The process of Unity Field Healing is a little unique.  You might ask, “How is possible that we can tap into unusual knowledge and energy support – that is unique to this time on the planet?”  

Well, UFH is part of much larger phenomenon taking place on the planet.  The reason that it is becoming possible to access such energy and information is that something very special is taking place.  The process involves a quantum leap in energy and consciousness that is termed the Ascension.

The ascension is essentially a graduation of the planet into much higher conscious reality than the one we were all born into.  It involves a change in planetary energy and vibration.  It  also involves an awakening of humanity to its spiritual origin and nature, an aware our multidimensional consciousness and a greater appreciation of consciousness and energy as the foundation of manifest life.  

As a Spiritual Event – the timing of the Ascension falls in to a much greater spiritual cycle of time which we will explore.  It was also only a potential until recent years – for humanity had to rise to an adequate level of consciousness or vibration – to be able to sustain a transition into a higher dimensional existence.  Through the process of ascension – humanity will slowly awaken to its true spiritual nature and origins, and integrate a much higher level of energy and consciousness that will transform what it means to be a human being on the planet Earth.

Those are pretty lofty words to consider at first glance.  If you look around you, it is pretty easy to see that the world “as we know it” is changing very, very fast. So on some level it seems to “falling apart”. On one side issues seem to be everywhere – in the economy, world governments, health care, housing markets, and education. Lots of things are uncertain or seem to be failing. And if that were not enough – doomsday prophecies arise, with evocative fear!  It looks from one perspective that life as we know is disintegrating from under our feet!

However, on the opposite side of the equation, there is enormous positive change and transformation which doesn’t make the new so readily!  Technological innovations pop up daily, dictatorships are being slowly and rapidly eroded, information transfer is accelerating and becoming somewhat less controllable, global based communities develop, scientific discoveries and discussions of the explorations into quantum physics are everywhere. Pictures from outer space and other potentially inhabitable planets are popping up on the screen, and an exploratory craft lands on mars. The environmental movement pushes onward to raise consciousness of sustainable resource management.  And, there is tremendous growing interest in alternative healing paradigms.

It is a somewhat chaotic, transformative and relatively uncertain time. However – there is one thing that is very obvious when we examine the magnitude of changes:  “something very big” is going on, and happening fast. The evidence is everywhere.  But the questions arise – what and why now?  Well the answer lies in understanding the Ascension.

So to better understand the essence of this transformation – we must look at life, and specifically time, in a very expanded way. We must turn to galactic time cycles – and explore this spiritual concept – the Ascension – to understand.

Time Cycles

Everything in life and nature on some level operates in cycles. The sun rises and sets. We are born children. Childhood ends as we become teenagers, then adults. Summer fades to autumn, to winter, to spring. Rainy seasons come and go. Relationships begin and end. We are born, and we encounter death. It is a fact that our whole life and world is composed of various interlacing cycles.  

What is most inherent in cycles is that every beginning leads to an end – and every ending is essential to the birth of new event. The nature of cycles is to create a flow – and we are in the river of life itself.

On scales of time, there are short and long time cycles. One day has 24 hours filled with 24 x 60 minutes and 24 x 60 x 60 seconds!  These different cycles are all interwoven in the same block of time.  There are longer cycles of time – decades, centuries, millennia – and scientifically and spiritually defined time periods that span thousands of years.  Some of these cycles are based on planetary movements or changes within our solar system. This would include measures such as a day, a lunar cycle, seasons and so forth. But on an ever-larger scale there are cycles of time based on planetary cycles, solar cycles and galactic cycles.

One such large cycle is a galactic cycle termed the “precession of the equinoxes” – and it helps add an important perspective to what is happening right now on the earth.

Precession of the Equinoxes

The precession is based on an understanding of the earth’s rotation around an arc, offset from its central axis of spin, in alignment to the center of the milky way galaxy.  This creates a wobble in rotation around a central axis, and the earth passes one degree every 72 years. In a full circle, there are 360 degrees. Hence, one complete cycle of the earth to move through this entire arc or circle, requires approximately 25,920 years – creating a roughly 26,000 year cycle.

If you look at the orbit of the earth during this 26,000-year cycle of time, it will rotate through a changing alignment within the very center of the galaxy and its relationship or alignment with various stellar constellations. This defines the zodiac cycle for those familiar with astrology. Each constellation, defined at the horizon on the spring equinox, will shift on each 30-degree passage through the wobble. Hence approximately every 2160 years, a new constellation would appear in this alignment. This is defined as an age. We are entering the Age of Aquarius.

