SBWC Transmission V – 4 – Root Chakra Integration – 15 Feb 2024


The Quantum Merge:  Root Chakra integration

This is the first transmission in Cycle V of a journey through the traditional seven chakra domains – the root chakra.  The purpose of this transmission is to prepare and support the chakra development in an evolutionary movement forward.  It is not simply a series of chakra clearing or charging – it is a crystalline enhancement of the chakra – to support it is future development. 

The essence of the human energy is transforming through the transition that is the Ascension Process.  As you integrate the diamond light crystalline body and begin to flow the greater crystalline expression of the energy of the New Earth – your human energy system is changing.  There are “integrations” that are staged with wisdom and embryonic development as you grow in the new expression that is the New Human.

In our transmissions, we will present this in a way that is linear – on a journey through the chakra system over the next series of months.  Yet understand that as the energy is “adjusted” at each vibrational level or chakra, there is a holographic adjustment taking place through your whole chakra system.   At each level we will present some of the more interesting changes occurring that are unique to each aspect of the energy system.   Allow yourselves to sink deeply not only into the concept of this understanding – but the deepest recesses of energy experience that will transform the meaning of these words into experience.


The Full Replay is a 3-hour event includes a teaching presentation, question and answer session, light language transmission and guided meditation transmission guided by the Sirian Blue White Collective to facilitate ascension integration!


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