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  1. Chin-Sim Kang

    I was so excited for this training after watching Lee Carroll’s interview of Dr. John. As I’m new to the energy healing world, I didn’t know what to expect. Dr. John Ryan is a great teacher as he’s able to explain the esoteric knowledge clearly using everyday words. During the practical part of the training, when I was the practitioner then the client, I did not see or feel much. I just trust Spirit and the SBWC energy that was working. However, the day after the the training ended, I had the strangest feeling. My mind was absolutely quiet, no chatter at all! This in itself was so strange for me. I’ve never experience such utmost peace and calmness. I found myself not reacting to any daily situations. Instead, I calmly just got things done. This lasted for a couple of days. I now know how to go back into this space of peace and calm. For this gift alone, my heartfelt gratitude and love to Dr. John Ryan for bringing Unity Field Healing to us.

    • Heather Gunn PhD, MSN, RN (retired), CCHt

      That wonderful feeling of peace and calm can be elusive. We never know how or when it may present itself. As practitioners, isn’t it wonderful to know that we can help others to find theirs? I am happy for you…

  2. Heather Gunn PhD, MSN, RN (retired), CCHT,

    Mere weeks prior to the Covid outbreak and its restrictions, I attended Dr. Ryan’s UFH course in Ottawa…and I am ever so grateful that I did. Beautifully presenting information about energy work and its value to all in need of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual assistance, Dr. Ryan hit the nail on the head. As an RN of 40 plus years, it has become clearly evident to me that our intimate engagement within the field of consciousness is key to our health. UFH provides the avenue in which to do so. A sincere thank you, Dr. Ryan…

  3. Meleta Ward

    I feel so grateful for being a part of the UFH training Dec. 4-6, 2020. Prior to the training,I had listened to every SBWC transmission as well as the audios for the UFH sessions 1, 2 and 3 several times. The training brought the UFH and SBWC energies into me in a much deeper and personal way. I felt very connected to our group and John’s talks reminded me of who we are and instilled hope. I felt very sad when the training was over and I cried. I appreciate all the ways John has for us to stay connected.

  4. Emily Cardell

    Thank you so much Dr. John for sharing the gift of Unity Field Healing. Your presentations were beautifully delivered and I have deeply appreciated your generous support following completion of the course. Thank you for the plentiful Practitioner resources you provide.
    I have personally experienced profound shifts since experiencing UFH and am enjoying sharing it’s beauty and power.
    You are a gift to the world Dr. John
    Deepest Gratitude, Emily

  5. Nicole Simon

    John Ryan is a wonderful teacher who provides a lot of profound information in a way that encourages learning, comprehending and integrating the content on multiple levels. I have done many trainings, but this one has definitely been the most transformational for my own life and my accompanying people on their journey. I feel very blessed to be able to pass on what I have received to my clients . THANK YOU!

  6. Diane Coelho

    With deep gratitude I am profoundly indebted for becoming a Unity Field Healing Practitioner. The experience of the audio sessions, contributed to my personal growth and evolution. The energy was like nothing I ever experienced. Becoming a practitioner amplified my spiritual journey tremendously. Performing the sessions is always a blessing for both myself and the recipient. From day one performing the sessions till today I am enthusiastic and excited to perform a session, like Jesus has said “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”. Unity Field Healing has brought that to us, a touch of heaven on earth. It is a tremendous pleasure to be part of the Unity Field healing practitioners, guiding and cultivating humanity into their divinity and light. Blessed Be !

  7. Madeleine Thibault-Smith

    It is a deep honour to add my voice to all the heartfelt comments that precede this one. On my spiritual path,I participated in the early December practitioner UFH training KNOWING that I was being guided from “above” to participate, and beautifully and generously guided on the Earth plane by Dr John, an inspiring human who has been touched in a special way.He is a gifted generous sincere teacher, and being part of this family is very uplifting for me personally; sharing this energy work with those who ask and are open to that healing is a gift for me as practitioner and for the recipient. At an energetic level, it all nurtures the growth of higher consciousness on the planet. I feel blessed to be alive at this time and feel gratitude for all that UFH brings. Thank you Dr. John and thank you fellow graduates. The best is yet to come!

