INTRODUCING … The Unity Field Healing Online Discovery Seminar!


Unity Field Healing (UFH)

Energy Medicine for the Future: 

  Quantum Healing with Soul




Unity Field Healing:

The ONLINE Discovery Seminar

Are you curious to learn more about your Human Energy System and  Energy Medicine?

Would you like to be empowered by a greater understanding of the Role of Consciousness in healing and well being – and in co-creating a more profound reality?

Are you are practitioner of Energy Based Healing, but know there is NEW information you need to grow and evolve  as a healer?

Would you like to understand The Ascension – the powerful force of new energy and consciousness that is transforming life on the planet – and how it empowers you?

Are you ready to discover the Quantum Bridge between your human energy system and your spiritual consciousness?  And, how can this knowledge be used to faciliate and empower Energy Healing and Transformation?

Would you like to discover a powerful tool – Unity Field Healing – that you can use to enrich your own life!  This tool is modality of the New Energy that can powerfully help you – and those you love – heal, awaken and transform?

If you can answer YES to any or all of these questions – This 4 hour online program is for YOU!

Unity Field Healing:

The ONLINE Discovery Seminar

Sign up now for full access to 4 hours of online content which includes:

TWO 1.5 hour educational video presentations:

Part one includes:   A Foundational discussion of the Human Energy System, Energy Medicine and Consciousness Based Healing  

Part two includes:  An introduction to the Ascension, the changing paradigm of Energy Medicine – in the New Energy and New Consciousness, an introduction to Quantum DNA and Quantum Healing, and finally – an introduction to:  Unity Field Healing 

UFH  is a new Energy Healing Modality that works in your Quantum DNA field for healing and personal evolution!

TWO  30 minute powerful healing meditations:

Meditation #1:  Healing the 4 bodies through The Power of Compassion

Meditation #2:  Session 4 Unity Field Healing – The Power of Group Attunement!

Dr. John Ryan


Dr. John Ryanis a board certified specialist physician, with a long interest in spirituality, consciousness, and energy-based healing.  Dr. John’s life was transformed by a mystical Kundalini awakening in the late 1980’s that led him to explore the reality of Energy Based Healing and Spiritual transformation.  For over 20 years he has been a leader in the emerging energy healing paradigm as an energy healing practitioner and counselor in support of personal transformation.  He is an author, speaker, teacher, healer and visionary.

​Dr. John is the author of Unity Field Healing -Vol 1 Foundations of Energy Medicine and Quantum Healing and the founder of Unity Field Healing – A Quantum Based Meditative Tool for Well Being and “Bio Spiritual Integration” !

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$44 Cdn ( ~$33 US )

Regular Registration:  $88 Cdn!

When you complete your payment registration, you  will instantly receive an automated email providing you with immediate access to all 4 components UFH ONLINE SEMINAR.  Simple!



“Dr. John is a master teacher – this is the best introduction to Energy Healing and Personal Growth I have ever experienced.”

“If you every have an opportunity to see Dr. Ryan speak – jump!  You won’t be sorry – he is purely inspirational, wise – and funny too!”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You have brought together so many things I partially understood into a cohesive presentation – what a REMARKABLE achievement.  I am so grateful.”


“So many questions have been answered.  I see the big picture and after years as an energy practitioner – for the first time in my life I really understand!!  Thank you Dr. John – you’re amazing!!”

“Dr. Ryan is the real deal!  He doesn’t just teach – he IS!  Thank you for this amazing opportunity to learn from your profound wisdom!”

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