understand.  However, you do not need to understand to be open to this support.  You must simply be willing and open – and this intention shines from your heart.  The human experience is one of free will.  It is for this reason, that the experience of your transformation is under your own dominion.  You must permit our assistance, and in this there is honor.

You soul is very wise.  It is wise in ways that are difficult to comprehend in the limitation of your mind.  You have a guiding system that is so profound, and it is your intuition that guides you most profoundly.  One day, you will laugh at yourself, in the most loving of ways, when you see the nature of the limitations you hold, as a human being.  Yet, you are beginning to understand.

Yes, you are capable of healing.  You are capable of vast and immense creativity.  You hold an incredible spiritual power to transform and ascend in your experience of “reality”.  There are so many things that will come into being in the next span of time, that could only be understood today as miraculous.    However, they are miraculous simply from the absence of a greater understanding the nature of creation.  As your mind evolves and your cognitive capacity is enhanced, these things will be revealed. 

The earth is in a grand transition and she has accelerated enormously in the last 12 months of time. It is for this reason we come to you now in clearer consciousness, and to you in this transmission.  Can you fully comprehend that this is indeed a meeting of humanity and the stars?

Humanity has long looked to the sky and said, “When will we meet civilization from other planets and other places?”  You see tonight, or in the future as one attunes to this transmission, this is precisely what is occurring.  Now, it is not in the form of a “spaceship” visitation.  It is in a transmission of consciousness.  For we exist in place where we do not hold form in way you understand in 3D space.   We have light form, but it is fluid.  We are in consciousness as much as we are in form.    You are learning this is the nature of your being too.  You are just beginning – and it is remarkable that we can meet in this way at this time.

Please be patent and kind with yourself as you make this transition into the new energy.  Receive it a day at a time.  Do not be in a hurry.   Be in a space of constant expansion.  Allow it to unfold the way nature herself operates– like the blossom of a follower or a development of a tree.

Understand now that so much is happening, while you may see very little on the surface.  For at this point of time so much of the transformation is internal or what you call quantum.  Things must restructure in this “organizational space” before they can manifest in form.  Yet, the day is now upon us – when much of this inner transformation will begin to manifest in very tangible and physical ways.  In the year ahead, that nature of healing will awaken more powerfully and clearly than it has in the past.  The fruits of your labors will be more remarkable and more evident.  Things which you have know and dreamed of as possible will begin to manifest in more coherent concrete ways.

You will begin to see the power of your meditations, the power of your healing sessions for others and the power of sessions performed for yourself enhanced.  You will notice that that outcome of your intentions is quicker to manifest.  You will believe in the power you carry within you more profoundly than you already do, for you will begin to bear greater witness to its potential as the energy continues to rise.

You are at the forefront of great wave of consciousness.  You may look at yourself in the way you understand your human life to be, and think I am “just me”.  We are here to tell you it is remarkable, what you have accomplished. For we see in quantum reality.  Yet, perhaps what you will find remarkable is that which lay ahead.  So many may of you have worked with fervor and dedication with highs and lows with faith and belief.  There is a tenacity of light that lives with in you and it is growing day by day.  The fruits of this labor of love are soon to blossom.  And we are delighted to play a role in your becoming!

There is no going back at this time.  You are part of a magnificent future.  You are part of a grand adventure into the land of “an ascended civilization”.  If you could see yourself the way we see you, you would understand the magnificence upon which we gaze.  You are a being of light.  You carry the force of divine creation within you.

As we look upon you – please feel the love, the admiration and the faith we have in you.  Take a moment in this space to feel the love, to feel the energy around you.  Register in conscious awareness how you feel at this moment in time.  Allow it to “reset you”.  Allow it to serve as an anchor of memory.  As you go forward and return to the world and your families you will reconnect with this vibration just by remembering this moment and experience.

There is more to come.  There is more to teach and so much to discover.  We look forward to joining you in our upcoming messages and transmissions of light of light and consciousness.  However today, this is a time of honor, for we celebrate YOU – one and all – as you step forward in conscious awareness of your expanding role in the ascending transformation of humanity and our beloved Gaia. 


We love you beyond measure.
We are the Sirian Blue White Collective.
Through the light of the eternal sun, we are one.

2020 Vision – A Clear View of Healing Emerges 

Sirian Blue White Collective

2020 Predictions Channel – Sedona Journal of Emergence Jan 2020

Greetings to all!   

We come to you as the Sirian Blue White Collective.  We speak to you fondly – as the crystalline awakening that is occurring on your planet, dear ones, activates new levels of insight and ability.   

2020 will be a powerful year of anchoring new potential.  You will begin to bear witness to a vastly greater manifestation in the realm of human healing – through a progressing ascension.  This will be seen clearly by all of you who have listened so astutely to the call to Awaken.  In this light, 2020 will be a year of miraculous unfoldment, and this feels long overdue to many of you!  You have toiled in the energies of an awakening planet.  We say you to now, lift your chin and be encouraged!  You are on the threshold of a magnificent manifestation of new power and potential – through the power of your collective dreams.   

The process of ascension, and the return to a much “fuller state of divine expression”, can appear to be a slow and arduous process.  It can be disheartening when things seem to slow down or fall apart in your minds.  The resistance to the forward momentum of light and integration can appear stronger than first imagined – yet it is important to maintain faith and trust in the alchemy of the divine.  Understand that the stirring of light that rises within you – and within the planet – are about to merge in a profound way.  You will see first hand the fruits of your spiritual labor and your heart of grace. 

You see, dear ones, you are the forefront of a massive change in both energy and consciousness.  As pioneers once again – you understand the attributes of a soul who moves forward against all adversity and the unknown.  Your courage and tenacity have brought you to this threshold.  It is a time to honor all that you have so far accomplished!  Yet, without resting on your laurels, it is time to align yourself with a fresh inspiration, to witness the magic that lies before in the days soon to come.    

A power is rising as you move into right relationship with the earth, with yourself, and with your fellow humanity.  This is a power that will begin to build and bear witness to a future that has long lay dormant in your heart and in your genes – for the time is at hand.  This power comes through the earth in response to your spiritual integration.  As you awaken and integrate knowledge, and as you undergo energetic adjustments to allow an expansion of your spiritual horizon –  the earth responds to you – for you are one. 

The Earth too, has been simultaneously undergoing a massive realignment.  Now, already established is a newly aligned magnetic grid.  Since 2012 there has also been a stirring, and an expansion, of the crystalline grids.  This has been occurring to prepare humanity to anchor a multidimensional matrix of energy, one that will stir intuitive realizations and spontaneous insights – while inspiring a new creativity that will be nourished by the energy that rises through its weave.   You are remembering who you are, and that is magnificent. 

In 2016, the foundational “Mother Diamond Template” was activated.  It has now been stabilized in the matrix of your reality.  You may see it as the “quantum structure” upon which humanity will build the New Earth.  As you pass through the year 2019 and enter into 2020, you will feel that this structural and functional support is present and active in a whole new way.  You will embody a new “level” of ascension integration.  New planes of energy are opening up which will make the manifestation of humanity’s dreams of healing a lot easier to access and create! The earth is now poised to be more actively “on line” to quote your modern language.   

In practical terms, each of you will be feeling and knowing – more directly and more powerfully than ever before – that you are part of much great system of being; one that includes your dear Gaia and your Star Heritage!  This system is now online to ready to empower your healing and transformation initiatives, and we move through the days and months ahead!  Known by many names, you will feel this transformative energy as a wind in the sail of your highest hopes and aspirations.  As the energy comes online – you will feel this new power surging in your body and your mind.  Things that have seemed elusive in the domain of healing, and in personal evolution into the new potential of creation, will manifest much more readily. You will find that conscious transformation has been profoundly enhanced! 

We speak mostly to you of healing and DNA evolution, for that is the forte of our dear ambassador – Dr. John.  You see, your consciousness is changing.  You are quickly becoming aware of your multidimensional nature and your communicative interface with the sacred energies of the earth, as well as your divine aspect.  Your DNA is poised to become more and more responsive to your healing intentions, and energy processes.  The interference to this achievement is weakening, as you grow in vibrational strength.  Your coherence is becoming greatly enhanced – particularly in times of meditative alignment and conscious presence.  These changes will make it much more straightforward for you to manifest healing intentions.  Some will call these miracles!  You will discover with the grin of your inner child – how magical you are becoming in your dreams to evoke transformative change. 

For those of you who have begun to work with the Quantum elements of you DNA, you will see that 2020 also creates a pathway of expanding wisdom and understanding.   We have brought to you much information about the nature of quantum DNA and how coherence in the quantum field is the cornerstone of “Quantum Healing”.  For this reason, for those of you who work in the spectrum of quantum healing processes, you will discover that those with whom your share your gifts are more open and responsive to your sessions.  You will see this true in your personal efforts too.  Do not be surprised if conditions that were once very challenging to recalibrate show remarkable results – in fact expect it will be so! 

To truly appreciate the power of quantum healing, you must understand that healing is a restorative process.  Beyond the 3D level of your DNA and the genes you carry – there is a quantum field of information that is interactive with your reality.  On one level, the way you habitually think and feel provides “instructive” information to this field – to allow you to create a reality experience that mirrors your beliefs and attitudes toward yourself and your participation in a greater reality.  There is also the influence of what we term akashic memory.  You can experience a “bleed over” phenomenon where the memories you carry as a reincarnating soul are also affecting your overall quantum expression.   However, and yet most importantly – you hold a Higher Self consciousness that can resound new information and a greater level of vibrational coherence into the quantum field of your DNA and your being!  It is this new awakening power that will catalyze some of the most profound, unexpected and miraculous changes that humanity has seen in thousands of years.   So, we ask you – are YOU ready?  

The agent in charge of all of these processes is your Quantum Higher Self.  This aspect of you is your divinity.  It does not reside within the DNA – it encases the quantum field of the DNA structure.  It can send information and intentionality directly into the field of information that governs your quantum DNA expression.  Since the Higher Self is not encumbered by the energetic memories and patterning it produces – it can “reset” energy in such a way that DNA receives a whole new operating program.  You can view this as a mechanism by which spontaneous healing of the physical, mental and emotional aspect of a human being occurs.  The trickle down of this process will lead to many healings for you to witness and experience.  2020 will be seen as a year when so much of what you have been working towards will begin to materialize as vibrantly in your physical world of reality as it appears in your greatest dreams.   

Humanity is on the precipice of a greater collective awakening; an awakening that will manifest some of the sweeping cultural and societal changes that have been spoken about in esoteric circles for many years.  You will – individually and collectively – truly begin to see the pathway forward.  This is true both in your own life, and for humanity as a collective whole.  2020 is a year of clear vision.  The winds of change are upon you, the waters of divine purification flow through you, and the fire of transformation catalyzes the most remarkable evolution.  Plant your feet firmly on the earth and raise your head to the stars.  Feel the cosmic interplay that takes place within your being, reminding you that you are a galactic being of unlimited potential, so worthy and capable of embodying the Creator’s love.   

Let this love flow through your body and your being until anything that limits your magnificent Self expression of divine grace and healing is washed away.  2020 holds the power of an alchemical year of true manifestation of healing on all levels on your being.  Let it clear your vision – until you see and know without reserve – the magnificent divinity that loves through you! 

In the light of the eternal sun, we hold you in our embrace, for we are one. 

14 NOV 2019

SIrian Blue White Collective
2nd Transmission – Activation of Diamond Light Codes Part 1 – Channeled Message


This channelled message was received in the setting of a guided meditation and Ascension Transmission, with the Sirian Blue White Collective.  The transmission held the intention to activate Diamond Light Codes within the quantum DNA field.  These codes can be understood to represent access points to new elements of consciousness and energy that will support each one of us move forward in an “enhanced way” as we progress into the time of planetary and human ascension.  We are in a time when we each poised to take on a new “cloak of power”, one that will support us in holding the fuller elements of a “New Human”.  We entered into this channelled message after a meditative “setting of energy” in which we were guided through a powerful energetic process that first set the stage for a personal DNA activation, and then culminated in a “crystalline grid activation and integration” creating a communion between the group of participants and an activated crystalline grid of light that forms part of the New Earth Quantum Structure.  This is well described in the recorded meditative journey which you can listen to fully in the video (click here). The narrative below is a transcription of only the channelled message segment of the full transmission which followed these activation.  If you are simply reading the message, you can attune to the larger energy field created in the meditation by attuning to it your conscious awareness. You simply “ask” or allow this to occur. You will feel a field of energy that joins you during your reading.  You can also follow the “breathing” guidance that, unusually, was a part of the channelled message segment.  This was used in a guided way to help participants receive and anchor the energy and support that was delivered during the live transmission – for it was felt very strongly and this was to support the energetic reception into the physical body and 3D plane.  Namaste…

And so, we say to you, oh dear being, welcome to this space of divine transformation.  We sit collectively together.  You know us as the Sirian Blue White Collective, and yes we are a collective, but not simply unto ourselves.  We are one with you.  We form an alliance – one of light and power.  We are here, at this time, to help you remember your power.  For you see, in the days to come, it is the connection of your sacred being, in all this implies – with your beloved earth – that will hold you safely and assuredly through the transformation that is now well at hand. 

Each one of you carries quite unique gifts and abilities.  You are each a healer in your own right, but healing is vast concept of understanding. It is not as simple as healing the physical body.  That, of course, is one aspect of healing with which you are very familiar – and skilled.  Healing, however, in a bigger sense is a reunion.  It implies a reunion – of you – with your own sacred knowledge and source energy.  You carry within you a consciousness that is key to your understanding in your current evolution.  As you remember your spiritual origin, you will continue to re-assemble elements of awareness in your life in a way that honors the peace, the balance, the beauty and the vibrant well being that is your birthright, and sacred trust. 

Take a deep breath into your body, for you see the energy is intense.  As you feel it, you must allow your body to acclimatize – to both the energy and the changes it brings to you in its wings.  Breath in, and breath out.  Allow yourself to sink in to the energy and relax into it as much as you can.  Gently breath in and breath out, in a conscious way.  Understand with each breath you are drawing energy into your biological system.  The field of energy in which you are now sitting is very amplified.  As you breathe into your body, this energy will circulate in your physical body, and touch the cells of your body in a profound and healing way.  Allow the light to move through the soft tissues of your physical body, and your energy bodies.  It is catalyzing your energy system.  The energy and the light sink now deeply into your physical body>  As you continue to breath, you can feel it moving through your blood and your lungs.  You feel it move deeply into your bones, the marrow of your bones.  All the cells in your body – soft and strong – are being touched by this magical energy that we are co-creating as a collective.

Allow yourself to receive what is possible through this attunement.  Open yourself just to receive the grace of this light.  There is nothing your need to do, nor to be.  Just allow.  Allow it to sink deeply into your being.  For you see, your body is being prepared to receive newer, higher and greater quotients of light.  With each acceleration, your body will adapt.  We are creating together a foundation – it is foundation of light that will hold you and support you.  It will allow you receive, within the axis of you own spiritual communion, the information, the intuition, the awareness, the light and the power to bring great transformation and healing, great peace and wellbeing into the reality of your human experience.  For you see, this is your true destiny, and this indeed is who you are.

As we hold collectively this space, in what you would term a multidimensional way, we are going to “make some sounds”.  These sounds are purposed to support you energetically and accelerate your energy.  Perhaps we should use the term vibration vs sound – but to us they are audible. Yet, you won’t hear these sounds with your physical ears.  However, if you tune into the space of your internal energy, you will recognize the energy that is being catalyzed by this experience.   Just allow yourself now to receive.

You can imagine that we are creating together new lines of light to empower your axis of energy and your potential.  This will prepare you to receive not only energy, not only healing, but also information and understanding.  You see there I so much we have to teach, to share and to experience in a co-creative fashion, but you must each be prepared physically and energetically to rise to these new heights.  You are preparing your energy system to participate in this communion.   As the light codes of your own DNA axis are catalyzed, you are preparing yourself to participate, in a new way, in the grand plan of ascension.

In the days and months ahead there is much information we will share.  As your energy system adapts to this rising vibration, you will see that at moments in time you will receive greater understanding of so things that were previously elusive or mysterious to you.  This may be things in your life on a very personal level, and also about what is happening now on the planet earth.

You, dear ones, are at the forefront of a change in consciousness.  This shift of consciousness goes hand in hand with what is happening on the planet.  We are “reweaving” with you – the communication between the earth and the greater galactic civilization.   As we have said you may see us as your older brothers and sisters, or grandparents.  We have worked long with the civilization of humanity in its early phases of development – preparing for this time in the great galactic cycle.

It is a magnificent time to be alive.  It is truly magnificent that you are living it in a conscious and open way.  It is this openness of sprit, the adventurous troubadour you know in your heart, that brings you to this place of awakening. Because of the consciousness you hold, and the openness you embody, you are poised to receive and to play a more conscious role In the unfolding of an emerging humanity. 

It is for this reason we say to you, we love you so dearly.  We hold you in our arms, and we shower with the vibrations of pure love.  We shall return and we shall reunite once again in the future, but for now we will allow you to relax and experience the energy of your transforming nature.  Be patient and know that in time all will be revealed – as your energy transforms to support you in your destiny.

We love you beyond measure. 
We are the Sirian Blue White Collective. 
Through the light of the eternal sun, we are one.

12 DEC 2020 

Sirian Blue White Collective

3rd Transmission – Activation of Diamond Light Codes Part 2- Channeled Message

This channelled message was received in the setting of a guided meditation and Ascension Transmission, with the Sirian Blue White Collective.  The transmission held the intention to activate Diamond Light Codes within the quantum DNA field. It follows an earlier Diamond Light Code Transmission (Part 1) in Nov 2019 and enhances the earlier experience. These codes can be understood to represent access points to new elements of consciousness and energy that will support each one of us move forward in an “enhanced way” as we progress into the time of planetary and human ascension.  We are in a time when we each poised to take on a new “cloak of power”, one that will support us in holding the fuller elements of a “New Human”.  We entered into this channelled message after a meditative “setting of energy” in which we were guided through the development of unified field of energy that formed a large quantum crystalline toroid field around the present and future group participants – and then we saw the Sirian Collective form its own Quantum Toroid Field which descend to merge with our field – creating a coherent field of “light communion”.  This catalyzes energy transfer as a mechanism of transmission in this event – VERY POWERFUL !!



Extracted from the – Sirian Transmission  12 Dec 2019
Activation of Diamond Light Codes – Part 2

We come to you to say, beloved Beings of light, how beautiful you are.  It is with such joy that we witness your remembering.  For, you see you have journeyed far to be here on the earth.  And, through a span of time, vaster than your imagination, you have been part of the dream of an awakened humanity. 

On the threshold of 2020, there is new energy arriving on your planet.  We have told you the earth has crossed a threshold of energy, and, because of this there will be a great catalysis of change.  This is by divine design.  It is from a place of great love this all of this happens; and in your soul’s consciousness you know this already to be true.  The time is at hand for you to begin to receive new elements of energy, new elements of consciousness, new words, and new understanding.  This is to help you step in the power, the potential, and the majesty of the new times.

The energy of your DNA axis can be seen as “a channel” that connects each of you individually, to the divinity you carry within you as an aspect of the creator.  It is through this matrix of this Quantum DNA energy that your soul has the opportunity to live and to experience life in the three-dimensional realm.  Through it, there is an interface of energy between you soul and your body, akin to a system of wi-fi in modern day. It is an energy that communicates to you.  It supports you at all times.  Your communication through this channel of energy and information is expanding now for each one of you.  This is the purpose of the Diamond Code Activation that are now yours to claim.

As this happens, you will experience many new things.  We will share a little today to help you navigate the transition you are making.  

As you integrate higher vibrational energy, such as the experience of Diamond Code Activations, at first it may feel as though you are crossing a chasm of consciousness – for you are entering into a multidimensional frame of reality.  This experience can be a little unsettling, is akin to the “dark night of the soul” in a spiritual awakening, but it is short lived.  For the axis creates a bridge – between your physical world and the consciousness you hold in your body – with the divine light of your soul.   Each flux of light must be integrated.

In this higher octave of energy now developing on the Earth, each one of you is becoming more aware of your “multidimensional nature”.  Each one of you understands that your current incarnation is but one in a long chain of incarnations that has brought you to the threshold of this destiny on the earth today.

As you merge with this light, and the consciousness that you carry in the axis of your own quantum nature – the light you begin to carry in your body will continue to expand and empower you.  As you open yourself to this experience, understand it is quite a natural process – but can be challenging.  It is not something you have to work hard to do or achieve.  It something you must simply allow.  We say this to you for your understanding. 

In this space of permission, during our time together, we come to you to support you.  The earth, you see, is changing to support your forward evolution and as certain thresholds are reached you are able to make major forward adjustments also.  This is such a time.  It is a dance of energy that will bring you step by step to a profound wisdom. 

In our assistance, please understand it is not really something we “do to you” or for you.  We come forward and invite you to join us in the field of energy that is co-created for our time together – and you may allow yourself  to touch this energy in personal way.  It is through your “resonance” with the energy we share together – that one allows an expansion to occur. 

That is the mechanism and the nature of the gift we bring at this time during this transmission.  You can think of our presence as a catalyst.  Our presence with you can catalyze your transformation in ways that move beyond words. Yet the transformation is entirely personal to your own soul’s journey in time and will always be a pure reflection of you own expanding potential.  

This is a time on the planet when you will develop so many attributes that are both unusual and new, and that is grand!  We know many of you are drawn to the healing arts because you carry this consciousness deeply in your akash, and you have manifested a healing power in so many ways and so many alternate life times, through the journey of time.    

As you awaken, you will stir the many memories of your sojourns on the planet and the many gifts you have known from the earliest days of time on the Earth.  During this time of very rapid transformation, as you touch upon the elements of you own personal memories through your multidimensional awakening – you will also sense or feel at times, patterns of consciousness that are related to these prior incarnations.  You all have many powerful prints of memory that have shown you the “danger” of awakening on a lower consciousness planet.  Often you have suffered hardship and loss, even loss of your life, by allowing the light in you to emerge. 

We share this to prepare you for this time, for you will see that this integration will create a reaction within you.  You will feel this as a shield of protection arise within you, one that will keep you from shining too brightly in your light.  For you do know that, historically speaking, this can create a danger. But we say to you today, the time is at hand for you to shine!  Be not afraid.  It is indeed the time for each and every one of you to shine more brightly.  You must understand that it is a new day on the planet and the wisdom of self protection does not serve you in the ways of the past – for the memories exist in a time frame that is very different from you ascending status on the Earth.

As you integrate this light into the fabric or your physical body, it will support you in bringing peace, healing, balance, inspiration and new possibility into the matrix of your 3D reality.  If you are simply aware of this, you will be able to support yourself in moving through these veils of protective limitation and this will serve you well.  For you see on the other side of this release are many gifts for you to awaken!

We honor you deeply for you are at the forefront of a wave of consciousness transformation – and we know how challenging this movement can be!  We say this to you over and over in our messages to you – not to expand an ego sense of self but to provide you with a sense of greater wisdom and to acknowledge the courage of your soul.  What you are doing has its challenges but it is truly the reason you were born at this time on the planet!

Hence, it is of great value to understand there is a system of support around you and within you, to help walk you through these times of unprecedented change.  As you encounter your  personal challenges or your inner resistance there is a grand force of light within you and around you supporting you every step of the way.  In your personal experience – times of fear, or anxiety, restlessness or concern, worry, shame, doubt, fearfulness in different ways – we invite you return to the center of you being.  For you see, all these experiences are transient, while you, my dear, are eternal.  In the light of your central being you will see through the illusions of all these experiences and restore a sense of harmony and balance in your body.  Although this sounds simple, you will see for yourself it is a direct path to process the energy of challenge during these times of change.

In our meditative journey today, we are bringing you toward the experience of coherence in this message.  For as you open the channel in you and activate the diamond light codes in your greater quantum being, you are learning to step into coherence with a higher field of information and light. During our time of conscious union, our energy together creates the opportunity to experience a new “field of resonance” as you encountered visually in the meditation today.  

As we share a field of toroidal energy from our collective mind – and you join collectively in yours – we merge our fields together in communion.  To understand what transpires, you may think of the striking of a tuning fork that makes another tuning fork sing –  when you draw this energy into your collective experience, it strikes a “sound of light an energy” that supports you in receiving these higher attunements.

As you step in to the power of these higher attunements, it supports you in manifesting the energy and the consciousness which they contain in your transition.  Today we share “a quantum mechanism” of support we are using to assist you.  This is but one which we will use in our time together – to transmit an energy that will help you achieve great changes in your understanding of yourself and the nature of reality, and awaken your many gifts of healing and service to mankind.

So, you may look forward to these changes with great anticipation.  However, we say also to you, please also be patient and be kind with yourself and those around you.  You see, as your body adapts to these new frequencies of energy, it must adjust and accommodate to the energy being delivered to you.  Your body is “your temple”.  It the place in which the spirit in you dwells. As this spirit comes more powerfully, day by day into your physical framework.

Remember to nurture your body by the embrace of the divine.  The cosmic mother holds her arms around you collectively and individually all at the same time.  And, as your earth in transformation is being moved or birthed into a new reality – this energy is with you at all times.  

Close your eyes and remember.
Close your eyes and know.

You will see in these moments as you do this … you will return in your physical body, your mind and your emotions to a balanced coherent state of presence. 
As the coherence in your system grows stronger and stronger it creates if you will, a force field of light.  It is this light that nourishes your transformation.  In this space of coherence, you are able to access new healing, communication and transformation.

We have much to share with you in the days ahead and we look forward to our times of conscious communion in this way in the future. It brings us such joy to us to be collectively with you and to see you remember – and the connection you have with us “as one family” re-establishes itself in the awareness of your mind.

Be still and know. 
Be still and know. 
Be still … and know. 
I am one with the light. 

We love you beyond measure. 
We are the Sirian Blue White Collective. 
Through the light of the eternal sun, we are one.

16 JAN 2020

SIrian Blue White Collective
4th Transmission – Journey to the Temple of Ascension – Channeled Message


This channelled message was received in the setting of a SBWC Ascension Transmission and is included in the above full recording of the transmission and channel.  The transmission holds the intention to bring each participant on a meditative journey to the Sirian Temple of Ascension to receive and energy attunement.  This is to support you in holding the fuller elements of a “New Human” on the “New Grid” – a grid which has been established now at this time in the Ascension process – and upon which we are now firmly footed!  It is a remarkably powerful experience, and the message is so supportive in explaining how to navigate the waters through the next phase of ascension.  Feedback from participants was so rich and powerful —


Extracted from the – Sirian Transmission  16 Jan 2020
Journey to the Temple of Ascension

In the coherence we have created together, we come to you to say:

Oh dear beings of light.  It is with such joy that we witness your radiance.  You see you are rekindling your connection to the stars.  So, while your feet are firmly planted on the earth – you are now finding your connection with the new grid – the New Earth and the new template – as the energy of the old system begins to dissolve away.  You are well into your transition.

You are truly pioneers of an emerging consciousness.  You hold this honor due to the majesty of your soul and your experience – and how you bring this life during these times of transition.  You have journeyed many times to the earth, and you have lived through many incarnational experiences.  Through this journey, you have learned so much!  You have gained great wisdom.  You have felt the density of fear and its many faces.  And you have learned to walk through fear by the power of light and consciousness you carry.

But this is a time of illumination.  It is a return of the “solar” energy and an empowerment of the “solar presence” in your body – within in the world of form.  Your body is learning to receive these energies in a way that allows you to carry a higher frequency in your body.  As you do this, your body will respond in kind. 

Understand, to do this, is not with out its own challenges.  For, your body must accommodate the energy you are learning to embody, through the shift.  For this reason, we ask you to be patient and kind with yourself.  For you see, your soul in its infinite wisdom, will know exactly the process, the rate and the potential for you individually and uniquely.

However, you do have a job to do – a task.  It is not a task of “activity”.  It is a task of permission.  For you see, to carry the energy you must first allow, and then adjust – to be able to integrate and carry the higher energy.  As you become acclimatized to the shifting energy, you are able to integrate new levels of energy – so you understand it is “journey” of ascension.  It is as if there is a ladder, and rungs on the ladder – and you find yourself going through cyclic changes one step at a time.  Almost all of you have been going through this already, and it is for this reason you have arrived at this point in time.  Yet this is a special time the shift for we have arrived at a new landing – and you are finding a more stable alignment to the crystalline grid that will support the arrival of many element of the new consciousness and emerging reality.  This stability will become your new home.

The last number of months, for many of you, have felt like you are climbing a mountain.   It is as if you are walking up a large hill, understanding there is a destination, and yet feeling the weight of all that you carry, and the challenge of walking against gravity!

In parallel, in the energy of these days you are arriving at a summit.  You will feel in these days forthcoming you are able to rest and recover – and a renewal of stability in your energy system and psychological experiences.  It is time to allow your body time to receive and to integrate the energy of the shifting planet.  For you see, your feet are now firmly planted on the grid of the new becoming. Though these words may seem a little mysterious in ways, we know you understand the meaning of these words.  For you know that your feet are now firmly planted on the “New Earth”.   We are here to celebrate this arrival and to support you in the next phase of your journey.

In the upcoming time, you will bear more and more witness to the dissolution of element of the old grid system.  This can be unsettling and we want you to understand the process, and the time in which you are  living.  We do this, so you are not afraid or intimidated by the elements of change as you walk into the new world.  Understand than in many way it will seem as if little is changing – for you are living a transition that is more gradual and highly supportive or your overall success.  Like waves on a shore – there will be new energies introduced and old energies that are washed away.  Yet there will be moments of experience when you realize an investment in the old system untethers and simply lets go.  Be not afraid.

You will always feel the support you need from what we will term – an “alignment within your internal space”.  You are integrating a higher octave of energy from your soul into your body – a transition that makes possible the ascension of which we speak.  As you stand in the power of this alignment and the strength of this union – you will bear witness to the world around you as it continues to change.  Although it is challenging in the energy as you shift from one vibrational reality to the next – you will discover the developing ease in which you will find yourself present – without the reflexive patterns of reacting the ways of old.  You will be a witness and full of compassion and understanding of all that is transpiring. Understand dear ones, peace is your birthright, and peace is your new home.

Allow yourself to be firmly planted in this awareness, in this place of peace, Allow any tendency to worry, react, judge, feel shame, guilt, pride, arrogance – allow it to dissolve into the peacefulness of your communion with the higher presence.  You are each receiving a gift, and it is a gift you truly deserve.  Be still and remember and you will feel a reset immediately take place.

As you hold this energy in this time of transition, you will understand that those around you may look to you for balance, for comfort and for wisdom.  There is no need to preach, but demonstrate by the majesty of you own souls presence the power you carry in you.  This will kindle the energy in those around you.  You will understand that being in this way on the planet at this time is the most important task at hand.  All else is secondary to the magic of this presence.

Understand that everything that happens around you now is a transient passage of experience and it is time for many things to change or move on.  Do not be alarmed or upset as you witness the changes that need to occur to allow you and humanity to move forward into the New Energy and the New Times.  The transition does not need to be chaotic.  You simply need to reinforce your own energy system to be able to bridge the change.    In this we are with you. 

And, It is for this reason we come to join you in these transmission in these times.  In so many ways beyond your imagination, you are not alone.  We chuckle as we say, “you could not be alone if your tried.”  There is so much love and universal support for the spirit of the warrior of light, and the soul full of light and integrity, full of love and kindness, the soul that is shining through your form into the world as we speak tonight.

We bow our heads proverbially, in honor and in respect, for we understand the tenacity you must hold to carry this experience.  You are doing a magnificent job.   As things begin to lighten in the days and years ahead, you will begin to feel a buoyancy, and a new sense of lightness of being.  In this space, you will see a new clarity of mind that begins to develop.  You will understand your engagement, your purpose.  You will understand how profoundly your intuition is guiding you and how the universe conspires through synchronicity, to bring fruition to the joys of your soul   And, as the field of energy is strengthened and enforced, this will only continue to grow. 

Be brave of heart.  Be light in spirit.  Nurture yourself with kindness and understanding.  Understand the days ahead are filled with magic beyond your wildest imaginations.  We joyfully look forward to sharing these experiences

As we join together through the light of the eternal sun, we remind you, we are one.

We are the Sirian Blue White Collective. 

We love you beyond measure. 

Through the light of the eternal sun, we are one.

13 FEB 2020 

Sirian Blue White Collective

5th Transmission – Star Mother Collective Transmission of Grace


In the 1 hour didactic presentation given before this transmission event, the Star Mothers instructed us to review some valuable information. Topics included the story of Lemuria and humanity, the Pleiadean role in humanity’s development (that has been so eloquently introduced through the teaching of Kryon and Lee Carroll), and the nodes and nulls that are now all “active” and “paired” in the crystalline grid.  It clarified for us that this is a process that will empower the potential that lies in the “Diamond Mother Template’ that was activated at the sixth nodes in Arkansas in June 2016. 

The mothers told us they come “more clearly into our consciousness” at this time of heightened transformation to let us each know we deeply we are loved and supported.  It is a love that is galactic and universal, and it is challenging for us to understand and accept it at first.  That is until we remember the code of light, and divine spark that is the birthright of each awakening human being – as we are birthed into a galactic and universal being – of conscious light.  This defines the process of integrated ascension. 