  8. Alison Held Anderson

    My deepest gratitude for a transformational weekend at the UFH Online Practitioner Training! Dr. John leads in a way that is gentle, compassionate, loving, and thorough. The group dynamic was divinely orchestrated as I felt very connected to everyone that gathered for the training and I enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know a few of the participants at a deeper level through our session exchanges. There was a wonderful blend of experiences in the class from John’s teachings, the exchanges after each experience, Q&As, connection with other participants, and higher dimensional visions/feelings through the transmissions and sessions. Everything in the class flowed and I never felt rushed and always felt engaged. Again, my deepest gratitude for this amazing experience. I am so glad I decided to follow my intuition and can now share more of my gifts with humanity as well as be united with the growing UFH family.

  9. Damla Aktekin

    Thank you John and Tracey for the amazing training over the weekend! I still feel glowing from all the sessions. This morning my 8 year old daughter said to me ‘Mom, you look less frazzled and grumpy this morning. It usually takes you a long while to wake up.’ She summed up how I have been feeling inside: calm, energized and aligned.
    The online practitioner training was a lot fun and a breeze. John’s calm wisdom and humor are infectious. This was one of my favorite online training experiences ever.

  10. Pamela Russell

    A deep bow to Dr. John Ryan for leading the most profound training in healing I’ve ever taken. As a health professional who witnesses and cares for people suffering every day, what Dr John showed was how to make that quantum leap as a true healing agent for whatever was needed. By inviting us step by step into a divine portal of guidance, I experienced an activated healing energy which was palpable, tangible and simply flowed. Immersion in this training process continues to bring forth personal insights and healing, while it radiates outwards into world that needs healing so much right now. Amazing. I am ever humbled and alit with gratitude.

  11. Kimmi Sterk

    I was fascinated with Dr Ryan’s presentation about the mechanics of how UFH works with DNA. His teaching manner makes you feel at ease as he explains the material clearly and thoroughly. What really impressed me, however, was how strongly I felt the effects of the healing after the third session. I’ve been doing other types of energy work for 5 years and I’ve never before had such a tangible and profound reaction after a session. The next day I felt so much more light and free- like my body was 20 years younger.

  12. Thank you John, Tracey and all the amazing healing participants in the online class.

    I was so pleased with the serendipity of finding the opening in the February 2021 UFH Online Training. I had just had my life open up completely after 3 years of activity filled with questioning my purpose.
    After years of following Kryon and moving into John’s work for the last two years I was ready to jump in. Some trepidation came through my lack of specific training but I was familiar with modalities on the receiving end. A nice return email relaxed my question; yes it is open to anyone who is interested enough to get to the point of inquiry, and being without a massage table would work out ok.
    John is a master at the healing process, with a training program obviously mature, time tested, easily applied and so effective. As a practitioner I feel very supported in my quest to offer this healing modality. He offers everything he has learned and any tool he feels is helpful to a practitioner.

    • Ananda Edmonds

      Prayers really do get answered??!!! I came upon Unity Field Healing via Kryon. It was Dr. Johns frequency. Two sentences in about Unity Field healing, and it was clear why I was guided back to listen to this particular video presentation. I had to do this training for UFH.
      2 months later, I am now a certified practitioner of Unity Field Healing. As of a half an hour ago I’ve worked with my 10th client in session one. I’ve had the great pleasure of working with some of the worlds best and brightest teachers on the planet from my days of working at Agapelive.com
      Dr. Masaru Emoto, Christopher Harper, Maryanne Williamson, Greg Braden, David Hawkins, Michael B. Beckwith, Paul Tuttle .To name a few. But, this, with Dr. John was a whole different vibration for me which is quite Divine. And so is Dr. John. He’s a Master teacher. And he appears to convey what might be considered complexed information with effortless ease and a grace I hasn’t met before. Thank you Dr. John and Tracey Robert and SBWC for this answer prayer!!!?????‍♀️???‍♀️?????????‍♀️???

