SBWC Transmission II – 5 – Unity with the Crystalline Grid and the Cetaceans

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Unity with Crystalline Grid and Cetaceans

The purpose of this transmission – the 5th in the new series of transmissions – is to develop a more conscious appreciation of the crystalline system and find unity in its forward evolution – as a New Human building a New Humanity.

It has been revealed by the Sirian Blue White Collective that the year 2021 would witness a deep integration of the crystalline network. What is the crystalline networK? Kryon has been teaching us now for years about the ‘crystalline grid’ that is part of the earth’s matrix that holds memory – like a living field of memory. It is connected to the Cetaceans – the dolphin and the whales – as well as the akashic memory of all souls that are part of the earth’s history and future.

In these days of Ascension, the field is being reconfigured by a group of nodes and nulls that are part of the crystalline network and have “come online” between 2012 and 2019 to create a “clearing of energy in the days ahead- to prepare the earth to embody a new potential of expression.

The crystalline grid is connected, as a quantum level structure, to a vast network of channels of information that extend far beyond the earth into the galactic field of energy. In this time – these channels of energy and information are opening and weaving into the crystalline matrix of the earth.

This crystalline field can in many ways be thought of metaphorically as an upgrade of an “operating system” and a reprogramming familiar to us through our exposure to computer systems. There are certain possibilities that only become possible when the foundation is laid and the knowledge and wisdom are present to build the potential.

As this crystalline integration moves forward – we will find ourselves within reach of potentials that were so evasive or unreachable even if present in human consciousness. This will be a platform on which a world of peace will be constructed and many new potentials are dreamt into being.


The Full Replay is a 3-hour event that included a teaching presentation, question and answer session, light language transmission and guided meditation transmission guided by the Sirian Blue White Collective to facilitate ascension integration!


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