They reminded us that at each new event of “divine seeding” through the universe and our galaxy, there is a collective of mothers that birth, teach and give rise to the next fully-formed civilization.  Through this process, they seed a memory for future awakening when the time of ascension is at hand.  Thus, the capacity to awaken has its origins in the beginning,  by design.  We have been given the knowledge and the teachings to achieve this ascension of consciousness – largely by tapping into the seeding of knowledge at the beginning of humanity’s journey on the Earth in the days of Lemuria!  The earth has arrived at this time in our planetary evolution. 

As we entered into mediation – the mothers formed a powerful ring around the group – with the Pleiadean mothers closest to humanity.  The mothers formed concentric rings as the lineage of mothers,  through octaves of grandmothers, beaming with love and support.  This formed concentric waves of light that stand in successive ancestral layers through the creation of sequential star civilizations. 

As this happened, and the rings of mothers were more fully formed, a large “light DNA’ molecule began to form in the center of the circle of mothers – and they sang into the helix, which activated light codes within the DNA form.  See diagram below! It seemed as if the DNA represents a “master DNA form” – a light that stands in the center of humanity’s development on the Earth.  It provides a master plan for other DNA light forms to develop.  The pattern of light is the “Mother Template” of all “Souls DNA” for souls that are taking form in the next civilization.  You might imagine this light form gives birth to individuated light forms of DNA – one for every soul!  The master pattern sits in quantum entanglement with all “emerging” DNA shells that emerge from the Divine DNA.  These fractals of the mother/master DNA, form an individual’s soul DNA matrix with which holds deep and lasting resonance.  Many ‘DNA helices of light emerge from the same master light template – one for each new soul being born into form – hence, carrying their own fractal of the mother template.  Our mothers are indeed the portal through which this light enters into form.  This light fractal forms what we might refer to as the “DNA of the soul,” and in essence, forms the divinity that was birthed into humanity through our Star Mothers.

In Unity Field Healing – this the quantum or spiritual DNA, or the 24th chromosome, of which we speak.  It sits behind the terrestrial genetics we take on in each lifetime.  The unique light of each soul is constant from lifetime to lifetimes even though we incarnate to unique parents each lifetime and take on unique physical genetics.   It is the light that shines behind a 1000 faces and lifetimes for your soul.

The multigalactic collective of mothers sang through the master template – that stands behind the birth of humanity.  They sang through this helix, into the helix of our soul DNA or “24th chromosome” – and into our hearts, our bodies and our minds.  Simultaneously they sang this song of awakening to all of humanity.  It is truly profound.

If you would like to participate in the transmission – you can attune to the transmission through the recording.  I must apologize – for the primary recorded was not turned on to capture the recording – so the recording is from a secondary recorder that absorbed sound from the whole room.  The meditation was opened by a blessing – from Sheila Tillich and Patricia Vander Laan, who are hosts and ambassadors of the Lemurian Sisterhood, founded by my dear friend Dr. Amber Wolf. 


The sound quality of the transmission can be a little distracting – not unlike the challenge for our souls t find the harmony in the chaos of our current transformation LOL!!  I invite you, however, to sink into the experience past the noise and all the words – and feel the presence of the mothers with us.  Feel a deep peace, and the profound love, from our mystical and magical mothers – and let yourself be held in the embrace of the Mother’s collective great love – until it brings full peace, full healing and full power within your heart. 
As the Mothers spoke over and over:  You are not alone.  You could never be alone. You are so dearly loved!
For more information on the Lemuria Civilization and the Pleaidian Star Mothers there is wonderful book compiled by Monika Muranyi and Dr. Amber Wolf titled Women of Lemuria: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times. Here is a link to info;



Extracted from the – Sirian Transmission  13 Feb 2020
Star Mothers Collective Transmission of Grace


So, in this space of energy that we have so beautifully created together, we come to you to say:

Precious, precious children.  It is with awe and with love we join you.  Each one of you is truly a child of the universe.  And as you see yourself here, in form, it is so easy to forget your truer nature.  For you see yourself, by design, as a simple “human being”. 

But we tell you, from our heart to yours, you are children of the stars.  You carry within you, a DNA, through which the divinity you carry is revealed.  It is time you allow, the light with which you communicate, through your Quantum DNA, to come alive. This is a time of transformation.  You will see this message over and over again, in our teachings, in the words of everything that is given tonight, and in all of our gatherings. 

You see, this is not the first time we have “taught you”.  As you journey back in time, you will remember our days together on the planet.  For we too, were here, in form, and in those days, we taught you and we shared with you many, many things.  You are each beginning to remember some of this information as it filters through the akashic memory in your Soul’s DNA. 

As you move through this awakening you are beginning to remember your lessons – and this is magnificent.  They are emblazoned in your heart.  As the quantum axis of your DNA expands, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute; you are beginning to remember more and more fully the essential nature of truest yourself – and we choose our words wisely.  For you see, you carry a spark of divinity in your heart.  We say to you, knowing this … Be not afraid.

So much is changing around you.  So much is happening to move the world forward into a new kind of conscious civilization.  We understand, too, this is not “an easy” trajectory.  We know the challenges you face. However, we also know of your abilities and your strength.  So we are here to say to you, “You are not alone.  You could not be alone if you tried.”   And we know sometimes you do (laughter)!  You are dearly loved indeed!

We have been with you every step of the way since your first perception of the beginning of time, and even beyond.  We will stay with you until the “end of time” in this form of creation.  We are indeed, as close as your next breath.  And, we are here tonight to support you. 

You see, we are not here to disempower you.  We are here to remind you of the power you carry inside of yourself.   The words are sometimes used excessively and can lose meaning, but when we say to you, “You are divine children”, we speak the most fundamental truth.  Do not let the repetition of the phrase, dissuade you from understanding the power this conveys in you. 

You carry a light in you.  This light knows how to shine.  And, as it shines, it illuminates.  And as it illuminates, it reveals, and it heals.  And if we were to say nothing else to you, we would say to you it is a time of great revelation and change – triggered by the progressing illumination of the world through the soul light of humanity.  You are playing your part wonderfully indeed.

As you look around the matrix of energy that is your life and your worldly reality, you see that everything is changing.  And often, it can be difficult to see that it is changing “for the good”.  Yet it truly is.  For this reason, you need to know how profoundly you are supported, and loved, in this journey. 

You are not alone, You could not be alone, we say again.  You are dearly loved.

At times it may seem as if the world around is falling to pieces.  And, in some ways this is true.   But understand dear ones, it is only happening to mirror the majesty of the ascending human soul, for, it is time for the earth to move into a new frequency In this place, in this field of consciousness, things will change.  They must.  Where things are part of the old matrix that can not be sustained at this augment vibration, they must transform or cease to be.  It is the higher vibration of your very own future that is calling upon your heart.  You may feel as if this vibration is a magnet, drawing you forward and upward in your foundational tone of vibration.  

As you are raised up, the world is raised up with you.  There is no single saviour.  There is a collective group of human beings, who are attuned to the awakening times.  So, if there is a messiah among you, it is all of you, for each and every one of you carries this spark – the spark of the divine child.  There is this divine child that is awakening.  So you are being nourished, as a cosmic child. 

We bring you back, at the beginning of our mediation together, this evening – to this energy.  You can see there is a template and a pattern of light that has been newly empowered within you tonight. We sing light to support you through the memory with your soul’s matrix to where it all began.  We love you beyond measure, you see, and in this way, we can support you in your efforts and your journey to rekindle the light of your soul.  This has merged to nurture you, to empower you, to guide you, to counsel you.  Indeed, it is time.

In a galactic sense the times frames appear long. You see, as a cosmic -child you can imagine the timing of this great gestation!  It is not a process that occurs overnight.  It is a process that happens in a timely way over great spans of time.  Yet, you have known the seeds of this information for a long time; and so we pulse through the DNA a wind of energy to accelerate your development and to empower you to take on the mantle of change that is upon the earth. 

It is a call to action, the action alight with your soul.  As the energy pulses through your DNA, and into your body, and into your energy, we say to you:

We have loved you from the beginning.  We will love you always.  We see your future and it is bright. Feel the love we hold for you.  Allow it to penetrate your body.  Like the flow of a cascade of energy that flows down upon you, allow your body to absorb the energy available to you in this transmission.  You see, beyond this, the words carry little meaning.  For you can feel in your heart, and in your mind, this divine Grace.  We rejoice!  We stand in awe of your courage, your tenacity, your power and your willingness to love through the trials and tribulations you have known.

You are not alone.  You could not be alone.  We are always in your heart. 

AS the consciousness of the mothers begins to gently pull back, there is a beautiful wave of energy that flows upon the group.  As the energy of the mothers moves into a common field of energy, it begins to rescind and dissolve. 

And as they move away, they whisper in my ear: 

“Feel the silence.  Feel the peace. Feel the love.  Know so profoundly this feeling, so that you can return to it anytime you choose.  It is an anchor of consciousness.  It is always there, waiting for you, when you let go of anything that would disturb your precious heart and your wellbeing.  We love you always.  We always have.  We always will.”

And so it is.

19 MAR 2020

SIrian Blue White Collective
6th Transmission – Unification



This channel was received on Mar 19, 2020 – just as the phenomenon of COVID 19 was settling into Europe and North America.  This transmission was preceded by a transmission one month earlier – when the Star Mother’s participated in a transmission that activated the primary template of DNA which is transmitted from star civilization to star civilization at the inception of a new planetary civilization – one that would move through the journey of development and ascension.  This template was created at the beginning of humanity’s seeding of the earth back to the time of Lemuria, as souls were about “to born on the planet” through a process of quantum DNA integration. 

This event unknowingly became an extension of the Feb transmission – as a stream of light was woven through the quantum DNA (24th chromosome) of each attendee – drawing the energy of release and integration into “soul fragments” from other incarnations that are restrictively affecting our lives today on the planet.  It was a powerful meditation that opened a fuller channel of light and information to be able to integrate the soul’s power, balance and wisdom into our present lives to assist us – right on time – for these unprecedented changes on the planet!

The pre-given name of this transmission when it was scheduled months earlier – was Unification.  The name is particularly timely now on the planet.

The transmission followed a 90-minute presentation on information around the evolution of this information, and arrival and handling the pandemic on the planet.  The mediation took us on a journey into our DNA – tracing our DNA connection back to “The Sun” or the original light or Divine Life on the planet at the time of the beginning of humanity. 

Within each person’s DNA strand, there appeared an array of lifetimes.  In the meditative vision – there were areas within the light field that represented within the lifetime, where the light was dimmed or blocked.  It was clear to understand that these represented experiences where the flow of light was obstructed or restricted for one reason or another due to challenging earth-based experiences.  We were told beforehand – the meditation was intended to bring back soul fragments – where experiences occurred in alternate lifetimes that unconsciously affect the manifestation of the soul’s light and power in this incarnation. 

In the meditation, light was infused into the DNA quantum matrix through the point or chakra of our heart that is our heart chakra in this body.  Light was also shown descending from “The Sun” through which life emerged as an array of souls.  This latter step was intimately related to the DNA activation that was given through the star mothers last month.  The light deeply penetrated though the axis of each soul’s DNA clear and recalibrating the DNA connection and entering into the areas of dimmed or absent light in other incarnations -until it wove deeply into the cells and physical body, and the energy bodies of each attendant physical present in the meditation – at the time of the delivery or at any time in the future.  It was profound! 

This lifetime is then metaphorically enhanced by the greater flow of light – removing “karma” or planned obstructions to the flow of this light into our current quantum DNA structure.  This life is thus “surrendered” into the greater purpose of one’s soul.  The DNA axis forms an array of information or an axis of enhanced wisdom guiding toward an integrated presence – carrying a fuller charge of the divine attributes that are the birthright of every ascending soul. 

The hallmark of the transmission was to come to feel and to know the peace we carry in this higher vibration alignment – the peace that passes understanding and so important and timely in this time profound planetary change. 

The Sirians have been gently telling us they are here in this format to assist us since last autumn – knowing that the earth was on the threshold a major shift, one that is becoming more and more transparent as the system around us is challenged by current events. 

Stay centred, stay in peace, act with wisdom and grace – and stay aligned to the “Inner Truth” of the light you are within.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 19 MAR 2020

Dearest Beings of Light

You are now beginning to understand what we mean when we say to you, “You are a being of Light.”   It is true that your journey on the earth has been fraught with many adventures.  There have been many disappointments, sadness, tragedies and loss.  Yet your history is also been seeded with moments of great joy, wonderful adventures, times of harmony, and the opportunity to love.  And your history extends far beyond your memory into many lifetimes, most of which are veiled to your conscious memory at this time.  However, as many of you realize, the influence of this “akashic” history does influence your perception and experience of reality in this lifetime.

Within you, there is “soup” of consciousness, one that affects you in your current reality or lifetime.  These memories that you hold, were all created to guide you towards the light.  For you see, the light within you has always been present; and, it is your connection to the light, within you, that is your power – and the place from which you love. 

The dual nature of reality is no mystery to you – life on earth is riddled with sadness and joy, perceptions of success and of failure, experiences of every kind. Within your history are experiences that have led to patterns of perceptions that encourage you to block the flow of light that lives within you.  There is no judgement around this dear ones – it is by design.  However, the time has come to release the influence of these restrictions so you may once again begin to shine, as is written in your destiny.

You are reminded through the words of William Shakespeare, “All the world is a but stage and we are but the players”.  As you begin to understand the deeper significance of this statement – you are really beginning to understand that your life is the experience of a much vaster being of consciousness – your soul.  Your soul lives many lifetimes and experiences, yet truly, not one of the incarnations you have lived, including the one you live today, defines you.   

You are, in truth, so much vaster than that.  You have lived as a soul through many incarnations.  However, because of what is happening at this time on your precious planet, it is time “re-weave” the fragments of your soul. 

As you go through this process, this journey termed the ascension – you are beginning to understand the ascension is not a destination.  It is a rise of energy and consciousness that will allow you to rekindle your light, and to embody it while you are living in form.  As you take on the greater light of your soul, in your body, you too will change.  For in your body, you will become more than you ever imagined yourself to be.  Everything you need is contained in this light.  Everything. 

You see, this connection that you hold to the Creator is a direct communication to the Source from which you emanate, and from which your being is sustained.   As you call upon this light, as you invoke this light into your being, your body, you feel it strengthens you.  You will feel a vibration which at once is new, and yet so familiar, you would call it home.

There is a peace that exists within you that passes understanding.  It is found in your connection through your soul to the Creator light.  And, there is indeed a channel of energy that flows from this place into your body to support you in your presence. The more you allow this light into your being, the more natural it becomes.  It is in this light you rekindle your connection to the divine.

Within this energy is a healing balm.  You contain in this connection, a capacity to heal and restore your physical body, in any way that serves your presence on the planet.  As unorthodox as this idea may be, it is not unusual for you.  The reason it is not unusual to you is that it is recorded in the memory you hold in your quantum memory – from the beginning of your sojourn on the planet.

Each one of you is being catalyzed by the memory found in your soul’s arrival on the planet.  As you connect energetically with this inception, you understand that the divinity in your soul was birthed through a star mother, and generations of mothers that followed, to the planet – for humanity to exist and live upon the planet.  There is a lineage of light through which you emerge.  These words, those esoteric at the beginning are taking on greater and greater meaning.  For you understand within your own souls’ history, there is a story that will bring you back to a place where you knew these things as true. 

And so, as you will awaken, at times you will say, “I remember”.  This is true; for, in the beginning, you knew.  Through the journey of your memories, through the incarnations of your time, there have been many experiences that have been designed by you and have meaning and are purposeful to you.  Each soul has its own reasons for being.  And your story is intimately connected to the many facets of your purpose, and your souls’ reason to be.

As the energy flows expands through the axis of your DNA and Soul’s memory, many things occur. Many “quantum” releases take place loosening restrictions on your power and understanding, and new strands of communication are formed.  

Some of these events lead to changes – that are perceived as healing.  For you see, wherever there are restrictions to the flow of light, to the expression of energy and consciousness within your being, they are being untangled so that you may more fully express the energy of your nature.  These patterns are a force of restriction, whose time has come now, to be released.  Understand, they served an important purpose in the journey.  Yet you are at the threshold of a new way of being and these restrictions would hold you back.  So, they do begin to untangle and release – and faster if you so choose by your intention. 

However, it does not end there, that is just the beginning.  For, you also contain within you the memory of so many experiences that would support your presence in a way of wisdom.  You have lived through so many human experiences that you understand the truth of “The Way”.  Releasing these restrictive patterns in your akashic history is pivotal to your development at this time.

The spiritual teachers who have come to visit you have told you, “You must learn to be in the world, but not of the world.”  In other words, you must understand the earth existed in a level of reality and consciousness, that is less than the potential of humankind.  You were counselled to align to a truth that was not typically human – but rather the truth within your being that has access to a higher understanding of reality.

As your soul is awakened and tickled by the energy of awakening, you understand that it is possible to exist in this world in a different frame of consciousness.  But that means that you will not think in the same way.  What may seem foolish to the human being may seem infinitely sensible to the soul. 

As you integrate the energy of a higher way, you begin to understand all the truer wisdom teachings that have been given.  Turn the other cheek, for example, would mean:  To hurt another being because they have hurt you, is to exist at the same level of vibrational consciousness or reality.  To forgive, is to exist in a higher way.  The deeper meaning of all of the teachings will be revealed to you, as the energy of your eyes is unveiled to these things through the ascension.  For you see, the hallmark of this emerging reality is compassion.  Compassion flows from a higher-level understanding and soul power that is integrating now into the cells of you.  You must choose where you wish to dwell.

Every single human being has endured unbelievable suffering.  As much you are told this is an illusion from the greater sphere of wisdom in your soul, it is hard to understand this fact while incarnated in form.  It is illusory because it is all an experience your soul is living; however, it does not define the essence of your fuller nature of consciousness.  To see through experience to the truth of your being is your task at hand.  You see why it is so important to let go of perceptions that limit this potential, that hold you back.  These restrictions have encoded in the memories within your quantum DNA.

Now, why do we say these things to you?  You understand we have been telling you, “So much is about to change.”  We ask you to look at these words fearlessly.  Do you understand, that what is changing is precisely that for which change – the time has come. It is impossible to grow into the vibrations of an ascended reality and retain the fragments of consciousness that would keep you in old patterns of design.  These fragments are carried your DNA, in your memories, and they hold you back.  But you, my dear child, are ready to let them go. 

This is an unfurling of your wings so to speak.  And with this you will feel, entering into your body, a new power.  It isn’t new – it is just forgotten.  But it is no longer forgotten, and therefore it is reintegrated.  It is rewoven It is recalibrated.  This energy will sustain you. For it is in this energy, that the peace of your being becomes real. 

It is known by humanity that you can not create peace by remodelling your external reality.  Peace is created one being at a time.  Our beloved Ghandi, demonstrated this fact for you, in his courageous incarnation of wisdom and light.  As you look around at the field of changes taking place on the planet, we ask you to remember – your peace.  There is nothing that can take your peace. 

As you feel the energy of your soul integrating into your body, in this way, you will understand.  The peace that passes understanding is upon you.  It is your birthright.  It is your destiny.  It is the gift of the mother.  And the gestation of this light in your body is upon you. This, dear soul, is a thing of beauty.

So, as you look around you at a world in change, you understand who you are.  There are many things changing around you, things that you can not change.  However, there are many events around you that you can change simply by your love.  It is a time for compassion, for love, for wisdom to flood through you – all the time.  It would only be restricted by the limitations of your imagination.  This image is based on a history – whose time has come to release.  It is time to Unify, and that is why we are together today.

Sink into the energy of these words.  Sink into the power you carry through this connection.  You have lived through the phase of your “training wheels”.  It is time for you to manifest- more fully – the power of light and energy you carry within you. 

This dear child is an act of service; and equally, it is a recalibration to the truth.  You will see, as you practice this understanding, day by day, week by week, you will feel more fully alive.  You will feel more like your true self than you have ever known. 

It is in this space of becoming, that we are here to support you.  We are here always.  In a moment of need, you are never alone.  If you ask us, if you call upon us, we will be there to support you.  We cannot do for you what you must do for yourself, for that is the nature of the way.  However, we can help you, when you understand your own inspiration.

And through the power of your intuitive voice, that power of guidance you carry in you, you will be given everything you need – to rebalance, to harmonize, to heal, to thrive, to enlighten.

And so, we say to you,
through the light of the eternal sun,
together with you,
we are one. 

We love you beyond measure.  We love you eternally.  Your soul is magnificent.   The light you carry is profound. May your days on our beloved Gaia, be blessed and be rich in love.
And so it is.

23 APR 2020 

Sirian Blue White Collective

7th Transmission – Star Calibration



This channel was a remarkable event – for unexpectedly – together as a group of individuals, we were attuned to a developing crystalline grid of light and information that is “embedding” in the consciousness of the planet.  This grid has a quantum connection to various star points in the greater galaxy – connections that are brought to earth through the akashic experience of human beings including all of us participating in the transmission, who lived and had experiences in other places in the galaxy. 

We are now weaving a crystalline grid of “inspired potential” to serve as light-library that is a crystalline part of the New Earth.  It is a grid that human beings can “tap into” to receive information and inspiration to develop many new potentials that will be part of our future ascending status and experience of our earth star. 

Hence the transmission served as both a personal attunement – as well as an act of planetary light service!  The energy in this meditation was so powerful, loving and inspired – and unlike anything most participants have ever experienced based on the incredible feedback. 

I am amazed with all the unexpected twists and turns that are part of this evolving series of transmissions from the loving star support of the Sirian Collective!



Extracted from the Sirian Blue White Transmission

23 April 2020 – STAR CALIBRATION

Oh precious, precious children of light, as much as you receive by your dedication to the transmissions – if you could understand with your conscious mind the magnificence of service which you perform in this action you would be humbled in the divinity of the process.

Each one of you is an anchor of consciousness.  As you journey through your individual journey of ascension, you are beginning to awaken to more and more attributes of your energetic and consciousness potential. You see, dear one, when you are not in physical form you continue to exist, yet it is in an altered state of being to what you would understand reality to be while present incarnated in a physical body.  Yet these are special times on the planet for you are beginning to work energetically and in consciousness in a new way, one that is similar to your abilities when you are not incarnate in physical form!  However, you must be in form to work the way you do.  You can consider it to be working with Quantum Entanglement.  
(Note: This statement makes more sense in the context of the meditation that occurred leading up to the channelling – where a crystalline formed that is connected to the earth, each person doing the transmission and entangled with connections to multiple star systems).

In spirit, we all work as a “collective” – and you are working with us as a spiritual collective as we speak.  As beings who are present in the physical body you are also working in-form in a way that one can not do when one is not incarnate in form, or present in a “nonphysical” spiritual state of being.

Hence you become like a bridge between worlds. You are a connector. You are a portal to receive information and energy from a higher dimensional plane of existence while being conscious of this process as a human being, and this is an act of service.  So much of the energy and information available to you would simply pass over you like a wind in the sky – unless you are prepared to receive and serve as a transducer the energy in a meaningful way. However, you are – and that is one of the reasons why you are drawn so heartfully to this work. 

All of your great scientists, physicists, inventors, creatives have always made a connection with a sphere of consciousness that is greater than their individual self, to bring new things in form.  For you see, there is a field of potential that is part of the earth that serves to inspire humanity forward.  There will be human beings who connect with this field of potential, in order to bring new things into being.  However, the nature of this field – this crystalline field of information, is changing and what we are doing this evening is part of that process of evolution! 

This is easiest to understand in the form of a scientist with a new invention or a new piece of music or art that’s designed by an artist. From nothing into something new potential are drawn into tangible form – that is the way of it.  But these ideas or potentials are held in the field which may be accessed in this way by those who are open or skilled to draw new things into being.

You, dear one, you understand the earth is moving into a new frame of reality. You call it many things – an ascended civilization, a higher dimensional reality, the fifth dimension, higher dimensions, multiple dimensions… all of these words have meaning and significance yet none of them capture the fullest essence of what is taking place.

By nature, it is bigger than that which you can imagine, and that is because with the human mind you are limited in your capacity to cognize quantum things. But this we say to you… you are developing the ability to work in quantum space, and the reason you are drawn to extend yourself to the stars in this way is to create a bridge of energy to bring new light and new information into the crystalline matrix of the earth herself. And this, dear one, is because the time is now.

It is time, energetically, for many things to awaken on the planet and you will see this slowly integrate into human nature itself. You will see in the children an awareness of their vast akashic history, and the ability to carry talents and abilities from lifetime to lifetime and incarnate them into form one more time. However, as your quantum DNA awakens in this way you will also see within yourself new abilities that you hold as potential within the matrix of your soul.  By this personal evolution you will become more and more able to access ideas and information that will inspire the development of the New Earth and her potential.

You will find it easier to conceptualize certain things that seemed impossible to understand or unravel. This will be supported by a crystalline field of energy and information that is both a part of you and around you. This crystalline field is continuing to expand – and it is part of your individual and collective evolution. You can think of it as being “a fish in the sea”. You are supported by the environment around you and as you move into the ascended space where the earth is now heading, the energy that is part of the makeup of the planet, one that will support the forward movement and evolution into this new energy realm will be strengthened and serve as a field of support for you. It will also expand.

The exercise that we are engaged in together, tonight, is just that. It is an extension of your spiritual energy system in conscious awareness to your greater connectivity to the galactic whole. Now, these words are profound and mysterious. They may sound lofty or unusual, and yet they are true for every soul that is living on the planet. It is the lack of awareness and not the truth that makes this difficult at first to grasp. But we can see the level of energy and consciousness that you hold in your body and being  – and to you, these words are not strange at all.

You are part of an experience this evening where we are literally anchoring new energy and new potentials from this vaster galactic system into the physical realm of the planet.  You might turn to us and say at times “What on Earth is my purpose?” or “What am I doing here?” Oh dear ones, we smile knowingly when we hear such things for you are beginning to understand the greater role in service that you play and these questions will fall away.

You are part of a bigger family of light and a  bigger system of energy and consciousness than you were ever told.  Just allow the energy for a moment to work with you individually as you sit or lie within the field of energy that is being created through the experience. Allow your body to receive the energy, the intelligence, the wisdom, the balance that is yours by design. As you integrate more and more, day by day, this higher-level energy into your body. 

We encourage you to understand the importance of nurturance. To integrate this energy into your system is challenging at first but do not think of it as challenging so much as a process. And your job is to give yourself physically, psychologically, and spiritually that which you need simply to facilitate this integration. It is as natural as the growth of a plant, and yet it is unusual because it represents a facet of integration of energy and consciousness that will lift the planet into a different sphere of being. It is a tremendous act of service, of love, and of grace.

In ways that you may not even consciously understand you were drawn to participate at this moment, this event, because of the quantum history of your soul. You see, dear ones, it is your awakening akash that draws you to such an experience.  And, this is but a preparation for things to come. It is, however, that which is important at this moment in time. And like a ship that sails on the ocean, you are moving forward gracefully, smoothly and easily one day at a time.  Do not be dismayed by the appearance of things on your planet at this time.  These are simply manifestations of a forward progression to a higher state of understanding and experience.

As you integrate and process this energy we encourage you to spend time in nature. A gentle walk in the park or the woods. Spend time in water, in your bathtub or in the ocean. Feel the breeze of the wind on your face and in your hair, and understand your profound connection to the earth and her sacred elements, and to your brothers and sisters and your parents from the stars. As you draw together the energy of your greater being in this way, we say to you, with a full heart, the days of awakening have truly begun.  There is so much more we wish to share with you dear ones, all in time … 

Through the light, dear ones, of the eternal sun, together with you we are one.

And so it is.

14 MAY 2020

SIrian Blue White Collective



For the first time, in the transmission series, we were joined by a group of Hathor Beings together with the Sirian Blue White Collective.

We were told that the Hathors are working with the group to form a coherent quantum field through anchoring conscious patterned energy. The presentation, (given to registered attendees), explains the quantum mechanics behind the support being provided to us by the Hathors.  In the transmission and meditation included in this video – the pattern took the form of 3D Star of David Pattern held in the “3D” eye of a Hathor Being who comes to support individuals in the meditation in a personal way while the Hathors delivered a message in Light Language. The Hathors are teaching us to work with consciousness and thought to hold coherent quantum light in our field – which creates a field of resonance to support an energetic upshift during the ascension.  The transmission is a very powerful experience – and a golden sphere of light is created to “hold” the energy being delivered in form while it is integrated by each person. I am writing this days later and I still feel this energy sphere with me!


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 14 MAY 2020
Dearest Beings of Light

We come to be with you in energy and vibration. We come in communion with the golden Hathor beings who are here to assist you and to assist humanity, in rising to the potential of its sacred way.

In a space of unconditional love and acceptance, where the beauty of the field of energy is so profound, so nurturing, you can begin to understand why the consciousness of the Hathor has been so revered. 

These beautiful beings are here to help you remember.  To remember your connection with each other, to remember your connection with them, to remember the cohesive collectivity of consciousness that will awaken through the days of human ascension.

And as they look upon you, individually and collectively, they form a beautiful ring of light.  And they look down upon you with reverence, with love, and a current of energy begins to flow through all of the various faces or facets of the ring, all the individual beings who work as one.

And there is a message to be spoken in a language that you will not understand with your mind, but you will understand with your heart, and it is with the ears of your heart that we encourage you to receive these words:


Our message to you is one of union.  There is a unity that exists in the cosmos that is experienced consciously in the unity of your own mind.  As you move forward in vibration and consciousness you will feel more and more aligned with the power of this universal way. 

Beloveds, we are here to remind you and support you in a field of vibration that will help you remember your way home.  Some may see a guiding star of vibration, some may see a beacon or a lighthouse in the distance, but this we say to you – the light you see is inside you.  It is the power of your own heart, your own willingness to love, the peace that you know within the sanctity of the temple of your being that brings you in resonance with this union.  It is a natural state of being that only feels difficult in a world where it is unfamiliar and misunderstood.

It is time to reclaim your power.  But power, dear ones, is not an act of force; it is an act of presence, and it is standing in the light within you that takes you to the threshold of this experience.  This light is merging with you in these days.  You are coming to know the power of your own divine integration.  We speak to you of yoga, of union.  Union with what, you may say?  With the Creator, with the Divine – you are merging with yourself. 

For you see, dear ones, the light of the Creator is part of the fabric of your very being.  And as this light weaves and integrates through the quantum axis of your DNA, you are coming to know yourself in physical form as a galactic being of consciousness.  You are so much more than you understand yourself to be while encapsulated in the form of a human body.  But the veil between dimensions grows weak.  And we are able to interface with you in a way that allows us to assist you in remembering the power of your own awakening.  At times it will seem as if the world around you is fraught with chaos and uncertainty as you journey through these days of change.  But you are learning to walk from a place of knowing, of gentle acceptance, of compassion, of kindness, of mercy, and of peace. 

And although each and every one of you would shine these blessings upon your fellow humanity we remind you, you must also shine them upon yourself.  For in the compassion of the light, in which you feel your presence at this moment, is the light of transcendence to raise you up and to support you in the vibration of a new and emerging way. 

The light you see at the apex of the pyramid is the sun rising on the horizon.  The sun is rising upon these times, the light is rising in these times.  We are not speaking simply in terms of the physical earth.  We are speaking of a quantum field of energy and information in which the world sits and moves and has its being.

You are here by appointment and by design.  You have chosen to be incarnate on the planet for the potentials you are beginning to manifest through the choices you make and the power you are awakening in your own being.  The power, again, is not a power of force. It is the power of love.  And it is this wave of energy as it integrates into you and consumes you with the fire of divine blessing that you become one with the source of light that is the essence of your nature.

These words are mystical and yet practical.  They speak in metaphor but they speak the truth. For you see, this energy is so powerful and you are becoming familiar with your own interface with this field of energy that you are learning to work with the integration that lays before you at the threshold of the coming days.

Remember these words when the energy around you stirs or when there is confusion.  When the emotions within you pull you in different directions, or when fear shows its face to make you believe there is something to actually fear.  There is nothing to fear, dear ones.  Not now, or in the future.  For your time on the planet is transient, however, your presence on the planet at this time is vital.  It is important you understand this and that you know how to return to the peace and harmony and coherence that you’re feeling at this moment in time. At any moment in time, in any situation in which you find yourself living.

These are steps of mastery and this is the path on which you tread.  Be not afraid.  Be at peace. Be peace – the peace that passes understanding.

Each time you volley into the ascended world of energy, we share together through these transmissions, you are acclimatizing to a vibrational reality that is different than the energy of your history.  You are learning to allow your body to feel at ease in these vibrations and to release the experiences that would pull you deeper into the world of form.

It is a time of integration.  It is a time of bringing this energy into your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body, so that you may feel and know, in a well-footed and anchored way, the power of your own divine presence.  These are not words of ego, but words of wisdom.

It is the light that you shine through every element of your being that represents the energy of ascension on the planet.  You see, in knowing this, how dearly you are loved.

We say to you, you journey not alone.  We come to you in these times knowing the challenge before you, yet it is your openness of mind and your openness of spirit that allows the communication and the support to take place.

It could not happen without your permission and your intention.  And therefore we are learning to work collectively across the veil to support the ascending movement of humanity.  And when you reflect on the majesty of that experience for just a moment, you will see how treasured you are by the galaxy, by the universe, by the Creator.

