SBWC Transmission I – 9 – Connecting with the Masters Grid & Christ Consciousness – 23 June 2020

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This is a FULL REPLAY access purchase of a recorded live transmission event.  With your purchase, you will receive a downloadable document with instructions and a personal link for viewing.

The purpose of this 9th event is to enhance the group connection to the Energy Grid of the Ascended Masters – an awakening crystalline grid through the Ascension Journey.  The Ascended Masters are a collective Energy, many who have lived on the Earth and brought the teaching of Unity and Christ Consciousness Being through many forms. In the days of Ascension, humanity is moving into coherence with this crystalline grid of consciousness that supports each one of us in moving into the state of being that is afforded to us by this wisdom. It represents an opportunity to “weave” into the grid supported by the energy of the collective group and move forward with wisdom, balance, serenity, joy and heart-based love. ENJOY!


The Full Replay is a 3-hour event that included a teaching presentation, question and answer session, light language transmission and guided meditation transmission guided by the Sirian Blue White Collective to facilitate ascension integration!

BONUS:  Free replays are included to the mediations from the first 5 transmissions in Year 1!


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