  13. Ananda Edmonds

    Prayers really do get answered??!!! I came upon Unity Field Healing via Kryon. It was Dr. Johns frequency. Two sentences in about Unity Field healing, and it was clear why I was guided back to listen to this particular video presentation. I had to do this training for UFH.
    2 months later, I am now a certified practitioner of Unity Field Healing. As of a half an hour ago I’ve worked with my 10th client in session one. I’ve had the great pleasure of working with some of the worlds best and brightest teachers on the planet from my days of working at Agapelive.com
    Dr. Masaru Emoto, Christopher Harper, Maryanne Williamson, Greg Braden, David Hawkins, Michael B. Beckwith, Paul Tuttle .To name a few. But, this, with Dr. John was a whole different vibration for me which is quite Divine. And so is Dr. John. He’s a Master teacher. And he appears to convey what might be considered complexed information with effortless ease and a grace I hasn’t met before. Thank you Dr. John and Tracey Robert and SBWC for this answer prayer!!!?????‍♀️???‍♀️?????????‍♀️???

  14. Peter Lee PhD

    This practice is of immeasurable benefit and importance at a time when humanity is facing unprecedented challenges and uncertainty. I trained in molecular biology and genetics before beginning a search for a way to better balance the mind and the heart. My journey spanned five continents bringing me in contact with spiritual leaders and teachers across a vast array of practices and traditions. This is a keystone teaching providing the way to see the connections and commonalities between teachings both ancient and those that are emerging on the planet today. In the weeks since attending the practitioner training with Dr John Ryan, I have experienced such profound healing insights that I barely could find words. It’s as if a final pin dropped and things that for me have been confusing for so long are now clear. These range from understandings within my own personal life, to realizations about the fundamental role of our spiritual-emotional experiences in our own biology, epigenetics and health. Dr John’s teaching is so incredibly gentle that he makes these extraordinary teachings totally accessible to anyone of any background (you do not need a PhD). You’ll barely notice as you are gently introduced into the new paradigm of quantum biology. There is so much here for everyone, whether you are new to energy work, an experienced energetic practitioner, an artist, a scientist. If you are reading this review, your intuition has guided you this far already. It is my deepest, most heart-felt wish for you and all whose lives you impact that you experience this practice for yourself. My immense gratitude to Dr John for bringing this practice into the world at this time. May love guide you always and in all ways.

  15. MeiHua

    In the 2 days training, I was living in ecstasy, my spirit was high, my heart was laughing all the time. I think I was very much aligned to source. Dr. John created such a benevolent and sacred space for the training, I felt so much love, acceptance, freedom, and infiniteness. I felt some power activated in me, it feels like first love. I felt alive somehow, Later I realize, it is the relevant emotions requiring to be cleaned. I know that they know. Nice design!

    After the training, the overwhelming joy continued for a day, then I fell into depression, anxiety and stomach upset for one day. I came back to ecstasy again for 2-3 days. Than I got into deep sadness. Later, back to over joy. Goodness. These proved that I’m a sentient being :D. How romantic! Emotional everyday, up and down, up and down ~~~~~~

    During these emotional things, a lot of deep energetic patterns started surfacing in my mind requiring to be cleared. I took every chance to clean them. Before the training, I thought I was almost clean, now so much more showed up! Hey, go back to work!

    Everyday, things are spinning so fast after the training. I can feel it’s accelerating. New things keep coming up. Two days ago, I got my first hypnosis done, in one of my past lives, I was the first emperor of China, my higher self wants me to draw that confidence into this life. I have to say, my higher self really really really knows me. When I just started running wild on my spiritual path, my galactic family have already done their spiritual awakening or healing missions for decades. I guess I have done preparation very well, so I can run wild all the way here, hahahaha~~~ My favorite SBWC said it’s the soul’s vibration decide at what time I awaken. Cool answer! What is my vibration? I just launched a rocket to the universe.

