SBWC Transmission II – 6 – Unity with the Ascension Grid and Medtronic Light

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Unity with the Ascension Grid and Metatronic Light

The purpose of this transmission is to more deeply attune to the Ascension Grid and receive a transmission to support its influence upon your Merkaba field of quantum light!

In August 2020 the SBWC brought to light Phase II of the Ascension Transmissions. We will begin a new cycle entitled: The Unity Teachings & Ascension Transmission – Embodying Higher Light. This is the sixth in the second series presented here: Unity with the Ascension Grid & Metatronic Light.

Overlaying the crystalline grid (Transmission #5) there is a grid of transformative organized light that contains quantum patterning to propel the earth forward into a quantum field of organized light that will express itself as an Ascending Civilization. We term it the Ascension Grid. You can think of this a field of higher-dimensional patterning that will interface with the crystalline grid – and through resonant contact, help remodel the patterning in the crystalline grid to support the quantum patterns for the restructuring of form life on the planet including the human blueprint.

You are each awakening to the reality of your “Divine Origin” and understanding your earthly sojourn as one of many by your soul as you move the planet through the evolution of consciousness through the field of duality to the expression of unity consciousness in form.

This process is overseen by many elements of spiritual expression – and can be understood as a Metatronic light field. You can think of this field as a crystalline field of light that holds perfected patterning – and sings to the crystalline energy of the earth to calibrate the vibration of the earth to a higher field of light potential. This is modelled well in the cymatic play of form energy as it responds to the field of sonic power, creating beautiful patterns of organized form through the influence of sound energy.

A “new song” is being sung to your planet and it singing each of you forward into new fields of light and potential.


The Full Replay is a 3-hour event that included a teaching presentation, question and answer session, light language transmission and guided meditation transmission guided by the Sirian Blue White Collective to facilitate ascension integration!


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