The Sirian Blue White Collective brought forward a message for 2023 that was originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence: Predictions Issue 2023.  Below you will find the recording of the original channelled message, and a transcript of the message.  It is titled 2023 A YEAR OF CATALYTIC CHANGE   

The message speaks of a highly transitional year with a strong awareness of the compass needed to navigate these evolutionary changes!

You will also find a one hour guided meditation to “Attune to the Energies of 2023” based on the channelled message.  It is a profound Quantum Meditation – where we travel to the space of invisible quantum energy to attune to the energy of the New Earth as we move into 2023.  Enjoy!

RECORDED CHANNEL – 2023 A Year of Profound Catalytic Change

Sirian Blue White Collective thru Dr. John Ryan

GUIDED MEDITATION – 2023 A Year of Profound Catalytic Change

Sirian Blue White Collective thru Dr. John Ryan

2023 – A Year of Profound Catalytic Healing

A Channelled Message from the Sirian Blue White Collective

thru Dr. John Ryan

Greetings Dear Ones

We come to you at this time as we explore the energies of your future year 2023.  As we attune to your energy, we can sense the deep fatigue that so many are feeling as humanity works its way through the patterns of change you are all experiencing on a personal and global scale.  We do sense the luminous hope you feel in your hearts; however, we also sense the weighty veils of energy that emerge as the planet lifts itself out of historical density.  These are, no doubt, challenging times.  However, you are, no doubt, a being of powerful luminous energy.  We join you in these moments to help remind you of the energy you hold in the inner sanctum of you being – a light that is now emerging so powerfully, and so transformatively, that you are lifted by its grace.

As we look into the probabilities for 2023, we can assess that humanity has aligned itself to catalyze a powerful movement forward in the ascension.  In practical terms, you understand that this implies a series of experiences, experiences that are global, regional and personal. Experience becomes a great teacher in 2023.  You see dear ones; these experiences will nurture deep realizations, great internal and external awareness, decisive actions, and enlightened becoming.  Seasoned in the art of personal transformation, you each realize that the experiences crafted by your unique and collective souls are destined to lead to the deeper light, a light that is your essential nature.  They “draw upon” the light to heal, to create solutions, to create new order, and, to create peace.  In this spirit, you can conceptualize 2023 as a year of catalytic healing.

It is time for each one of you to feel the light and the power that your hold in your inner nature. The nature of life is an ebb and flow of energy, one that stimulates and recesses, moulding in its passage ever transforming landscapes of conscious experience.  With each recess of energy, it magnetically pulls upon the light to draw forth and rebalance the expression.  We speak metaphorically in this way to help you remember the greater purpose and potential of challenging experience.  It is designed to draw from within you a light that knows how to heal, to rebalance, and to break free from restrictive energy patterns that keep one contained in a structure that is not serving its highest expression of Love.

Humanity understands itself to stand at a crossroad.  A crossroad is a place where a destiny is chosen.  The choice is a moment where competing powers of guidance can emerge. One can be guided by what appears to be rational analysis, or, a deeper intuitive knowing that may transcend the limited view of the known facts.  You see dear ones; rational analysis can lead to wise action.  It can also be tainted by fear filled impressions that seem to inspire a safety that is not real.  As we emerge into the energy of the New Times you are learning to draw upon the guidance that comes from a deeper place in your being.  You are learning to listen to your heart and the wisdom of you soul to guide you.  Remember this in the moments ahead – for you will learn to use it daily, hourly, minute by minute to guide your choices and your actions.  You are learning to let the light in your heart guide every action you take.  This implies to the small moments where you learn to handle personal conflict, with strength when required, and with grace when inspired.  It also implies the greater moments when more monumental experiences touch you personally, or collectively within your community, country or even on a global scale.  You see, dear ones, you are indeed at a crossroad.  It is a crossroad where you are being guided to manifest a world that is inspired by the luminous spirit within.  It is a collective, personal empowerment – a time of both challenge and grace.  It is a time when the adversity of darkness inspires the power and the magical love of the spirit in flesh.

We encourage to you think of 2023 as a year of magical journey.  It is a passage that will help humanity create new realizations.  As you move through what will seem as a constantly changing landscape we encourage you to pause often and ask yourself simply: “Am I aligned with the truth in my heart?”  It will feel at times kaleidoscopic – an ever-shifting landscape upon which it is hard to hold focus! You will feel at times as if you are moving through a tunnel of ever shifting fragments of light.  Yet, as you allow yourself to be inspired by the endless guidance emerging from within your heart, you will discover the kaleidoscopic light represents a transition of density.  You will see as you follow the path your heart has laid before you, it will teach to align with a greater wisdom that is both personal and collective to the soul of Humanity.  You need not dream the overwhelming dream of great global transformation.  This dear ones is at hand!  You need simply to be guided by the impressions in your own heart and experience.  This will however lead to a profound collective transformation, as the hearts of humanity align one by one with a perennial wisdom that know the purpose and destiny of the soul of humanity.  It is a wisdom that holds you in the embrace of its wings.

You see dear ones; it is not a time to be in fear.  It is a time to realize you hold within you a light, a constant stream of guidance, and an awareness of the powerful attributes of love that will guide your every thought and every step if you allow it to.  You have the strength, the courage, the discernment, the wisdom, the grace, the forgiveness, the kindness, the mercy, the honesty, the humility, and the majesty to move through every current in which you find yourself moving. You are grace becoming grace.  You are love learning to manifest in its full spectrum of vibratory resonance.  You are the ascendant soul of humanity.

We realize this message may seem at times cryptic, for we are looking at the very big picture of what is emerging.  However, we also realize the personal nature of this message and the depths of its significance to you.  If you are reading these words, it is by your soul’s pulse that you find yourself gazing. You are being reminded that have within you everything you need to emerge in the light of the Ascending Planet Gaia.  Hold this in your heart in moments of joy and laughter.  Hold it equally in your heart when you are uncertain, overwhelmed or afraid. There is a luminous future calling the heart of humanity.  Like the simple gong of a bell that calls the town’s folk to come together to praise – humanity is being called by the tone of Ascension.  All of the pieces of the puzzle are being re-assembled to design the mosaic of a great celebration.  You are a luminous strand in this great composition!

To support you in this activity, we will be creating through our channel a unique Free Mediation to support you entitled:  Attuning to the Energies of 2023.  It will be available on the authors website after November 1, 2022!

We hope you enjoy this overview for what 2023, and the “vibratory lift in the heart of humanity” it is destined to bring.  We look forward to celebrating with you in these future days – as a new lightness and a new sense of hope and possibility begins to strengthen in the minds and hearts of an ascending humanity.

Reminding you always – through the Light of the Eternal Sun; Together with you we are One.

Sirian Blue White Collective

Sirian Blue White Collective

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