    And my past life regression hypnosis experience made me realize that I am my higher self, my higher self is me. I am a small part of my higher self. My higher self knows everything about me, IT wants everything I want, IT desires everything I desire, and IT is always by my side. and IT knows everything. What a good feeling to know! I feel I love my higher self so much! I have imagined a lot about higher self before, but I didn’t expect it would be like this. I was like, “Wow, So this is what it is!”

    I use to question Kryon about his idea of asking us to fall in love with ourselves. “How can that happen? I can’t fall in love with myself!” I said. But, I think I just did.

    The UFH training is revolutionary to me, It triggers profound healing and deep self realization.
    What a magnificent training!
    I want to do it again…..

  16. Benedikte Bendtsen

    It was a weekend of healing of the body and heart. John Ryan, you are the kindest and best of men, so generous. In your whole way of being, of teaching, your warm laughter and kind spirit, the way you answered our questions during the workshop. The 2-day online workshop was one long warm embrace by Spirit, thanks to the space you created and held for us. You created a warm atmosphere and a feeling of being together, it was so good to be in your presence. I didn’t want to leave. Thank you for developing this work and for sharing it so generously. So light, so graceful. The presentations and introduction to the techniques was smooth and it felt so easy and natural to do the healings when we practiced on each other. The workshop was so well constructed and conducted – with the videos and guided initiations, with your teachings, with the question and answer part. And I am overwhelmed by your generosity of sharing all the materials and meditations for download, to anchor the work at home. I just received Tracey’s long kind email. Thank you Tracey for all the work you did/do in the background. I will apply this wonderful healing technique on myself, and then bring it with me into my work life, I have not yet figured out how, but will let Spirit guide me. Much love and gratitude from Benedikte

  17. Nancy Voestermans

    What this Training meant to me:




    Thank you so much for the opportunity to remember and connect. Deep gratitude and love for you John, for who you ARE and Tracey thank you for the wonderful and loving support!

  18. Laurie Brown

    I was super excited to take this energy healing modality, after hearing Kryon interview Dr. John… and Dr. John, along with Tracey did not disappoint! Dr. John explains everything very well. The techniques seem overwhelming at first, but they are easy to follow. The whole 2 days was such an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to get out there and practice! Thank you for bringing this to the planet! And can I just say, all the transmissions are so powerful! So grateful for this new modality!

  19. Dan Weber

    The synchronicities leading up to me taking this course were truly extraordinary. I’ve been on a healing/ascension path for the past 10 years, and heard about this course through my Naturopath and then as well through Kryon. I intuitively knew that taking the July 2021 course was ‘in ease’ and the ‘right’ time for me. It was an incredible experience. Dr.John is an amazing knowledgeable and compassionate teacher, and the group that got trained together quickly felt close in a beautiful way. It is life-changing on many levels that will be playing themselves out in my life for years.

    If this work resonates with you, I highly recommend following that nudge. Expect to be ‘buzzing’ for a few days! haha 🙂


  20. Renae

    I knew UFH was something that I needed to do since I first listened to the first transmissions from the SBWC.

    I was hesitant to do another Zoom class because in the past they were not the best BUT this class was amazing as was Dr. John. He is such a gifted teacher and his presence (even though not in person) was as if he was right there with you.

    I have since been working with my clients and almost all of them have experienced UFH. The results are amazing.

    I highly recommend anyone who is even remotely thinking about it, to become a certified practitioner in Unity Field Healing. You will love it!

  21. Gerard Hibbert

    Hello blessed souls.
    If you are seeking a leading edge healing modality to practice then quite frankly you need look no further .UFH…..You have found it !!!!
    As for John Ryan ….
    I have met many wonderful souls on my journey … However I can say with hand on heart that never have I experienced a presence such as Johns’. He is by far the most powerful Ascension guide I have ever encountered ( and I include my own mentors in this list ).Once in this presence you are instantly wrapped in the most comforting Etheric blanket one could ever imagine ….A blanket that is remarkably hard to rip oneself away from once the course is over . The Love that emanates from John and Tracey is an experience you shall carry for the rest of your life ( and lives ) .
    I wish to offer John AND Tracey my deepest heartfelt appreciation and feel I owe a debt that I could never repay.They would simply say ” Stay in your love and be in service of others “.
    Do I recommend this course ?
    1 Million percent and twice on Sundays with a cherry on top ❤
    Enjoy the journey …
    Love Gerard .

