The Sirian Blue White Collective brought forward a message for 2024 that was originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence: Predictions Issue 2024.  Below you will find the recording of the original channelled message, and a transcript of the message.  It is titled 2024 YEAR OF THE QUANTUM MERGE   

The message speaks of a highly transitional year with a strong awareness of the compass needed to navigate these evolutionary changes!

You will also find a one-hour guided meditation to “Attune to the Energies of 2024” based on the channelled message.  It is a profound Quantum Meditation – where we travel to the space of invisible quantum energy to attune to the energy of the New Earth as we move into 2024.  Enjoy!

RECORDED CHANNEL – 2024  Year of The Quantum Merge

Sirian Blue White Collective thru Dr. John Ryan

GUIDED MEDITATION – 2024  Year of The Quantum Merge

Sirian Blue White Collective thru Dr. John Ryan

2024 – Year of the Quantum Merge 

A Channelled Message from the Sirian Blue White Collective

thru Dr. John Ryan

Greetings, dear ones.

We come to you at this time to explore the energies of 2024.

In our last annual message, we spoke to you of the kaleidoscopic nature of 2023.  It has proved indeed to be a year of shifting energies – with many events occurring simultaneously, so many it is difficult to focus!  However, there is an over-lighting awareness that you are moving forward at a very accelerated rate into a great unknown! 

As we progress forward in the Ascension cycle of the New Earth, energies will continue to shift significantly, creating not only an experience designed to expand awareness and produce large energetic clearings but also a foundation for the emergence of very positive developments in the future. This is a challenging aspect of the ascension process that will span 2023 through 2025. It will continue to bring forth revelations, clarity, discoveries, and the emergence of various elements that need to be encountered, dismantled, integrated, or understood to allow a smoother flow of energy into the awaiting new cycle.  Let us focus, however, on the time at hand.

In 2024, we will define the overall energy configuration as a year of profound personal “cosmic development”. On an individual level, those actively engaged in the conscious ascension paradigm have been working on enhancing or healing their energetic anatomy and spiritual development for some time.  You are also becoming deeply aware of the integration of higher-level aspect of quantum energy that defines your soul’s nature.  We frame through the quantum crystalline nature of the 24th chromosome.  Some of you are also more aware of your integration with an aspect of the Earth Energy known as the crystalline grid.  As this process matures, you are developing a functional quantum energy system referred to as the diamond light body.

Throughout 2024, there will be a gradual integration of higher crystalline energy structures into this evolving human anatomy – the quantum crystalline anatomy of human genetic design. You will also, more interestingly, become aware of the great abilities this delivers to you in terms of healing, personal evolution, and, your “quantum” relationship with humanity, with nature and with the crystalline grid.  Many of you will become proficient in mastering the skills to work with this evolutionary shift for the benefit of humanity.

During this period, you may find yourselves at times, drawn inward, with less focus on external events yet – a heightened awareness of the internal transformations occurring. On a personal level, you will notice the focus becomes less on “healing” and more on the potential of a multidimensional quantum integration.  There is much to share on this integration and we will do with you in 2024!  We will elaborate on this integration through our annual transmission cycle (Sirian Blue White Collective Transmissions: Year V: The Quantum Merge), explaining the energetic, integrative processes within your energy system to facilitate this significant change.

In the flow of this process, 2024 is poised to be a year of “cosmic remembrance” and “stellar integration” – marking the next phase of your collective journey.  Deep within your being, you understand the interconnectedness of all life, not only on Earth but also across the galaxy and interdimensional realities. You recognize that all manifestations are fragments of a greater consciousness, seemingly isolated yet inherently interconnected.

As you transition through the energetic integration into the new time cycle, certain attributes that have shaped Earth’s energy will no longer serve humanity as they once did. When observing humanity collectively, it’s evident that various aspects of polarity and extreme thinking are surfacing, highlighting the paradoxical challenges these pose to unity.  As these polarities are unveiled, the necessity for unity becomes increasingly evident. 2024 will initiate the harmonization processes to steer human consciousness towards greater unity.  This doesn’t imply homogenization; rather, it signifies that the uniqueness of each divine expression will be honoured and cherished, rooted in a profound understanding of reality and unity of the whole expression of life.  The shifting energy into which the beloved earth is steering will not be able to continue support lesser consciousness expressions. 

