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The SirianBlue White Collective are a group of light beings aligned with the star system of Sirius.  They are consciously engaged with humanity at the time to support the work of DNA transformation and human ascension into Light Body through DNA recalibration to higher light fields.  They are channeled through Dr. John Ryan in the work of Unity Field Healing and more recently in group Ascension Transmissions providing direct Energy Attunements and channeled information.

This essence  was commissioned by Dr. John and created by  Tracey  Roberts  of Destiny Gems.  In the development of the  Cosmic Gaia Essence the stones were chosen in resonance with the energy and frequency of current transmissions from SirianBlue White Collective and mirror the stones of the Sirian Blue White Bracelet!

The Mother Tincture of this essence was created during the full moon of Nov 2019 and is imprinted with 14 K gold,  Blue Apatite and Lapis Lazuli to hold the frequency of higher energy reception and integration.  This is facilitated by communicative power  snow quartz and Gold Plated DruzyQuartz to create a crystalline field of communication between the resonance attributes of the primary stones.

The Essence is a tool of energetic support in these times of Ascension of the Planet.


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