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Meet Dr. John Ryan ….

Dr. John is a board certified specialist physician, with long interest in spirituality, consciousness, and energy-based healing.  Dr. John’s life was transformed by a mystical Kundalini awakening in the late 1980’s that led him to explore the reality of Energy Based Healing and Spiritual transformation.  For over 20 years he has participated in the emerging energy healing paradigm as an energy healing practitioner and counselor in support of personal transformation.  He is an author, speaker, teacher, healer and visionary.

​Dr. Ryan is the author of Unity Field Healing – Vol 1 – Foundation of Energy Medicine and Quantum Healing –  and the founder of Unity Field Healing – A Quantum Based Meditative Tool for Well Being and “Bio Spiritual Integration” !

Unity Field Healing Vol l:

Foundations of Energy Medicine and Quantum Healing

by Dr. John Ryan

Unity Field Healing Vol 1 is a comprehensive primer, one that takes you deep into the world of Energy Medicine, consciousness-based healing, and spiritual development. The is the book, the one long-absent in the world of alternative healing, which brings together all the elements required to have a foundational understanding of healing. Catalyzing one’s personal experience, it serves to unravel the confusion encountered when a person first begins and subsequently journeys through the mystical world of energy healing and alternative healing practices. 

Written for everyone – healers, clients, and anyone curious to get a solid foundation in the world of alternative and energy based healing – this book is foundational. It explores why this is such a remarkable time on the planet, the transformation in health care, the energetic nature of life, the basis of healing through the human energy system, the role of consciousness and spiritual development in healing, and many of the incredible tools available to help anyone in their healing endeavors.  

Supported by this foundation – the book also introduces Unity Field Healing – a new healing paradigm base on the the awakening “quantum understanding of DNA” and its relationship to healing and self realization.  Described as “right on time” and “a must read” by pioneers in the field of healing – it is an opportunity to catapult into the new world of healing of benefit from the gifts that are emerging at this time on the the planet. 

“There is a revolution going on, and this book is proof of it.  For over 24 years KRYON has been giving messages about the potentials of multi-dimensional biological discoveries that will begin to change humanity past 2012. 

Dr. John Ryan is one of a handful of medical professionals who has seen this “bridge coming” for years. In this book he presents the concept of how your own consciousness is the missing pill that the body is craving. He outlines a world of quantum-based healing that is non linear, but still understandable. He is one of the few who will begin to demystify the utterly confusing area of New Age energy healing into an intigrated idea, and a new healing reality for many.

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