  22. Marcy Billings

    I met John at one of Kryon’s events, about
    the time that John’s original book “The
    Missing Pill”came out. From the get-go, I
    could feel the enormous heart, and creativity of this man. I learned so much about his passion to serve and help others heal. John shared with us his tools
    of knowledge and wisdom, put into practice. He later founded the U.F.H.
    modality to support his inner wealth of
    healing with energy.

    John is a master of patience, sincerity,
    integrity, and guidance- a teacher who knows how to bridge the new energies
    and possibilities that are here now.

    U.F.H. Encompasses all this and more. It
    is a much needed course headed by a
    licensed doctor of medicine, backed by years of practice. U.F.H. is intended for
    anyone, and perfect for everyone who wishes to heal. So if you feel called to
    come forth and experience a modality
    where you will be showered with gentle,
    loving, respectful, honouring and non-
    judgemental qualities, congratulations,
    for you have found it!

    You will love John’s bubbly and welcoming personality, filled with your
    best interests. I recommend U.F.H., for
    by his example, I have become a better person – one who like John, wishes to heal
    and become a constant conduit of love,
    peace, and joy!

    With reverence to John, and U.F.H.

  23. Catherine Harper

    One month has passed since I took The UFH training in Ottawa. I am thrilled to report that many of the clients I have done sessions with have had very positive results. I’m sure they will continue to experience positive changes as I am still expanding every day and the love and compassion that grows in me is a gift for which I shall be eternally grateful. Blessings to Dr. John and Tracey they are a gift for the soul.

  24. Steve Kingsbury

    I completed the UFH training virtually this past weekend. Wow! It was transformational. John is a wonderful teacher and the opportunity to give and receive sessions with a virtual partner has awakened all the cells in my body. I gained a true understanding of the power of the UFH sessions. This is important work and it is such a gift for it to be here now. Thank you to John and Tracey for all the work they are doing to make this training possible.

  25. Waltraud Eichler-Tontscheff

    I had listened to the SBWC transmissions with much excitement for over a year, and I felt drawn to the healing work with the quantum DNA field.
    Now I just completed the UFH practitioner training, and I am so grateful for this special weekend. It does not matter if you are already a seasoned energy healer or not.
    The welcoming, kind, and loving energy of Dr. John felt contagious.
    We were guided through the practice exchange sessions with fellow participants. It felt so in the flow – so joyous to give and to receive.
    In the end I came to understand what the feeling of that “huge” beautiful heart beat meant…
    My deepest gratitude to Dr. John, Tracey, and the SBWC.

  26. Brenda Sierra

    I have been listening to the transmissions for almost a year and felt a very strong connection towards the energy and the loving work Dr. John Ryan does. I did the practitioners training on November and it was such an incredible experience. I felt the deep love and connection with all participants while we were able to give and receive a session to practice what was given to us by Dr Ryan. While doing this we felt how the deep energy of all the beloved beings embraced and hold us, helping us become pillars of light and conduets of an amazing and transformative process. I feel a deep gratitude with life for granting me this experience and mostly with Dr. John and Tracey for letting us feel the warmth of a family. Light, love and blessings

  27. Eloyse Maria Barbosa Ribas

    Quando recebi a informação do curso aqui no Brasil, senti que já fazia parte desta egrégora de luz, uns 2 meses antes do curso, já sentia a vibração nos meus atendimentos, simplesmente maravilhosa a conexão que sentimos ao experienciar essa energia.
    Sinto-me conectada com a minha Divindade constantemente, é como se eu já estivesse vibrando nesse campo muito antes de praticar a técnica. A energia que flui é muito intensa e ao mesmo tempo um aconchego de “estar em casa”!
    Tenho atendido, praticamente 100% dos meus pacientes com a UFH, e tenho percebido que a evolução do paciente é muito rápida, com mais consciência e clareza. Gratidão por essa energia de puro amor e conexão. (Portuguese)