We the Hathors have come to visit with you in this experience but it will not be the last time we come to visit.  As we move forward in these transmissions we will play a role and we will return again in the future of your timeline with new information and new processes to support you in your ascension journey. 

We say to you with delight, it has been our blessing to be with you in this way and we look forward to our return in the days ahead.  Collectively with the Sirian Blue-White Collective, we say to you, through the light of the eternal sun, we love each and every one of you, for collective, we are one.

25 JUN 2020 

Sirian Blue White Collective

9th Transmission – Attuning to the Master’s Grid & Christ Consciousness


In this transmission we are introduced and attuned to the crystalline grid of consciousness that has been founded upon the experience of Mastery on the Planet and the Galaxy – to assist us into moving into alignment with the energy of the New Earth.  

The experience is deeply tangible through the transmission – an incredible light field formed to support us in this transition so we can anchor and “autocorrecto” our alighment by the connection with this grid.

This is perhaps one of the most profound transmissions to date!  



Extracted from the Sirian Blue White Transmission


Dearest beings in evolution, dearest beings of light, as you allow yourself to experience and to feel the magnificence of these energies, you are reminded of the energy of your own spiritual nature.

For you see your journey to the earth is long, and to live in this space of duality vibration is wrought with challenges, but as noble beings of light and consciousness you learn to overcome. It is a time for you to triumph, to integrate the light of your deepest inner knowing into the matrix of energy of physicality and perceptions of darkness in the world of form. Light is returning to your planet, but you see dear ones, light is also returning to you.

It is a brave and noble soul who journeys into the lands of duality. Understanding the mystery and the confusion that is created, when it seems to you you do not know your way home. But the map, the route, the journey, is woven into the fabric of your DNA, and your DNA is awakening and it is through this process that you come to terms with the truth of your essential nature.

You are an emanation of light and information. Your soul has coded information to allow experiences of a certain nature in the fields of duality and you are integrating these experiences into the land of wisdom. There are many who have come before you and who will come after you, who have demonstrated the power of integrated union. And to you, as a planetary being, you’ll recognize this incarnation as an ascended master.

A master is someone who has awareness. A master is someone who understands the truer nature of reality. A master is someone who is capable of incarnating a higher consciousness thought form and way of being. And to a world of duality, this masterful way of being is an anomaly and is misunderstood. But to someone who has achieved this level of wisdom and understanding, through trial and error, through experience and through galactic support, the mystery is unveiled.

It is said there are two forces of consciousness on the planet. There is love and there is fear. And you begin to understand that fear is the force that collapses the light. Fear is everything that makes you feel small, afraid, worried, separate – separate from the truth of your inner nature. And when you begin to overcome this illusion, this false belief that you exist separate from the light and the love of the Creator from who you come, you begin to unravel the matrix of energy that would keep you divided in consciousness from the truer nature of your being.

So we take you on a journey to remind you of how you feel and how you experience reality when all of that illusion is stripped away by the crowning light of glory that is your inheritance and your essential nature. You see, dear ones, you have within you access to a vast wisdom – a wisdom that is based on mercy, on kindness, and on aligned truth of being. You have each journeyed far and wide, and through many experiences, to be at this point of your awakening and you’re beginning to understand how your awakening is personal and planetary in nature.

In fact, it is galactic in scale. For you are beginning to incarnate a higher light principle and it is this principle that you would define as mastery on your planet. Spiritual mastery is not the same as third-dimensional mastery, for it is not a space of control and manipulation. It is a space of profound wisdom and understanding. And you understand through your experience that the mastery that you contain is the balance within your own being.

And when you allow yourself to remain in this space of balance and elevated vibration, all that is good can flow to you. It is said you will be given everything you need at every moment in time as it is needed. The universe is benevolent and supports you in fullness when you remain aligned energetically in this way. As you learn to stand in this space of lighted presence, you are beginning to integrate into the physical form of your body a higher light.

The journey which you undergo is a transformation of thinking and feeling that allows you to move into and to remain into this balanced state of presence – this place where you know love to be your nature. It is often said the love you seek is within you, but the mystery is that it is so hard to feel and know this love when you have lost the balance that is given by love.

And there are many reasons, in a world of duality, to be afraid. They are endless, infinite, and ever-shifting – one fear turns to another and a cycle of worry and anxiety begins to develop. But we say to you, let it go. There is no need, in your life and in your experience any longer, for this phenomenon. For you are being introduced into the light of a higher knowing.

We say these words from a place of understanding and, although the human mind would interpret these words often in an egoic way, or perhaps the light of self-importance, it could not be farther from the truth to interpret the energy of this transmission in that way. For you see this light belongs to you – it is you. It is who you are. And to believe otherwise is to be confused. And it is this confusion which leads  to the fear and the uncertainty of knowing.

As you move into attunement with this ever-growing field of the master’s consciousness on the planet, it becomes a space of personal support. We invite you to remember this – not just in a moment of grace, as we experience in such a transmission, but in every waking moment of your life, when you find yourself moving out of balance and remembrance. And you allow this energy, your knowingness of the presence of this energy, to work with you, to support you, to nourish you, to encourage you, to correct you, to embrace you, to love you, to teach you, and to bring you home. Home into the heart. Home into that center place of your being where you understand all that you search for, all that you wish to know and to understand is contained in the light within you. As you move more and more into resonance with this field, you undergo a unification. You also undergo a union – a union with the human family, the planetary family, the galactic family. You undergo a profound evolution that allows you to rekindle an understanding of the nature of consciousness and your role as a being of light in the world of form.

Our message tonight is simple but profound, and it will be long-lasting, for you will see the energy of this beautiful grid of light will continue to work with you in the ways we have described.  You might consider this a process of profound attunement. And the waves of vibration, the cycles of energy, the field of support, will continue to work with you energetically and physically in mind and in matter, in the days, the weeks, the months, and even the years to come. This is a process for which you have crossed the threshold and you are deeply embedded within. You are moving into the future which is unknown and yet magical. You are at the very beginning of these days of the new world and the new time.

Be patient and be understanding. Allow the world around you to move through the oscillations through which it needs to go to dismantle, to understand, to develop, and to enhance, as it is prepared to become something new.  As a caterpillar in metamorphosis, nothing makes sense, but do not be dismayed or confused for we say to you in truth, and in love, you are well on your path. You are well footed on your path. You’ll navigate the days ahead with love and with wisdom, and you will begin to see a beautiful new world begin to take shape through the light of your collective being.

And so, through the light of the eternal sun – the sun behind the sun behind the sun – we say to you, we love you, we are with you, we honour you and we are one.

And so it is…

23 JULY 2020


SIrian Blue White Collective
10th Transmission – THE MERKABAH REVEALED





The purpose of this 10th event is to move into a much deeper consciousness of the Merkaba field of energy that is the foundation of the expanding Human Energy System.  The Merkabah is a field of conscious light, founded on the geometry of the Star of David double tetrahedron.  As a living light field, it forms an expansile interface with the quantum level of reality where our spiritual essence, our soul, resides.  It creates a bridge and a conduit – to deliver higher essence energies to us in the physical body and expand our human energy system.  It is also an access for us to grow in greater communion with the energy and worlds beyond the 3D veil of energy limiting human perception.

This transmission takes you on a journey into the Merkabic field of Energy and Consciousness.  It is a magical soul and mind-expanding experience – as we travel into the integrating energy of an Ascending Civilization!

Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 23 JULY 2020

Beloved beings, it is with great joy we once again come to join you in transmission. For we see the aspirations in your hearts, and the love you hold for creation and for humanity.

Tonight we speak to you of the Merkabah – the vessel of light, the chariot of communion between your divine essence and your terrestrial form. You see the Creator has come many times in many ways to humanity – through this mechanism of the Merkabah. For it is a geometry of a higher dimensional construct. It is not foreign to you, for this energy, this patterning, is part of your soul’s design. It is, however, a very special geometry. It is a living light pattern, and it is one that holds the capacity to harmonize and integrate Divine light in physical form.

You are each undergoing an expansion of your Merkabic energy. And as this occurs you are learning to rise in physical density to a vibration that matches this higher octave of light. Day by day, month by month, and year by year, you are moving into greater and greater resonance with the perfection of this form. For you see it is in the union with your Merkabic vehicle that you bridge dimensions and begin to fully integrate the divinity of your spiritual nature into the form of your physical vessel.

You are beginning to receive new energy and new information. And you are learning to carry the vibration of this energy while you exist in your physical body. The energy fields of your body are adapting to this higher vibrational structure and in the quantum nature of this integration, the energy of your being is rising.

This pattern is connected, quantumly speaking, to you – through your spiritual DNA, your 24th chromosome, your bridge to the Divine. And as this pattern is enhanced and expanded within your energy geometry, your capacity to carry light will grow.

As mystical or magical as this may sound to some of you, you know in your heart that the pathway forward is through illumination. It is time for the light on your planet and in your bodies to expand. You have been prepared and you are being prepared for greater and greater influxes of light which you are now receiving.

It is often said that healing is a resetting to the Divine perfection within the system of information that you contain. And we tell you this is true for the challenge of so many illnesses and experiences of the human condition will only be solved by integration of light.

At the level of 3D reality, it has been very challenging to manifest this kind of light experience. It has been limited to the masters, to those who you have recognized to embody a curious potential known as Mastery. But the time for Mastery is at hand and you have within you, each and every one of you, many recollected experiences of mystical memories where you worked with the light and with higher consciousness to heal and to transform.  

There is an energy that is integrating into your system these days, and it will continue to do so for a period of time. And what you will begin to notice within your system is that when you close your eyes and when you go inside, and you remember the spiritual nature of your being, you will feel this connection so profoundly that it will fill you like water pouring into a glass that is empty and filling up and overflowing. 

We speak to you in metaphor but we speak to you in truth. For you see, in the days ahead, as you each navigate the experience of the ever-changing 3D reality, it is more and more important for you to understand your own essential nature.

Be still and know that you are one with the Creator. You are receiving the geometry that will help to reestablish in your energy system an enhanced communication with an interdimensional or spiritual level of reality.

Do you understand there is a system? There is an energy, a structure of support, that is interdimensional or quantum, as you like to say, that is instilling itself in those souls who are encountering the ascension. The time, you see, is at hand.

As the beloved Master Yeshua would say, “Of my own, I can do nothing, but One with the Divinity within me, I can do all things”. You are beginning to understand the energy of this mysticism, for you see there is a connection that provides this wisdom and this capability. And slowly but assuredly, you are receiving this integration, and part of it is the Merkabic structure of consciousness.

It is a pattern of perfected alignment that allows you to create and recreate balance within your energy system, aligned with higher dimensional memory and potential. As you access this geometrical structure, so to speak, and the energy and consciousness which it contains, and to which it is connected, you are beginning to access a new power. It is a healing power because it has the capacity to restore the energy structure within your system into a fully balanced mode of operation.

Understand, dear ones, this is not something given to you – it is you. It is within you, and you are remembering and we are supporting you in reestablishing this connection and this alignment. Everything you need is within. Everything you need to heal and to grow and to realize your potential lies within you. But you do not live alone. You live in a field of communion and you work as a system of humanity and as you do your part in this integration, you are beginning to hold a field of energy alive on the planet that supports its forward momentum. And as the earth moves in resonance with the same energy, and as the earth rises in her vibration she supports you. It’s a commensurable relationship that is supporting the whole of humanity in moving forward into a new energy and a new consciousness.

We understand these concepts are mystical, and beyond the 3 rd dimensional ability to conceptualize the fullness of their meaning. But that is not important, for you see, what is important is for you to know who you are. You contain within you the seed of this very perfection of which we speak, and it is not an abstract concept. There is geometry, an energy, a patterning, that allows you to move back into the space of this memory, this awareness, and the abilities that it brings. Perhaps grandiose by everyday language, you will come to see there is nothing abstract about the meaning of these words, for you will come to know through your own experience and your own integration, the power, the wisdom, and the love to which you are connected through your Merkabic vehicle of consciousness.

We will continue this journey and continue to expand your understanding of the process in the days ahead. But for now, that is enough. For we say to you we love you beyond measure. We are with you every step of the way. We know you each by name and by vibration and we sing to you a memory of the song of your own soul.

Allow yourself to be nurtured, to be comforted, and to be blessed by all that you deserve. And through the light of the eternal sun, together with you, we are one.

And so it is … 


27 AUG 2020 

Sirian Blue White Collective

11th Transmission – Soul Star Integration


The purpose of this 11th event is to receive support from the Sirian Blue White Collective to more deeply integrate the light and consciousness of your soul star.  

This light and consciousness is an overlighting aspect of our human incarnation – but it is time to more deeply integrate this light into our “mind field” as a source of presence from which we live, move and have our being. It is time to manifest the light and energy of the soul in a more conscious and direct way.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 27 AUG, 2020

Dearest Beings of light, of love, of consciousness, we come to you as part of the greater galactic family. We are in a place from which we see a quantum evolution of your planet and we are in a place from which we see the quantum potential within you.

We have taken you on a journey of integration, and we have arrived at a very special threshold of power and embodiment. For you see, Dear Ones, as the energy of your soul star is adjusted and enhanced, it creates a portal through which you have a greater connection and communion with elements of your own soul’s experience. But it does not stop there… for you see, you also hold a greater connection and communion to your Divine origins.

Your soul is an overlighting influence who has incarnated on the planet through a multiplicity of experiences, which exist in time and no time. in this moment of time, you have access to all of the other points in time in which you incarnate in human form. You are beginning to rekindle the communication that exists between your soul and your body. And, you are allowing yourself to receive energy and information that is part of your natural structure but which has been veiled from you in the form of alternate experience.  You are each beginning to receive new impulses. This may take the form of memories, dreams, intuitions and revelations. For you see, as you make access to this realm of consciousness you are accessing a much greater awareness of the totality of your soul’s experience and design.

Yet behind your soul and your soul’s DNA, there are other levels or layers of your being. The higher self-consciousness which overlights even the soul’s manifestation and the reset point it contains to facilitate the journey home.

You see, Dear Ones, it is your higher self that has spoken. It is this connection with the higher level of your being and the creator light that has drawn you to this point in your experience and the rekindling of connection between you and your spiritual nature.

You have never lost this communion but you have lived veiled, deeply unaware of its power, its presence, and its potential. But you see, Dear Ones, this is changing as we speak. You are beginning to feel new vibrations. You may smell the essence of the rose that is descending upon your body as we speak. These experiences are quantum in nature, and they are designed to help you lift in vibration so you can remember the truer essence of your being.

You are in form, but you are not limited by form, and the time is at hand to bring more energy and more information through form into your world. You see you are well positioned and well rooted to be able to do so, and we remind you of the crystalline connection, and the deep support and nurturance that you each receive through the crystalline grid of memory on the planet and the impulses from the stars.

You are supported beyond measure. You are loved beyond measure. And while we do not live in the vibrations of turbulence that are part of your current 3D reality, we are aware of the challenge that is present in these days. And so, we say to you, the solution is to go inside to feel more and more deeply, more and more powerfully, the essence of light that exists within your structure, and the bridge that exists between your physical form, the love beneath your feet, and the love from the stars.

We return to you, at this point in time, to help you remember. You see, what you are living is as natural as the unfolding of a seed into a tree. It is the process of life and ascension. It is not something you are doing or something that we are doing to you or for you. We are supporting you in a very natural process that is yours to inherit, and your potential to become.

Do not worry about the form that this inspiration will take, for you see, as you integrate the light and the information, it is information, and it contains within it a sense of guidance that you receive through your intuition, your inspiration and your greatest dreams. Let it guide you. Let it teach you. Let it show you. Mostly, let it remind you. For the greatest lessons that you will learn are things which fundamentally in your heart you know are true.

You are a being of Divine origin. You are an expression of the Creator’s power, love and grace.  Do not be confused by anything that disorients you from the truth of this understanding, within you, or around you. Standing the power of this light and let it shine.

For you see, Dear Ones, you are loved beyond measure. You are magnificent. You are Divine. And so, Dear Ones, we say, through the light of the eternal sun, together with you, we are one.

And so it is…

24 SEP 2020

SIrian Blue White Collective



 The purpose of this 12th event is to attune deeply to the understanding of the Birth of the Divine Child.

Our human incarnation is one in a series of incarnations that emerge from our common soul consciousness, contained within our quantum DNA. Our Souls DNA structure is conceived into the energy matrix of the earth from the time of her primary inception as a planet destined to carry an awakened civilization – overseen by the Pleiadian Star Mothers and the Galactic Family of Light. The Earth is a Sacred Land on which the Divine Human is poised to thrive as a caretaker and awakened (or divinely conscious), soul. This transmission is meant to empower the right relation we are meant to carry within us, to work in union with the Earth, as her children from the Stars.  

This is the final transmission in the first series of 12 transmissions – The Ascension Transmssions and is culmination fo support towards human ascension in the New Energy and the New Times.

Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 24 SEP 2020

Dearest Beings of Light, you are beginning to understand more profoundly what we mean when we say to you, you are a Being of Light. You see, Dear Ones, your physical body is a vessel, a chalice, an opportunity for the Divine Light of a higher creational potential to fill you up, to overflow, to nourish and
enhance the quality of your incarnational experience.

Your journey has been long and fraught with many challenges through time, but we say to you the time is at hand. At hand, you may question? At hand for what? You see, Dear Ones, it is time for you to remember, in a living way, the light from which you come.

Much has been expressed in words and in poetry about the light nature of the human being. The spirit. The angel-like qualities of the human being. But we say to you that in order to incarnate this kind of light and potential is a process of quantum integration.

Each one of you exists by virtue of your soul and higher self reality. This is true for every member of the human family, whether they know it or not. Whether they believe it or not. But at this magical time on the precious earth change is afoot. It is a change that is a first occurring on the inner planes because you see the physical world is built upon a quantum structural reality and things cannot change in the world of form, unless the inner energy organizing the manifestation is first attuned.

You see a blueprint is being laid. It has been called many names. The City of Light, the City on the Hill, Shambala, but we say to you, regardless of the name, the truer meaning that is coded in these expressions is an awakening of the divine potential in the human form.

You are children of the stars we say, and in this we mean you are quantum multidimensional beings who have a deep relationship not only with the planet but with the entire galaxy and universe. 

As a soul you are a radiation of the Divine, made in the image of the Creator, meaning made in love. And as a soul you sojourn through time, manifesting through different cycles and forms, incarnating different limited potentials compared to the magnificence of the totality of your soul’s nature. But there are special times on the planet when a dispensation of light is given to allow the soul to incarnate more fully in the form vessel. And you term this, in your world, the ascension.

The ascension is a quantum integration. There is a living field, a matrix of light, that is part of your soul’s design that is awakening within the form of your human body. It is coded by the star of David pattern which we have alluded to over and over in these transmissions, for this is a structural matrix that allows you to attune to a higher and higher level of reality and receive information from an interdimensional space.  It is part of your bridging to the divine. And yet it too is not the totality of your divinity. It is an element of the process where you see as a soul you are so much more than anything you can conceive of. This creates a bridging network for your physical body and your spiritual bodies to be in deeper communion so that you may manifest both energy and consciousness of a higher dimensional probability.

In your magnificent minds, you attempt to understand and conceptualize this process and although this is fascinating and interesting we remind you you do not need to understand to experience. You must simply allow.

We speak to you of incarnating the Divine and you’re beginning to understand the journey of these transmissions and what it is that you are doing in your human body of flesh.  You are beginning to integrate higher frequencies of light and information and your body is the vessel through which this transformation is allowed. In ascension we say to you it is not a lifting off of the planet – it is the experience of a deeper integration of energy that allows you to rise in vibration and consciousness and to live in a balanced field of energy that supports the totality of your wellbeing and manifestation. These words are chosen carefully for they encode information. 

As we come to a close of the cycle of the first 12 transmissions you can see we have completed a circle.  Each step along the way is part of a mosaic that contributes to the wholeness of the concept of what is happening in this transmission as we speak.  

The entire cycle of transmissions is related to the integration of your divinity. The transformative power of the light that can change the vibration not only of your physical body but also of the etheric body, your emotional body, your mental body and your entire human experience.

As you undergo this transformation you become aware of yourself as a multidimensional being and although these words have very limited meaning to you at this time, we say to you it is the threshold of change over which you pass.

We are aware that many of you are becoming more aware of your dreams, more aware of your intuitive experiences, more aware of alternate life memories, more aware of the interconnectedness of humanity, and more aware of the infinite power of love, the grace of wisdom, and the power of knowledge, to help you integrate your soul’s greater purpose.

And as noble as these words do sound, we remind you it is in a space of great humility, expanding kindness, blissful gratitude and heart radiance that you manifest the truth of their meaning.

We say to you, this is a journey. It is a beginning. And yet we say also, you have come so far. At this moment we honour each and every one of you for the courage, the faith, the love, the curiosity and the wisdom to allow your soul to guide you on the path of becoming.

You have within you everything you need to be successful on your journey. And in respect, and in the fullness of the integrity with which we hold you in our hearts, we say to you, we are there to support you, to assist you and to love you, as we witness the splendour of your awakening grace.

And with these words, we congratulate you on the threshold of this first cycle of integration. There is more to come.  But for now, we leave you in the blissful power of the energy you have permitted to join you and flow through you. Allow yourself to receive the gifts of these vibrations and their transformative potential as they flow through your awakening heart.

And we say to you, through the light of the eternal sun, together with you, we are one. 

Sirian Blue White Transmissions II

The Unity Teachings:  Embodying Higher Light

Oct 2020 – Sep 2021

15 OCT 2020 

 SIrian Blue White Collective II

1st Transmission – Unity with Source


The purpose of this 1st transmission in the new ascension series is to attune with the Spiritual origins of creation, the Higher Self and the Soul.

We will explore the great wisdom of the evolution of Divine Light through universal life systems and galactic civilizations – a process which has culminated in Humanity on the earth as we know it. This will provide an expanded understanding of the Overview needed to appreciate the Ascension Process that humanity has called forth at the time in the great Galactic Clock! The transmission will provide a major attunement to this higher light and the restorative spiritual power that arrives with such a catalytic attunement.

Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 15 Oct 2020
Dearest Beings of Light, welcome home. We come to you today to share in this experience as a rekindling of your connection with the Source energy from which you emerge and are born of spirit.  Slowly you are beginning to understand the nature of energetic projection and quantum template patterning. We are introducing you through many steps and permutations about the nature of energetic change.


But tonight we come to you to share in the blessing of reunion. For you see, each one of you is born of light. It is a connection which you hold always in form, Whether you are consciously aware or not. But there is an alchemy of awakening that is very powerful and very pertinent at this time on the planet. As you walk through these days of ascension you understand you are being prepared by your own soul, by your own higher self, and by the Creator to receive a greater influx of light and consciousness, and so much of the work of ascension is a preparation to receive this light.In the process of receiving this light and this information it shines through the quantum structure of your experiential reality – something you have come to understand as your quantum DNA. 


It has been explained that the 24 th chromosome is an interface between your soul and higher self and your physical experiences in a time sequence. And in each one of these incarnations they are as a closed loop of experience that seem to exist independent of the others. However, as the energy of transformation shines upon you, you move into a space where you understand the interconnectedness of all these experiences through the geometry of your soul and the light of your higher self-expression.


Each one of you is experiencing an activation. It is an activation that is ordained by your own soul’s choice. And the choice is a choice not of mind but of vibration. For you see, your soul’s experience coupled with the energies of ascension on the planet comingle in such a way that your awakening is


timed by vibration and your resonance with the greater planetary changes. You cross thresholds where your capacity to carry light and information is greatly expanded. And we are at one threshold in time, one such threshold in time.


We speak to you of the Unity teachings, embodying higher light, and in this we say to you that the beginning of this embodiment takes us back to the beginning of your truest nature. For you see, each one of you is a child of the Creator. You are born as a facet of the Creator, mirroring the love and the consciousness that is beyond your human capacity to understand or fully express in words that have meaning. However, your concepts are maturing and in this process of maturation youare understanding in metaphoric and quantum ways the nature of what is being delivered to you through the process of ascension.


As the light of Spirit shines in this way, it helps you understand the truth of very powerful words that seem too magical to believe. When it is said you are born magnificent, the words are true. When it is said your worth is beyond your knowing, these words are true. For if you understand the truth of the Creator and the expression that you represent, you truly begin to understand the nobility of your spirit and the true worth of your essence and your presence. Not magnified by ego distortions, or ideas of what worth represents, but the truth that is found in the creative light of the universe.


It is this light which we bring to you in a conscious experience in this transmission. We are assisting you in experiencing the light of your inner being in a conscious form. In the days ahead, this connection and this energy will continue to work with you, individually and collectively, and we invite you, in a moment where you feel disoriented, or off balance, or uncertain, or simply discouraged, to close your eyes and feel the light and the vibration of the energy that you carry inside you.
Feel it. Know it. Return to it at any time. As your familiarity with the energy continues to grow, it becomes more natural and more spontaneous for you to do this.
You can think of it as resetting to your Divinity, and it is available to you at any moment in time. This represents the beginning of an integration. It is the first step in the embodiment of an energy and a consciousness which is your truer nature. 


So when we speak to you of unity with Source, you are beginning to understand the essence of the experience. And it is the experience that will catalyze your development. Your understanding is provided to facilitate the encounter. It is the experience that will assist you in the transformation. This light will continue to work with each and every one of you, now and in the days ahead. Just allow your body to acclimatize to the energy and the vibration and adjust.
And as we prepare to leave the transmission, we raise our hands and bow to you, for we say to you: It is the courage of your spirit and the openness of your heart and your mind that prepares you for the ascension journey. And we say to you, solemnly, that it is this grace of presence that opens you to rekindling the power of the light of the Divine within you.


Although the challenges seem great, we say to you, nothing is greater than the power, the light, the love and the magnificence of your spirit.
Hold your head high. Hold your hearts open. Allow yourself to receive the kindness and the grace of which you are truly worthy, which you will embody, and which you will share with the collective of humanity.


As always, we say to you, through the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you, we are one.


12 NOV 2020 

 SIrian Blue White Collective II

2nd Transmission – Unity with Soul


The purpose of this II-2nd transmission in the new ascension series is to attune with the Akashic Collective of the Soul.
We will explore the profundity of the Akashic Records and understand the communication of information present in your Quantum DNA and your life today – and how this is related to the Ascension Process!

Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 12 Nov 2020

Dearest Beings of Soul we celebrate your journey.  We are delighted with the ease and sincerity with which you move into this energetic space.

The days of ascension are fast upon you and they hold a powerful influence on the process of your becoming.  But it is your openness, your willingness to participate and ride into spaces of higher vibrational consciousness’s and energy that will most support you in the journey of the days ahead.

You see in this transmission we have encouraged you to enter into the space of your soul.  You may say you are swimming in the quantum energy of your own sacred space.  Around you is a series of manifestations.  Lifetimes, which you have known and experienced, encountered and lived.  They have all contributed to the energy and consciousness patterning of your soul’s expression.  They are journeys you have taken and yet none of them define the totality of who you are. Because, Dear Ones, you exist transcendent to each and every one of these experiences as a so(u)lar being.

Your soul has a purpose for the incarnations it chooses and they are intimately related to your soul’s design.  In the eyes of the Creator, every being holds potential and promise.  In expressions of your soul you attempt to match this vibration through the journey of your experiences, and this, Dear Ones, can be challenging in the world of form. 

However, each experience allows you to embody more light, more wisdom and more understanding.  And this, Dear Ones, allows you to embody greater and greater quotients of light as you step into the world of form.

You identify yourselves as old souls. An old soul is a multi-incarnational soul being who has developed the capacity to carry great light and great consciousness into form if they so choose.  But we emphasize the choice, because you see, Dear Ones, in the land of free will everything must honour the law and the rule of chosen incarnation.  And so you are presented with the opportunity to choose, and choose you do.

And we can see by the facility with which you enter into such experiences that you have chosen the path of ascension, and we simplify this by telling you it is the process of embodying light.  You are each learning to embody greater and greater aspects, quotients, patterns, mosaics, templates and potentials of light manifestation.  And in this light is the phenomenal force of the Creator’s grace and Cosmic Love.

As you move forward in the days ahead, you will have greater access to alternate incarnational experiences. These are not meant to distract you. They are meant to empower you. For none of them define you just as this incarnation does not define you fully.  They’re aspects of a crystalline consciousness, which is threaded by the light of your soul through every element in manifest form.

Your truer nature resides in the consciousness that animates each and every one of these experiences and it is in this space that you find yourself sitting in this transmission.  In the energy of your soul, in the middle of your being.

As you pause to take a moment of consciousness in the nature of this experience, you can feel the intensity of love, power, strength, innate wisdom, peace, acceptance, faith, promise.  You feel the energy of that which is possible and we say to you, Dear Ones, you feel the energy of that which is to come.

Every cell in your body is excited by the knowledge of what is happening on the planet. And you are invited day by day, moment by moment, to remember the power you hold in the soul of your being.  From this magical place of centre, you have the power to find peace.  It is a peace that transcends any human experience. 

In this space you have the power to heal.  It is a healing that transcends 3rddimensional healing.

In this space you have the power to dream.  To dream is to open your mind to an experience that is not yet manifest, but in holding the dream in your inspired mind’s eye, you help draw the energy in form for the experience.

And as you begin to learn to work with the Creator Light in the ways we will teach, you will understand that you have the power to build a world of beauty, reverence, kindness and grace.

Be patient, Dear Ones, but do not be uninspired.  For we say to you, heart to heart, we understand the challenge of these times, but they are transient and in your heart you know that to be true. For they are remodeling the foundation to provide the network for building that which is to come in the days ahead.

Do not be dismayed by the nature of this transition. For in relative sense, as an energy of deconstruction, it is quite gentle and filled with grace. But things must change for your world to evolve and the time, Dear Ones, is at hand.

Sink deeply into the space of your soul’s being. From this place of meditative experience, receive the inspiration to support you in your life and in your dreams. Allow yourself to be nurtured and coddled and loved with intensity in this sacred space within you, until you find the energy within your body to be vibrant with life and promise, and love.

There is no mountain you cannot climb.  There is no ocean you cannot cross. There is no obstacle greater than the magnificence of your illuminated spirit and we say to you, Dear Ones, to breathe, for this time is at hand…

Through the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you we are one.


10 DEC 2020 

SIrian Blue White Collective II

3rd Transmission – Unity with Self


The purpose of this II-3rd transmission in the new ascension series is to experience a deeper integration of the Ascension Process and its transformative power into your current life and your personality today. We will explore several elements of Ascension Integration – to better grasp the process of multidimensional integration in form. This is a process that has its own challenges that are better mastered when understood to allow a nonjudgemental approach to the deep healing and personal transformation that is contained within the Ascension Journey. We can cross the chasm of change with grace!



The purpose of this II-2nd transmission in the new ascension series is to attune with the Akashic Collective of the Soul.
We will explore the profundity of the Akashic Records and understand the communication of information present in your Quantum DNA and your life today – and how this is related to the Ascension Process!

Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 10 Dec 2020

Dearest Beings of Light, the profound light that is Love. You are becoming more and more familiar with the possibility to work in the invisible fields of quantum light to support your healing and your ascension evolution.  You are becoming more and more sensitive to the experiences; you are feeling the energy more profoundly; many are seeing the energy, sometimes for the first time. And we understand the potential, the power, the joy of this awakening.

And as we celebrate your personal evolution, we honour you, understanding the journey is fraught with challenge, and the moments of integration are sometimes mysterious and yet profound.  We say to you, you are in the process of becoming. You are learning to embody a higher dimensional light. And this, Dear Ones, is an integration. And in the process of integration many things change.  There are adjustments that occur to help move you into a space where you can experience and realize, meaning make real, your multidimensional nature. As you learn to take your first steps in the field of quantum possibilities and the mechanics of operating in this frame of energy, we understand it is at first a mysterious endeavour. So much of what restricts you in this evolution is simply related to the programming of the old energy structure. For when you were born, you were born into a world of denser consciousness.

The energy paradigm of the planet is being adjusted, as you know. The earth is changing and you are changing. As we term this a ‘rise in vibrational energy’, we adjust our language a little bit, for this is too simple for the profundity of that which you are learning to embody.  For you see, Dear Ones, you are not simply learning to raise your vibration. You are learning to radiate.  The energy that you are beginning to embody through the axis of your own soul’s integration is a profound light that creates, within and around you, a sphere of energy. And in this sphere magic happens. There is healing available to you in this space.  But beyond healing, there is an understanding that the embodiment of this energy creates an environment around you that allows you to maintain your experience in a multi-dimensional frame of

When you remember this, and you align yourself with this possibility, you grow more and more profoundly into this realization, this potential. And part of the journey is to become aware of the elements of consciousness, or shall we say lack of consciousness, that allows you to descend in your experience into a vibration where you no longer recognize the validity of the higher vibrational state. And it will appear as if you have lost this experience. Because of the nature of the transition, you will feel yourself ebb and flow into moments of higher
vibrational experience, and the sensation of losing it again.

So we take this opportunity to remind you of concepts that may seem elementary, but they are only elementary in terms of the perspective of learning. They are not elementary in the perspective of integration. For you are learning to master the posture of inner peace that is your birthright in the essence of your soul.