As we step into this timeframe, we want to emphasize the experiences encountered by humanity during the ascension process are a predictable and naturally occurring phenomenon. We do this to offer reassurance, recognizing the inherent challenges in the transformative process you’re undergoing. To thrive within the emerging supportive energy band, substantial energetic structural changes must occur in the crystalline framework of the human energy template.  As these changes transpire, tasks that were once challenging for humans to achieve and sustain at the current frequency level will become more accessible.  As you integrate the diamond light body, the “upgrade” involves a more conscious integration with the awakening Earth’s crystalline energy as well as your own energy system, enhancing human capacity for a more powerful and organized interface. This metamorphosis heralds the birth of a New Human, a concept you’ve encountered in various teachings.  This empowers your union with the evolving New Earth and empowers your cooperation with the future intent of humanity.

Embarking on this journey can be disconcerting at times, for you realize the shifts occurring within you potentially lead, at moments, to a sense of altered identity or consciousness. There are shifts of identity that arise, allowing you to be “loosened” from consciousness attachment to that which no longer serves your future potential.  This is occurring personally and collectively simultaneously.  This can be disorienting – but is transient in time.  In 2024, through these changes, expanded glimmers of hope and forward-moving energy become evident. It is these moments of lucidity and clarity that empower your faith and courage to keep moving forward through the murky energy of transformation. These define these moments of “crystalline integration” – or “quantum merging” – of which we speak.

This clarity will grow through the sequential integrations, characterizing the 2024 time cycle facilitated by the burgeoning clarity and energy within your expanding consciousness. As you navigate this transformation, remember that you’re birthing a new self, a new potential.  2024 will be seen historically as a profound year, one that has changed the nature of being human.  It will serve as a genuine acceleration in the development of an Ascended Civilization!

In this process, you are the ambassadors of change, lighting the path first for yourself and, in grace, for others. Our collaboration as the Sirian Blue White Collective will evolve in 2024, as we collaborate to embed higher consciousness seeds – Star Seeding – within Earth’s crystalline matrix. This will become an important focus of our work with you during this time. 

These seeds are akin to the crop circles you may have seen – geometric patterns that imprint upon the energetic fabric of the Earth, enhancing its vibration. In our monthly transmissions, we will spend a great deal of time helping achieve these “quantum energetic integrations” and helping awaken you to the power, the wisdom and the grace you may manifest with the expanding power of the “Quantum Merge”.  Through intention, you play a role in the development of a higher consciousness Earth, enriching the global potential and aiding humanity’s progress.   We will nurture this wisdom together and work in unity to achieve the potential that this brings.  While this may seem mystical, the unfolding understanding will become clearer as we journey through 2024’s transmissions, and develop experientially an understanding of the meaning of these words.

Amidst the current state of affairs, we remind you to maintain your balance and let the light within your heart shine. Create moments of magic with your fellow humans, spreading benevolence through your actions and your daily activities. While the transformation might seem chaotic, you are living in a crucial phase in the evolution of humanity – that is on the precipice of some magical momentum. Persevere, hold faith and ignite courage – as the ascension timeline advances steadily. You are well on your way to manifesting the potential of a higher-consciousness civilization.

Your daily actions the love you manifest and integrate contribute profoundly to this transformation. As you look back on these moments, you’ll recognize the celestial light you’ve woven into your awakening soul, altering the course of planetary life. By the end of 2024, we assure you that you will feel more aligned with your evolving self and even better prepared to build the components of the emerging New World.

To support you in this activity, we will be creating through our channel a unique Free Meditation to support you entitled Attuning the Energies of 2024.  It will be available on the channel’s website  after November 1, 2023.

We ask you to embrace these words with the grace in which they are intended.  Remain in peace and soul-illumined power. And remember, always, you are not alone.  As we remind you so often in our meditative times of union – that together, through the light of the eternal sun, together we are with you, for we are One.  

Namaste and Blessing for 2024!

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