UFH Meditation

This is an 11 minute meditation to introduce you to the energy and experience of Unity Field Healing.  

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Unity Field Healing Template


To begin this exercise, find a comfortable place sitting down – in a chair or in a mediation position:

  1. Take a moment to consciously honor the divinity, the light that lives within you, and has brought you to the planet to experience life in this amazing time. Honor also your body, an incredible vehicle of light and consciousness, always in service to your presence. Breathe and release any tension you may feel in your body.
  2. Acknowledge the presence of your Higher Self. This aspect of your being accompanies you at all times, but is consciously present within you, as you embark upon this exercise.
  3. Now, bring your attention to your feet. Allow the energy centers in the soles of your feet to open, and allow energy to flow into you. Feel it move up your legs, and into your pelvis. Visualize or feel it rises up through your chakra system and spine, and out through the crown of the head.
  4. Next, begin to rotate your pelvis in a circular pattern. Begin by rocking it first to the right, then push your lower spine backward, then rock toward the left, and then push your spine gently forward. Continue the rotation for at least 10 cycles. Repeat in the opposite direction for 10 full cycles. Stop now and breathe.
  5. Now simply move your chest forward as your head relaxes backward. Then reverse the movement by arching your back gently while your heard moves forward and faces down toward your chest. Repeat back and forth 10 full times. Breathe in as you move forward, and out as you move backward. This will open your spine. Breathe deeply and relax.
  6. Rotate or gently spin your chest around the axis of your spine. Rotate you shoulders first clockwise to the right as the right shoulder moves backwards, and the left should rotates in front of you. Then reverse the rotation toward the left. Repeat several times, slowly and deliberately, while breathing.
  7. Now, rock your head back and forth several times. Then, tilt your head from side to side. Next rotate your head around the axis of your spine from side to side if this is comfortable for you. Repeat several times. This is to loosen and open your energy. Breathe
  8. Relax deeply. Now feel or imagine another wave of energy come up through your feet and body. Feel it filling your arms and passing out your fingers. Feel it move up the neck and out the top of head.
  9. Now, bring you awareness to your heart center. Imagine a luminous ball of light in the center of your chest, or heart chakra. Feel the heart with each pulse if you can, and visualize the radiant energy emerging out through your heart like a pulsing sun.  
  10. Feel the energy expands to encompass your entire body.
  11. Allow the love and energy you are receiving to flow outward and arch around your body. Feel it return to you amplified and uplifting.
  12. Next, visualize the image of the Unity Field Template in your mind’s eye. If you don’t see it, connect mentally with the idea.
  13. Allow the symbol to come to life for you. Allow yourself to feel the impact of the energy radiations. You may feel dizzy or a little lightheaded – which is normal. Don’t be alarmed; just allow the energy to move through you and around you.
  14. You may feel this energy moving, to push or pull in areas of tightness or restriction, within your body. If you are aware of this sensation, gently breathe and imagine drawing your breath deeply into your body and allow it to relax. Breathe.
  15. Stay in this meditative space for as long as you would like.
  16. As you return to a wakeful state, pay attention to any thoughts or feelings that formed part of your experiences. What physical or energetic sensations did you experience? Notice any ideas or feelings that come to you in the next few moments. Just allow.
  17. Now bring your consciousness back into your body. Feel your arms begin to tingle and your legs. Take a deep invigorating breath and let it charge your body.  

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