And so, we say to you, in the fields of energy of the earth, it can be very challenging at times, to re-harmonize your experience. And the tools that we present are simply to help you remember, be aware, and recalibrate your experiences.  The purpose of this is simply to allow yourself to experience the truth of your own internal essence. For you see, in this natural state of being, you remember who you are.

As a soul, you are unencumbered by the worries of the world. This does not mean the world is unimportant – it simply means you learn to embody an energy that allows you to be in the world in a different way. It is becoming increasingly transparent that there is a choice point emerging on the planet. The reason we say this to you is to understand the energy crystallizing the old energy paradigm is beginning to
dismantle.  This will make it easier for you to accomplish those things of which we speak. For even the most evolved among you will still encounter their own challenges with these teachings for, although they are simple, they are profound. But the energy of the future will support this as a natural state of being, and you will slowly grow into an energy and an environment where this is the natural way for all of you to be.

This is the process of ascension. As the energy of the planet, through your intention to ascend, through your choice to ascend, invites this transformation. And it is a beautiful transition into an energy that is more buoyant and more full of possibility and potential than the energy of old times.

As you move in the days ahead, you will see that your efforts are supported. The energy of balance will be easier and easier to achieve and easier to maintain. As the energy that is old in our terms begins to disintegrate, you will see in the physical world that its creations are less supported, more transparent and understood. Try to be in a space of equanimity and observation, and do not allow yourself to be entangled in the
strife of the mental and emotional conflict that it presents.

We say to you over and over, you are learning to be in the world yet not of it, but this does not mean you are not of the planet earth. It means you are not of the vibration that is creating the drama.  To the 3D mind this may seem limited as an approach, for you are used to solving your problems at the same level of reality at which they occur, and your struggle with the energy seems real. But we invite you to learn to operate in the new space becoming available through the evolution of your own spiritual awakening. For from a place of soul’s observation you will feel the compassion and the understanding to stay present, and balanced, and whole.

Take a moment to register how you feel in your body at this moment. Allow it to serve as an anchor of consciousness, a place you can return to at any time. Feel the love we hold for you. Not just in this moment, but always.

We are eternally proud of your accomplishments, of your resilience, of your tenacity to find the magic of your soul and the love of the Creator within you.  Metaphorically we bow our heads in honour, and we remind you that together, through the light of the Eternal Sun, we are with you, we are One.


 21 JAN 2021 

SIrian Blue White Collective II

4th Transmission – Unity with the Gaia Grid and Sacred Elements


The purpose of this II-4th transmission in the new ascension series is to experience a deeper attunement with Gaia and the Sacred Elemental Forces of Life.  The Earth is a living, sentient being and she provides the material matrix into which we are each born to live a soul journey. She is “Our Mother” as we express in the world of form. We are fashioned from the clay of her body to form our physical bodies – as temples for the soul. Just as humanity rises through the earthly expression to encounter the divine within – the earth’s make up is empowered by a host of cosmic forces and elementals constructs of nature that allow certain possibilities to exist. Embodying the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms – her kingdom is all of nature. Nature arises through the flow of elemental forces that we know as the 4 Sacred Elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air – in the organizing field of ether. Indigenous cultures have known, honoured and lived in this wisdom – a teaching that was given at the beginning by our Lemurian Star Mothers.

The elements of nature are “awakening” as is humanity. We are beginning to understanding a fuller wisdom of living, one that includes unity with our planet and all of the constituent elements that are part of her make-up. This relationship is fundamental to healing and growth into an ascended expression of human life. The purpose of this transmission to attune ourselves to the awakening Gaia grid and the elemental forces of life that build, remodel, heal and transform material world.

Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 21 Jan 2021


Dearest Beings of Light,
We welcome you into this sacred healing enclave. This is a time on your planet when your connection to the greater nature of reality is beginning to become conscious. These understandings have not completely disappeared from the consciousness of your planet, but they are awakening in beings who are moving through the ascension energy day by day, month by month, year by year. You can see, as we journey through the transmissions, that each transmission contains a fundamental connection, an awareness, an element of unity, that is part of a greater mosaic of consciousness that is helping to awaken you to your essential nature.

Fundamentally, on the Earth, all things are made from these sacred elements. Your body is a temple composed of energies that are present and delivered to your body through the structure and the consciousness of the Earth. The Earth is a mosaic of many things, but fundamentally there are elemental forces that are the foundational nature of all things that come into form.  We call these the sacred elements. You recognize them as the Earth, the Water, the Fire, and the Air. There are many elemental forces that extend from these elements, and there are many beings who have had awareness of these elemental forces. But our journey tonight is to the centre – the essence of the elements.

For you see, Dear Ones, that everything that is built on your planet, being made of these sacred elements, is also transformed by these elements. All the processes of life are being influenced by a dance of the energies of the sacred elements in form. All the functions of your body, the growth of your body, the decay of your body when the time comes to leave the planet.  But you see, Dear Ones, the transformation and healing are cardinal to these elements. Nothing can change on the planet without the contribution of the forces of this nature. It is for this reason the elements are so revered and honoured in your Indigenous teachings, for these teachings come from the original Mother energy.

In the space this evening that we have created collectively, we have brought ourselves into the temple of the elements and you have allowed yourself to make a conscious connection with each one of these forces of consciousness and energy, and they have brought you a gift.  At first it seems simple, for the forces interact with your energy system in a way where you can feel and perhaps see the energy, but the transformative power of this moment in time is profound. For you see, at the core essence of the elemental forces, transformation can occur that is profound in nature, because you are touching the essence of the origin of the creative matrix.  As you continue forward in the days ahead, you will begin to witness or understand some of the changes that you have been given through the gift of this communion. It’s natural and occurs in a very natural way. But you will feel the influence of this connection in the health and the balance of your body and your mind and your emotions.  There is a tremendous restorative power contained in this connection, and even if you do not understand the specifics of the transformation, you can understand the process. The details are not important, for you see, the essence of transformation is a restoration to the balance and a state of whole being within your body.

This is a healing moment, and the reason we come to you in this way in communion with the elements is to offer a space of healing transformation. That is the essence of this transmission and it is the purpose it is contained in the sequence of transmissions at this time. For you see, it is a preparation.  The Earth is about to move into an accelerated transition. The past months have been very challenging on your planet. We have discussed this in transmissions along the way.

As we step into the energy of this moment, we can begin to understand, collectively, that the Earth has raised her sail and is beginning to move forward into the new energy at an accelerated speed. We term this the Age of Aquarius, driven by the power of Air. The boat, in which the Earth resides, is moving forward under this influence, and gently, but powerfully, the energy of the Earth will be propelled into new dimensions of experiential existence.

We remind you not to be dismayed by the energies of transition. You understand now, well, that as the Earth is changing there are things that are broken down and things that are constructed. This is the nature of life. For life to transform, there are energies that are disintegrated and energies that are constructed anew.

The Earth has been in a period of dismantling and revelation. This will continue for some time, but you are beginning to understand, with greater peace, and greater certainty, the nature of this transition. But you have crossed the threshold of a new beginning and you will begin to see evidence of the new world on your horizon.

We choose our words specifically, for you see, you are sailing into a new time, and in this space you will discover many things. But foundational to the transformation is an understanding of your essential nature, and the growing consciousness of your unity with the Earth, with each other, with nature, and with the greater galactic family and universal essence of life.

Your consciousness will continue to expand to include things heretofore unrecognized by human nature. Be gentle with yourselves as you move into this new space of becoming. Day by day you will begin to experience things that will allow you to understand the validity of the ascension transformation, even in ways more powerful than those you have already experienced to this point in time.

But all that to say that tonight is a moment of honour. For we say to you, the nobility of the human spirit, the courage, the tenacity, the strength, the love, that allows each one of you to hold together a composition of grace in a time of great change and great challenge.

There is a healing upon the Earth. You are both an experiencer and a communicator of the healing paradigm. The elements join us tonight in this way to introduce themselves to you in a more conscious program, but they come to you, really, with the gift of healing and transformation.

You do not need to understand or cognize, in rational and hyper logical ways, the essence of this support. Every time you align yourself with healing and transformation, understand these sacred elemental forces are with you. They will be present and they will support the efforts of healing and transformation in all ways.

There is a new world that is beginning. These words have been said many times and in many ways. But you know at this point in time you are so close that you can sense the beginning of the new. It is right in front of you and you are sailing upon its shores. Your communion with the elements will be supportive in this transformation, and it is for this reason that we introduce them to you at this point in the journey of our unity teachings.  We will continue our journey together, and you will see the magic of these elemental forces as they work through the patterns of healing, transformation and change. Again, we pause to honour.

At this moment in time, we invite you to know how dearly you are loved, how profoundly you are supported, how precious your light is in the universe, and how significant your presence is upon the planet.

We delight in our moments of union. It is a profound opportunity for us to blend with you in this way, and although we are never separate, and we are never far away, as we retract the energy of communication, in the nature of the process. 

We remind you, once again, that through the light of the Eternal Sun, eternally we are with you, each and every one, in the unity of the Creator, in our unity with the sacred elements.


 18 FEB 2021 

SIrian Blue White Collective II

5th Transmission – Unity with the Crystalline Grid and the Cetaceans


The purpose of this transmission – the 5th in the new series of transmissions – is to develop a more conscious appreciation of the crystalline system, INCLUDING THE ROLE OF THE DOLPHINS & WHALES, and find unity in its forward evolution – as a New Human building a New Humanity.

It has been revealed by the Sirian Blue White Collective that the year 2021 would witness a deep integration of the crystalline network. What is the crystalline networK? Kryon has been teaching us now for years about the ‘crystalline grid’ that is part of the earth’s matrix that holds memory – like a living field of memory. It is connected to the Cetaceans – the dolphin and the whales – as well as the akashic memory of all souls that are part of the earth’s history and future. In these days of Ascension, the field is being reconfigured by a group of nodes and nulls that are part of the crystalline network and have “come online” between 2012 and 2019 to create a “clearing of energy in the days ahead- to prepare the earth to embody a new potential of expression. The crystalline grid is connected, as a quantum level structure, to a vast network of channels of information that extend far beyond the earth into the galactic field of energy. In this time – these channels of energy and information are opening and weaving into the crystalline matrix of the earth. This crystalline field can in many ways be thought of metaphorically as an upgrade of an “operating system” and a reprogramming familiar to us through our exposure to computer systems. There are certain possibilities that only become possible when the foundation is laid and the knowledge and wisdom are present to build the potential. As this crystalline integration moves forward – we will find ourselves within reach of potentials that were so evasive or unreachable even if present in human consciousness. This will be a platform on which a world of peace will be constructed and many new potentials are dreamt into being.

Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 18 Feb 2021

Dearest Beings of Light

We welcome each and every one of you into this beautiful transmission of light. As you hold your presence within this field of energy, and you feel the influence of this quantum space of energy upon your incarnation, from deep within your being you feel a resonance of familiarity.

This is an unusual transmission, Dear Ones, for we are bringing you to a space where you begin to understand, in an expanded way, the crystalline network that holds the potential for life and incarnation into form on your planet.  This is one element of the crystalline network, but it is a profound aspect of the overall system, for it is describing the network of energy that supports the incarnation of the human soul into a crystalline network of memory that forms part of the system for reincarnation of the soul’s light.

As a soul who is part of the human experience, you have volunteered to be part of this experience in form, and although, from a scale of galactic perspective, you have had many experiences, we are illustrating the mechanism by which the light of your soul returns, through sequential incarnations, into a quantum field of resonance that’s part of the planetary sphere.

We have told you that the year 2021 will be a year of profound crystalline integration, and the scope of this statement is vast far beyond your comprehension. But one element of this evolution, intimately tied to the ascension journey, relates to an integration of the energy of incarnational cycles, and you’ll begin to understand that, as a soul, you carry multidimensional memory.

Historically, in the past, when you incarnated into your human form, you held back memory of other incarnations, and this is a system that was structured by design to remove the influence of other elements of consciousness so you could focus the experience of your soul on an energy matrix tailored to your incarnation.

As you move forward in the ascension cycle, you are experiencing a merge of many incarnational experiences, both individually and collectively. We have given you a vision of an energy system that can express, in words, an understanding of the nature of what is happening, and you see, Dear Ones, the whales and the dolphins are an intimate part of this entire system of quantum expression.

The whales have been identified as record keepers, and the reason the whales are identified in this way is that their presence, in form, is integral in holding the crystalline matrix on the planet, and within this crystalline field of energy is recorded the memory of every experience on the Earth. You can think of it as a quantum library, and the experience of every soul, in every incarnation, is held in this quantum space. It is not as if each whale is an individual library – collectively they form a quantum matrix in which this energy and information is stored. As a whale is born, they form a node in this crystalline network, and as a whale passes back into the realm of spirit, or interdimensional energy, they leave this nodal point, but maintain their connection to the overall crystalline grid. The information is held in this form, and this is one place, or one way, this information is stored. Individually, each one of
you has your own crystalline formation.

We have spoken of the crystal Cave of Creation, through which the soul’s light comes and goes each time you incarnate for a sequential incarnation, and within this crystalline structure is coded a memory of all the lifetimes and all the information that is related to the experiences of your soul.

Many of you, Dear Ones, are multi-incarnational beings. You have been here many times, and some of you from the very beginning of humanity. So, your soul has journeyed in and out of physical creation, often, and over and over again. Collectively the crystal that is related to the soul of each being is a field of crystal, or a cave of crystal, and within this structure is contained the memory of all incarnational beings through the many cycles of time.

And this network is, too, a place where the memory is held. As you move forward in the ascension journey, you can feel a new energy that is arriving or being delivered to this crystalline network, and you can see, in the middle of the vision, a golden pyramid that formed, representing the structure through which the soul uses as a geometrical pattern to incarnate through the crystalline network each time.

As the memory of your various incarnations merge into this crystalline structure, you are undergoing an integration. And in this integrated space, you are arriving at an experience of energy in which you can embody a more unified whole. As you undergo this process, you are facilitating this transformation, not only for yourself, but for humanity. We speak of the 100 th monkey – the ability for a collective to embody a certain experience when a certain number of beings within that species have undergone the learning or the change. And so, the Earth is being prepared in this way for human beings to embody a more multidimensional memory.

It’s a living memory that empowers a wisdom that cannot be contained when it is fractioned and divided from this integrated understanding. Because of this transition, you will witness a maturation of human consciousness. You’ll begin to see that the human being begins to understand. And in this space of understanding arises a tremendous compassion. It is a compassion that sees through the limitations of duality experience and allows you to look at the world through new eyes.

The reason we share this information with you at this time is to trigger a memory. For you see, Dear Ones, as you embody the ascension, you will begin to understand your role as an embodiment of a process that is connected to a profound crystalline network that is part of the collective family of light.

And so, the transition that is taking place is intimately connected to the cetaceans of the planet, and you see they work with you. The cetaceans are capable of transforming quantum energy, particularly the dolphin beings, because they have the capacity to create multidimensional form in light. This creates a living matrix on which form can take shape. It’s as if a pattern of perfection is held within the space of energy that can sing and resonate, and inspire through resonance, the energy with which it is created.

You’ll notice in the vision the dolphin beings coming and going, as if they are travelling into an interdimensional space where they return with these perfected patterns of light. This is only partially the story. The patterns also influence these beings and they’re capable of creating these patterns through their own vibrational harmonics. And as they swim through the waters of the sea, they swim through the crystalline network of light.

Many of you will see these dolphin beings in your dreams and in your visions, and they will often come in times of healing work and meditations, and they are very powerful allies to support you as you evolve in your understanding of this crystalline matrix.

As the energy is strengthened through the integration that is taking place in the days and the months, the weeks and the years ahead, this network will grow strong and powerful, and through this field of energy, many new things will come into being.
For we say to you, all that is created in form is first inspired in thought. And as the energy and the vibration of this crystalline structure is raised in the ways we have discussed, the nature of the human experience on the planet will be transformed by this integration. It is a profound time on the planet. And it is no mistake that you are attuning to the consciousness, that which we describe. Feel the joy of the dolphin beings in your heart. Let them sing to you. Let yourself feel the vibration that they emanate as you are held in the compassionate mercy of the whale beings that hold the crystalline structure in form.

You are part of a living system of light. It is profound. And you see, Dear Ones, you are only beginning. The understanding that lies before you, the wisdom that is yours to capture and integrate, the peace that is at your fingertips, and the love that dares to shine through the heart of your being, is the harbinger of a new world to come.

These words carry power and they are chosen specifically, for we see who stands before us, and we know the courage and the mercy of your soul. Do not be dismayed by the transitional energies of these days. Hold steadfast to the light in your heart.
Close your eyes and call upon the peace of the light in your soul to be present in your body, and sing with the dolphins as they dance around you, encouraging you to remember the beauty of the child that lives within.

We will close our transmission with these words that we so often repeat, for you see, Dear Ones, we are part of one family, and it is through the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you, we are One.


18 MAR 2021 

SIrian Blue White Collective II

6th Transmission – Unity with the Ascension Grid & Metatronic Light


This is the sixth in the second series presented here: Unity with the Ascension Grid & Metatronic Light. Overlaying the crystalline grid (Transmission #5) there is a grid of transformative organized light that contains quantum patterning to propel the earth forward into a quantum field of organized light that will express itself as an Ascending Civilization. We term it the Ascension Grid. You can think of this a field of higher-dimensional patterning that will interface with the crystalline grid – and through resonant contact, help remodel the patterning in the crystalline grid to support the quantum patterns for the restructuring of form life on the planet including the human blueprint. You are each awakening to the reality of your “Divine Origin” and understanding your earthly sojourn as one of many by your soul as you move the planet through the evolution of consciousness through the field of duality to the expression of unity consciousness in form. This process is overseen by many elements of spiritual expression – and can be understood as a Metatronic light field. You can think of this field as a crystalline field of light that holds perfected patterning – and sings to the crystalline energy of the earth to calibrate the vibration of the earth to a higher field of light potential. This is modelled well in the cymatic play of form energy as it responds to the field of sonic power, creating beautiful patterns of organized form through the influence of sound energy. A “new song” is being sung to your planet and it singing each of you forward into new fields of light and potential. The purpose of this transmission is to more deeply attune to the Ascension Grid and receive a transmission to support its influence upon your Merkaba field of quantum light!

Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 18 Mar 2021

Dearest Beings of Light,

We come before you and we join with you in this experience, this special transmission meditation, that forms an introduction to the quantum field of Metatronic light.  We say to you, this is but a taste of a fuller experience, and the reason for this is your body must be introduced to this energy in incremental ways, that is safe and supported, to allow your body to acclimatize to the vibration of this higher zone.

You will notice, in the journey of your meditation, that between the meditation and the patterning of light was a veil of energy that was removed to allow you access, in conscious form, to the patterning of the Metatronic field.

As you lived this experience, you also understand it had an influence on the collective vibration of the DNA molecule, and this was represented, in the transmission, in the form of a DNA molecule inside the pyramid, sitting inside the circle, where you are sitting in this quantum meditative space.

 You see, Dear Ones, everything that happens in transformation, that happens to you or through you, occurs through the axis of your own DNA system.  This, Dear Ones, is how change and transformation is ultimately delivered to the human being.

We present the pictures in a metaphoric way for your understanding.  In the reality of quantum space, things are not as linear as they are presented to you, for all of these things occur simultaneously and not in sequence.  The sequencing is so the mind can comprehend the process at hand.

This is perhaps one of the more technical messages that we have delivered to this point in time.  But you see, Dear Ones, you are beginning to understand the field of conscious light that is patterned behind the fabric of physical creation, and on this membrane of reality there is an energy that is moving through the crystalline structure of the Earth to induce transformation that vibrates through the ground and into your feet.

You are part of a collective journey.  You are one of many, and many as one.  You see, Dear Ones, we speak of unity in these transmissions, and you understand that what you do, in consciousness, and in energy, has a collective influence by raising the vibration of both understanding and presence.  This was mirrored in the teaching and in the questions that followed, so inspired by this evening’s presentation.

And in this light we say to you that we recognize the capacity of your mind to begin to expand into a field of understanding where you learn to be part of a process that serves the whole, as it is focused on by the one.

This may sound like a riddle or a statement of confusion.  We simply wish to express to you that as you open your mind to an understanding, and your reality to the experience, you are encountering things that aid in the transformation of the collective whole of humanity.

We will touch upon this again when we speak of Divine Service in the days ahead, but for now, we wish you simply to understand the origins of the patterning that sits behind the transformation that we refer to as the Ascension.

Your earth is being repatterned by structural patterns of highly integritous geometry.  And these geometries create a vibration, a song if you will, that sings to the energetic grids of the Earth.

Collectively, this patterning of light can be referred to as the ascension template. And the ascension template can be brought in meditation, and in focus of consciousness, closer to your realm for the time of the experience.

Tonight, as we sit in the collective field of this meditation, the ascension grid is positioned quantumly right next door to you.  It is as if you draw upon a higher primal light pattern, and draw it closer to humanity and to the Earth, and allow it to sing to you in ways that can assist in a vibrational shift that has the power to feel, to restructure and to restore.

These are complex concepts, but they are not beyond your understanding.  This we know, for this message you draw to you by the posturing of your collective consciousness.

We are here simply to facilitate a natural process, an organic journey, that is in nature designed by the creative force of the universe.  As you move into this time of ascension, you can imagine that the support that is present on the Earth is paramount to help safely shepherd the Earth through this zone of transitional energy, and into a new model or a new version of conscious creation.

Humanity is embedded in this creation, and the changes that are brought to the forefront of humanity are brought through the soul of an individual human being, one at a time.  As you collectively focus on this energy you are beginning to understand your ability to hold an energy pattern in place that supports the transformation of the whole of humanity.

You see, Dear Ones, there is a crystalline order at many levels and many dimensions of reality. The crystalline grid of your dear planet is going through a tremendous expansion and activation.  It is opening the nodes and nulls which have a transformative power on the planet, as discussed previously.

The crystalline grid is also receptive to higher vibrational influences, and it is beginning to be profoundly influenced by patterning that exists in a multi-dimensional plane, invisible to the human eye, in a way that will introduce patterning that will interface with the human creation, the human story.

We share this with you as a concept in this transmission and this presentation.  There is so much more to follow from this concept. We will work with each one of you, in the days and months ahead, to more deeply integrate the meaning of this message and this transmission.

It is complex in a way that will only be fully understood when you are able to look back at the transmission from a place of experiential understanding.

Do not be disarmed by any sense of confusion, or inability to grasp the meaning of the words.  The words are not important.  It is the experience that is important.  The words will take life and take shape in a way that are meaningful as you move forward in time.

For now, that is enough.  We invite you to move into the energy of the experience once again, and just allow yourself to feel the majesty of the light that is around you, the light that shines through you.  This other dimensional plane of light and consciousness that is moving ever closer to the Earth.

The time will come when the outcome of this transition will be more visible and more powerfully witnessed.  And yet it is not something that many people will ever fully understand.  Do not worry about the details – understand it is a natural process of unfolding, and that within you, you have the ability to be conscious of your bridge in energy between these multiple planes of reality and your presence on the Earth. 

Be an ambassador of the Light.  Allow yourself to represent the patterning of a higher consciousness template – in your thoughts, in your words, in your actions, and in your deeds.  You see, Dear Ones, you are love becoming.  And as we move from the lofty explanations, we remind you the most important thing you will ever learn is your truest nature. And that, Dear Ones, is to love and to be loved.

As we move out of this message, and towards the end of this transmission, we invite you to feel, within your own body, and within your own mind, the intensity of the love in which your soul resides.  Allow it to flow into you until you are mesmerized by its beauty.  And your every thought, your every word, your every deed, is but a blessing and an expression of this love that lives inside.

As we pull back for the time being, we remind you that, together, through the light of the Eternal Sun, we are with you, Dear Beings, we are One.



18 APR 2021 

SIrian Blue White Collective II

7th Transmission – Unity with the Mother and the Diamond Mother Template


The purpose of this transmission is to more deeply attune to the Diamond Mother Crystalline Grid – and Crystalline Matrix entered through Mount Ida, Arkansas – a planetary node.

The Earth is on the precipice of a new “quantum reality” – one in which the principle of ascended living weaves into the psyche of humanity in a profound new way. The birth of new material creation takes place through the matrix of the divine mother – the force of life that births, nurtures and sustains the development of new creation. As above, so below. In this transmission, we journey into the heart of Divine Mother and develop an expanded unity with the new life being born through each one of us, and the whole of Earthly life, in a myriad of ways in these days of Ascension.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – Apr 2021
UNITY WITH THE Mother and Diamond Mother Template

Dearest Beings of Light,

We come to you this evening in a unique energy for a unique expression.  As we journey through the transmissions you can see that each experience is different and uniquely tailored to the energy of deliverance that is suited to the transmission at hand.

This evening we say to you, we come with the universal force of the Mother’s love in our wings.  The journey of humanity has been fraught with challenge, and in the most recent of days, there have been any number of challenges that each human being has encountered uniquely and collectively.

In some ways this can be viewed as a trial of the human spirit.  But we invite you to view it through the lens of a different pair of eyes.  You see, Dear Ones, in the Heart of the Mother there is a wisdom that encompasses her manifestations.  

And there is a knowing that although all things are not known, there is a driving force to goodness that exists in the flow of life.  Because all life originates in the light of the Creator’s eminence, all that flows into form originates in the light.

And although the journey is fraught with challenge and experiences of different types and different kinds, there comes a day when it is time for the light to awaken to its essential nature, and to return to the heart of the Cosmos.

You see, Dear Ones, in your ever-expanding dreams of consciousness, that are part of the manifest worlds of reality, your soul has journeyed and has given rise to a myriad of creations.  

It is time for the Earth to undergo a transformation, and the transformation is by design.  For although each and every element of the story of the world, to this point in time, has its own meaning and purpose, the Earth has arrived at a place where it is appropriate to rekindle the memories of your greater spiritual being.

Each one of you is a creator in the field of creator light.  Each one of you has a unique role to play in the unfolding ascension on the planet.  And that role, Dear Ones, can take many forms, many shapes, many expressions, but the greatest of all of these potentials is to embody the Love which flows through the Mother’s Heart into each and every one of her creations.

Your physical body is a temple for the spirit.  Your physical body is prepared in the womb of the Mother, to manifest in this world.  It is in the temple of this body that the spirit dwells.  And that spirit, Dear Ones, flows through the channel of the Mother’s love.

On a larger scale of understanding, the planet, too, is a child of a greater galactic consciousness.  The Earth, too, has her mother, and the same love that flows into the heart of every human being flows into the planet.

In these days of ascension, and in the crystalline changes that are taking shape, both within and around the planet, there is an awakening of a grid of consciousness that will serve to support the future evolution of mankind.
We have labeled it “The Diamond Mother Grid” and the reason we have so entitled this crystalline structure is that the words embody the essence of that which will be given birth through its presence on the planet.

For you see, Dear Ones, as the diamond field of consciousness is held in place, it, in a crystalline or quantum way, will serve as the matrix upon which the energy of the new will take form, be nourished, and sustained.

This crystalline grid is becoming very powerful in these days.  It is being energized by the photonic light in the aspect of the galaxy through which your solar system now moves.  And with each passing day, the energy in this grid is being enhanced.

What is the nature of the energy in this grid? you may ask.  And it is for this reason we return you to the Mother.  For you see, Dear Ones, the pulse of energy in this grid contains the compassion of the Mother’s Heart.

You must think in galactic terms to truly understand the meaning of these words, for your planet is in a metamorphosis and it is changing into an elevated version of itself.  The field of energy in consciousness in which the planet will come to dwell will be enhanced by the flow of energy that is contained in this crystalline reality.

Imagine like a fish who swims in the sea, you are moving in a field of energy that is, at once, your environment and simultaneously your support.  And it is in the matrix of this energy that new thought gives rise to new creations.

In the days ahead on your planet, many new things will come into being.  So you begin to see and understand why we return to the Mother to understand the next steps in this phase of the ascension journey, because new things are brought to life in this way.

In this moment we light a torch and we hold it high, and as you look towards the torch in your mind’s eye, you will see a flame of hope.  There is a light that contains truth that shines brightly.  And though we speak metaphorically, we also speak in very practical terms.  For you see, Dear Ones, there is a luminosity that is beginning to flow into the planet that will forever change the nature of human reality.

The planet’s energy is lifting.  Your energy is lifting.  This whole of creation is being raised in vibration.  And as this gentle rise in vibration manifests into form, it creates the foundational field in which new things are possible, and when we say new things, we say new things that are supported by the nature of resonance in the field.

As this energy continues to rise, a gentle shift in consciousness occurs, such that some things could not be supported as manifestations and other things will be given the life-giving breath of new life.

You may think of each day as a wave at the shore of the ocean, and as the wave of that day washes over humanity, a little bit more of the older energy of restriction and domination is washed away.

In very real terms, Dear Ones, this will lighten your heart, and you’ll begin to understand why, in this moment of unity with the Mother, this is the essence of the transmission at hand.

In the days ahead, in any moment of time, when you feel the heaviness or the oppression of a passing energy, call upon the Mother to hold your heart.

For you see, Dear Ones, her love is always with you and it will always respond to your intention.  Her love will always allow you the freedom to make your own choices and it will shine with a gentle wisdom that will guide the path upon which those choices are made.

We say to you, you are dearly loved.  We say to you, you are dearly supported.  But what we say to you tonight is that you are forever held in the Divine Heart of the Cosmic Mother.  And her love is growing on the planet, exponentially, as we speak.

As we prepare to pull away in energy from this transmission, we remind you that, although we come into moments of more unified contact, we too are always with you in spirit and in brotherhood.  Brotherhood and sisterhood.  For you see, Dear Ones, we are part of a galactic family of light.

Breathe deeply into the energy of this moment.  Let your heart be lifted, let your energy be raised by this moment of unity – unity with the Heart of the Cosmic Mother and the galactic family of light.

As always, we remind you, through the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you we are one.



12 MAY 2021 

SIrian Blue White Collective II

8th Transmission – Unity with the Heart of the Christos


The purpose of this transmission is to more deeply attune to the Heart of Christ Consciousness

As we explore the concept of an ascended civilization, we become aware that the higher teachings of the Christos are not simply a religious teaching or profound wisdom – they represent a profound personal integration of light, love, wisdom, mercy and compassion. In this transmission, we will journey into the heart of the Christos and explore what awaits us as we learn to embody the healed wholeness of our divine potential and the Grand Plan of Ascension.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 12 May 2021

earest Beings of Light,

We join with you tonight at an auspicious time in the journey of your planet and the calendar of your planet.

As we discuss and share the energies of ascension, we welcome you into this communal quantum space where, together, we have created an experiential field of the energy of a higher octave of vibration.

You see, Dear Ones, you are gently being attuned in energy to a world of consciousness that is higher in mind and vibration.  You hold the specific purpose of holding these fields of energy in form and allowing your body to experience the metamorphosis of this spiritual transformation.

You are not alone in your journey and you are guided step by step along the way. It is at this point in our journey we pause to encounter the teachings of the precious being the Earth has come to know.  For in this being is manifest a potential for humanity that is exalted and powerful.  But you see, Dear Ones, it is not an isolated experience for one being.  It is a group process.  The Earth is slowly being introduced to quantum fields of energy that will transform the foundational tone and energy fabric of the planet.

In this space, humanity will learn to live in a vibration that is much more harmonious with itself, and with the world around, and we understand that this sounds magical as you examine the world before you at this time.

But just as the blossoming of a flower requires tremendous energy and potential, for the petals of its beauty and the fragrance of its being to emanate into the world of form, so too your planet and your hearts undergo the same transformation.

In the process of this unfolding, many things will be undone and it’s for this reason that we invite you into the bosom of love, and into the peace that was manifest through this magnificent soul as an exemplar, a way-shower, a teacher, an elder brethren.

In the words of this master it was given to you – “There is nothing that I do that you cannot do, for these things, and things greater than these, shall you do in future days”.  You see, Dear Ones, the soul of Yeshua manifested the seed potential for an awakening consciousness and a merging of the human being with its origins in the Divine.  Man and spirit, together as one.  And in this merging, a memory was created, which is a catalyst for your own becoming.

It is the teaching of this being that describes the journey of ascension, most precisely, to your frame of mind.  The ascension, however, you are living, is an integration.  Just as Yeshua manifested higher fields of light through his body, and was capable of tremendous wisdom and understanding in a world where this was not understood, for it did not operate at the frequency in which he dwelled.

So, too, you are learning to manifest an energy in a world that is sometimes at odds with the development of that potential.  And so it becomes important to learn to stabilize yourself in the peace of this higher light.  With each transmission, you see, we take a journey into a space where you attune to a higher frequency, and like the note of a song that sings through you, strikes a resonance to help you reset your energy field at a higher foundational order.

Bit by bit, experience by experience, you are allowing your energy to move into the space of a higher light reality, and simultaneously you are bridging this space with the physical molecules in your body in the world of form.

This energy is transformative, for it allows your body to reset itself to an original patterning of energy that is closer to the reality from which you have emerged into the world of form.  For you see, Dear Ones, the greatest challenge of the human being is to manifest the spirit in the body, and this is the task of ascension.

As the field of the planet expands, through your personal process, and the galactic tone that is resetting the energy of this solar system, a transformation is taking place that will allow the transformation of the planet into what you will term an ascended civilization.  Ascended in consciousness and ascended in vibrational quality.

