1.  What can I expect in a session?

In a table session, the work is performed while you are laying face up on the table.  You can close your eyes and relax into the session.  The session is conducted in a hands-on or hands-off type energy treatment process.  The work performed will support the intention of the session that is being provided.
In an audio session – you can download your purchased session directly and add them to your phone, computer or favorite audio playing device.  These are vocally guided sessions and will guide you through the session.  It is recommended that you use headphones, in a quiet uninterrupted environment to experience the session.

In a phone session, after a short introductory conversation, you will be guided through a meditative process to support the intention of the session that is being performed.  It is ideal that you are in private and quiet setting where you will not be disturbed.  You may listen through the phone or if possible you can use a headset or speaker on the phone – so that you may close your eyes and experience the session in your inner space.  Sessions can be scheduled at a distance, at a mutually arranged time, without need for a phone contact if you prefer.

During all types of sessions you will likely feel energy and energetic adjustments taking place through your body as most people do.  You may also have other sensory experiences like seeing energy or light in your minds eye or experience visionary or dream like memories or experiences.  Some people go into a deep trance like meditation and have little conscious memory of the experience.  What happens will be most appropriate for you – and it will likely vary a lot from session to session.

2. What can I expect after a session?

Typically after a session you will feel very aligned and relaxed.  Some people become very “energized” while others become very “sleepy or tired”.  Try not to zealously dissipate energy if you are energized.  Take it easy.  If you are tired – take the time to let the session “sink in” and work on your bio-energetic axis.  If you meditate or fall asleep – great.  Enjoy.  Let your spiritual energy do its magic.

In the days and weeks following a session you may notice many things occurring.  This may include energy sensations in your body, aches and pains that “surface”, improvement in pain or chronic conditions, realignments in your body, and so forth.  Symptoms of “clearing” may sometimes occur like a productive cough, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea or rashes that may transiently appear and settle.  These usually are part of a clearing phenomenon but if you have any concern or unusual symptom, you should seek appropriate medical attention – for these symptoms mimic symptoms that occur in other disease processes.

Psychologically you may notice a release of retentive patterns of energy that have been limiting and damaging.  Sometimes people experience a period of greater awareness of a psychological pattern or issue, before you are able to let  it go, heal or pass.  Be patient and understanding with yourself – but be aware of patterns that create disturbance to you personal peace and well being and hold the intention to heal.

People will often develop a greater awareness of their inner core spiritual alignment – with the strength and alignment that is found in this recalibration.  From this place of strength, awareness and love – we are much more capable of living in a balanced relationship with life and those around us, as well as within our own being.

3. What is unique about this healing process?

There are several new healing modalities or paradigms that have been made available to through different teachers, and they are each honourable in their own way.  What is most unique about UFH is the work with UFH Template with the quantum energy field to catalyze the recalibration as discussed in the discover section.  It is also remarkably easy to access, use and simple to work with!

4. Can I use this process if I engage in other healing modalities?

Yes.  The session is unique and done independent of other processes.  In other words, one is not performing “Reiki” or other systems of healing at the same time.  The work done is in the purity of Unity Field Healing – but any other type of healing work may still be used by a person before or after a session, at another time.

5. Can I be trained to give sessions as a practitioner?

Dr. John will give the very first class to UFH Practitioners in September of 2017.  If you are interested in training as a practitioner of this work, please VISIT the PRACTITIONER TRAINING PAGE o learn more.

6. Is there a limit to the number of sessions I may received?

No. The first session  is prerequisite to perform other sessions.  You may repeat it any number of times prior to advancing to session 2. Session 2 can follow Session 1 with a recommend window of at least 3-7 days.  After Session 2, both sessions can be repeated any number of times to deepen the connection with this work or when intuitively guided to do so.

The third session is a supportive session to work specifically with conscious patterns in the quest of healing, it can be repeated once or any number of times for a specific healing issue and repeated with a new focus or intention any number of times.

7. Why do I need this?

You do not need this or anything outside of your own spiritual alignment to heal or grow.  This is a tool for support and development which can catalyze or facilitate your own process.  It is simply offered, not required.  It is however a remarkable tool for energetic facilitation that will certainly support you deeply in your journey of healing or personal transformation!

8. How long should I wait between sessions?

It is generally recommended that you wait at least 3 days between Sessions 1, 2 and 3.  This allows time for your energy system to adapt to the changes you have co-created!  You can repeat the same session any number of times during this period to deepen you experience.  Once you work with Session 3 it is also recommended that you leave a window of 7 days between applying the work to different intentions.

9. Can healing of a “physical” disease be guaranteed?

No. The only true healer is Universal Consciousness or the Creator in whatever way you envision the creative source within you.   No one heals another – but healing can be facilitated by another – for that is not how consciousness works.  Each person is conscious and independent and ultimately in control of healing responses.

This work will facilitate your healing within your own being.  A healer is simply a facilitator, catalyst and conduit for healing work – but is not the source and not the cause.  This work will help catalyze your own personal journey home – to your own healed spiritual state of being.

True healing is a spiritual realignment.  It is a process where one awakens to and aligns with patterning and principles of spirit.  This is the truest goal.  Life is a process in which diseases and other conditions may be viewed to play an experiential role.   There are conditions that exist that have a very important spiritual significance in our lives – and are purposed to help us heal or grow within ourselves spiritually, in the greater sense or meaning of the word. 

10. Does Dr. John travel to teach UFH Practitioners?

The availability to organize specialized weekend workshops is limited – but can be occasionally be arranged.  If you have a group of 12 or more people who are interested in a practitioner training program – send a message below and we will contact you to see about availability.

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