Unleashing the Healers Fire:

Igniting your Passion to Heal


healers fire

Welcome to “Unleashing the Healer’s Fire.”

Calling all healers! Welcome to “Unleashing the Healer’s Fire,” a series specially crafted for you, to empower your work as an and Energy and Consciousness Healer.  Get ready to ignite your passion, enhance your skills, and deepen your understanding of the incredible transformative power of Energy Medicine and Unity Field Healing!

This is a series of special videos, crafted just for you.

The intent of this series is to empower you in your work as an energy healer.

In this series, we delve into the essence of energy healing, and discuss a wide range of topics to support you in your mission as  healer.  

As healers, there are many unique challenges that you may encounter as you start or build a practice, work with clients, face healing challenges or simply deal with adversity or skepticism.  We will take on some of the challenges in this series – providing supportive advice to you to help you flourish in you Spiritually Inspired mission.

Embrace this extraordinary opportunity to unleash the healer’s fire within you and embrace the limitless possibilities of energy healing. Let’s embark on this inspiring journey together!

Episode #1:  Triumph over Skepticism

In this Episode we take a look at some tips to communicate about your healing work – and thrive – in a world that may not understand  Energy Healing!

Episode #2:  Introducing Energy Medicine to Clients

In this episode we will cover some helpful advice in presenting energy medicine to clients or potential clients who are new to energy medicine!

Episode #3:  Setting Boundaries

As compassionate souls who give so much of ourselves, it’s essential that we learn to navigate the challenges that come with this beautiful journey. In this episode, we explore the challenges of maintaining energetic boundaries and self-care while providing healing services to others. Here are 7 points to reflect on to maintain your well-being!

Episode #4: 8 Tips to Nurture your Practice

In this 4th episode, together, we look at 8 ideas that can be powerfully supportive as you nurture your Healing Practice.

Episode 5:  Overcoming Imposter Syndrome 

Imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern where an individual doubts their accomplishments and feels like a fraud despite evidence of their competence, skills, or success. People experiencing imposter syndrome often believe that they don’t deserve their achievements, attributing their accomplishments to luck or external factors rather than their abilities. Energy healing is a challenging art – for we are working with “unseen” forces and, therefore, very susceptible to these doubts and this phenomenon. We will examine 8 tips to help overcome this challenge!

Episode #6:  Explaining Unity Field Healing 

Unity Field Healing (UFH), a new modality in the field of Energy Medicine. Since its inception in 2012, UFH has emerged as a powerful and respected approach for healing and catalyzing profound personal transformation. Unity Field Healing stands apart from various forms of Energy Medicine and Vibrational Healing. While it shares the foundation of channeling universal energy and releasing energy blockages, UFH offers a remarkable difference. It is an evolutionary program specifically designed to support healing and bio-spiritual transformation through the axis of your Quantum or Spiritual DNA.

Episode #10:  10 tips to Manage Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

Welcome to this next video in our Unleashing the Healers Fire Series – a video focused on preventing or overcoming burnout and compassion fatigue as an energy healer. In this video, we’ll explore 10 essential strategies to help energy healers maintain their well-being while providing care and support to others.

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