You see, Dear Ones, in a higher vibrational space, it is natural to achieve the things you feel you must work to do in the energy of times gone by.  Imagine a place where peace and brotherhood, and sisterhood, are as natural as breathing.

Imagine a world where space is made for the body to recalibrate and heal, to rebalance its expression so it maintains full health at all times.  Imagine a world of discernment that understands truth, that recognizes wisdom, that lives in a space of effluviant love.  This is your destiny, and it is just the beginning of the world that will take form through these efforts.

We say to you, in these times, be still, be patient, be at peace.  Please do not allow the vibrations of a transforming world around you to overtake the essence of your beautiful soul.  Everything that is happening now on the planet will come and will go – it will rise and it will fall away, for there are energies of deep transformative power moving through the minds of humanity.  And things will be brought to the surface that will require great ingenuity for healing, but really what they will require is the profundity of an awakened heart.

And this energy, Dear Ones, is the energy that is introducing itself to the planet on a large scale, and in the way that will transform the nature of what it represents to be a human being.  And this, Dear Ones, will occur through you.

We bow our heads in honour of the nobility of your spirit.  We speak not in earthly terms, but in terms of the power of light.  Let the energy you carry in you be amplified. Let the love that you radiate expand.  You see, Dear Ones, ascension is not a process without purpose.  You have volunteered for such an experience because it is within the Akash of your soul.  Do not be confounded by the thoughts you hold around this process.  Return to the simplicity of the truth that love is your origin and your destiny.  For you see, Dear Ones, encapsulated in that small phrase, you will understand the story of what this is all about.

As a brotherhood and sisterhood in spirit, we join you on the journey to support you, to raise you up, to help you hold the frequencies of your destiny.  For you see, Dear Ones, you are not alone.  You cannot be alone.  You are a part of a galactic family of light, and a universal brotherhood and sisterhood, exemplified in the wisdom of the teachings that bring unity into the incarnations and allow the soul to manifest more radiantly in the world of form.

As we prepare to leave this experience, in honour of you, we say to you, once again, through the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you, we are one. 

10 JUNE 2021 

SIrian Blue White Collective II

9th Transmission – Unity with Divine Service through Presence


The purpose of this 9th transmission (SBWC II Series) is to integrate more deeply the Diamond Light Body. This is an integration that empowers “Energy Presence” that allows us to anchor new light and consciousness through our form bodies.

The journey through ascension in many ways is at first a journey of healing – one of healing into wholeness. As we travel this path we realize there are many others who travel before us, others beside us, and still others behind us. All is in divine order – but as we progress on the path there awakens an awareness of our brotherhood and sisterhood with all of humanity – and our role as our “brothers and sisters keeper”. This arises with an awareness that our role of service to awakening humanity is unique for each one of us – aligned with the attributes of our unique soul. In this transmission, we will unite with the light of illumination to support our personal vision and self-understanding in our role of service, and the forces of angelic light consciousness – to support each one of us in a journey of courage and grace.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 10 June 2021

Dearest Beings of Light,

We come to you at this moment in time in great celebration.  For you see, Dear Ones, as we journey through the series of transmissions, we are connecting with a framework of energy and consciousness that is a form of light above the plane of the 3D reality in which you dwell.

As mystical as this may seem, we invite you to understand that everything that exists in the manifest world is held into form by this quantum structural foundation. However, what is happening at this time is unique.  For you see, Dear Ones, there is a pattern of energy that exists before the ascension, and a repatterning of energy that begins to take shape and have influence on the structure of the planet as the ascension journey progresses.

As you work, and you play, in the field of energy, and you begin to evolve a deeper understanding of the nature of reality, you are beginning to allow yourself experiences that are destined to help you on your path.

As we take you on meditative journeys, through specific fields of energy, they are structured to remind you of the nature of energy in other dimensions beyond space and time.

The influence of these energies is beginning to vibrate on the planet in a very profound way.  And you see, Dear Ones, this is both a planetary and a personal process.  The Earth herself is being restructured with energy.  There are fields and templates of energy that are becoming active, that will inspire transformations on the planet, that are much more suited, in energy and consciousness, to the ascended civilization to which you aspire.

But within you, Dear Ones, there is also a transformation at hand, and it is this we address in this specific journey.  For you see, you are being INspired.  At higher levels of reality there are patterns of energy that are destined to support you in your evolution.  The patterns are common to each member of humanity, however, the manifestations that take place through the patterns are unique to your soul.

You see, Dear Ones, each one of you is a face, a facet, of a much greater face or facet, like fractals from a mother pattern.  Each one of you holds resonance with higher patterns of being.

The energy of this overlay is vibrating profoundly, and it’s helping you to restructure your energy in a way that’s more suited to your magnificence.  You see, Dear Ones, light of the Creator is meant to shine through you, and in your heart, you know this to be true.  When you stand in the space of energy, that allows you to anchor these patterns of luminosity in your body, you are stepping into the alignment of ascension.

This energy is meant to teach, to support, to nurture, and to heal. It is becoming increasingly available to each one of you in your times of meditation, and in the connections that are formed and bridged as you journey into the space beyond space.

We speak in ways that are confounding to the mind, however, please understand it is because we are addressing energy that exists in interdimensional places which you do not commonly see, however, you do commonly possess.  Each one of you is connected through your quantum axis of DNA to higher patterns of light and perfection.

As you allow the impulses of this energy to influence you, you are allowing a transformation within your being.  Some call this transformation the ascension, but we speak to you tonight in terms of what we would refer to as Diamond Consciousness.

As you move into higher dimensions of reality, there is a place where your soul’s energy holds form in such a way that it contains the potential, or the structure, of all things you experience in the world of form.

Contained within this patterning is a memory, and this memory will serve to inspire you to reignite the truth within the cells of your body. 

The influence of this Diamond Light within your system is to restore, to communicate, to repattern, to heal.  The magic of this energy is that it is a restoration.  For you see, the energy is not doing anything to you other than helping you remember the pattern of energy that you carry within your soul’s highest nature.

These are esoteric concepts and do not worry about understanding the information. Simply allow yourself to receive the energy.  For you see, Dear Ones, the energy has its own capacity to teach and reveal.  And as you allow yourself to experience these higher octave vibrations, the energy itself will reveal all you need to know.

This energy has the capacity to help you hold a higher vibration in form.  As you journey through the days ahead, through the good days, as you would perceive, and the challenging days, as you would perceive, remember, in truth, the nature of the energy you hold within you.

Remind yourself of the power of this light.  Let yourself be touched and kindled by the power of this light. Everything you need, to be in harmony, and aligned with evolution, is within you.

Remember these words, for they contain not only comfort, but also strength. 

Just beyond the horizon, there is so much magic awaiting the Earth in her destiny, and although the distance is short between now and then, there is still a pathway to cross.  Be heartened by this understanding and know you have, within you, the light to lift you up, to support you, to strengthen you, and to fill you with great joy.

We honour each and every one of you as you take steps through this transition, for we understand, very well, the challenge of this journey, but so do you.  For you see, in your soul, this is not the first time you have made such a transition, and you have within you the information, the knowledge, the memory, to guide you each and every step of the way.

There are so many beautiful things in the future of humanity, and they are being breathed into being through the magic of the ascending human heart.

You see, Dear Ones, this is the essence of your Divine service.  It is your purpose.  It is your destiny.

We acknowledge each and every one of you for the manyfold ways through which this may take form in the world of matter.  And understand, Dear Ones, the truth of this message, and the comfort it brings to the weary heart.

We love you beyond measure.  We are with you every step of the way.  And we remind you, as we prepare to leave you from the message, that through the light of the Eternal Sun, together, and always, we are one. 

15 JULY 2021 

SIrian Blue White Collective II

10th Transmission – Unity with Soul Seed Incarnation


The purpose of this 10th transmission, in the cycle of Unity Teachings, is to reinforce the connection between the consciousness of your current incarnation with your Seed Incarnation on the Planet Earth.

Each of you has lived many lifetimes on this planet which are woven into the matrix of your quantum DNA memory. Before you journeyed through the energyof an evolving Gaia, you were coded with the core knowledge of the unity of all creation. Through the soul’s journey through time, you have manifest elements of this core teaching in physical reality, without the greater awareness of the truth of this structure that is held in your soul. Yet, the memory lay dormant in your Quantum DNA, for you were seeded with this understanding before the earthly sojourn began.

As you move through the Ascension – this pulses in your quantum structure to rekindle an awakening – or more precisely a memory – of the “seed information” printed in your DNA – making conscious memory of your origin in the One Divine Reality.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 15 July 2021

Dearest Beings of Light,

We come to you in a circle of love.  You see, Dear Ones, in a journey of transmissions, we have arrived at a place where you are remembering yourself as you came to the planet.

Each one of you, a soul, Divine Light, and mercy, brilliant wisdom and a compassion that knows no bounds.  You come to the world in a radiance to journey and forget your essential nature.

You see, Dear Ones, this is by design.  It is part of the galactic becoming to blend yourself into a new world whose understanding of light emerges through the journey of a dual experience.  You have chosen well, and you have launched yourself clearly on the path of return. You speak of the journey home, and the journey home is a pathway of consciousness and energy that returns you to the truth of your essential nature.

You see, Dear Ones, when you first came in consciousness to participate in the Earth experience, you carried with you the simplicity and profundity of this light. As the energy of your soul immersed itself into the world of form, you’ve had many opportunities, many experiences, manifest, create, to experience and to grow in wisdom.  Some of these experiences will seem positive, and others seem negative.  But when you rise above the journey of the entire process, you understand both serve their role in your wisdom.  You see, Dear Ones, it is one thing to hold wisdom and another to experience wisdom through the challenge of duality.

This is a journey for the noble soul.  We speak to you tonight of returning to the soul’s seed incarnation, and you may ask the question ‘what is that?’.  We invite you to remember who you were before you experienced the world of form.  And we don’t mean simply this lifetime or this incarnation.  We mean the light who you are before you came into form the first time.

You see, Dear Ones, as this light gave birth to itself, into the form of your soul, and the weave of your incarnations as part of the matrix of this planet, profound teachings of light were given to you.  And, while profound, they were simple.  For you see, Dear Ones, they remind you of your galactic and universal nature.  As a soul fragments to manifest in the world of experiential form, the energy of its origin is restructured in such a way to allow it to reduce itself for an experience.  But while this is a perceptual experience, the truth of the connection to the origin of light is never changed.

There is a great reset happening now on the planet, and many of you are feeling called into this change.  It’s the change of a fundamental frequency, and it is an energy that will support you in ways that allow you to manifest this energy of your origins more simply and more clearly in the world of form being.

The encounter with your soul’s seed incarnation is an energetic meeting.  It is as if a tone is struck within the quantum fabric of your own DNA matrix that sings you right back to the structure of the beginning of time.  Your time on the planet had a beginning, however, your soul has no beginning and no end.

At the point of time when your soul came into the matrix of this experience, you brought with you a light and a patterning that defines your essence and purpose in the world.Although it seems, at times, hard to remember, as the experience is overlaid by quantum memories of many different experiences, a luminosity is beginning to flow through the circuitry of your quantum nature, and it is allowing you to see and understand all of these things simultaneously, at one point in time, in your body.  Many refer to this as your multidimensional nature, and indeed this is a small part of your multidimensional nature. 

You are learning to bridge an unseen world of energy into the world of form, and ultimately this bridging will transform the world of form in which it dwells. You can think of this in many ways, but, in simplicity, you are bringing higher vibrational patterns of consciousness in energy structure, from a higher level of being, through the dimensions into the physical world in which you dwell.  And imagine that this is like water moving through the soil – there’s an energy that passes, and as the energy passes it is nurturing the soil with new energy and new vitality.  And the seeds of energy that were planted so long ago begin to flourish and take form.

There are times when you hear the term ‘star seed’.  When you understand a seed, you will realize it contains the potential for the fullness of its manifestation.  Like a mighty oak from the acorn.  Each one of you, as a soul, has a fully realized potential, which was seeded in you from the beginning of your experience in the world.  You are growing into that form, and the world is at a point where it is breaking through the crust of the shell of consciousness, and allowing it to experience the light of a galactic nature, as it shines upon the fruits of its manifestation.

Just pause for a moment and allow yourself to receive the rays of this galactic sun. Feel the energy as it washes down through the system of energy you’re building around you, and into the world of form.  Just feel it move into your body, go through your body, attune your body.  Let it heal your body.  Let the energy move through your body, and feel the healing inputs as it recalibrates the energy of your cells and your energy system.

We pause for a moment to allow you to feel and experience the energy.  For you see, Dear Ones, this energy does not leave. Each time you close your eyes, each time you allow yourself to remember this space, you feel, you connect with this energy and it moves through you.

Like a mighty river flowing through the land, the energy will bring beautiful, beautiful healing, transformation.  It will nurture the energetic seeds of your Akashic memory and allow you to flourish in the world of form in a brand new way.

We’re here to remind you of why you came, and we’re here to support you in this memory.

In this space, we gently pull back, as we prepare to close the message and the transmission.  Even though these points of contact are so powerful and poignant, we do not leave. You see, Dear Ones, we are always with you.  You are so intimately close to our heart.  

Let us remind you of who you truly are.  Let us remind you of the light that lives within you.

Dearest Beings, from the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you, we are one.

12 AUG 2021 

SIrian Blue White Collective II

11th Transmission – Unity with the Light of Transfiguration


The purpose of this 11th transmission, in the Unity Teaching Series, is to immerse yourself in the transformation light of transfiguration.

As the light of your Higher Self and Creator flow through the axis of your Quantum DNA or 24th chromosome – it floods light on the quantum contents with your DNA matrix and strengthens the connection between the body and the Higher Self Continuum. This light pours the fragrance and higher-level vibration that manifests healing through the realms of energy into the physical body in flesh.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 12 Aug 2021

Greetings, Dear Ones,

We join you this evening in the light of this powerful transmission – the light of transfiguration, the light of metamorphosis.

You see, Dear Ones, we speak so often of the Ascension.  The Ascension is a transformation.  It implies the integration of fields of light and geometry that will support the matrix of your energy system to hold higher fields of light and information in the physical world of form.

This light, Dear Ones, is real.  It’s powerful, and its luminosity creates an atmosphere of experience that allows you to dwell in a space of higher frequency. 

But you see, Dear Ones, this field is held, not only through the form of the Earth, the grids of our beloved Gaia, but through the energy system of the human being.

You are being prepared, incrementally, to carry this light.  We speak to you of the light of transfiguration, for we say to you that our beloved Yeshua first demonstrated this process to his disciples on Mount Tabor.  The reason we use this demonstration in our teaching is for you to understand the integration of Divine luminosity with the physical form.  The time, Dear Ones, is at hand, for greater light and greater wisdom to be present on the planet.

We speak these words, not to the ego mind of the human being, but to the heart, and to the soul, of your essential nature.

Every human being carries within them the divine spark of recognition.  The remembrance that is but the seed of light that will grow into a magnificent field of light.  You have termed this the Merkabic vehicle, but understand, Dear Ones, that this field of light, as you learn to carry the frequency within your system, will expand into spaces and places that allow you a greater attunement to higher fields of frequential light.

As a human being, you are learning to hold this light in form.  It is a blending, a synthesis, of divinity and physicality. And as you learn to carry this light within you, its influence is to create harmony and healing.

Like water passes through soil, the energy of this space vibrates into the ethers around it.  And for the most part, this light will hold the influence of harmonization and healing. There are occasions when the light will not be well-received, and this can create moments of adversity or reaction, but do not be dismayed by this experience, for it is simply the testament to a process that is taking place, moving the planet into a higher field of being.

Allow yourself to feel the beauty and the grace that is available to you through the axis of your own being.  Allow yourself to embody this energy in the world of form.  Just as Yeshua demonstrated this transfiguration to the disciples, the days ahead on the planet will serve testament to an expanding energy, and magical experiences that will be hard to understand in 3D terms.

The mind is served to be prepared for such experiences, and this was the nature of the transfiguration.  So the apostles, whose destiny was to serve the message, and to channel the energy of the truth it contained through their own missionary experiences.

The light was meant to support them, to hold faith in face of joy or adversity.

You see, Dear Ones, the Earth is at a threshold of change.  You are moving quickly into a field where transformation at the 3D level will become more transparent and clear.

There is a wonderful opportunity for people to experience healing.  In very 3D terms you can think of it as facilitation or ease. It is easier to achieve or experience that which was difficult to achieve or experience historically in time.

In truth, it is not in time, it is in vibration, and the Earth is rising in her vibration, and therefore entering new fields of possibility.

We say to you, be of good cheer.  Let your heart be lifted by the energy of this experience.  Let yourself walk lightly, knowing that all is in grace and all is at hand.

Fear not. Be at peace.  Let these words, so wisely spoken through the eons of time, sink so deeply into your heart, and into your presence, that they are all you know to be in the world of form.

We celebrate you, Dear Ones, in this moment of transformation.  Your courage, your dreams, your kindness, your aspirations for a world of peace, are at hand.

Be patient with the workings of energy, but let yourself experience the miraculous. For it, Dear Ones, is not eons away. It is as close as your next breath.

As we begin to retract in our energy, we remind you, as always, that through the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you, we are one.

16 SEP 2021 

SIrian Blue White Collective II

12th Transmission – Unity in Ascension


The purpose of this 12th transmission in the Unity Series is to consolidate the energetic changes experienced through the journey of the Unity Teaching and Transmission Series II.

The Sirian Beings works with each person uniquely in this event to observe, support and enhance the transformations catalyzed in the ascension journey sequence. This will provide the perfect quantum energy field to nurture each one of you in your becoming aligned with the light of truth and loves that dwells within your quantum being – a being that is becoming increasingly manifest in the world of form. This provides the foundation light in which you truly manifest the purpose for which you are here at this time in Great Shift and the Ascension.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 16 Sep 2021

Dearest Beings of Light,

Behold. We come to you in the communion of this moment, for you see, Dear Ones, it is a moment when time suspends and you are immersed in the energy and the vibration of a higher field of light.  Something truer to your Source, to your origin, to your nature.

And like adventurers who have sojourned into the world of form, you are learning to reconnect and rekindle your memory, your relationship and your experience of this energy.

In the world of form, you are learning to receive, repattern and hold the energy of a higher vibrational reality.  The Ascension, Dear Ones, is an integration.  Humanity has arrived at a threshold which has allowed it to propel itself into a new octave of experience.  It is a transition, a shift of timelines. The experience of merging a new world into an older system of manifestation.  You see, Dear Ones, as we journey through the transmissions, this is what we are doing together.

You have built a foundation of understanding and attunement of energy to help you be ready and able to hold higher aspects of light in your body. We have journeyed through fields of higher quantum understanding and light and attuned to the vibration to these existent realities that are working profoundly with you now on the Earth, to prepare the Earth to reformat itself into a new existence.

We have spoken to you of the new human and the new Earth, and we say to you, you are in the midst of a sea of transformational change.  Yet you are one with the process.  It is your destiny.

The Ascension is a journey of integration.  You are not alone in the journey – you are accompanied by the light of your galactic family and by the light of the Earth herself.  Nature rejoices in the new that is to be born and manifest on this world.

Humanity is being prepared to release patterns of consciousness that hold it in a limited field of vibration.  There is a disintegration of patterning occurring, and although it is tumultuous at times, we invite you to understand the magnificence of this process of change. In your soul you understand this profoundly.  In your humanity you are called upon daily to manifest compassion and understanding, both for yourself and the world around you.

As you embody this compassion, and this wisdom, you yourself are merging with the higher fields of light.  Your body must be prepared for this, and your mind, and your emotions.  It is a teaching that comes through experience. A teaching that will allow you to harmonize yourself in such a way that you are anchored in the energy of the new at all times.

The crystalline changes are occurring that will facilitate this experience for each one of you, and for the planet as a whole, but like all things that occur, there is a vanguard, a group of experiencers that place themselves at the forefront of change.

In the transition of humanity, this occurs through a group of beings that you have come to colloquially refer to as old souls – beings who long ago seeded the earth with the consciousness of their own divine nature, and have lived through the experience of an evolving world, the fields of duality, to remember the nature of oneness, of love, the light of the Creator within you.  A buried treasure if you will.

But humanity is awakening in such a way that the energy is supported with two steps forward, one step back, the quantum field of humanity is restructuring itself. We are not here to change you.  We are here to support you in your change. This is an internal process that can only be achieved by the will of a human being.  But as you align yourself with that transformation, we are here to support you in the efforts that you bring.

Just allow yourself for a moment to receive the love we feel for you.  Just let that energy sink in to remind you of your nature. Feel the courage that begins to rise in your heart.  Feel the strength, the balance that this creates.  Just feel this in your body.  Feel the power of your heart, aligned with your spirit in this way.

Tonight is a night of celebration, for we have journeyed through the octaves of energy that you are anchoring into the earth through the cycle of transmissions. We are preparing you to integrate the energies so that you may weave them into the matrix of reality.  And we are here to support you in this process. 

We have delivered the name of the next cycle of transmissions – Weaving the Diamond Light.  For you see, Dear Ones, we are to embark on a journey of profound integration.  As you weave the light, the wisdom, the understanding, the energy, the consciousness, that you carry through the matrix of your quantum DNA, into the world of form, it is time to empower the transformation. And day by day, from transmission to transmission, each and every day between transmissions, the energy is working with you to support you in this forward movement.

In moments when you feel imbalance, stress, frustration or change, close your eyes – close your eyes and go back into your heart space and feel the peace that lives there, feel the peace that dwells in your heart, in the deepest recesses of your being.  Feel it now, and feel it at any time you need.  And let this memory reset you. Let this memory realign your energy so that you always remember who you are, truly, and the love you hold within. 

You are a beacon of hope, Dear Ones, and as you move forward you will see the fruits of your labour as the days of ascension begin to ripen, and the energy of the future is woven into the matrix, the quantum fields that hold the energy of that which is to come.

Be patient, have faith, and do not lose focus. We will journey with you all the way.

On this night of celebration we say to you, through the light of the Eternal Sun, we are with you forever, for we are one.

Sirian Blue White Transmissions III

Weaving the Diamond Light

Oct 2021 – Sep 2022

21 OCT 2021 

SIrian Blue White Collective III

1st  Transmission – Unwinding the Veil of the Mother Line


The purpose of this 1 st Cycle III transmission is to release ancestral patterns of energy carried through our personal maternal lineage.

As children, our soul incarnates precisely in a family with a chosen mother – for the strengths and challenges of the experience that will unfold in the quantum potentials of this choice. Every mother is the child of a long lineage of mothers and fathers – who carry the energy of sequential family lines before them. This carries both noble attributes of living and the challenging energy of the earthly experience. As we step into the ascension energies – it is time to release the influence of not only our own Akashic story – but the lines of energy held in this trajectory that can restrict or influence our fuller awakening and potential. This transmission will explore the meaning of this teaching and provide a meditative transmission to release ancestral patterns carried through our maternal lineage.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 21 Oct 2021

Dearest Beings of Light,

We join you for this most auspicious moment in time.  You see, Dear Ones, we are beginning the next cycle of transmissions, and it is time for us to begin to work together, to weave the diamond light of ascended consciousness through the fabric of form and into the daily lives of humanity.

You see, Dear Ones, so much of our journey has been a preparation for this process.  Step by step, as we work with you, as you journey through the process of energetic attunement to the ascension process, you build a foundation on which greater and greater elements of transformation can occur.

We’ve journeyed through the crystalline fields of perfected geometrical patterning, where light flows and is held into form through the Archangelic field of Metatronic light.  We have attuned to the sacred elements and the quantum forces that flow into the material world to create the opportunity for transition and change, healing and transformation.

Through these deep attunements, you are entering into a space where you are able to work with this bridge of consciousness as we open a portal of healing in each transmission to bring newer fields of light and information into the physical realm.

Together in this journey, we are facilitating the flow of light and information, through the quantum matrix of energy that is created through the family lines of energy.  DNA is a mystical molecule.  There is so much more to DNA than meets the eye.

For you see, Dear Ones, the DNA helix is the universal pattern through which light emerges into form, and it is represented within the DNA of your physical system.  Behind the structural matrix of DNA is a field of consciousness and light, and as you learn to access this information, the opportunity opens for you to work between the worlds of the seen and unseen.

In this gesture, you become a bridge, and in this act of bridging you can bring new potentials into form that exist beyond the physical level of created reality.  It is a healing magic. 

Because each one of you uniquely represents a portal into the quantum field of genetic consciousness that is represented in your family lineage, you are a space through which healing light can be delivered to assist those in the transition that is taking place on the planet at this time of Ascension.

It is a gift that you can bring to those who are perhaps nearest and dearest to your hearts, but its influence is far-reaching.  For as the light is introduced and supported in this way, it creates a restructuring that shifts not only the energy of this moment in time, but the energy of the past and the energy of the future.

You may think of it as a shifting timeline, and we will probe this concept more profoundly with you in future transmissions that lie ahead.

You’re beginning to understand that each step of energy is a process that builds on a future potential, and as we work together in this way, to unwind the veil of the maternal line, opening a space for further integration and transformation to occur.  We look forward to journeying with you each step along the way.

This transmission is profoundly mystical in its influence, and we ask you simply to participate and receive, and then observe.  You see, as the energy flows in this way, through your ancestral lineage, changes occur, subtle and obvious, that will be very transparent to your view.  Just allow the process to unfold as a witness. 

The light has a coded intelligence within it, for it knows how to support each and every one of you, and the lives of all of those around you who you reach, in a way that is unique, tailored and perfect.  Trust the process, the benevolence of the process, and allow yourself to be centered in the profound peace that is your birthright. 

Breathe into this peace, breathe into this moment, and feel your soul’s light within your body.

We say to you that we are profoundly touched by your participation in an energy process that serves not only to support you individually, but collectively, and in union with the entire planetary family.  You see, Dear Ones, the human family is one. And as each member of the human family works to access healing and transformation, it enhances the process for the whole.  In your perception, it will enhance the speed at which ascension is possible.  So we say to you, do not underestimate the magnificence of the work you are doing and the process at hand.

We remind you, as we take our leave for this moment, that we are always with you.  We will be with you, together, as one, through the light of the eternal sun.

18 NOV 2021 

SIrian Blue White Collective III

2nd  Transmission – Unwinding the Veil of the Father Line


The purpose of this 1 st Cycle III transmission is to release ancestral patterns of energy carried through our personal paternal lineage.

As children, our soul incarnates precisely in a family with a chosen father – for the strengths and challenges of the experience that will unfold in the quantum potentials of this choice. Every father is the child of a long lineage of mothers and fathers – who carry the energy of sequential family lines before them. This carries both noble attributes of living and the challenging energy of the earthly experience. As we step into the ascension energies – it is time to release the influence of not only our own Akashic story – but the lines of energy held in this trajectory that can restrict or influence our fuller awakening and potential. This transmission will explore the meaning of this teaching and provide a meditative transmission to release ancestral patterns carried through our paternal lineage.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 18 NOV 2021

Dearest Beings of Light,

We join you in this sacred moment of honour.  You see, Dear Ones, you are working collectively and individually into a realm of healing that will facilitate the ascension and transformation on the planet.

Although our individual actions are small, they are magnified exponentially by the power of the group working together.  Dear Ones, as you open yourself to experience these kinds of energetic moments, you are allowing a new light to weave itself into the fabric of human consciousness.  And although these steps may appear small in scope, they are profound in their implications.

You are touching thousands of lives and generations of experience in the process of what you are doing.  It’s hard to conceptualize the profundity of this action.  Dear Ones, your lives will be personally touched and altered in a positive way by the process of what you are doing, but the ramifications extend far beyond this simple outcome.

For you see, you are participating in an experience that will facilitate the collective transition of the planet.  Like a pebble in a pond, the waves created by the experience of what you are doing, will touch the fabric of time.  The consciousness that manifests through the quantum space of your vehicle is enhanced, and as you participate in this way, the energy you carry is altered.

As we have many times reminded you, the importance and the value of returning to the centre of your being, these are times of monumental change and transformation. In many ways, it is an unsettled world and an unsettled energy, continuously challenged by new experiences that are catalyzing the transformation into an ascended civilization, and we understand how easy it is to lose sight of this perspective.  We remind you, and we celebrate you.  For you see, Dear Ones, you are participating in an activity that will catalyze the speed at which the Ascension integrates into the planet.

It strikes a new tone, a new harmony, a new potential.  And like the sound of a chime or a singing bowl, will sing to the fabric of the crystalline matrix of the Earth, and like the hundredth monkey, facilitates the ability for others to do the same.

We share with you this perspective this evening, to help you understand the value and the power of the process in which you are engaged.

There is nothing you need to do to amplify, accelerate, or alter the experience, for each one of you has fully participated in consciousness and in experience.

You will notice, in the days ahead, subtle changes, gentle perturbations in the energy where you feel unsettled or unfamiliar with yourself, and we invite you to be supremely nourishing, nurturing and compassionate, as you allow yourself to experience these waves of change. 

Though we join you profoundly in these moments of communion, we are but a breath away, the moment your attention is brought upon the need.  If you feel the need for support or balance, understand in your heart that we stand with you – we are there.

There is a whole galactic family of light that celebrates this moment in the Earth’s history.  We are all there with you.  You are never alone.  And not only are you never alone, you are truly, genuinely, deeply loved.

Let yourself pause to feel this love in every cell of your being.  Let it sink into your body like water in the soil. Let yourself feel it until there is no uncertainty to the truth of those words.

As we prepare to end this transmission, we remind you, you are preparing for a glorious future.  We remind you, you are supported every step of the way.  We remind you that, together, through the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you, we are one.

16 DEC 2021 

SIrian Blue White Collective III

3rd  Transmission – Unwinding the Veil of the Souls’ Akaskic Experience


The purpose of this transmission is to release ancestral patterns of energy carried through our personal akashic lineage.

Our soul has a long “history” of incarnation through which we have lived many experiences that can influence the energy of this moment in “time”. The energy of these experiences is carried purposefully in our quantum memory – for it guides and influences us in ways that allow a progressive acquisition of memory that serves us in future incarnations. Along the journey, there is a free will component that allows us to make choices and learn about the nature of these choices – to keep our pathway aligned to a higher light and wisdom. This has been referred to as karma. At this moment in the collective evolution of humanity – the value of these energies diminishes and needs to be “cleared” to provide a necessary reset. This in essence removes the emotional overlay and energy of influence – and provides a great observership and wisdom/understanding that is direct in its influence. You can think of this as a Gift of Grace – one that allows a greater and more direct alignment with the higher overlighting light of your soul’s Higher Self and I Am Presence. As we step into the ascension energies – it is time to release the influence of not only our own Akashic story – but the lines of energy held in this trajectory that can restrict or influence our fuller awakening and potential. This transmission will explore the meaning of this teaching and provide a meditative transmission to release ancestral patterns carried through our soul’s extended lineage.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 16 DEC 2021

We join you in this quantum space of transmission in a new pattern or new form.  For you see, Dear Ones, we speak to you collectively, as one voice, one consciousness.  As we hold you in the embrace of our energy, please allow yourself a moment to feel the love, the reverence, the respect we hold for each and every one of you as you journey through these days of Ascension.

Dear Ones, you are again at the precipice of a magnificent shift in energy.  As we approach the Winter Solstice, at the threshold of a new year, we are here to tell you that things are accelerating.  The acceleration is a two-fold process.  

For part of the acceleration will come due to the influx of new frequencies of energy and light, that will begin to pulse within the crystalline matrix within your precious planet, and your physical bodies, simultaneously.

Simultaneous to this, the energy of the resolving matrix is beginning to dissolve.  This is often termed the New Earth and the Old Earth, or the New Energy and the Old Energy.  You see, Dear Ones, the energy of power that sustains the consciousness patterning of the old system is beginning to wane.

This creates, at first, a sense of struggle, and a sense of a need to hold on energetically speaking.  But as the energy flails through its last days in this way, you will see it’s losing its power.  At times it will feel like it is short-circuiting, or appearing and disappearing within a moment of time.

We share these metaphors with you because you are entering into a year of great observation.  For you see, Dear Ones, it has long been within your heart to see the energy of Ascension move forward, to build a planet based on a solid foundation of higher consciousness and peace.  These appear as dreams in a world torn by the duality of light and dark expressions.  But as you move forward, Dear Ones, the energy of unity will begin to take a firm hold as the foundation of reality.

Humanity will have experiences of moving forward and backward within this unity expression, but will quickly learn the only solution to any challenge is to unify.  And experience by experience, day by day, month by month, hour by hour, you will begin to see conscious expression of working together for the betterment of the whole.  And this, Dear Ones, is the beginning of the New World.

For the Earth to move forward into the New Energy, a prima fascia construct is a world of peace.  You will see, Dear Ones, over the years to come, this will become part of the woven fabric of collective understanding.  An energy that would work to separate this wisdom will begin to lose its grip on the collective of humanity.

We share this with you so you understand the posture for moving through the energy of these days.  For you see, Dear Ones, in 2022 you will begin to witness the evidence of the New Earth and the changes that will support this development.

As you move through the turbulence of energy that is expected in these times, do not be dismayed by the appearances on the screen.  For you see, Dear Ones, as the energy is adjusting and preparing to anchor in the new reality, there is a transition taking place.  But the energy of what is leaving, and the energy of what is coming, are worlds apart.  We have spoken of a separation of timelines and we invite you to understand this is not an event, it is a process.  And through the process and time of the upcoming days, you will see, with evidence on the screen of reality, the energy of the old is losing power.  The energy of the new is becoming luminous and inspiring.