On this time scale, there is a period every 26,000 years when an alignment of the earth with the galactic center occurs.  And guess what – it happened in 2012!

Enter the Mayan Calendar …

The Mayans were galactic timekeepers.  The Mayan Calendar is a complex system of calendars used for time keeping in ancient Mesoamerica. It is comprised of both short and long calendar systems for accurate record keeping of both everyday and large astrological events.

There was a lot of attention placed on the year 2012 and particular the date 21 December 2012 for followers of Information of the Mayan Calendar.  What made it so intriguing, is that this date marks the midpoint of the galactic alignment defined in the precession above – a once in roughly 26,000 year alignment. 

Much has been written about it today, but the reason it moves to the forefront of awareness is the fact that it describes the ending of a large galactic cycle – a cycle so large that it actually represents the birth of whole new kind of human civilization!

A lot of drama ensued around this event – for it was portrayed as the end of time.  But cycles, cycle. Endings are beginnings. This time earmarks the end of a time cycle, and hence the end of age and a way of life.  What becomes intriguing – is that it represent the end of a cycle of consciousness – and the birth of a new cycle of consciousness.  And this is a cycle which has barely begun.  Welcome to the New World!

Mayan elders today say that this time point represents a harbinger of transformation of this magnitude. It will give birth to the cycle of the 5th sun, which will be based not on duality consciousness, but rather on unity consciousness.

It is prophesied that in this new civilization, people will learn to work together for the greater good and uplifting of humanity. It is foretold that everything based on self-serving systems will begin to disintegrate as humanity gives birth to a new world and new consciousness.

Believable? Many say so. As we at current events in the world – it is not so far fetched to realize this is true.  But on the galactic scale of time – things don’t change overnight – there is a timing and process.  There is also human consciousness which takes time to change – so the transformation at hand will take time and unfold over the course of generations.  But what is so important to get now – is that we are in the infant stages of a whole new kind of human consciousness.

The energy of the earth has been adjusted to prepare it to begin to enter this new time cycle.  For those of familiar with Lee Carroll/Kryon – you may know of the adjustments being made to the Earth’s magnetic grid and crystalline grid and that it is laying the foundation to receive the New Energy.  The Earth is primed so to speak – to support the change at hand.  

We are entering a very different world now – and humanity will slowly but surely align with the new energy and consciousness that will be foundational in this New World. The Earth and Humanity are gradually moving in one direction – forward and higher in vibration. Yet, the timing now depends to a degree on humanity and our free will.  You see, people can align with the consciousness of this new world, and the gifts it will bring, or they can resist.  Resistance takes many forms – but we can each be so deeply embedded in the old energy and consciousness – and not even realize it!  We can waddle in the misery and limitations of it – while the breath of spirit is waiting to blow under our wings.

A large number of human beings are ready to take the plunge into the new and unknown.  We are ready to begin building the New World.  And because of that – there is a spiritual response to provide tools and gifts to move us along with greater ease and grace.  It is in this alignment that we welcome Unity Field Healing onto the scene of human evolution.

So let us take an even closer at the timing and an event called the Harmonic Convergence – to better understand what a remarkable evolution is really at hand!  







Harmonic Convergence

In addition to the date of December 21, 2012 – there exists another important event entitled the Harmonic Convergence. It also has a vital contribution to make toward understanding why this time on our planet is so unique and important.   It was highlighted by many visionaries as a key date in human history. Why?

This date was shown to have a very significant astrological alignment, and meaning for humanity.

In Neil Michelsen’s The American Ephemeris the configuration is explained. On 24 August 1987 there was an exceptional alignment of planets in the solar system. Eight planets were aligned in an unusual configuration called a grand trine. The Sun, Moon and six out of eight planets formed part of the grand trine. This produced an astrological configuration with these bodies aligned at the apexes of an equilateral triangle when viewed from the Earth.

For those inclined to astrology, different astrologers have interpreted the significance of this astrological configuration and there is  a theme in the interpretation: it represents a great shift in the earth’s primary consciousness from a warlike competition to peaceful cooperative co-creation.

According to Jose Argüelles, one well-known expert on the Mayan Calendar, the Harmonic Convergence began the final 25-year countdown to the end of the Mayan Long Count in 2012. This would be the so-called end of history and the beginning of a new 5,125-year cycle. Prophetically, in this new cycle, corruptions of the modern world – such as war, materialism, violence, oppression, and so forth – would fade with the birth of a new “Sun” on 21 December 2012.