    When I received the information about the course here in Brazil, I felt that I was already part of this egrégora of light, about 2 months before the course, I already felt the vibration in my calls, the connection we feel when experiencing this energy is simply wonderful.
    I feel connected to my Divinity constantly, it’s as if I was already vibrating in this field long before I practiced the technique. The energy that flows is very intense and at the same time warmth of “being at home”!
    I have seen practically 100% of my patients with the UFH, and I have noticed that the patient’s evolution is very fast, with more awareness and clarity. Gratitude for this energy of pure love and connection. (English)

  28. Errol

    The workshop weekend was truly amazing and transformative.
    Dearest John, Tracey and all of the other attendees I love you.
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity and more than you know !
    A great experience learning, healing and an energetic upgrade.
    My new motto ” I trust my wisdom “. Love, light and gratitude.
    Best wishes and greetings from down under…Australia

  29. Dr. Christopher Allen, D.C.

    I truly enjoyed this training virtually from New Zealand in May of 2022!
    Tracey and Dr. John did an excellent job of organization & presentation.
    The material was precise and delivered with expert open-hearted joy.
    Am excited to integrate this wonderful healing modality with my Chiropractic patients,and family & friends……Thank you so much! Dr. Christopher Allen, D.C.

  30. Dianne Brough

    I am so blessed to have found my magnificent family of UFH practitioners. I am in awe of the love and wisdom that flows so generously from Dr John Ryan. His courage to fulfill his role in facilitating positive transformations for humanity is deeply appreciated and nothing less than awe-inspiring. He and his trusty assistant, Tracey, are true beacons of light, as are each of the beautiful souls with whom I shared this amazing training. Attending the online training from Australia this month, I found the time zone differences mattered not; time seemed to pass in a blink. Although it was happening at a time when I would normally be asleep, I was uplifted by the powerful energy surrounding me. I am glad that I followed the call of my heart. It felt like coming home. It felt like a remembrance of core truth. The course was prepared perfectly, supported brilliantly by Tracey, and delivered brilliantly by Dr Ryan. Dr Ryan is not only a Master Healer; he is a Master Teacher. Thank you to my fellow UFH practitioners! Thank you, Stacey! Thank you, Dr John!

  31. Irene

    I’ m so happy to be a part of the Practitioner Training in November 2022.
    John Ryan is a wonderful teacher with a profound knowledge, much humour and so much patience and kindness. He explains the modality and the “big picture” of the world today so well.

    Thank you very much John for the two days which were an amazing experience. Thank you for the excellent presentation and organization!

    Thank you, Tracey for your loving support!

  32. Saga Berlin

    Grateful, excited and deeply humbled to receive the enlightenment, heartfelt transmission, knowledge and energetic connection this weekend, 19-20 th of November 2022.
    My soul is delighted, the compass needle in this life time has always been directing me towards the inner guidance and a longing for more. Homecoming or some sort of yearning.
    I’m dedicated to supporting and expressing Love and Light and UFH totally blows my mind! It’s a reality that we cannot fully comprehend but nevertheless an experience that feels so true, so natural and so unbelievable at the same time!
    Thank you Dr Ryan from deep in my heart!Your courage and your ability to share your insights and knowledge with me and the world is absolutely breathtaking! And to take that breath together with you and the SBWC this weekend changed my life forever! I love it and I live it from now on!

  33. Linda Grossi

    I was fortunate to participate in the UFH Training on Nov.19& 20 2022.
    It certainly did not disappoint. Dr. Ryan is a consummate teacher. The organization, flow, timing and expertise in getting the material across was flawless! On a scale of 1-100 I would rate this 100 plus!
    The management of the zoom interaction & video portions were beautifully handled by Tracey! Kudos to you both for a memorable and life changing workshop! In love & light! Linda Grossi

  34. Alexandra Asfour

    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for an amazing workshop, dear John and Tracey!