There will be many things that come forward in the next 12 to 24 months that will evidence the potential of emerging consciousness and technology, spirituality and humanity.  You’ll begin to see the potential of the human family, and you’ll begin to understand the quantum development of the planet and how essential this is to creating the foundation for the New World to be built.

Many children who have been born for these times will begin to awaken more deeply.  They are part of the future and they have been prepared for their role in that time. 

As the energies shift in these ways, you will, too, begin to see this or witness the essence of this idea.  And many of the greatest ideas that come to your planet will come through these young minds and you will recognize them for what they are.  Celebrate this, Dear Ones.  Celebrate all of it.  For we say to you, you are on the fast track to Ascension, and to transform the world from a 3D level of vibration, immersed in duality consciousness, into an ascended civilization, inspired by the creativity of the souls embodied in form, is quite a feat.

You are well on your way in this trajectory, and as you participate in the energetic transition, you are playing a profound role in the timeframe in which this will come to pass.  Its destiny is written, but the timeframe is altered by the conscious choices of the human family.

It is for this reason we invite you to shine ever more brightly, to be at peace with the process of unfoldment on the screen of reality, to hold life, beginning with yourself, in compassion, in mercy and in grace, and to see the world around you as transient, yet precious, and to allow the beauty of the divinity that shines in your heart, rise up to meet the world where it is at this moment in time.  Troubadours of love.  Embodiments of compassion.  An all-knowing mercy, one with the Creator’s Light.

May courage be your constant ally, and may mercy know no bounds to hold you in its precious embrace.  We celebrate you, Dear Ones, as you cross this threshold of time.  Magnificent things lie before you.  Be patient, be persistent, be luminous, and be at peace.

As we prepare to take leave, we remind you, as we so often do, that together through the light of the Eternal Sun, we are with you, Dear Ones, for we are one. 

And so it is.


20 JAN 2022

SIrian Blue White Collective III

4th Transmission – Illuminating Deep Self Awareness for Personal Guidance:  A Guided Shamanic Journey


This SBWC transmission is a guided Shamanic Journey with the purpose to journey deeply through consciousness – to find fuller union with the light of the Higher Self.

Through this process, we learn to see “rightly” in our self-perception. This opens us to an honest and love-based self-examination and an open-minded self-awareness. This allows us to review the relationship we hold within ourselves and the way we relate to the world around us. It also deepens our ability to hear and trust the internal guidance we may receive – to align us individually with our soul destiny.



This transmission was a guided shamanic journey and no channel was given.

LINK to Meditation:


17 FEB 2022

SIrian Blue White Collective III

5th Transmission – Illuminating True Self Worth:  A Guided Shamanic Journey


The purpose of this transmission is to correct distortions in humanity’s perception of self worth.

Through the journeys of the ages, the Soul has learned to obscure it’s luminance in the world of form – through betrayal, judgement, false teachings, oppression, manipulation, hatred and fear . It is time for each one of us each to embody the luminous potential we each carry and remove the obscurations. it is time for the cloak of unworthiness to be lifted so we may know true peace, true power and the potential to manifest an all encompassing faith and love.



This transmission was a guided shamanic journey and no channel was given.

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17 MAR 2022

SIrian Blue White Collective III

SBWC Transmission III – 6: Retrieval Series:  Illuminating YOUR Spiritual Path

17 Mar 2022


The purpose of this transmission is to illuminate YOUR unique path as we move more powerfully into the days of Ascension.

As you move forward in your Ascension Journey, you have a path that is unique and personal to you. This path will be a reflection of your Soul’s Essence and aligned with the purpose of your Higher Self Configuration. The path is not set in stone – it is a living journey of revelation and embodiment. You will be guided, inspired and led toward a larger “goal” that is over-lighted by your Higher Self Being. This transmission is to empower this communication so you may more clearly follow this inner compass and the magic synchronicity that unfolds from listening to our inner wisdom.



This transmission was a guided shamanic journey and no channel was given.

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14 APR 2022 

SIrian Blue White Collective III

7th  Transmission – Crystalline Embodiment:  Pineal Empowerment


The purpose of the transmission is to empower the function of the pineal apparatus on a multidimensional level – to enhance communication, revelation, and higher intuitive function.

“When thy eye is single, thy whole body will be filled with light.”

The Pineal gland is modeled on the form of a pine cone which is an array of energy that aligns with Golden Mean Geometry. As the pineal gland “opens, expands or activates” – the energy seeded in the pine form opens – bridging crystalline communication across many dimensions of energy. At this time in the Ascension journey – it is time to support this natural evolution so that the soul and the human mind operate in greater unity and purpose. In this transmission, knowledge related to this process will be explored and the transmission will support this natural unfoldment in all attendees.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 14 APR 2022


Dearest Beings of Light,

We come to you at a very special moment in your ascension evolution. For you see, Dear Ones, you have been working to develop and integrate the higher dimensional energies which we introduce and speak of in our transmissions.

The time has come for a deeper physical integration of the energy and consciousness that you contain in your soul.  You see, Dear Ones, your life is an expression of your soul’s being and as we move forward in the energy, it is possible for the soul to express more fully, more powerfully, and more directly, through the vehicles of your body, your emotions, and your mind.

Some say the veil is getting thinner, but we would address it in a slightly different way.  For we would say to you that the veil keeps the worlds of spirit and physical creation apart in perception, but you are learning, Dear Ones, to pierce the veil in energy and consciousness, and allow yourself to receive the light, the support, the wisdom, and the healing that you hold in the very axis of your own soul’s presence.

The pineal gland is a portal – a place where energy can convey between dimensions. It is a place where you can see energetic things that exist in a multidimensional world.  Now please understand when you see things in energy of this nature, they do not always make sense to your rational mind.  For the soul speaks in a language of direct communication, metaphoric meaning, and visual analogy, as well as direct knowing and profound sensory experiences.  It’s not just another language, it’s another form of communication.

As your pineal gland is empowered, your connection, your openness to this interdimensional realm is expanding.  And this expansion has many purposes, many meanings and many outcomes.  For you see, as this energy is enhanced, you become more perceptively aware of the truth of your spiritual nature.  You understand your consciousness originates from a level that is transcendent to the simplicity of the form world.  You are born into the form world for your soul to experience, and you become a soul-based being whose identity is first of the soul, and second as a human being, understanding the experiential nature of human life.

You begin to understand your life on earth has purpose and meaning that is governed by your soul’s design.  As the pineal portal is activated, you begin to have access to energy and information – you can call this light.  As the light flows into your being, it brings with it a higher dimensional experience of energy.  It’s an energy which has the capacity to develop great harmony of being within the physical body, and this, Dear Ones, is a key ingredient in your healing, as well as your ascension evolution.

As you open yourself to this energy, it will support you in moving forward.  But you will also see, Dear Ones, that this opening improves communication between the world of form and the world of spirit. Some of you will experience visual phenomena.  You will see energetic things in your mind’s eye, or in the 3D world in a dimension of energy that is unusual to the 3D realm.  Others will develop different forms of enhanced sensation.  You may notice an ever-increasing intuitive power – a sense of knowing that is direct and immediate.  You may sense messages or words of meaning to convey – sometimes audibly, inside your mind’s eye, and sometimes expressed in the form of language or channeled meaning. 

The other senses may also enhance.  You may smell fragrances; you may sense people close to your heart – beings close to your heart. You may even see, sometimes, other souls or other beings with whom you are familiar.  Because you begin to understand there is a communication that exists between these worlds.

And the purpose of this enhanced communication is not to glamourize the ability, but to understand it is there to serve you in your purpose.  To serve you in your spiritual development, in your engagement with the world, with humanity, through the guidance that comes from the spiritual realm.

So much could be spoken of this type of activation, but better than words are the experiences you live within the depths of your own consciousness. For you see, as you learn, the experiences are also teaching you, and empowering you, and helping you to develop a posture of energy that is centrally aligned in its power – the vision of your soul.

As the energy supports you in this process, remember always to nurture yourself through the integrations, for when we speak of energy and consciousness, we are speaking of an energy that touches your energy system and helps to recalibrate or reorganize the energy system to support you in your forward momentum. This doesn’t happen all at once. It is a process that instills and takes a little time each step along the way. 

And as you’re aware of the nature of the process, we remind you to stay centred in the process, and to nurture yourself wisely, to rest when you need rest, to drink when you need water, to take time in nature when you need to feel balance and harmony, to take a bath and relax and remember to breathe.

This is a special moment in your evolution, for many magical things are yet to come. But perhaps the most magical among them is the awakened human heart, aligned with the courage, the power, the vision and the potential to integrate the energies available at this time through the process of ascension on the planet.  And this, Dear Ones, is who you are.

We will continue this message as we move forward through the transmissions of crystalline embodiment.  But for now, we take a moment simply to honour you, to love you, and to remind you of your beauty, and your spiritual magnificence.

As we take our leave, for now, we remind you, Dear Ones, that we do not really leave, for together, through the light of the Eternal Sun, we are with you always, for we are One.


5 MAY 2022 

SIrian Blue White Collective III

8th  Transmission – Crystalline Embodiment:  Deep Etheric Clearing


The purpose of this transmission is to provide Energetic support to clear the etheric body of densely impacting energies that restrict vibrational acceleration.

The etheric body is composed of invisible or “etheric” energy – and like a living blueprint, holds the living form upon which the human body is constructed. This body also channels energy through a vast network of nadis and meridians to provide energy that is essential to vital components of human anatomy and physiologic function. It is also essential to circulate energies that require integration into – or – elimination from the system.

As the human body learns to operate in higher vibrational energies – the quality of energy in the etheric body must be “upgraded”. We will work together in this transmission to provide a pulse of energy specifically natured to transmute etheric energies that are congealed or crystallized in a way that impedes healing, balance and optimal function. This will help prepare the body to receive energies that are integrating at this time in the Ascension Experience.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 5 MAY 2022


Dearest Beings of Light,

We use that word with more and more precision as we move forward in time, for your luminosity, from our perspective, is breathtaking.

You see, Dear Ones, you are learning to embody light. You are learning to become a temple for the reception of higher vibrational energy and information. This is an evolution of consciousness, it is a transformation of consciousness, and it represents, in the truest nature, the ascension journey.

You are beginning to understand more profoundly how the energy of ascension impacts the physical body and the world of form. For you see, as your consciousness expands, and the energy contained within your system is enhanced, there is a series of what you would term upgrades or enhancements that take place to facilitate forward momentum in the process of ascension.

The physical body has been anchored in your experience of this lifetime for many years, and in that period of time there have been both elevated experiences and condensing experiences, and you may notice that within the framework of your energy and your body, certain restrictions and patterns tend to develop.

To be able to incarnate more fully in the body, the time has come for an energetic acceleration to help release structured energies within the etheric system that have developed in this lifetime, and at times are patterned from overlays of energy from earlier lifetimes, or the soul’s patterning, for the purpose of your incarnation.

Your etheric body is an energy body, but it is a body formed of energy that forms from the matrix of the Earth.  As a soul who is incarnating on the planet, you draw upon the etheric energy of the planet to build an etheric body that will be the blueprint for your individual incarnation. 

In the nature of the ascension and the transition at hand, the energy with which we work in this transmission is to pulse a new clarity, and an empowerment, through the field of etheric energy and allow you to again feel the power that rises within you from your connection to the crystalline Earth.

Through this connection and communication, energy can be delivered to the etheric matrix of the body to support its ongoing balance, healing and restoration. We encourage you to take time, not only in meditation, but with nature. Allow your body to connect to the Earth and the elements.  Spend time walking in nature.  Swim in the ocean.  Walk barefoot in the field.  Let your body feel the energy of the Earth and your connection to the Earth in a profound way.  For you see, this connection, this energy, enhances the process of your etheric wellbeing. As you do this, become aware of the energetic support from the higher dimensional octaves that are providing a new pulse of energy and healing to support this process simultaneously.

This is what we are experiencing in the transmission, but it is not limited to the transmission.  The transmission is simply a catalyst, or a moment of highly conscious awareness, but this process is with you all the time. 

Your body is truly a temple.  It is a temple of the soul’s light and consciousness.  It will tell you what you need to know to care for it wisely, to nourish it, to exercise it.  It is your greatest ally in the physical realm.  And the physical health is profoundly supported by your etheric health. When you understand this mystery, you will have unlocked a key of healing.

Allow the Earth to sing to you through your etheric structure.  Allow the universe to sing to you through your etheric structure. Let the vibrations you receive recalibrate your system today, tomorrow, every day, every tomorrow, and you’ll see, as you move in attunement with this universal harmony, the health you will experience in your body will be profoundly enhanced.

Stay in a space of open anticipation and joy.  Although the experiences through which the world is passing in this present time are heavy and full of burden, a new day is dawning, and in many ways these experiences will provide the catalyst that will accelerate the speed of arrival of the new world at hand.

Understand this.  Be wise to this greater knowledge, and let it bring peace to your heart so that you may be the burning light, the glowing field of compassion, the luminous understanding, that helps bring peace to your brothers and your sisters all around the planet.

We tell you, you are loved beyond measure, and we remind you that you are not alone. And as we recede in energy at this moment, we depart with the constant reminder that we are always with you. – you cannot be alone.  And through the light of the Eternal Sun, burning luminously in the flame of your etheric being, together with you, we are one.


16 JUN 2022 

SIrian Blue White Collective III

9th  Transmission – Recalibrating the Mental & Emotional Body for New Human Expression


The purpose of this transmission is to provide Energetic support that may assist in the clearing of dense emotional energies held with the emotional body of every human being. It is also to provide a surge of energy to support the decrystallization of mental body energies that hold the old patterns of mental structure in place, patterns which may be limiting to the forward movement of the Soul’s intention.
It is a challenging experience for many reasons to move through the ascension paradigm where one is transported from a “concrete but transient” frame of reality into a whole new paradigm of thought and potential. Each person has a unique history and experience – however, a common thread is the limitations held in the framework of this history by mental and emotional energy patterns. To move forward with greater ease and grace, there is “a release” required, to help liberate the potency of the emotional and mental energies held in one’s system, which tend to hold the past in form.
In this transmission, you will be supported in weaving energy through the energy bodies you carry – to facilitate a transition into the freedom and wisdom of New Human Consciousness.



Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 16 June 2022

CRYSTALLINE EMPOWERMENT: Recalibrating the Mental and Emotional Body for New Human Expression

Dearest Beings of Light,

Once again, we join you in this moment of conscious communion with the Divine Light of the Creator.  You see, Dear Ones, we speak in a language that seems poetic at times, but we are describing an energy that is universal and pure.

When we speak to you as a Being of Light, this is not an expression or compliment that is excessive in any way.  For you see, Dear Ones, in the depths of your truest nature, this light, this consciousness is who you are.

You are beginning to understand that when we work with you in these transmissions, we are collectively creating an expanded field of light that serves your healing and transformation.  At times, we work with aspects of energy that are interdimensional, or quantum, in nature, and at times we work very intimately with you in the energy bodies that form part of your matrix of human expression.

You see, Dear Ones, you are more than a body.  To exist as a human being, you have many fields of energy that comingle to allow you the opportunity to exist and play in the world of form.  The etheric body is the field of light that is a blueprint to your physical vehicle, and you may have noticed gentle transitions in this energy have taken place in the work that we previously achieved in the last transmission.

Tonight’s energy works at a different level of being – the mental and the emotional bodies that serve you in your physical incarnation.  You see, Dear Ones, your mental and emotional energies have many impacts from experiences, not only in this lifetime, but also the energy overlay chosen by your soul at the beginning of your incarnation.  This is done, by design, to serve the purpose for which you come to the planet.

As the Ascension energies are activated, the nature of these bodies is ‘due’ for an upgrade, or a transition.  The things that seem challenging to achieve, in the collective world of humanity, are more easily achieved as these energetic attunements are realized.

Some of this involves a release of patterned memories and patterned beliefs, that have served you well in this, or prior, incarnation.  But the time has come, gently, to allow them to release. This will provide a recalibration of these vessels or aspects of energy, so that they may be utilized by your spirit, your higher self, in a brand-new way.

We say to you that it is important to be understanding and compassionate with yourself as you undergo this adjustment.  For you see, Dear Ones, it is not easy to lose your mind, however, you are not losing your mind – your mind, in fact, will be strengthened and enhanced in the energies to come.  They will be aligned with the energy of the emerging world of the new times.

As you undergo these integrations, you will feel a loosening of the energy within your system.  The tensions, the restrictions and the patterns of energetic behaviour, that create restriction and tension in your system, will be touched by the transformation. As the energy of the emotional body is enhanced, it will also create a greater fluidity of expression, where you feel yourself present in the flow of the truer nature of reality.

Words do not do justice to the nature of this experience, and we remind you, once again, that the transmissions are experiential in nature.  We convey these words to support you, to appease your consciousness so you understand the purpose and the power of that which you are permitting yourself to experience.

We remind you that the purpose of all of this transformation is to rekindle an awareness of the truer nature of your being.  You see, Dear Ones, each one of you is a Starseed.  Your consciousness has travelled over many civilizations, many worlds of light and experience, and is here on our beloved Gaia, at this moment in time, by design. Each one of you has a purpose in the transformative ascension.

At times this may be transparent, and at times it may be opaque.  We say this to you for your understanding – that the energy of these times feels more opaque than transparent, for it is a time of metamorphosis and release.

Oh, Dear Ones, remember to be gentle with yourself in the days, the weeks, and even the months that follow. So much is happening just invisible to the human senses, that it’s preparing the Earth to experience a luminosity and a glory that is unimaginable in the energy of these times.  Do not be dismayed or discouraged, and if you find yourself in these vibrations, remember this moment, and remember these words – Let your heart be light.

As we begin to close the message for this evening, we remind you, in all sincerity, that you are never alone, that through the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you, we are one. 

14 JULY 2022 

SIrian Blue White Collective III

10th  Transmission – Catalyzing the 24th Chromosome


The purpose of this transmission is to enhance the quantum activation of the 24th chromosome.

The 24th chromosome is a non-physical aspect of your DNA systems that are connected to your soul and Higher Self continuum – forming the blueprint for your soul to incarnate in the Earth cycle at different points of time – as “incarnations”. The light and information in the 24th chromosome are enhanced now as the Earth and Solar system move more deeply into the photon stream. This is beginning to powerfully activate the multidimensional nature of reality which is increasingly perceived and experienced by awakening human beings. In this transmission, we will work together to “catalyze” the 24th Chromosome beyond healing – toward New Human Evolution.



Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 14 July 2022

CRYSTALLINE EMPOWERMENT: Catalyzing the 24th Chromosome

Dearest Beings of Light,

We join you at this most auspicious moment, as you begin to experience greater and greater fluxes of quantum light.  You see, Dear Ones, we have spoken to you in the teachings this evening, of the 24thchromosome, and explained how the activation of this structure provides an interface between the physical reality, that you know as your body and your life, and the world of spirit from which you emerge.  The 24thchromosome is an organizational field of energy and information, quantum in its nature and universal in its design.

It is an energy structure, a system, that carries quantum information in a way that is very difficult to conceptualize in the human mind.  For you see, Dear Ones, the structure is organized in a way that it is an interface of communicative bridging between the higher self and the soul that emerges into the form world or incarnational experience.  

Contained within the structure of the DNA is information that pertains to your full incarnational cycle.  Yes, there are memories of past lifetimes.  There are also probability encodements of future lifetimes contained within the structure itself.  The molecule is a living pattern of light.  It interfaces in a quantum way with the genetics of your body, the 23 pairs of chromosomes that you know to be at the central nucleus of every cell in your body.

Information is pulsed or channeled between this structure and the genetic information in your physical vehicle, but it is so much more than that.  You see, Dear Ones, within the 24thchromosome is a consciousness of the divinity, the pattern, the emergence of consciousness that each one of you contains as a soul that is participating in the earthly experience at this time.  This is the energy pattern that provides a bridge between physical creation and the divinity of the human soul.

This pattern is being activated in a very powerful way at this point in time in the ascension journey.  It is being activated to allow you to more fully receive the light encodements and the gifts that come with this expanded bridging.  You have been preparing for this activation through your healing work and ascension experiences through the last number of years in your lifetime. As this occurs, you will learn to embody more light and a greater consciousness while you are present in your physical body of form.

You see, Dear Ones, this is the nature of Ascension. It is the delivery mechanism by which this light passes from an interdimensional space, through a field of organized energy, through the channels of energy that connect you in your physical vehicle to this energetic space.

We will explore with you the meaning of this expansion in the messages as we move forward.  But for now, it is enough to understand simply the mechanism by which this light transfer does occur.  

As integrations take place and adjustments are made in the consciousness field of light and information, you will see that things begin to make sense in your mind in a way that was not possible for you before this integration occurred.  It will facilitate for you the process of living in a higher dimensional energy experience.

We say to you that this is the nature of the ascension process, but you see, Dear Ones, it is entirely through the design of your higher self and your soul.

As we all bear witness to the ‘becoming’, that is taking place through this energetic integration, we observe you with admiration.  With great love we honour your courage and your wisdom to follow the call of your heart.

For you see, Dear Ones, in retrospect you will understand, in a greater way, the nature of the work you are doing, as you learn to embody this presence, in the process of becoming, as you return to the essence of your truest being.

You are dear, each and every one of you, to our hearts.  We love you beyond measure.  And as we ascend in our energy, and close this transmission, we remind you once again, through the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you we are one.

11 AUG 2022 

SIrian Blue White Collective III

11th  Transmission – Restranding the DNA


The purpose of this transmission is to deepen one’s conscious understanding and calibration with the Quantum DNA Matrix holding each and every human on the planet and the galactic metamorphosis that is fueling this moment of evolutionary change.

As a follow-up to the July transmission, the transmission will further catalyze the DNA. We will work to restrand communication links in the Quantum DNA field to bridge conscious connection with aspects of the multidimensional self to facilitate the “becoming” alive in the New Energy Paradigm.



Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 11 Aug 2022


Dearest Beings of Light,

We join you, once again, in this transmission where you journey into the power of your awakening quantum nature.  You see, Dear Ones, we are working within the recesses of the quantum field of the DNA system with you, to help you in the support of recalibration of your energy system to allow you to receive, in more direct communion, a conscious connection with the elements of your soul. 

We’ve spoken often and widely about the nature of the 24thchromosome. And we focus our attention at this time on the concept of restranding the DNA.  We say to you the strands are not physical structures. They are quantum filaments of light and information that are a mosaic composite within the fabric of the DNA system.

This is a difficult concept to understand at first in the physical form.  So we invite you to relax your thinking around the concept and simply experience the power of this internal communion.

You see, Dear Ones, you are at the threshold of a new world.  There are many changes that are occurring on the planet, and we say to you that you are part of this energetic evolution.  It was written in your soul to be part of this transformation as the Earth journeys through this moment in time.

Your history on the Earth is long and varied.  You have many memories and subconscious memories of other experiences and other incarnations, and incarnations yet to come.

But you see, Dear Ones, you are learning to embody, in the form world, a communion with all of these aspects of yourself in a more conscious way while you are manifest in the form world.

We say to you, the energy of the DNA system is profound, and you are beginning to experience the light fluctuations that interface between this quantum structure and world of energy and the human energy system you hold in your body.

Historically these were held separate in consciousness to allow the experience of human life in the world of duality.  But as you evolve and ascend into the world becoming, you will see that this will serve you less, and as you awaken to your spiritual essence, the communication is necessary to help you hold consciousness of this world of spiritual reality.

Dear Ones, each one of you is learning to commune more directly, and more intently, with the invisible world of quantum forces that exist external to the physical world of manifest creation.  You are learning to encounter these energies and allow them to assist you, through their vibratory resonance and harmonic order, to restructure your energy system to one that will support you more clearly in the energy of the future to be. This is a necessary preparation.  And while this sounds magical and magnificent, we must acknowledge that it comes with challenge.

You see, Dear Ones, we understand it is not at times easy to receive the energy and integrations that are part of this transformation.  It is one of the many reasons we love you dearly, and it’s one of the many reasons for which you have volunteered to be part of the transformation.

In the recesses of your being you know much more than you do in the conscious mind of your personality.  You are aware of the essence of what is taking place, and you understand the call in your soul to be part of the evolving journey, and we commend you in your courage, your tenacity, and the magnificence of your spirit as you participate, with perfection, in this ride.

We say to you, Dear Ones, once again, the energies of the Earth, and humanity’s life upon her surface, are turbulent in many ways at the moment.  But we promise you this is a transient experience that is part of the awakening process. 

For you see, dear Ones, as humanity evolves, it must learn more and more early to choose in consciousness, with destiny, and there are many events which trigger reflection, heartbreak, hope, and love, all destined to be part of weaving the fabric of energy that will serve as the foundation for the energy of the world to come.

This process is at once very complex and very simple, and we invite you to live the experience from the posture of your heart.  It is time for you to understand the power you hold within you, to convey the peace of your spirit every second of every day, every moment in time.

You are a being of magnificent wisdom, deep compassion, profound spiritual love and wisdom beyond measure.  As you journey into the vibrations of arising energy and consciousness, you are part of the shift that is bringing, into the world of form, the possibility that the ascension contains seeded within its understanding and wisdom.

While you observe the events around you, with the posture of an ascended spirit, you are not simply an observer in the process of ascension. You see, Dear Ones, you ARE the ascension.  It is the embodiment of the ascension that will bring forward the energy into the manifest world.

This will allow you a shift of perspective to understand your potential, to live on this ascended posture of consciousness.  But as you align your consciousness in this orientation, we remind you you are not alone.  You see, Dear Ones, the tools and the opportunities that you are given to help accelerate the process of energetic transformation are there by merit. 

It is the magnificence of your spirit that has called the beauty of such transformation upon you.  In that journey, while you travel together, in this beautiful group, we, too, are with you in consciousness, in heart and in spirit, and we remind you, as we journey together, you are not alone.

We remind you that through the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you, we are one.


8 SEP 2022 

SIrian Blue White Collective III

12th  Transmission – New Human Genesis


The purpose of this transmission will be to harmonize fully with the process of New Human Genesis.  

These are simple but powerful words.  An integral process is taking place that is changing the energetic and consciousness essence of being human.  Occurring first internally, it will eventually manifest externally – and we term this process New Human Genesis.  In essence, it defines a process of human transformation from Homo Sapien to Homo Universalis, that is occurring through the process of Human Ascension.  You are an integral part of the story in your experience as a transforming Star Seed.  


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 8 Sep 2022


Dearest Beings of Light,

We come to you, at this time, in celebration.  In many ways it is a ceremony, a graduation, an evolution of consciousness and energy.

As we immerse ourselves in the energy of this transmission, you are beginning to feel the deeper integration that comes with the ascension journey.  You have been preparing yourselves to receive a greater quotient of Divine Light. 

You see, Dear Ones, as spiritual beings, the light that enhances within you is the radiation of your heart, and you have been preparing your physical body, your mental body, and your emotional body to receive a greater attunement to the Divine Love that is the essence of your own higher self being.  For you see, Dear ones, you too are an aspect of the Creator, the Divine.

As you integrate the energies of the heart, you will also discover an expansion in luminous wisdom and knowledge, for you see, Dear Ones, the wisdom and knowledge, coupled with the power of an awakened heart, is a divinely creative force.

The flow of energy between your higher mind and your higher heart becomes an anchoring template, or patterning of energy, to support you in your development into the energies of the ascension journey.  And although these words may sound metaphysical, or quantum, in concept, we assure you this is an actual experience, and you are learning to merge with the energies and patterning of this principle.

You see, Dear Ones, there are many geometries of light that interface with the human energy field, and the structure, and nature, and resonance, and power of the tone of these vibrations enhances as you ascend in energy and the Earth ascends, too, in her frequency.

The strength, if you will, of these vibrations, is growing stronger, and you are becoming more integrated and able to receive the support and frequency that emits from these sacred patterns in the Creator’s mind.  These geometries are destined to support you in the steps of the ascension, and they will sing to you from many directions and many dimensions simultaneously.

For you see, Dear Ones, as the energy sings through your quantum structure, the energy also sings to the Earth and all of humanity.  These patterns of energy are becoming alive, and they are providing an effluvium of energy to nurture and support the growing seeds of Divine incarnation.

You see, Dear Ones, you are an embryo of light.  You are forming a new pattern of light that is one with your physical structure, and human energy biosystem, and it is creating an expansion that integrates with your energy fields.  As you learn to journey through this integration, and receive the light that is produced by these coherent fields of presence, you will begin to more powerfully feel and come to know the inner light of which we have spoken to you many times.

You see, Dear Ones, there is nothing to do but allow.  This process is as natural as the evolution of a growing plant, or growing child in the mother’s womb.  There is an innate knowledge, an innate wisdom, that understands the process and knows how to activate the sequential changes in the development of what it needs.

You are receiving the energy of this development and integration, and our teachings are to bring you comfort in the process of the journey, and to provide energetic support so that within your biosystem you can more gracefully integrate these energies of change.

We understand the turbulence of transformation.  We can see how unsettling it can be to be living in a disintegrating paradigm, while the vision of the new world is still ethereal and uncertain.  But we remind you that in the essence of your soul, you understand this process in its entirety.  You understand the nature of this journey more deeply than you could ever imagine in your mind.

You will see, as we move through the energies of the upcoming months and years, there will be sequences of experiences that are tailor-made to accompany you on the journey.  They are designed to support transformation.  You must become comfortable with the sense of instability that accompanies change, and find stability in the assuredness of the light in your heart.

You see, Dear Ones, the nature of life is change, but as things change around you, you will find a compass in the centre of your being that will always show you where you are at each moment in time.  It is often said you are learning to live in the moment, and the essence of this statement is true, for as you find solace in your heart centre, in the reality of the world that you know, you will see a peace is an integrated part of your presence, that will accompany you through any trial or tribulation, any experience, positive or negative, through perception, to the other side.

There is no force stronger on the planet than the power of an awakened heart.

We remind you, Dear Ones, that you do not journey alone.  You journey with a vast legion of support and angelic forces, as well as light beings from many star civilizations, that have a profound interest and support in the journey on which you embark.

Everything you need will be given to you. Everything your heart desires will be aligned with your forward movement of energy.  Do not be confounded by thoughts and emotions that can stray from this purpose or understanding.  Observe them as you would a benevolent child, and allow yourself to return to the centre of your being.  There you will find the peace that passes understanding, and you will begin to take home, take solace, in the presence of this space.

We journey with you, for we understand the nature of this transition, and we remind you that together, and always, through the light of the Eternal Sun, we are indeed with you, for we are one.


Sirian Blue White Transmissions IV

New Human Journeys

Oct 2022 – Sep 2023

6 Oct 2022 

1st Transmission – THE ORIGINAL TEMPLATE


The purpose of this transmission is to calibrate one’s energy system with the Original Divine Blueprint.


There are a group of souls who first came to Earth through the Lemurian Civilization. Some souls were descendent children of the Original Pleiadian Mother’s.  Others were born as offspring of these children.  In this original seeding there was a Universal Pattern that was integrated in the DNA of Humanity.  We can refer to this pattern as The Original Template.  The energies configured in the template for each soul were in many ways unique – yet the geometrical pattern is consistent.  With subsequent lifetimes of experience the instructions in this template have “weakened” by design.  It is time to catalyze the Template and “ring it alive” to resonate with the Ascending Human Energy System.   Together we will make a New Human Journey into the original template!



Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 6 Oct 2022


Dearest Beings of Light,

We welcome each of you to this first transmission of the new year’s cycle, Meditative Journeys in the Quantum DNA.  You see, Dear Ones, it is time for a powerful catalysis of energy within the 24thchromosome structure.

We have introduced the concept in many ways, and you are becoming familiar with the concept of the 24thchromosome, representing a portal or access, between the physical world of form, your spiritual nature, the divine experience of the soul in form, your Higher Self, the Creator, the galactic family of light.

As you journey through the integration of this energy, and the structural support of quantum energy to help you interface with the higher dimensional realms, you begin to understand the potential of the human being to become a synthesis – the Divine incarnate in form.

 You see, Dear Ones, when we speak of divinity, it may at times seem like a lofty concept, something of which you are unworthy or do not understand.  These are historical tracings of energy that are part of the fabric of collective human consciousness, and embedded through the sequence of many experiences on the Earth.

But you are coming to understand the illusory nature of this separation, for even though you may believe at moments in time that you are separate in consciousness, and in energy, from the Creator, this Dear Ones is but an illusion.

As an illusion it can seem powerfully real, and it can even seem inappropriate to consider yourself in this way, but we say to you that the truth, Dear Ones, is the truth, and each of you is a radiant energy from the creative heart of the Great One.
The time is at hand for an expansion of the energy contained within the 24thchromosomal matrix.  In the days and weeks and months ahead, we will explore the experience of this becoming. Please note that we do not say explore the knowledgeof this becoming, for it is something that can only be gleaned through experiential integration.

You see, Dear Ones, in the quantum realm, it is impossible for the linear mind to fully comprehend the nature of reality.  And this is through no fault or insufficiency, it is the nature of things in the 3D world.  But you, Dear Ones, are not limited to the 3D world.  You are developing a portal of communication, a bridge of wisdom and understanding, that allows you access, not only to knowledge, but energy – an energy that has a transformative power.

