SBWC Transmission – IV – 1 – The Original Template



This is a FULL REPLAY access purchase of a recorded live transmission event.  With your purchase, you will receive a downloadable document with instructions and a personal link for viewing.

New Human Journeys: The Original Template  

The purpose of this transmission is to calibrate one’s energy system with the Original Divine Blueprint.

There are a group of souls who first came to Earth through the Lemurian Civilization.  Some souls were descendent children of the Original Pleiadian Mothers.  Others were born as offspring of these children.  In this original seeding, a Universal Pattern was integrated into the DNA of Humanity.  We can refer to this pattern as The Original Template.  The energies configured in the template for each soul were unique in many ways, yet the geometrical pattern is consistent.  With subsequent lifetimes of experience, the instructions in this template have “weakened” by design.  It is time to catalyze the Template and “ring it alive” to resonate with the Ascending Human Energy System.   Together we will make a New Human Journey into the original template!


The Full Replay is a 3-hour event that included a teaching presentation, question and answer session, light language transmission and guided meditation transmission guided by the Sirian Blue White Collective to facilitate ascension integration!


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