    You’re able to explain these esoteric concepts with such clarity and logic, drawing a comprehensive picture for gaining deeper understanding of how your healing practice fits into the human and earth’s evolution. I’ve never encountered such a complete and succinct presentation of the topic. And all the while you are so humble. The deep peace and fun you hold within just bubbles out and is contageous.

    The actual training was so well thought out and geared to empower us with the written explanation handed out ahead of time and recorded instructions during the workshop, enabling us to get the most out of the training. The results were so powerful. Although more than 1000 km apart my practice partner and I felt so much energy running through our bodies in all kinds of ways! It was just amazing. And I know I could do some healing as well. I speak more freely since the weekend (-:

    I don’t remember anybody I’ve encountered who is so keen on passing on his and her knowledge and wisdom as you two. I am deeply touched and thankful. I am sure this workshop will turn out in hindsight to be a turning point in my life, leading to unknown paths and adventures I cannot even think of today. I am deeply grateful to you!

  35. Mona

    Dr John and Tracey thank you for the great effort you put in bringing this beautiful teaching to us. Although I feel it is not so easy to master but the the way Dr John presents it makes me feel confident more so because when I first learned of the Sirian Blue White Collective I was immediately profoundly attracted. It is bringing me a new awareness and hope that I can advance toward my goal that of becoming the New Human taking Dr John as an example just living in peace, kindness and joy.
    Thank you for being here.

  36. Emily Ghosh

    I would like to express my infinite, heartfelt gratitude to Dr. John Ryan for sharing the gift of Unity Field Healing. I learned so much over the course of this transformational training and for me, it feels like an answered prayer, as it’s a missing piece I have been searching for to help activate a deeper healing potential. Dr. Ryan brings forth so much peace, compassion and wisdom in his teachings, being in his presence feels like an energetic upgrade in and of its self. I feel incredibly honored and excited to integrate this evolutionary form of energy healing into my practice and life. There is so much thoughtfulness, generosity and multidimensional wisdom that is beautifully woven into one weekend and I am so grateful to Dr. John Ryan, the SBWC and to Tracey for making this all possible.
    Waves of gratitude,

  37. Celia Beaucage

    It has been a week since I completed the in-person UFH Practitioner training in Rochester, NY with Dr. John and Tracey. Wow…what a life-changing experience! I had no idea what to expect in the training…only that I needed to be there. I felt so much love, light, energy, healing and hope as I navigated through the weekend. The training was delivered by Dr. John in such an inspirational, informative, encouraging and supportive manner, with love and light radiating from him. The practice sessions with partners created a sacred and powerful space for healing experiences to occur.

    Thank you John and Tracey for sharing your special gifts with the world…you are a blessing! I feel profoundly grateful to have been guided to you and the UFH healing realm.

    My heart and soul are dancing!

  38. JoAnne Lombardi

    Not even a week has gone by since the June 2023 UFH virtual practitioner training, and I feel deep gratitude for this gorgeous experience! Thank you Dr. John and Tracey for the impeccable and inspirational presentation. With the three exchanges over the weekend with my wonderful partner, I felt new energy bathing my cells and clearing debris that many other modalities could not touch. I felt like the SBWC was supporting me the whole time.

    I’m a retired medical doctor ( Internist) that has studied a wide range of holistic and human potential topics since retirement. At some point I realized I am on the Ascension Path truly desiring to awaken more fully. I came across Dr. John’s work only in the past year. What excited me most about his monthly transmissions is that he teaches spiritual principles in a way that one can begin to embody the principles, not just understand them intellectually . I couldn’t wait to do the workshop- It did not disappoint and John is such a gentle and compassionate teacher-He models what he teaches. I hope to start the practitioner work with interested people in my circle of family and friends.Most of all I know that practicing this form of energy work will advance me on the evolutionary path, and deepen my own healing.

    In summary, the UFH workshop is a must if you want to learn more about quantum healing, how to heal yourself, and be of service in a compromised world.


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