You interface with this energy in familiar ways, for you see, Dear Ones, the energy at this level of experience is collective in nature, and its patterns are based upon universal structures that have a perfection of energy coordination to develop the experience of creating organized energy in dimensions below.

You can think of it as an energetic blueprint.  The energies that are beginning to develop within the 24thchromosomal matrix are here to support you in integrating the energy and the power of these potentials, and to hold it within an expanded energetic system that is one with your human body and your DNA.

The words are simple yet the experience is profound, and it is, Dear Ones, a process. It could not happen all at once, for it would be an overwhelming experience to the circuitry of the human energy system.  It is something to which the body must be introduced in pulses and waves of experience.

You are beginning to understand, through your recognition of these words, the nature of our transmissions and times together.  For you see, Dear Ones, it is these energies that are assisting you in developing what we have termed the diamond light body.  And this is a vehicle of quantum energy and consciousness, bridging to your 24thchromosome, and allowing you to manifest an expanded energy in the world of form.

As you learn to take on this energy, there are adjustments that need to be made and experiences through which you must nurse yourself in experience.  Understand the importance of being gentle with yourself, supportive and understanding, nonjudgmental and kind.

Allow yourself, day by day, to become more familiar with the qualities and attributes of the energy you are learning to embody.  For you see, Dear Ones, it is not simply an embodiment, it is a becoming. It is a process through which the human body has the capacity to materialize higher divine attributes of expression.

We have said to you many times that humanity is on the threshold of an ascended civilization.  It makes sense to realize this can only occur by a transformation within humanity itself. The Earth has long been preparing herself to receive this energetic adjustment, and she is working with humanity to support the transfiguration of energy that will create this eventual future in time.

We are at the early stages of this development.  It is a process that is galactic in scope and vast in terms of understanding.  Do not be impatient with the sequence and the process, for you will come to understand, in fullness, in time.

For now, please understand the nature of the process, and allow yourself to feel the gratitude and love that we feel towards you as you stand forward as an ambassador for this transformation.  It’s a beauty to behold, a magic becoming.

The energy is unsettling in many ways to the current structure of energy on the planet. We know this as you know this, and it is important to understand the nature of the shifting energy around you. Do not become embroiled in the conflict of energetic change.  Instead, we invite you to hold fast to the light within you, and become a harbour of safety and inspiration, a comfort, a peace.

As you journey forward in the days ahead, take the time to acknowledge the beauty in the experiences you are living.  Take the time to express your mercy and compassion with those you encounter on your path. Take the time to rest and recuperate and integrate the changes that are occurring energetically in your system, and allow yourself to feel the love within your heart and in your being, that is the essence of your own true nature as an emissary of the One Great Light.

We celebrate you at this moment in time, and we join you as we express through the light of the eternal sun, together with you, we are but one. 

10 Nov 2022 

2nd Transmission – THE GALACTIC I AM 


The purpose of this transmission is to attune to the frequency of the Galactic I AM emanation. 


In the beginning was the word – the Universal OM – which vibrates and sustains the energetic matrix for life to exist in manifest form.  This vibratory foundation, a song of the creator, is necessary to hold the universe in manifestation.  Within the foundation of the OM, a new “song” is arriving on the planet. In a magical way, it carries the frequencies of stimulation driving the Ascension Process on all levels of planetary creation.   This vibratory radiation emanates from the level of the Galactic I AM – producing and Energetic impulse for the catalytic shifts and crystalline transformation on the planet Earth.    In this transmission we will journey into the quantum energy of this emanation and attune to Divine impulse it is sending forward at this time!




Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 10 Nov 2022


Dearest Beings of Light,

You see, in the experience of your meditation, we used these words, not metaphorically, but in actuality.  Each one of you is a temple of light. 

You see, Dear Ones, light is the nature of consciousness in creation.  Everything is a manifestation of light and energy.  The physical body in which you reside, and all of the functional energy bodies that are part of your system, are made of energy of different qualities and vibrations.  It is an energy that is organized by a complex and beautiful system.

As we journey through these days, at this time on the planet, your temples are being prepared for a new integration of energy.  We have spoken to you tonight of the impulse of the galactic I AM.  We share with you the I AM is the creative impulse through which consciousness emerges into form.

The galaxy is undergoing an energetic transformation.  The Creator has spoken, and the pulse of new energy has begun.

In many ways, this energy will traverse your perceptions of time and space, and begin to arrive on the planet, creating ever deepening catalysis of energy transformation.  It’s an energy transformation that is guided to usher the Earth into a new paradigm of reality, and a living ascended civilization.

This will not happen all at once, but periodically, yet consistently in the days, the months, and even the years ahead.

You, Dear Ones, are invited to attune to this pulse of energy and begin to receive the frequencies it contains.  As we have said to you on a number of occasions, the effect of this experience is both personal and collective, for you see, as you experience within your own incarnational cycle, these energies and frequencies, they bring a deep healing and balance in their wings.

Yet you also serve as a channel, a portal if you will, for these energies to move through you, and commune with the planet and the crystalline fields of energy that are part of the planetary structure.  This, Dear Ones, is an act of Divine Service.  It is an act of service that allows the energetic structure of the planet to be enhanced. 

This is a process that is natural and timely, but we invite you to understand the role you play.  The very specific nature of your constellation of energy, that allows different frequencies of energetic pattern to flow through you and be part of the emerging matrix. 

Each one of you has unique history, experience, gifts and talents to bring, and many of these are beyond the scope of your conscious mind.  That is OK and understood.  For as you allow the energy to move through you and work with you in these ways, there is a gentle awakening of your deeper nature that occurs simultaneously.  And this too is a process that does not need to be rushed or enhanced, but permitted to evolve, the magical way a seed blossoms into a flower.

Your role in your own life is one of self-care and inspired intuitive attention.  If you listen within the deep recesses of your being, you will have momentary guidance of all that you need to understand or allow, to provide you with the opportunity to find balance in the constant shifting of energy that is part of the ascension process.

You must become comfortable with this state of constant change.  Allow yourself to move into a deeper peace as the changes unfold around you.  And we have shared with you the nature of the energy and the energetic experience that many will perceive on the planet as these higher fluxes of energy begin to impact the energetic structure of life on Earth.  We have shared it is as a kaleidoscopic journey, with energy moving around you while you move deeper and deeper into a state of gentle acceptance and peace.

Dear Ones, we celebrate you, for as you move forward in this journey, you will come to understand the role you each play in the forward movement and the ascension of the Earth and humanity.

These are powerful words, and easily misunderstood by the ego mind, for we speak, not to inflate your sense of self, but to dissolve it into a deeper understanding of your communion with the universal mind.

Each one of you is so much more than you can imagine.  Your consciousness is so much vaster than you can perceive, and your ability to love, and to know love, is wider than the deepest ocean or vast expanse of space.  And it is on this note that we prepare to take leave this evening, for you see, Dear Ones, you are love itself. You are love becoming.  You are love by nature.  You are love by design. 

And we say to you, as we so often do, you are not alone, and we, Dear Ones, are with you.

Through the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you, we are one.

15 Dec 2022 

3rd Transmission – Star Seeds – Unique Quantum Programs in the 24thChromosome


The purpose of this transmission is to attune to the Soul Frequency governed by your Star Seed history.

Every soul has spent lifetimes on many planets and participated in many aspect of creation.  Each soul has a unique history, purpose and potential.  Much of this potential is coded by attributes developed in the star fields of primary experience.  This often produces an awareness of the soul in its alignment with other Star Civilization.  In this transmission journey – we will attune to the crystalline geometrical coding embedded in this process. 




Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 15 DEC 2022


Dearest Beings of Light,

We join you in this exalted moment as you commune with the nature of your higher self, your soul, your inherent divinity. You see, Dear Ones, your soul is not limited to a single incarnation, or even multiple earthly incarnations. Your soul is universal, and you are one with that universal source. Your soul has journeyed through many incarnational experiences. These experiences have led you through different stars, different systems, and different streams of light and consciousness.

Each one of you holds within you the unique trajectory through the tapestry of creation. You have journeyed to different points of light, and structures of time. In your journey, you have encountered many experiences, and while some of the more challenging experiences are encountered in the duality worlds, you carry within you a profound connection to a wisdom that transcends the experience of duality nature.

You see, Dear Ones, you are incarnating a unity principle. Each one of you fundamentally understands and knows that you are one with Creation. As you journey through the waves and oscillations of the ascension timeline, you are integrating this wisdom through the fabric of your being, and into the
crystalline grid of your beloved planet, Gaia.

The time is fast approaching for marvelous innovation, but you see, Dear Ones, the foundation of your reality is being prepared for the essence of this transformation. Things will begin to move very fast in your world. Each day will appear to be full of changes and transitions, revelations that catalyze movements of energy that at first destabilize, and then allow for the restructuring of your reality elements.

You carry within you a wisdom that knows how to hold balance in a shifting world of form. You hold within your heart a power that allows you to love through the joy and the cruelty that lies before you at different points in time.

You see, Dear Ones, you are birthing a new reality. As the Earth moves through these energies, we have explained to you the perception of walking through a kaleidoscopic field of light while you journey on a road where within your being you feel an incredible and innate stability, while fragments of light, experience and energy seem to move at breakneck speeds around you, ever shifting, ever changing, while you hold stability within your being.

We speak this as a metaphor, but primarily as a reminder. For you see, Dear Ones, this is the essence of moving through the energy of this moment in time. Things are changing very rapidly, and the future wisdom you hold within your being is being integrated, energetically and in consciousness, through the fabric of your being. The wisdom and the experience that you carry, from multiple lifetimes on the planet, clear of karmic, akashic energy, and the wisdom you carry from your relationship with the stars.

You will feel within you a new energy beginning to emerge in the days ahead – The days, the weeks, the months and even years that lie before you. As you learn to walk with stability in this new energy, it is important that you remember to provide yourself with that which you need to hold stability within you in the essence of self-care.

Please take the time to meditate and be within the inner sanctum of your being. Whenever you need, or daily as a practice, remember the power of your breath to expand the energy in your system, release strictures and reharmonize the energy field in your body.

Use the power of your voice to tone energy through your system. Sing the sounds of your heart through your body. Allow the interdimensional energy that you carry in the quantum field around you to sing into your energy field through the vector of such sound.

These are tools for transformation, and they are there in wisdom to support you. For as you develop stability in this shifting energy, it is then that you will have bestowed upon you, the great gifts of wisdom and light that you carry within the divine nature of your own 24 th chromosome.

You see, Dear Ones, the journey is accelerating, and we stand with you, we stand beside you, we stand around you, we stand with you, for we remind you, as we always do, that you are not alone. You see, Dear Ones, we are all one, and through the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you, we are one.

19 Jan 2023 

4th Transmission – Gifts of Grace – Tailored Acivations of the 24thChromosome


The purpose of this transmission is to facilitate the integration of attuned energies in the Star Seed Activation in the last transmission.

In this transmission we will work together to bring the attunements and gifts we touched in the star seed journey and weave them deeply into the 24thchromosome for integration.  This will facilitate a more facile and profound manifestation as this energy over lights and guides our manifest realities.




Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 19 JAN 2023


Greetings, Dear Ones,

We come to you in this most unusual form for this very special occasion.  For you see, Dear Ones, it is a momentous time on the planet.

As a collective civilization you are finding yourselves at the threshold of a moment of great transition.  At times, feeling like you are caught in the maelstrom of change.  You know innately in your being you’re at the threshold of a portal that leaves behind many of the disorienting vibrations that pull you out of balance.

You see, Dear Ones, the Earth herself is at the precipice of transformation.  It’s a transformation that comes in a multifaceted array of steps.  But there are certain points in time in the journey where very specific thresholds of energy are achieved and transcended, and in the act of moving energetically into wpthis space, there is a release or a capture of energy, of vibrations below the threshold of that dimensional shift.

We speak in an unusual language but simply to inform you that you are passing through a gateway in time that will allow the energy of that which is new to be present in a stronger way than the energy of that which is receding.

For you see, dear Ones, this is the nature of how the transformation is achieved. You may think of it as a plateau or a level, but in truth it represents a vibrational constant – a tone and an energy which is capable of nullifying energy in frequency of a lower vibration. 

The reason this is so important is to assist you in beginning to allow yourself to realize in energy and consciousness the potential which lies before you.  It is hard to see through the vapours and the mists of confusion when the energy is turbulent and distorted by these lower vibrational patterns.  And you will notice this in an experiential way in the form of glimpses of insight, moments of respiration, and again we use the word specifically, for you will feel, at times, like you can take a breath, unlike anything you have known in your recent days.

As the Earth moves into this new energetic quality, you will notice, slowly at first, but faster as time goes by, the revelation of things which will not simply expose darkness and distortion, but potential and promise. 

You’ll see that you begin to feel the future, yet it is not a feeling of angst or longing – it is a feeling that comes with integration, for you are touching a future energy that you are integrating into this present moment in time. A mysterious language, we know, but it best describes the energy of frequency adjustments that are driving the future of ascension in this way.

We spoke to you earlier of a kaleidoscopic year.  A kaleidoscope is a magical instrument, spinning colour and patterns of light and energy all around, like a beautiful mosaic or tapestry of illumination. But in the energy of this transformation, what it represents is the movement of energies as you ascend in vibration from one plane of reality to a higher octave of knowing.  So you will feel at times as you are walking through a channel or a tunnel, where this energy is moving around you at light speed, and yet you find yourself in perfect stillness, in perfect balance, in perfect awe of the majesty of movement around you.

Your position is prime, and it is important that you stay aware of the value of maintaining this centred posture.  For you see, if you step into the light observation in a more profound way, you’ll feel yourself being pulled along by the energy and the motion that’s contained within the passage.  However, if you rescind into the centre as a point of observation, you’ll find yourself in a harmony that allows the transition to unfold around you. 

The mystery of this is you do not know where you are going, and you do not understand the vibrational outcome of the passage at hand.  But we speak these words to your mind and not to your heart, for you see in your soul you are very aware of where you are going, and you know in fullness the vibration of the future which lays before you.

These are interesting times, and present interesting challenges.  We are here to remind you of the nature of these events. We are here to support you energetically in the movement of energy that takes place to achieve this outcome, and we are here to assist you in the integration of quantum energy, connected to your soul and higher octaves of consciousness, that are beginning to merge in greater and greater ways into your energetic system.

This is a transformation we have seen many times on many planets, but the magic of the moment is so have you.  Yet however, because you are experiencing this process through the perspective of a human being incarnation, it is easy to lose sight and understanding of the things you know in spirit and in fuller consciousness.  However, as the energetic paradigm around you and within you is shifting, this will be easier to know, understand, and achieve.

We are here to remind you that you have within you everything you need to make this transition with ease and with grace, with courage when required, with humility and compassion, with the eyes of a soul that understands the transient nature of physical reality experiences, and allows them to see all things through the lens of higher knowing.  Cryptic, yet truthful, and these words are meant to carry you through the journey of this experience.

In this transmission you have received the energy of patterning, from your higher self, to assist the energetic integration of the things we speak.  You have been preparing for this for quite some time, and the days, the months and the years ahead from this moment will take on a different energy, and at first it will be hard to trust the energy, but you will as you begin to realize it is a permanent shift.

Be patient with yourself.  Be understanding.  Nurture yourself in every way you need, energetically and in consciousness, through these moments of great change.  Allow yourself to nurture everything you need to be well and to restore your wellbeing.

And remember, all these experiences are transient in nature.  They are purposeful, they are momentous, and they are divine.  They are divine as you are divine, and you have within you the light to carry you through each and every experience, each and every moment, each and every passage, each and every integration, each and every moment of healing.

As you integrate these energies, you will feel this energy within you.  This light is growing in brilliance, and this language is not metaphoric, it represents fact.  For it is this light that will pave the way to the future.  You are adventurers setting out with sails on high to a new land as a new human, in a place as familiar as it is foreign, while the Earth transforms herself majestically beneath your feet.

As we prepare to leave you for the moment, we pause. We pause to remind you, you are never alone.  You are dearly loved, and it is through the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you, we are one.

16 Feb 2023 

5th Transmission – Christ Consciousness Merging


New Human Journeys:  Christ Consciousness Merging

The purpose of this transmission is to attune to the Christ Consciousness Master Grid in a new and powerful way.

The story of Jesus is profound and only truly understood at the mystical level of reality where the higher nature of the Christ Consciousness provides an overlay for spiritual development toward a heart-centered life full of wisdom and compassion.   As the Earth moves forward in its crystalline ascension – the energy, frequency and vibration of the Christ Consciousness field moves closer to reality.   The Earth is at a point in its Ascension – where this attunement is more powerful and possible than previously available for most of humanity.   This transmission will provide a very special attunement journey into the Christ Consciousness “Grid”.



Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 16 FEB 2023


Greetings, Beloveds,

We join you tonight in communion of this beautiful golden energy, understanding the auspicious nature of the deep integration occurring through your hearts and your minds, as you attune to the frequencies of higher consciousness nature.

We are joined in energy with the consciousness of the Christed one, the beloved Yeshua, a great avatar of consciousness and teaching on the planet.

You see, Dear Ones, we speak so often of the energy of ascension, but we pause for a moment to question – ascension to what?  For you see, Dear Ones, to ascend is to integrate at this juncture of time on your planet.

Historically, to ascend would be to achieve an undurable level of energy and consciousness, beyond that which could be sustained in the world of physical form.  But as our beloved Yeshua so boldly and powerfully introduced, the energy of this higher consciousness is now seeded, and to be embodied in the world of form.

The great teachings of wisdom, and the exemplar of energetic experiences that began to teach humanity about the nature of a higher octave reality, have born great fruit.  For you see, Dear Ones, the seeds of this wisdom are flourishing, in you.

The ascension is a time of great awakening, but again, we ask the question, awakening to what?  You are awakening to the inherent light and divinity that every soul carries within the core of their experience, into the world of form.  This light is beginning to shine from within you, and to manifest in the space around you.

Everything in nature is supporting this transformation.  The Earth is being prepared to embody this energy.  The crystalline grid is being prepared to function in this energy.  Nature is preparing to support this integration.  The waters are being prepared for transformative integration.  The sacred elements are being prepared for reformation.  Everything is moving into place to allow for the integration of these things.

The world is in a time of metamorphosis.  It is a time where energy is being both dismantled and newly organized, and you are living in vivo through this transformation, through the journey of ascension.  But it is time we begin to speak of some of the gifts of the ascension journey.  

For you see, Dear Ones, to live in a higher vibrational experience is to live in peace.  This is a peace that passes understanding, for it is not controlled, created, or destroyed by the experiences of 3D manifestation.  It is an opportunity, an embodiment, and as we join together in this meditation, you may feel deeply this peace of which we speak.  Allow, for a moment, for it to become conscious in your mind.  Feel it knowingly.  Feel it, understanding what you’re feeling, and begin to understand, at any moment, if you attune in your consciousness to this memory, you will begin to feel this vibration in you.

As you learn to embody this peace, you will begin, more and more, to understand the greater Christic teachings.  For you see, Dear Ones, this is the beginning of the way, not the goal.  And as you allow yourself to be at peace within your being, and to see the world through the eyes of love from this space of presence, you will begin to understand the gift which you are in merit.

Allow the grace of this to touch you so deeply and so profoundly, that you allow yourself the richness of this experience until it becomes, in fullness, the entire way of being.

You see, Dear Ones, as you attune to this wisdom and vibration, you become the embodiment of this sacred purpose – an attunement to the wisdom that transcends the world of physical creation, and transforms the manifestation by its radiance.

We return so often to the Christ consciousness principle, for you see, Dear Ones, the energy of this divine pattern is singing to your heart, and to the heart of humanity.  

This is not a religious call, but a song to the truth of human divinity – the opportunity to awaken, within your heart, within your mind, within your body, and your experience, a manifestation of the higher way.  

Allow yourself to return often to this conscious moment of communion with the energy.  It will assist you to reset, recalibrate, and rekindle its truth in your being.

Feel the depth of peace in this moment.  Feel the love we hold for you, as does all of creation and the Creator.  

For as we prepare to take leave in this moment, we remind you, as we always do, that you are not alone.  You see, Dear Ones, through the light of the Eternal Sun, together, with you, we are but one.

16 Mar 2023 

6th Transmission – Transcending thru Forgiveness


New Human Journeys:  Transcending thru Forgiveness

The purpose of this transmission is to understand the fundamental process of authentic forgiveness to find full release from lower vibrational strata that keep us bound to the old matrix of energy.

Forgiveness is not simply a noble act of understanding another’s limitation or hurtful behavior.  Nor is it simply something that can be held apart from one’s own experience or behavior.  Forgiveness rises when we allow ourselves to understand our 3D reality from the perspective of an awakened soul who chooses freedom over ego attributes that keep us bound in perception to lower vibrational choices.   We will explore forgiveness in its deepest meaning.  The transmission will take us collectively on a journey toward the deepest release of core energy that limits our Ascension journey.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 16 MAR 2023


Dearest Beings of Light,

We join with you in this transmission, in union with the sacred heart.  You see, in the journey of Ascension, it is your heart which is bridging the world between form and spirit, merging in an alchemical way, to hold the magic of your divine light incarnate in physical form.

You see, Dear Ones, we know the toils and the tests of your Earthly journeys. We see the many steps that you have taken, the many times that you feel you have fallen and stood up again.  You see, Dear Ones, it is the nobility, the courage, the strength of the heart, that allows each one of you to continue, despite the trials and tribulations of an incarnational experience, in a mystical land of teaching in the nature of good and evil, light and dark.

As you ascend in your journey, your hearts will be lightened.  This is metaphoric and actual, simultaneously.  For your see, Dear Ones, as you learn to step into the power of the new energy, you are learning to live in a vibration and a space of consciousness above the plane of your prior reality.

When we speak to you of this experience, we remind you that you are treading a journey where you learn to let go of the binding energy of experience, history and memory that holds the structure of the limited past in your field of consciousness.

Dear Ones, you are not releasing this field of energy.  You are integrating a higher dimensional aspect of energy into it through the world of form.

As the energy shifts within and through your being, you will see it becomes more natural to exist in the way your spiritual teachings would guide you.  For while the effort is challenging in a deeper density, as the energy lightens, in the collective experience, you will find it easier and more attainable, and easy to transition, simply by understanding that which you choose.

As you move forward in the energy of these upcoming times, slowly but perceptibly, you will begin to experience a gentle transition in energy.  You’ll find yourself naturally in the position of observer, bearing witness to the experiences around you and within you. 

As you encounter the details of your experience and your life, you’ll begin to notice a natural grace and compassion that begins to flow, as you gaze upon the experiences around you, understanding the power you hold to bring light and healing and comfort to your own experience and the experience of all those around you.

You’ll find yourself in moments, almost magically, where you have the opportunity to practice, shall we say, this conveyance of healing and grace.  And through this, you will remember – remember, for it is within you to know these things.  It is within you, and your nature, to be these things.

This year and the next months represent a potent moment in the transition of Ascension, for you will see, within you, this natural evolution beginning to take place in an observable, cognizant way.  Allow yourself to revel in the moments of joy, release, delight, healing.  If you feel tears, let them flow.  If you feel joyous, allow the laughter to ring.  Listen to the energy within your being, and allow your heart to emerge in that which you share.

It is often said you must learn to love yourself, but playfully, we will adjust those words, for you must learn to become love, and let it flow upon yourself, and you will see, Dear Ones, as you do this, it knows no bounds.  Like a cup that overfloweth, let the energy move through you.  Breathe it in, feel it, let it heal, and let it flow.

You may sense the deep healing nature of this transmission, for indeed, Dear Ones, that is its purpose – to heal the human heart.

Let yourself dissolve within you the walls, the boundaries, the fears, the reservations, the judgments, the worries, the concerns.  Let your heart breathe again.  Let the energy pulse through you.  Let it touch every atom of your being, until no atom is left untouched by the power of this magical healing grace.

And in this spirit, we prepare to bid you adieu for now, and we remind you, as we so often do, that through the power of the Eternal Sun, together with you, we are one.

16 Apr 2023 

7th Transmission – The Peace that Passes Understanding 


The purpose of this transmission is to encounter and learn to embody the Peace of Transcendence. 

Peace is a fleeting ideal to the majority of humanity but a way of life to the awakened soul.  The aim of this transmission is discover the pathway to peace that allows one to life in its effulgent tranquility and joy, and create a luminous field of peace that brings healing to world.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 20 APR 2023


Greetings, Dear Ones,

We join you this evening in this immersive bath of healing peace.  Allow yourselves to sink so deeply into this supportive energy, and the vibration of the whale song to move through you.  To many it’s a silent sound, while others may hear the energy and vibration.

It’s an energy and a song that exists in an interdimensional space of being.  Just allow it to move through you, to be lifted and supported by the vibration of this tonality.  These gentle waves and oscillations, emerging from the loving heart of the cosmos, embodied in the whale, embodied in you.

You see, Dear Ones, we are in a magical time of transformation, and while the mind is so programmed to analysis and inspired action, we remind you that the greatest of actions find themselves encloaked in an energy of transcendental peace.

When an action stems from an impulse that is founded in this peaceful countenance, its power knows no limitation.  And as the energy of the heart of the cosmos sings upon you, feel yourself nurtured by its loving embrace.

As you journey through the days, the weeks, the moments, the hours, of this next period of evolutionary flux and integration, we remind you often, we remind you always, to return to peace.  For you see, Dear Ones, this is the cornerstone of presence for an ascending being and an ascending planet.

It is from this place and experience of peace that the heart can emerge.  As you move forward into these days, find the time to create the stillness you need to reset your energy to this peaceful countenance, and when you achieve the experience, you can return to action in your life, and in the world, holding this posture.

These words are simple, but their meaning is profound.  For it is in this stillness that you will find your heart move into resonance with the cosmic heartbeat and the peace of ascended life.  And the more you find yourself in that resonance, the more deeply you will understand the integration that is taking place in the ascension at hand.

There is nothing more important, more of value, or more in meaning, than this peace.  It is a peace that passes understanding, because it cannot be understood.  It is not a state of mind.  It is a state of being.  A being that is transcendent to the mind.  And it is for this reason that this integration cannot be fully comprehended by a mind whose purpose is to analyse and understand.

Hold your mind with the tender caress of a mother as she would her child, and allow this nurturing to bring comfort in the mind’s efforts to understand or even resist.  Be fully patient, be fully wise, and give yourself permission and authority to return to this state of presence, for you will find, as you allow yourself to do this, you will feel an integration of your innate and natural higher self.

As you undergo this gentle metamorphosis, you will see that you will begin to see the world through different eyes.  You will feel from this place of presence, the natural compassion in which Spirit holds the world, in which you hold yourself, and ultimately, all of humanity.

And as you integrate this peace within you, you will find your life simplifies in so many ways.  It creates a field that is fertile with joy, that is natural in loving expression, and kind by nature.

Unfettered by oscillations or perturbances in the field around it, it stands strong, existing in a quantum state in the crystalline grid, on a planet in transformation.  A force of stabilization and healing, that begins within the human heart but extends to the heart of humanity.

As we see the glow of your energy in this state, we quiver in joy.  Words cannot express the love we feel as we observe you in this metamorphosis.  And as we observe with a heart full of light, and a mind full of promise, we bow to you, as we remind you, each time we meet, that together, through the light of the Eternal Sun, we are with you, now and always, for Dear Ones, we are one.

18 May  2023 

8th Transmission – Universal Compassion


The purpose of this transmission is encountering Compassion not simply as a concept but a living energy and consciousness that provides the highest healing balm to the wounds of humanity.

In this transmission we will explore compassion.  We will unfold its deeper power and significance, allowing one to align their mind and thoughts toward the practice of deep compassion.  In the meditation journey we will encounter first hand the quantum field of compassion that is deeply embedded in the crystalline fabric of the planet and pulsing a living field to support humanity through these challenging days of Ascension Transformation. 


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 18 May 2023

Universal Compassion

Greetings, Dear Ones,

We come to you this evening, in this sacred space of transformation. You may feel the divine harmony that resonates and sings in this space together. As we collectively hold this vibration, you will understand the energy serves to remind you of the essential nature of your spiritual being.

Feel the compassion, feel the love contained within this vibration. For you see, Dear Ones, it is not simply an experience, it is a reminder – a reminder of your core essential nature, a reminder of a vibration that is easy to forget while incarnate in the form world.

We are inviting you to feel this vibration – not simply as an experience, but as a state of becoming. Just allow the energy to support you, to sing to you, to vibrate upon you and within you. Allow it to reset your energy to the tone of compassion and higher vibrational resonance that you contain and know within your soul’s entity.

When we speak to you of compassion, we remind you it is not an action, it is a state of being. It is a state of being which you know very well, even if at times it seems evasive and hard to grasp. There is no one present among you who does not know the truth of this essential reality. It is simply a moment of remembering.

For you see, Dear Ones, as you remember this vibration, as you remember the quality of this state of being, in your remembering you are becoming. In your becoming you are manifesting. And in you manifestation, you are materializing the higher essence of your own spiritual being.

You see, Dear Ones, there is nothing one needs to do to deserve compassion. Compassion is the eyes of the universe upon you. Compassion is the heart of the universe pulsing through you. Compassion is the wisdom of the ancients whispering to you. Compassion is the love in your own heart flowing through you.

We speak to you in these days of transformation, and as we hold you dearly in our heart, we do understand the challenge of the moment. Each of you is going through a cycle of renewal. Each of you is going through the process of vibrational integration.
This can be an unsettling transition, and while you live these changes, it is in a world that seems deeply fragmented in its essential energetic nature. It is imperative that you learn to find your centre. It is imperative that you hold the light in this centre dear. It serves you well to understand your power to return to this place of presence and peace, and to radiate from this space, all of the qualities, all of the attributes, all of the potentials you hold in this luminous space.

The world around you is shifting and changing. The world within you is shifting and changing. And all the while, as you live through these transitions, they serve to remind you of the transient nature of experience, of the eternal nature of your soul.

Dear Ones, we remind you of your soul. We remind you of the power and the light you hold within. We remind you of the great capacity you hold to love – love everything within you and everything around you. We remind you of the mercy in which you must hold your own being.

Allow yourself, for a moment, just to feel the radiation of love and compassion in which we hold you.  Just feel the energy. Feel the peace, the presence. Hold this space of energy in your heart. Allow yourself to feel this energy until it becomes you in your fullness. Allow yourself to hold yourself in this space of energy, and everyone and everything you encounter, until all that you know yourself to be is compassion in expression.

This is a beautiful moment of attunement, Dear Ones. Attunement with the energy, the vibration, the highest healing force in the universe. Compassion.

And as we take leave in this moment, we remind you, as always, although we merge in moments of these sacred unions, we are always with you and you cannot be alone. We remind you that through the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you, we are one.

15 Jun  2023 

9th Transmission – Quantum Intentionality


The purpose of this transmission is to grow in wisdom around a key tool of New Energy – Intention.

Human beings have learned to rely on willpower to create and invoke change and transformation. As you step into the Energy of the New Times – a human being becomes more integrated into the quantum and crystalline levels of energy that stand behind life and creation. This provides an added power to intentionality – but to work with this expansion requires a little understanding. The most powerful intentions one can hold are those that are governed by the overlight of the Soul and Higher Self.

When one learns first to listen to the authentic voice of the inner self through intuition and insight and energizes intention – it is as if the whole universe conspires to support the forward evolution of the moment at hand. The teaching session will focus on developing this knowledge and applied wisdom. In the mediation, through the quantum support given, we will catalyze this internal alignment energetically.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 15 JUN 2023

Quantum Intentionality

Greetings, Dear Ones,

We join you in this privileged moment, a moment of conscious quantum intentionality.  For you see, Dear Ones, you are learning to embody your power.

When we speak of power, we speak of the soul’s light.  It is time that you learn to begin to create in this space of light.  We are helping you formulate a process to understand the mechanics, if you will, of quantum intentional creation.  We have shared in our teaching many thoughts and ideas to help you understand the nature of this process, but we join you in this moment to help you experience the energy and consciousness of this process.

You see, Dear Ones, when you plant a seed of pure intention, it is a transmission from your heart, and the intention is planted in the field of potentiality – the field of universal light, love, wisdom, and oneness.  And as you plant the seed of this intentional creation into the fertile field of the universal matrix, it is a quantum seeding.  You are planting a seed that has the potential to manifest into form.

We invite you to understand in this moment, the nature of this process.  For you see, this is the activity that plants the potential for this manifestation to come true.

We understand the natural process is for a human to analyze the next steps in that process, but we are here to teach you the new way.  For you see, Dear Ones, as you hold this energetic seed in this space and attribute, you are planting it into the fertile field of potential that will allow the energy to nurture its development.

The response in energy is vaster than anything you may conceptualize within the limited frame of thinking in your mind, for you are creating from the power of your soul.

As a soul, you are united, unified in consciousness with the oneness of creation.  Please understand that in planting this seed, you are planting its potential.  Your soul will speak to you through the whispers of your intuition, and the guidance of your imagination and your dreams, and guide you, at any moment, about an action to take, a decision to make, a process, a choice.

