SBWC Transmission – IV – 4 – Gifts of Grace



This is a FULL REPLAY access purchase of a recorded live transmission event.  With your purchase, you will receive a downloadable document with instructions and a personal link for viewing.


New Human Journeys: Gifts of Grace – Tailored Activations of the 24th Chromosome Field 

The purpose of this transmission is to facilitate the integration of attuned energies in the Star Seed Activation in the last transmission.

In this transmission, we will work together to bring the attunements and gifts we touched in the star seed journey and weave them deeply into the 24th chromosome for integration.  This will facilitate a more facile and profound manifestation as this energy overlights and guides our manifest realities.


The Full Replay is a 3 hour event included a teaching presentation, question and answer session, light language transmission and guided meditation transmission guided by the Sirian Blue White Collective to facilitate ascension integration!


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