Other visionaries have recognized that this exceptional time represents a choice point for humanity. This is really well explained in information provided by Lee Carroll in a channeling session from Kryon, entitled “Discovering Your Spirituality”  on July 7, 2007:

In 1987, an event occurred that was unique in your history. It was called “The Harmonic Convergence,” and also later called the “11:11.” What was unique was esoteric: The earth had reached a vibratory rate of spiritual neutrality where the future could go either way. It could be pulled to a high level, an interdimensional level, or wallow in the old prophesies of doom and Armageddon.

Out of your linear time, and hard for you to understand, all of the Higher-Selves involved in the system of Earth were polled. All the Human Beings that have ever been on the planet, are on the planet, and potentially will be on the planet, were asked this question: “Do you want to go through with the old energy prophecy, the potentials of the old, or do you wish to move into the new energy that the ancients told you was coming? [Mayans and 2012] It is an energy that is not in your current prophesy, something that will create peace on Earth.

So according to this information, this important date marked a measuring point, which represents a choice point and a split in the potential trajectory that humanity would take in the years ahead. It is noted that indeed humanity has chosen the “new energy” potential – so the new is very good indeed!


The epic point of 2012 is now passed – and we are at the very threshold of this new time cycle. There was a very real possibility that the earth would have proceeded through a mass cleansing and destruction, as the prophecies would suggest – but it appears we have opted for a transformation instead. 

We are preparing to enter into a “new world” the birth of a new kind of humanity. To get there, humanity will of course have to live through a great deal of growth and change, and this is happening very quickly. We are being given knowledge, tools and an unprecedented potential to grow and transform. This is evident in the rapid growth of consciousness of human beings like you; and, even very evident in the children being born today, who are tangibly different in many ways. It is almost a household term today to hear of the Indigo Children.

One significant part of this transformation is an awakening – a spiritual awakening – in humanity. Human beings are becoming increasingly conscious of their inherent spiritual nature and their inherent energetic nature. This awakening is what delivers to us the knowledge and its implications on human health and well being.

Hence, as human beings stepping from one paradigm into another, we have both the challenge and the opportunity to live this transformation – “in vivo”. In vivo is a scientific term meaning that a process does not occur in a test tube or a lab – it occurs within a living system. Yet, because the opportunity is before us to have this awakening “in vivo” – within our very bodies – we are in the process of living through a mystical and transformative process. In energy terms, this is a bio-spiritual transformation.  It is termed the ascension.

As human beings who have been living in one frame of consciousness – the old world paradigm of duality and ego based survival. We are moving into a new frame of unity consciousness. We are being given information, as well as gifts and tools to help us on this journey. These tools can help us greatly with the energetic aspect of our transformation.

“What would it be like to live a vibrantly peaceful, and unity-conscious world?” Well, the most direct example we have before us is to look at the example of our great spiritual teachers of all time. All avatar beings on this planet taught love and peace. To jump into a world based on unqualified unconditional love is a bit of a leap and might take a few generations! For most people, this implies not only a shift in consciousness, but also a practice of a new way of living.  Hence we are being tools and teachings to help us shift and master life in brand new paradigm.

In opening ourselves to benefit from these tools, and in doing the personal work of transformation, we gain greater self-awareness. We come to recognize our own old and outdated patterns of psychological distortion, and allow grace and light to fill our lives. The side effect of this is “healing” – in all that this concept implies. It is easy to see why this process may be aptly defined as a bio-spiritual transformation and this is what the Ascension really means on a personal level.  It is an integration of higher vibrational consciousness and energy state.  Many people have explained this process as a re-wiring of our energy system. This rewiring occurs through a greater spiritual connection with our spiritual self and our spiritual DNA.  It is through this transformation that we are able to access new levels of healing potential, which were really not accessible until now.

Fortunately, there is a great deal of information, as well as many energy-based processes available today. They are being given to assist and facilitate in this transformation. Such processes are “tools” to assist what is actually a very natural process – in such a peculiar time.  As one grows and adapts to the new energy environment, the energy becomes more and more self-regulating and you may not benefit from processes. Meanwhile, however, like any good tool they will likely be very helpful for those who do engage.

The opportunity of this time is therefore laid before us. It is up to each of us how we will relate to it. Grace is upon us and we can really open our hearts and mind to make this transition very grace filled  – if we so choose.

Welcome New Human to the New World … the the world of Unity Field Healing..


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