Trust in this guidance.  Trust in its wisdom.  Do not force it for this represents a lack of trust, you see. You do not have to “think” or “analyze” or “worry” or ‘strategize”, but you must trust.

As you hold your intention in this space of trust, the universe will conspire to help you manifest the intention, in a way that governs the true potential and power of your soul.

When we create from this perspective, it is written that the intention serves the highest good of your soul’s evolutionary being.  In fact, it serves the highest good of all, and even humanity.

As you hold the seed in this space, you may feel the energetic changes or shifts that begin to unfold, and understand that all that which is perfect and in perfect timing, will be part of the unfoldment of the intention.  Trust the process.  Simply write it down if you feel you need to remember the intention, but let the intention develop in its own natural rhythm and process.

Don’t entertain thoughts of whether it will or won’t happen – rest in the knowing that it will happen, and will serve your highest good.  Be at peace in the process.  Stay centered in your being.  And as you release the energy of “needing to be” in control, or in fear or worry of any kind, or doubt, take a big breath into your energy and blow out, and just let these energies dissipate in the wind of the force of that light.

Meditation Instructions as the channeled closes:

Focus our attention on the seed in front of each one of us, in its field of energy, we raise our hands in a prayerful position, as if to acknowledge this moment in time.  And as we bring our hands back to a restful position, the energy begins to dissipate, as if it’s melting into the space around, and we begin to realize that we have planted a seed, and the seed has become one with the universal fabric of life – the oneness of creation.  And we return our attention to the heart centre – a heart that is happy, and filled with peace and understanding.

And the Sirians, as they prepare to return in consciousness, they raise their hands behind us, and bow their head in honour too, as if to acknowledge a truly sacred moment. 

And we can feel in the wind of their inspiration; the Sirians share with us their salutary closing:

“In the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you, we are one.”

20 Jul  2023 

10th Transmission – Expanding the Crystalline Heart


The purpose of this transmission is to expand the energy of the heart chakra with an integrative expansion of the crystalline field of the Heart Chakra

The cornerstone of living on the New Earth will be the ability of each person to live more deeply and more fully in the energy of the heart center.  To accommodate this transition there is a transition in common knowledge of “learning to open the heart chakra” or “to live in the heart center”.  There is even more to the story than this. 

As humanity evolves to live collectively in the New Energy – the Heart is the compass, the guiding force and the generator of creation.  Everything must filter through the heart and be empowered by its energy to be generated and sustained in creation.  There are accompanying changes in the human energy system that will make this possible – and we have termed this “Expanding the Crystalline Heart”. 

The teaching session will focus on this understanding.  In the meditation we will journey together to catalyze as deeply and powerfully as possible your Crystalline Heart Center!


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 20 July 2023
Expanding the Crystalline Heart


Greetings Dear Ones,

We join you in this precious moment of integration.  You see, you have travelled far in the journey of ascension, and you are beginning to integrate the higher aspects of your own spiritual nature.

Each one of you is a spark of the Divine Creator’s light, and you have come forth to manifest in energy through your soul, to represent this light in the world of form.  As you journey the path of ascension, you begin to realize, beyond words, that it is, in essence, an integration.  You are integrating aspects of your own higher self-nature.

We term this integration the crystalline integration, for, in essence, the crystalline consciousness is a conveyor of life, information, and deeper understanding.  Just as the power of a crystal on your planet to store information and communicate information exists, in the structure of crystalline energy, you find a connection to information and attributes of energy and essence through this higher crystalline integration.

It is as if you are integrating a crystalline pattern at various points in your energy system that support the overall process of ascension and becoming. We focus our attention, at this moment in time, on the crystalline heart.  For you see, Dear Ones, the crystalline heart is a centre of your cosmos. As you undergo this integration, you are receiving, from within your own higher self-nature, an energetic pattern that will support the development of your higher energy system.  This energy system we term the diamond light body.

Within these transmissions, there are moments of “seeding” energy and consciousness, and this moment, Dear Ones, is such a moment.  You are integrating your crystalline system of energy within the heart chakra, and you can consider this an expansion in the form and function of the heart centre.

As a purveyor of higher dimensional consciousness, it is this energy that will support you through the journey of the days to come.  For you see, as you centre yourself in this energy space, you will feel the resonance and support that comes from this deeper integration, and it will serve you well.

We say to each and every one of you; you are a blessing to the Earth.  Your presence, your open-hearted and open-minded nature provides the foundation for the transformation at hand.  The journey is with purpose.  It is a process of destiny, and you’ll see, in the days ahead, that the strength, the love, the compassion, the wisdom, the courage, the fierce lion-heartedness that you know to be your soul is with you always.  And it is as strong as it is tender but luminous in its nature. 

We invite you, Dear Ones, to let this light shine.  Let it shine.  Do not veil the energy of its radiance – allow it to shine.  Let it shine first upon yourself with compassion and mercy, and grace.  Let it shine around you as a force of inspiration, healing, and empowerment.  Let it be a catalyst to allow those around you to feel safe in their own becoming as they, too, learn to open their hearts and allow the profound healing and transformation of the ascension to integrate into the crystalline matrix of the Earth.

These are seeds, Dear One, seeds that will continue to grow and bear fruit in many ways, as they take root within the crystalline matrix.  You are a participant, a light-bearer, a healer of the human heart.
And as we prepare to close this message, we remind you, fervently, as we do each time we find ourselves in union, that together, through the light of the Eternal Sun, we are with you, for we are one.

24 Aug  2023 

11th Transmission – Pineal Amplification and Crystalline Integration


New Human Journeys: Pineal Light Amplification and Crystalline Integration

The purpose of this transmission is to receive further upgrades to the pineal function – to allow the free flow of inspired insight from higher vibrational octaves of consciousness and energy to your energy system.

Intermittently in the transmissions, the SBWC provides upgrade transmissions to enhance the Pineal Function.  The importance of this transmission, following the Crystalline Heart expansion, is not only to activate the pineal gland – but weave the activation between the head and the heart as they learn to operate in higher function.   This promises to be a deep and power recalibration supporting each of on the Ascension Journey.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 20 July 2023
Pineal Amplification and Crystalline Integration


Greetings, Dear Ones,

We come together in this auspicious moment with you in the temple of illumination.  Let us pause for a moment in honour, in respect, of your participation in this precious moment.

You see, Dear Ones, to open your mind and open your heart to the elements of transformation that are part of the ascension journey, takes a great love, a great courage, and an uncommon wisdom; yet, there is such grace and opportunity in these moments, to support you, not only in becoming the process of ascension itself, but to share the experience in wisdom, and luminosity, for the greater benevolence of humanity.

We say to you, it is no small task, and we honour you for the majesty of your spirit. 

We share with you, this evening, a few words around the process of illumination in which you are participating.  We have termed this transmission ‘Pineal Light Amplification and Crystalline Integration’.  You see, Dear Ones, as you move forward in the Ascension, you are undergoing energetic changes in your energy system, and there are moments of expansion and integration that are timed precisely, and sequentially, in your development.

At this moment in time it is important to allow for an essential pineal expansion.  And, you may ask, “What does that mean?”  This is like an overlay of a higher geometrical configuration – one that is an innate part of your pineal development.  Simply expressed, as this energy integrates through your system, the function of your pineal gland is enhanced. 

The pineal is a visionary portal – but by ‘visionary’ we do not simply mean ‘visual context’.  The pineal is a point of contact with higher light, wisdom, spiritual guidance, and teaching.  As this aspect of your energy is expanded, so, too, is the function to which it contains.

You are learning to operate from an intuitional perspective, and to listen to the soul’s guidance in your daily processes.  This is an unusual, but future-aligned, way of being.  For you see, Dear Ones, you are transcending the structure of an Earth and a consciousness that is based on the programming of days gone by.  You are emerging into a world where the spiritual element of your being becomes the most potent and valuable source of guidance and creation, and when coupled with the majesty of your crystalline heart, is indeed powerful and opportune.

You can see that in the sequence of activation, it was the crystalline heart that preceded the pineal activation. This, Dear Ones, is by design. For you see, more than metaphoric, but in actuality, it is essential that the heart is in fuller function prior to the development of expanded spiritual integration.  This is so you know how to integrate and embody the experience of higher dimensional sight with grace and wisdom.  We have gently led you through a sequence of experiences to understand the power to soul seed energy, and you can easily understand the nature of requiring an expanded heart to know how to work with this energy.

As you move forward in the energy sequence of the Ascension, you will see that you are learning more about the tools and opportunities of the integration that is before you.  This is coupled with the wisdom of how to apply this understanding in a soul-honouring way.  As you learn to work with these interdimensional energy spaces, you can see that all you do serves all.  It is by purpose and design that that which you seed benefits the whole of humanity. When you begin to understand the elementals of these principles, you understand the sequence of the journey.  It is a preparation for great things to come.

Although the Earth is at a moment of great trepidation and transition, it is a magical time on the planet. And although there are moments of turbulation, and uncertainty, and the potential for fear, the purpose of this transformation is not to create fear, but to resolve energies that need resolution for the forward movement of the planet.

When you understand the grace of this principle, you will learn to operate at all times in cooperation and in gratitude for the nature of the process itself – with great compassion, with great understanding, and with a helping hand.

The Earth is at the precipice of a great transformation, and all of these movements are necessary to prepare the Earth for the ascended civilization which is to emerge.  Do not be disheartened by the nature of the process.  Find comfort in the understanding you are developing, and in the energy and support of the community you build around you.

Dear Ones, we observe the majesty of your heart, and in good company, we say to you, you are well poised to accomplish what you have chosen to do.  We remind you that as you work cooperatively, you are not alone.  Supported by legions of angels, the Galactic Family of Light, including and beyond the Sirian Collective, the whole Cosmos is inspired to support the process of your ascension.

And we remind you, very close to our heart, you indeed are not alone, and that together, through the light of the Eternal Sun, we are with you, dear family, for indeed, we are one.

21 SEP  2023 

12th Transmission – Deep Higher Self Integration


New Human Journeys: Deep Higher Self-Integration

The purpose of this transmission is to take a quantum journey to catalyze the alignment between the Human  Energy Bodies or “Vehicle” and the Higher Self-light and Consciousness. 

This is a wonderful concluding transmission to round out the 4th Cycle – New Human Journeys:  Meditative Journeys in the Quantum DNA Field.  The New Human is a deeply integrated human being that lives in the heart and is guided fully and functionally by the over-lighting wisdom and consciousness of the Higher Self Construct.  This allows us to live our “unique mission” while remaining aligned with the highest spiritual values of the collective Christ Consciousness path. This mediation will be profound as we collectively immerse ourselves in the inner light of this integration.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 21 Sep 2023
Deep Higher Self-Integration


Greetings, Dear Ones,

We join you in celebration of this magical adventure.  We have spoken to you many times about the energetic nature of expansion and integration that is part of the ascension process.  You see, Dear Ones, you are developing nicely, and we stand at this moment, assisting, while you integrate higher fractals of light from your own higher self essence.

You can see, as we journey through time and experience, you are encountering ever-progressive waves of light and information. Waves that assist you in integrating new energy structures and frequencies within your body of form.  We have worked with you in the development of crystalline expansion in the heart and third eye chakras, and we are preparing you to merge with a deeper overlay of your own higher self-essence.

You see, Dear Ones, as you journey through this experience, you are developing a crystalline integration, a quantum energy field of form and function.  We have spoken of the diamond light body, or rainbow body, and it is of this structure we speak.

You have begun to understand this is not a one step process – it is a journey through time and evolving as expansion. However, as you arrive at key thresholds in the journey, your integration takes layers of stability, and you are arriving at an energetic plateau – a foundation both for forward movement, but simultaneously new crystalline function.  It is for this reason that we have begun to introduce higher dimensional concepts of creation and experience, and we speak to you of soul seeding the integration of packets of energy and information that are divinely aligned with the forward movement and evolution of the planet. 

These seeds are with purpose, for you see, Dear Ones, the evolution of the Earth as a galactic overlay, a celestial timing and support, however, there is also a very important human element to the ascension evolution.  For you see, Dear Ones, you are learning to carry the frequencies of the ascension process itself.

As you merge with these higher crystalline realities, you are developing function within the field of quantum light.  The layer, or plateau, of energy at this moment in time, we refer to as a deeper higher self-integration.

We choose these words, for you see it is an integration with a higher vibrational aspect of your own geometrical and spiritual nature.  You are integrating with fields and forms of geometry that will support the development of your light body.  This development brings to you enhanced potential, and we will call upon this potential to participate in the building of the New Earth.

These types of functions fall in the domain of new human potential, and the seeding and the outcome fall in the domain of New Earth creations.  There is a wonderful dance, and like farmers who plant seeds for a future potential and harvest, it is a wonderful metaphor to understand the essence of this light work, for you must be cognizant of the nature of the process and patient with the evolution and developmental change. 

We will guide you through a series of such seedings in the months forward, and you will begin to see evolutionary facts and experiences on your planet, in time, to confirm the essence of your activities.  For now, we ask you to continue, in faith, and enjoy the process of learning and becoming.

Allow yourselves to feel the magic and the majesty of that in which you are engaged.

We celebrate you in love, and in honour, as you journey through energies which are trepidatious at times, for we understand.  However, the light in your heart is brilliant, and forms a compass, guiding the way through the mists and murky moments of the ascension at hand.

Although we come to join you in these moments, in a profound and personal way, as we withdraw in energy, understand this is simply a function of vibration, but not a consciousness separation, for you see, Dear Ones, we are always with you, always at hand.

And as we prepare to leave this channelling message, we remind you, as we always do, that together and through the light of the Eternal Sun, we are with you, dear family, for indeed we are one.

Sirian Blue White Transmissions V

The Quantum Merge

Oct 2023 – Sep 2024

19 OCT  2023 

1ST Transmission – The Golden Egg


 The purpose of this transmission is to help create the quantum field of energy around your human energy system to nurture the integration and development that will take place through this full cycle of transmissions.

The main purpose and intention of this first transmission and the whole yearly cycle of transitions is to integrate higher vibrational aspects of the soul’s diamond-light body and the potential it creates.  You may think of this a major “renovation” process – and hence it requires ongoing adjustment in your energy system.  In simple terms – your energy system is being upgraded and restructured to carry a greater element of your innate spiritual system.

In such endeavours, it is helpful to create an environment to nurture the process and to nurture you while you undergo this quantum adjustment.  In this transmission, we will work with each of you to create “a golden egg” of quantum light that will scaffold and nurture the development to take place through the annual cycle of transmissions.


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 19 Oct 2023
The Golden Egg


Greetings, Dear Ones,

We come to you tonight in this experience, joined with the energy of the Pleiadean mothers, holding an energy to support you in the forward movement of the Ascension.

You see, Dear Ones, as a collective group, you are at the threshold of a significant quantum enhancement in your energy system. We have spoken many times about the nature of the diamond light body and the integration unfolding through the ascension journey at this time. 

You have come to understand the process nature of this experience – not as a single event, but as a catalyzed moment that is lived and experienced as a process of integration. 

As we begin the 5th cycle of our transmissions with you, we highlight that you are at the beginning of a new and magnificent phase of the ascension integration.

You see, Dear Ones, as your crystalline matrix expands, your 24th chromosome is activated, and you integrate the energy fields of the diamond rainbow light body; you are becoming a vessel of energy and consciousness, seeded in the matrix of the crystalline grid.

As the crystalline grid expands and clarifies energy through the upcoming weeks, months and years, the energetic interface between humanity and the grid will be powerfully enhanced.

As participants in this journey and process, it is time to prepare your physical and energetic bodies for higher levels of quantum integration. For this reason, we have titled the 5th cycle of transmissions “The Quantum Merge”.

You see, Dear Ones, it is time to nurture this becoming, and we are with you tonight, and supported by the Pleiadeans, in energy and consciousness, to help hold in quantum form an energy of structure and nurturance to support you in the integration that is destined in the months to follow.

As you feel resonance with this energy, you will understand its primary purpose is stabilizing the energetic integrations. But equally important, its purpose is to nurture the process with you, providing energy and consciousness patterning to support you in your becoming.  You can think of it as crystalline codes and trigger activations integrated into this pattern’s intelligence.

It is a mystical language that seems to speak in code, yet we ask you, Dear Ones, what are you becoming?  You see, Dear Ones, as you evolve in the energy of the newness of the Earth, you journey through a field of trials and tribulations, but the destiny is to manifest a humanity that lives in the consciousness of ascension, a unified peace, a galactic wisdom, a deeper understanding of the essence of life, and an openness to the inherent divinity contained within humanity.

As you journey in energy through the Ascension, you embody the potential to manifest these higher attributional qualities, and you are learning to work in energy and consciousness to manifest the potential of the process itself.

For this reason, we have begun the process of star seeding in the monthly teachings, for you are beginning to understand the essence of the power of an awakened soul to bring transformation and healing by presence and wisdom.

As you look upon the planet these days, as we have said, there will be periods and experiences of profound unsettling nature, and we remind you it is in essence, a part of the transition that is taking place on Earth.

We remind you, Dear Ones, that humanity is graduating in consciousness, and the experiences being manifest are ultimately part of that deeper awakening.

Notably, through the devastation of many of these experiences will surface and awaken a central resolution for peace and manifest wisdom among humanity.  It is important not to be discouraged or disheartened as you journey through the fogs of these moments.  

Remember, within you, there is a bright and shining light – a column of energetic connection deep to the core of the Earth that reaches to the stars, and when you remember this alignment and when you remember to hold this power, you stand as a pillar of peace.  

Please do not underestimate the significance or necessity for humanity to hold this light, for it will become the scaffolding upon which the energy of the New Earth is woven and developed.

We celebrate you for your openness of mind and heart, the incredible love you manifest every day in ways small and big, and as ambassadors for the future on this journey of ascension.

It is the beginning of another magical year, and we look forward to joining you in these special moments of deep integration. And we remind you, once again, that together, through the light of the Eternal Sun, we are with you, Dear Beings, for we are one.

19 NOV  2023 



The purpose of this transmission is develop the energy within your etheric system. 

As you integrate higher aspects of the diamond light structure – the foundation that holds this energy in your physical body and the work of form is impacted.  You can think of this as enhancing a foundation of etheric energy.  This is to allow it to function in an optimized way as you “carry” higher and higher vibrational elements of energy and expression.  The etheric body is both structural – forming an energy framework,; and functional, anchoring energetic composition and the flow of elemental and quantum forces.  It is dynamic biofield that is to become a solid anchor for increase flow of diamond light in the new crystalline system. 


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 16 Nov 2023
Etheric Preparation

Greetings, Dear Ones,

We join you, once again, in a momentous transmission of light and consciousness.  Oh, Dear Ones, you have travelled far in your spiritual journey, and you are beginning to understand the process of ascension and light-body integration, in a profound way that illumines both potential and purpose.

At this juncture in time, it is imperative to enhance the etheric body.  For you see, Dear Ones, as you discover in the teachings of the evening, the etheric body forms the foundation of energy that holds the energetic order within your physical body in the world of form.

The vitality, health and balance of your body are contingent on the well-being of your etheric body.  As we journey forward in the ascension process, you understand you are beginning to integrate higher dimensional aspects of crystalline energy – that which we term the Diamond Light Body.

This is a structure of power and potential.  It is not built on a weak foundation, and it is for this reason that the etheric vehicle must be strengthened and enhanced.  The purpose of this transmission is to help you deliver the energy to achieve that purpose, and those among you who are sensitive to the flow of energy will understand the essence of the process by direct experience.  As this energy you are receiving flows through your etheric framework, it holds the potential to clear through obstacles, restrictions, congestions and distortions, regardless of their purpose or origin or historical context.  There is an incredible healing in the midst of this energetic integration,  but that is just the beginning of its raison d’etre.  For you see, Dear Ones, this is the development of a foundation, and the purpose of a foundation is to hold and support that which is to develop upon it.

In the months ahead, we are journeying, profoundly and deeply, into the diamond integration, and for this reason, the etheric body must be prepared.

The essence of this transmission is simple in context, for it is truly a preparation for the delivery of new octaves of light, and yet, that is not the only goal of the process.  For as you are beginning to understand, in your star-seeding moments, you are learning to use this integration for the benefit of installation of energy and consciousness patterns to support the healing and the wellbeing of humanity.

There is a wonderful opportunity that lies in developing this understanding and experience, and an incredible empowerment of purpose as you discover the nature of the soul’s journey in divine time.

We encourage you to be patient and yet persistent with the process.  It is not a passage that can be rushed or hurried, for you see, the process occurs within a divine timing of development in the way that nature unfolds all of her magic and miracles.  We invite you to remember the essence of the miracle you are, for to exist in a body of form, as a spirit incarnate, full of the potential to love and heal in all the magical ways you are remembering, we remind you, you are not alone.

As we take our leave at this momentous time in your transformation, we remind you we do not leave.  We simply recess in energy, but we are present with you, and collectively we are together in the journey of becoming.  And as we love to remind you, month to month, that through the light of the Eternal Sun, we are with you, Dear Beings, for indeed, we are one.


21 DEC  2023 

3rd Transmission – SOUL STAR ACTIVATION


The purpose of this transmission is to further activate and enhance the soul star chakra

This chakra, sometimes termed Chakra #8 is positioned above you crown chakra.  It can be understood to represent the gateway or portal through which an incarnate human being has “access” to higher dimensional consciousness, or reality. From one perspective – it is a gate that veils this access as a soul is focused on the earthly experience of an incarnation.  Yet, as you are aware – this is changing in the post Ascension timeline and crystalline integration.  As the energy of this center expands – it is like you are experiencing the opening of a portal through which you gain greater access to both energy of higher vibrational realms and an expanded consciousness of your soul and Higher Self expression. 


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 21 DEC 2023
Soul Star Activation

Greetings, Dear Ones

We join you this evening in proximity of energy, as we stand in admiration and support of your ever-evolving consciousness.

You see, Dear Ones, as you step forward on the path of ascension, there is a continuous stream of adjustments and energetic expansions that are part of the journey forward.  With any beautiful creation, there is a lot of planning and intention – a stream of consciousness and the support of universal forces that flow into the experience to give rise to creative evolutionary change.

You are becoming a container of expanded consciousness.  You are learning to become aware of the multidimensionality, not only of your human life, but universal nature.  For you see, Dear Ones, you are part of a greater mosaic of creation that is multidimensional in its nature, and multifaceted in its expression.

As you evolve at this threshold of time, you are beginning to undergo a metamorphosis of crystalline nature.  You are beginning to activate new levels, or new dimensions, of energetic experience within the framework of your being.  This is giving rise to a greater multidimensional awareness.  You can perceive this easily in the sense of time, whereas you may have recollection or awareness of lifetimes lived in other frames of the time-space continuum, yet you are simultaneously connected, and part of these experiences, while you are present in physical form, in this body, with this name, in this incarnation.

We share this in this way to help you understand the nature of your consciousness expansion, for you are anchored, in this moment of time and space, but you are aware of an expanded consciousness experience and potential – the greater, multifaceted expression of your soul.
But you see, Dear Ones, that is just the beginning, for you are not only part of a continuum of soul expression, you are part of a divine radiation of universal life.  You are connected to the fabric of all that is, and you are part of that universal design.

In your current form, you are embedded in a field of energy and consciousness – that of the Earth.  And in this field of energy and consciousness, you are seeded as a facet of a multidimensional universal experience.  As you awaken in this juncture of the ascension process, you are becoming aware of the fact that you are separate from nothing, you are part of everything, all that is.

These are strange words at first, but they help you understand the nature of reality.  For just as a fish in the ocean may not be aware of the water that is its environment, humanity, for the moment, has lost awareness of its connection with the invisible multidimensional realms of energy and consciousness in which it exists.

This is not true for everyone, and it is changing quickly, for humanity is undergoing an awakening process, and it is beginning to understand both the physics and spiritual nature of which we speak.

Through quantum expression and spiritual parable, these worlds begin to fuse.  For you understand that you are a spiritual being incarnate, at a precise time, for a precise purpose, and this purpose is becoming more clear.

The very epicentre of your purpose at this time is to undergo the ascension process, and it is for this purpose that we gather, that we commune in energy and consciousness, and we participate, as we remind you of the greater energetic nature of your reality.  It is the beginning, but it is a sequential process that you will understand one step at a time.

At this moment we are working closely with you as you undergo an expansion in the Soul Star Chakra.  These are fanciful words, and difficult to understand, but in simple terms, you can think of it as a sacred geometrical expansion.

The awareness of consciousness on both sides of this sacred portal are becoming more aware in your conscious mind.  Humanity is beginning to develop the faculty to receive energy from what you would perceive as the spiritual or quantum dimension, and to use this energy with consciousness, integrity, love and compassion, to enhance the vibratory space in which humanity itself dwells.

Eventually, with time, nurturing, and patience, it will create a vibrational shift.  This may seem slow, when you look at it from the physical dimension of time, but it is happening at an expedited rate, and will be upon you in no time, as you begin to witness the nature of this metaphoric change.

You see, everything that exists in the form world first exists in energy and consciousness, and it manifests only through the mind of the creative field. So much of what you know to be your reality can be expressed as a dream in the mind of the Creator, but it is a playground in which you, as a human being, begin to experience your power of creative potential.

The time is at hand for a major transformation of the human experience, and in ways that seem magical, and out of proportion or possibility, you will begin to see evidence of the energetic changes that are taking place.  But just like we discussed in our teaching this evening, the energetic changes can be thought of as seeds of potential, and with a little nurturing, a little love, and a little support, they will flourish in this field of potential, and manifest in magical ways, to bring healing, peace, and a transcendent consciousness to that which is known at this moment in time.

We share with you these ideas to better understand the nature of the Soul Star Chakra expansion.  You need not worry about the physics or nature of the expansion, for in genuine terms, it cannot be comprehended in a linear process, but as you expand yourself into the nature of the experience, it will become self-evident, and you will understand, from your own experience, the nature of the marvel at hand.

We celebrate with you in these precious moments in our transmission journey.  We celebrate the courage, the wisdom, the compassion, the kindness you manifest in your daily lives in so many ways.

Be strong of heart, be brave of spirit, for you have everything within you you need for the journey ahead.  Do not underestimate your potential, your power, or your capacity to love, for they are tools which you will use with abundance, as we move forward in time.

And as we prepare to take leave in this moment, we remind you, as we do each and every time we are together, that through the light of the Eternal Sun, together with you, we are one.

18 Jan  2024

4th Transmission – EARTH STAR ACTIVATION


The purpose of this transmission is to work on the crystalline enhancement of the Earth Star Chakra.

This chakra is positioned below your feet and services as the crystalline anchor point of your energy system into the crystalline grid of Gaia as you hold incarnation in form.  As you move forward in this deeper crystalline integration, you connect to the earth and the sacred elemental forces is also expanding.  You are experiencing an integration connection and communication with this crystalline nature of the powerful elemental energies – as they support you in integrating the energy that is the Ascension Shift.  You can think of these energies as nurturing and nourishing.  The relationship you hold with Sacred Elements is profound.  Your understanding of this will grow in our teaching time together – and you energetic integration will take a light year leap forward as we work together in the transmission.   


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 18 Jan 2024
Earth Star Activation

V – 4th Transmission –  Earth Star Activation

Dearest Beings of Light,

We join you at this most auspicious moment in the journey of our transmissions together.  The essence of this experience is truly a moment of bridging the material and the spiritual worlds.

As you move forward in the ascension journey, you are learning to anchor into your physical realm, higher spiritual dimensional energies and aspects of consciousness.  To do this, you are developing a field of light called the Diamond Light Body.  

In tonight’s transmission, we are focusing our attention on the Earth Star Chakra.  You see, Dear Ones, this is a fundamental aspect of your evolving energy system, for you can consider the Earth Star Chakra as the point of communication, or anchoring, the evolving crystalline consciousness with the crystalline grid of the planet.

To bring forward the evolving energy of the new human, the energy must be anchored within patterning that allows you to hold these higher crystalline frequencies in the physical realm of the planet.  This is an evolution of energy and consciousness and creates a bridge to strengthen your reality and your anchoring in this emerging realm.

You see, Dear Ones, the higher dimensional energies that are flowing into the Earth will require structures of energy, like a vessel,l to hold and mould these frequencies into patterns of form.  The work of this integration is done by higher geometrical forces of light or patterns of light, and these become one with the crystalline field of your energy system.  It’s through the bridge of this energy that you hold a direct connection to the crystalline levels of the sacred elemental forces, and so you see, this chakra creates a bridge, or an anchoring point, for this communication and the flow of this energy.

We focus our attention together on this developmental moment because your communication with the elements is expanding.  You can consider this as anchoring yourself in the new consciousness and allowing yourself to receive the energy and information that flows through the elemental forces through you.

Everything that comes into being in the physical world comes through the power of these energies. But these energies are patterned or governed by higher overlighting structures of coherence and geometry that guide their implementation and support them in their manifestation.

You are beginning to learn to work with these crystalline energies, and for that reason, we guide you, step by step, as you become familiar with the potential and power of this alignment.

You also see the fundamental benevolence of these forces and how holding yourself in a centred alignment is critical to working in this space.  You are beginning to learn to work as a collective, and in this action, bringing the potential for manifesting healing and new potential in the world of form.

You can see how important it is to understand, above the ego, the value of this contribution, for you are learning to work in service to the higher good.  As you all know, you have been prepared many lifetimes, and served many lifetimes in this capacity in different ways.  However, as we step into the emerging energies of the future, you are reminded of your ability to work in this expanded space.

Tonight, we honour you as you anchor yourself in the emerging energy.  We have many things to share and new information to come forward as we continue in our journey through these transmissions and the integration of your energetic fields, but for this moment, we pause simply to bow and to honour each of you as a soul in form.

Allow yourself, for a moment, simply to feel the love and the admiration we hold for you.  And as we prepare to take leave at this moment, to remind you that through the light of the Eternal Sun, -we are with you, we are with you – for we are one. 

15 FEB  2024



This is the first transmission in Cycle V of a journey through the traditional 7 chakra domains – the root chakra.  The purpose of this transmission is to prepare and support the chakra development in an evolutionary movement forward.  It is not simply a series of  chakra clearing or charging – it is a crystalline enhancement of the chakra – to support it is future development. 

The essence of the human energy is transforming through the transition that is the Ascension Process.  As you integrate the diamond light crystalline body and begin to flow the greater crystalline expression of energy of the New Earth – your human energy system is changing.  There are “integrations” that are staged with wisdom and embryonic development as you grow in the new expression that is the New Human.

In our transmissions, we will present this in the way that is linear – on a journey through the chakra system over the next series of months.  Yet understand, as the energy is “adjusted” at each vibrational level or chakra, there is a holographic adjustment taking place through your whole chakra system.   At each level we will present some of the more interesting changes occurring that are unique to each aspect of the energy system.   Allow yourselves to sink deeply not only into the concept of this understanding – but the deepest recesses of energy experience that will transform the meaning of these words into experience. 


Extracted from the – 
Sirian Blue White Transmission – 15 FEB  2024
Earth Star Activation

V – 5th Transmission –ROOT CHAKRA ACTIVATION

Greetings, Dear Ones,

We join you in this profound moment of Diamond Light Body Integration.  You see how beautifully you are developing in the energy of the New Earth.

As we shared in the teachings this evening, we remind you of the evolutionary development of your energy system that is preparing you to connect more profoundly and more powerfully to the crystalline expansion that is occurring on the Earth.

The root chakra is the foundation of your being in this dimension, and the root chakra has been part of your energy anatomy as long as humanity has existed in the body of form.  

You see, Dear Ones, we are moving into an evolving energy on the planet, and as the crystalline expansion is occurring, and the vibrational frequency on the planet is expanding.  You are developing an energy anatomy that will support you in presence and in capacity in the energy of the new.

In order to live and operate in this expanded frequency, you are becoming aware, not only of your energetic, but also your multidimensional nature, and you are beginning to understand the importance of being well seated and well anchored in the world of form.

It is through the structure of the root chakra that you connect, fundamentally, to this base frequency in creation.  And it is anchoring this centre within the crystalline fabric of the evolving planet that you will find yourself seated and anchored in this energetic space for the development of that which is to come.

Your access to healing, multidimensional knowledge, energetic gifts of consciousness, peace and compassion will be supported as this energy anchors, integrates, and evolves.

This is a time of energetic development.  It is simple in its nature but profound in its outcome.  We remind you, as you take steps through this energetic integration, the importance, in fact, the necessity, of self-nurturance and self-care.
As your body goes through the prerequisite adjustments, to allow these transformations, allow yourself the freedom, the permission, and the mercy to nurture yourself in moments of adjustment and need.

There will be times when the body feels tired or symptomatic from these integrations, and it is a call for you to remember to nurture yourself.

Pause with each step of the process and ask yourself what you need to be supported, nurtured, and healed, and you will have the answer and the understanding at that moment in time.

Do not judge the process.  See it with the eyes of compassion, wisdom, and understanding that will far better support you in your evolution, and celebrate the moments of expansion and joy that begin to flourish as these integrations deepen through your system.

We remind you that as you take these steps forward into the birth of a new humanity, you will look retrospectively from the future with awe and wonder at the magnificence of that which has been accomplished in the process of your becoming.

Although, at times, the journey seems fraught with challenge or difficulty, we remind you to remember that you are not alone.  For you see, Dear Ones, that through the light of the Eternal Sun, we are with you together, for we are one.

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